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Afro's Writing Commissions What I Do and Pricing! by Galaxy-Afro Afro's Writing Commissions What I Do and Pricing! by Galaxy-Afro
So anyways, this is a flashy version of what I will do. The starting price is $8 per 1,000 words for the said writing and it can be anything! Yes, this even means that I will take fetish and erotic stories (even though I can't stand them whatsoever, I'm in that much of a need for money!). In addition, I can also work out payment plans if you can't pay the full amount in time! I'm quite flexible with everything!

In addition, I do not take free requests to make your stuff! I have already written a journal that explains my situation, so don't ask! If you ask once or twice, you will simply be ignored by me. If it happens again, you will be blocked no questions asked! If you feel that my prices are a bit too high, just let it be known that I charge $1 less than I get paid at Noodles & Company to serve and cook for them! So you're payment to me for my writing is less than what my regular job charges.

Anyways, my e-mail address is in the piece for contact information, where I will provide my PayPal account to make the payment to. Other things such as rough drafts and final drafts will be covered in the e-mails to me. Because I am a University student, I typically have papers, tests, exams, etc. to do, so I can't always finish the piece as fast as I would like to. Anyways! Spread the word people! - Afro
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February 26, 2016
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