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Thomas and The Fall ~ Epilogue
We look down at a shot of the smoldering ruins of The Beast and The Master. The shot pans up from the wreckage as we zoom in on a figure who is looking down. White drops are seen flying from the inside of the figure's hood.
As the figure stands on the viaduct, the sun begins rising with the brilliant colors of orange, pink, and yellow crossing the sky with the red sun approaching in the distance.
The figure takes off her hood, revealing a pretty girl with burnette hair, she stares down at the wreckage with tears in her eyes.
Woman: Abram, this is not how this was supposed to end. We were to be happily married soon. You and I together at last. Who will I spend the rest of my life with now?
The woman pulls out a ring that was in her pocket, and tosses it down the remains of the viaduct into the wreckage below.
Woman: Abram, I will finish what you started. The little blue bastard took your life, and I won't live it down! Wherever you are Thomas the Tank Engine, you will taste the fires of
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Afro in REAL REAL LIFE by Galaxy-Afro Afro in REAL REAL LIFE :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 8 10 Etienne the French Electric by Galaxy-Afro Etienne the French Electric :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 13 0 Cinder the USA Dock Tank Engine by Galaxy-Afro Cinder the USA Dock Tank Engine :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 16 5 Liz the Avonside Engine by Galaxy-Afro Liz the Avonside Engine :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 21 2 Star the New-Build A3 by Galaxy-Afro Star the New-Build A3 :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 17 3 Aisha the LSBCR E4 by Galaxy-Afro Aisha the LSBCR E4 :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 14 5
The Railways of Sodor ~ Part 5
After reaching Barrow-In-Furness, Thomas and Edward kept continuing on with their journey to Sodor. The journey was anything but boring for the duo had struck up a friendly conversation on things such as the current War, friends of theirs, siblings, and interesting things that they had previously seen on their own railways.
By the time the duo had reached the Vicarstown Bridge, the sun began setting, leaving beautiful streaks of orange, pink, and yellow. Combined with the red sun over the channel below, this was a sight that would make even the toughest man break down crying.
A while later, the duo arrived in Tidmouth, the largest city on Sodor, complete with a small railway station. The company in question, A.W. Dry and Co. were in another part of the city, where the railway couldn't access.
The crews shut off steam, and waited for their person to approach. A short while later, a young woman with long brown hair walked up to the platform panting. After catching her breath, she looked
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 6 1
Duncan Gets Spooked ~ Part 3
"That poor unnamed tank engine and her crew were lost to the marsh, the only hint of their fate being her cab sticking out. By that time, the Slate Quarry had decided to leave her where she was, it was pointless, they said, to have to fish out the remains of an engine that was already set to be scrapped. The men, they determined, were too sunken in for a rescue, and deliverance to their families for a proper burial. The men's families tried to argue for their remains, but the Slate Quarry refused. The Quarry was already struggling to pay their employees. Two weeks later, the quarry had been abandoned entirely, and the rails were left be."
Skarloey paused, a pained expression on his face, he had a difficult time retelling the story to the others, mainly due to the fact that he could never wrap his mind around what the engine and her crew went through during the horrid ordeal in the marsh.
"After that, the line was relativley quiet for the most part. The only ones that would actually go
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 3 2
Sudrian Chronicles Spin-Off Proposal for 2019
As many have known, Sudrian Chronicles has been gaining popularity slowly but surely. With a mature and dark take on the series, rebooting and reviving EVERY single character from 1945-Present, and even going through all of the trouble to incorporate Shining Time Station, TUGS, and Theodore Tugboat into the mix, there's been nothing quite like it!
But sometimes, there are some cut concepts that I've wanted to revive, and one of them is the Magic Railroad.
Personally, I will NEVER bring the Magic Railroad into focus in the Sudrian Chronicles. It doesn't fit, and I've gone through ENOUGH trouble to bring the series back to its roots while bringing in fresh material to work with.
I've thought about humanizing the Sudrian Chronicles characters I've created, but haven't done so. Now I feel is the time.
I have a MAJOR love for anime, and shows such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Hetalia keep me interested. I also love Comic Books such Marvel and DC. Bonus loves for Disney's 90's films such as
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 6 4
Sudrian Autumn by Galaxy-Afro Sudrian Autumn :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 16 5 Kirk Ronan Branch Line Fleet by Galaxy-Afro Kirk Ronan Branch Line Fleet :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 16 13
Duncan Gets Spooked ~ Part 2
Skarloey and Rheneas discontinued their conversation upon spotting Rusty's presence in the shed. Peter Sam, and Millie began asking about the deal with Ministry. Duncan heard about the deal, and groaned. Before long, Duncan began his famous complaint list.
"Och, ANOTHER bloody deal?!?" he shouted. "Work, work, work! That's all this railway ever does, is work, work, and more work! If ya ask me, Mr. Hugh, and The Thin Controller can take that extra work and shove it up their bloody arses!"
Normally, the other engines would put up an argument towards Duncan's rant, but they were silent. Duncan expected another round of fighting with them, and was about to open his mouth, before realizing that there was someone standing in front of him.
"Duncan, if you have any complaints about the way that this railway is run, I would advise that you don't RANT about it as if you are in a Scottish factory! Furthermore, you have a passenger train due to depart from Crovan's Gate, which I highly suggest you
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Sudrian Chronicles Explanations #5 ~ Shining Time
Ah Shining Time Station, when was the last time that we've seen you? 2000, and only a FEW of you appearing in Thomas & The Magic Railroad?
For those of you who don't know, Shining Time Station was the American version of Thomas & Friends. First airing on PBS in 1989, the series starred Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor, an 18-inch man who lived in the mural of an American Railroad station named Shining Time Station, located in the town of the same name, in the Indian Valley in an unknown part of the United States.
Thomas had first aired in 1984 in England, but the schedules for television programs were VERY different, leading to a brand new show idea by Britt Allcroft. In addition to using Thomas segments, the show would feature music, shorts, and a basic sitcom format with the people of Shining Time.
The last time the show had any new episodes was in 1995, with the conclusion of the "Family Specials". Afterwards, Thomas was aired in different means before the 2004 HiT reboot.
Several of th
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Noor Jehan the Gifted Diesel by Galaxy-Afro Noor Jehan the Gifted Diesel :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 13 3 I'm Noor Jehan.... by Galaxy-Afro I'm Noor Jehan.... :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 12 1