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Charlie (Sudrian Chronicles) by Galaxy-Afro Charlie (Sudrian Chronicles) by Galaxy-Afro
Charlie arrived on the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway in the Spring of 1914, shortly after his purchase by the company. His purchase was done to replace another engine of the same class, being his older brother, William, better known as Billy. Billy was killed the previous year after speeding off with a very late express train during the Winter of 1913, causing him to roll off the icy rails and crash his train, killing every person on board. Because of this, Charlie was often monitored by both the Railway Board, and the other W&S engines, who had the greatest fear that Charlie would follow his brother’s legacy had he not followed the rules that the other engines had abided by. Luckily for them, Charlie proved himself to be a worthy addition to the fleet, often keeping the other engines in good strides with his wit and charm. He originally used to make the other engines cringe at his jokes, but as time went on, he became better at the jokes. When the Railway Act of 1924 was passed by British Parliament, Charlie, along with his fellow W&S engines, became a part of the North Western Railway, under the direction of Sir Topham Hatt I. Much like his fellow engines, Charlie wasn’t set to have to work with his former rivals, and was one of the main engines causing trouble around the railway, which grew even bigger when other engines such as Thomas, Edward, and Alice arrived to help build new branch lines for the railway. After a stern reprimand from the Fat Controller about their behaviors, Charlie agreed to knock his behavior off. Due to his good behavior years later, Charlie was rewarded alongside Edward to run the Brendam Branch Line, where he has stayed ever since. 
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mrbill6ishere Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018  Student General Artist
I actually thought of how Charlie would be in my alternate version of Thomas.

He is introduced in my TL's Season 9 (which has the lighting of OTL's Great Discovery), which is larger than past seasons thanks to Alcroft working with Jim Henson (still alive ITTL).

The engines are initially skeptical of him because of Billy's demise. Convinced he will be subject to fate (something neither Edward or duck believe in). But instead, when he and Duck double-head a passenger train on a rainy night in James' place. He saves them from death.

The rewrite of Not Now Charlie is hwne an escaped Elephant from the zoo gets hurt on the tracks, and Charlie tries to stop Henry from crashing into and killing it.
TobyandMavisforever Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018  Student General Artist
I love your idea of Billy and Charlie being W&S tank engines. I even put it in my own series, but it's a bit different. Billy and Charlie arrived at the same time in 1881, being the W&S railway's 3 and 4, alongside Linda, an LB&SCR E1 class and Mildred, a GWR 1076 class. (Lady became their number 5, but that's another story).

Anyway, I also have Billy disappear, but that's because he was reckless at the mine and fell down in 1915. Unlike Thomas, Billy was in too deep to be rescued, and was left there. In fact, Billy being in the mine was the reason why Thomas was drafted in, there was no station pilot at Vicarstown. The letter was supposed to be sent to Doncaster for a GNR J23, but it wound up at Brighton by mistake. Thomas was sent down because he had just completed his tests and sending the letter to where it was meant to go would have been a waste of time during WW1.
EddyTheScamerGames Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Am I one of the only people who actually likes Charlie?
pauloddd2005 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018
You not the only one. I also like him.
EddyTheScamerGames Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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