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Grumpy Old Side Tank, Eh? by Galaxy-Afro Grumpy Old Side Tank, Eh? :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 6 0
Sudrian Chronicles Explanations #3
In the Sudrian Chronicles, the TUGS characters will all be making appearances both in their own adventures in New York City in the Roaring 20's, and their adventures on the Island of Sodor's waterways after their second chance at life in the modern books.
When I revealed the Star Fleet would be a part of the series, all 8 original members of the fleet appeared and were accounted for. What surprised most people (in a good way! ;)) was the addition of four female tugs to the famous fleet. In addition, I teased that there would be female Z-Stacks appearing as well!
To top all of it off, Captain Star's Sudrian Chronicles Biography mentions that his daughter takes over the fleet for him during World War II. Why not his son, you ask? The reason for this is a very interesting one.
For those of you who don't know, TUGS eventually made it to the USA... as a low-budget late 90's dub called Salty's Lighthouse, basically a TUGS version of Shining Time Station, but not as faithful to the original s
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 4 13
Fiona Menefe by Galaxy-Afro Fiona Menefe :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 3 2
Duncan Gets Spooked (Preview)
The Skarloey Railway of the Great Depression wasn't the only railway serving the local valleys, lakes, and villages. Another much smaller railway that was restricted to the local slate quarry near the village of Skarloey. Due to the workload of both Skarloey and Rheneas, the other railway kept its own personal engine.
The line had suffered in recent times, primarily due to the value of slate having fallen after the end of World War I. Men often were out of work, and as time went on, this small railway had started to fall apart, mainly on the tracks themselves. Due to the even lower finances of the global Great Depression, there was barely any money to even repair their own engine.
The engine in question had no name, and was said to be a poorly looking engine. She only appeared when delivering slate trucks to either Skarloey or Rheneas' trains, and after shunting, would travel over towards what was known as the Old Iron Bridge.
The bridge had originally been made of wood, but after the
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 2 0
Beau the Logging Engine by Galaxy-Afro Beau the Logging Engine :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 14 11
Sudrian Chronicles Explanations #3
When I revealed my design for Ace in the Sudrian Chronicles, I mentioned that he would be functioning as an antagonist within the series. A few months later, Sir Lowham Hatt was confirmed for the series, again as an antagonist. Many have questioned these changes, and it's high time that I explained why I chose the roles that I did.
Ace is a character that's basically a rebel in his debut in Big World, Big Adventures. He nearly knocks Awdry himself off of his bicycle, and even violates the law by racing on the RAILWAY TRACKS to get to Sodor! Even after appearing, he influences Thomas to run off and travel the world with him, and during that trip encourages Thomas to ditch Nia, and its only then that Thomas ditches him to find Nia and apologize. Granted, it's unknown if he learns anything from this in the TV Series, so this could be a moot point.
As a filmmaker, I enjoy a bit of Quentin Tarantino every now and then, with one of my favorites being the movie Django with Jamie Foxx, Samuel
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 1 0
Evening at Shining Time by Galaxy-Afro Evening at Shining Time :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 16 2
The Complete List of Deceased Sudrian Characters
Billy the Tank Engine ~ Died Winter of 1913 ~ Cause of Death: Speeding down the Preston Incline (Now known as Gordon's Hill) while rolling down icy rails. Upon the crash, Billy was beyond repair and scrapped. All passengers, crew, and the gaurd were all killed instantly within the crash.
Godred the Mountain Engine ~ Died June 4th, 1900 ~ Cause of Death: Derailed from Devil's Back Mountain while bringing down his train. Godred was killed instantly, and the remaining pieces of his body were used to repair the remaining four engines.
Albert the Mid-Sodor Engine ~ Died April 6th, 1901 ~ Cause of Death: While taking a train of gunpowder wagons to the mines, Albert ignored Duke's advice on handling the cargo, and bumped the wagons enough to cuase a massive explosion, killing his crew, and the nearby workman. Albert was beyond repair, having been charred completely from the accident, and was scrapped shortly afterwards.
Abram Johnson (The Master) ~ Died July 7th, 1968 ~ Cause of Death: Johnso
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 1 2
The Sudrian Chronicles Voice Cast
Voice Actors
SodorRail Engines
John Bellis: Thomas
Keith Wickham: Edward, Henry, Gordon
Rob Rackstraw: James, and Stanley
Nigel Pilkington: Percy
Colm Feore: Toby
Teresa Gallagher: Emily, and Mavis
Nicola Stapleton: Rosie
Steven Kynman: Duck, Dennis, and Paxton
Joe Mills: Donald, Douglas, and Oliver
Cara Theobold: Molly
Arthur Darvill: Neville
Andrea Libman: Flora
John Hasler: Arthur
Tom Kenny: Furgus
Yvonne Grundy: Nia
Rachel Miller: Rebecca
Ben Willbond: BoCo
Tracy Ann Oberman: Daisy
Malcom McDowell: Derek
Bob Golding: Sidney
Tina Desai: Ashima
Dan Li: Yong Bao
Skarloey Railway Engines
Keith Wickham: Skarloey, and Sir Handel
John Hasler: Rheneas
Steven Kynman: Peter Sam
Matt Wilkinson: Rusty
Tom S.: Duncan
Edward Glen: Ivo Hugh
Bernard Cribbins: Duke
Sudrian Humans
Keith Wickham: Sir Topham Hatt I
Rob Rackstraw: Furgus Duncan
Sheena Bhattessa: Charubala
Mike Grady: Sir Richard Robert Norramby
Kerry Shale: Mr. Pergerine Percival
Lenore Zann: Captain Lillian Star
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 1 3
It's Time We Took Over 7101... by Galaxy-Afro It's Time We Took Over 7101... :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 14 4 Meet the Writer by Galaxy-Afro Meet the Writer :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 8 5
Sudrian Explinations #2
In the Sudrian Chronicles, Engine Relationships will be a thing. However, there are VERY strict regulations that I have put in place to keep this controversial element in a tasteful and respectful manner. This includes no sexual contact (Their trains! You do the math!), and there will be no children of the engines. (Again, like really? Their trains, if they need children and sex, I'd just make them humans!)
I was in the camp of not allowing engines to have relationships, if anything my first and foremost priority was to keep the typical roles in place for the engines, being role models and friends to one another. This was going to be kept in until Victor Tranzig's Stories of Sodor covered the topic in the episode Armaments, which covered the tragic love life of James the Red Engine. Seeing such a taboo topic for half of the fanbase opened my eyes, and made me realize that ANY taboo tpoic in the fandom could work, as long as you had good material to cover it properly.
The Sudrian Chroni
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 1 9
Jewel the Switcher Tug by Galaxy-Afro Jewel the Switcher Tug :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 13 1 Barunka Scarp by Galaxy-Afro Barunka Scarp :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 2 0 Cherry Blossom Air Force by Galaxy-Afro
Mature content
Cherry Blossom Air Force :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 0 0
Mature content
Nia ~ Preview :icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 5 10


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Strip Basketball :iconlunagold1:lunagold1 39 27