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Ash Ketchum

Real Name: Ash Satoshi (Japanese) Ash Ketchum (North America)
First Appearance: Pokémon: Gotta Catch Em' All!
(Japan, 1996) (North America, 1999)
Born: 1986 (Japan) 1989 (North America)
Age: 10
Hometown: Pallet Town
Status: Alive
Role: Hero
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Bio: Ash Ketchum first started his journey to be the world's greatest Pokémon trainer at the age of 10. He first started out with a Pikachu, and always uses him for battles, and capturing wild Pokémon. He has traveled the world with many friends, none of which, except for Brock, have stayed with him for more than one journey. At first Ash was cheeky, and immature, however, he has grown up through the series, and is the most popular trainer. (In Emma's opinion!)
Love Interests: Misty*, May*, & Dawn*.
Family Members: Mrs. Ketchum, Unknown Father, Unknown Grandfather.
Personality: Nice, & Kind.
Might Say: "Gotta Catch Them All!"
Ash's Fact File!
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