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Dennis Muldrew
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello! The name's Afro, my real name is Dennis, but I've been called Afro for so long online, that I've gone with it!

I'm an aspiring filmmaker, and a story write who quite enjoys re-imagining my favorite series in a new way. My interests vary quite a bit, but I'm sure that you will find something you love within my gallery!

I'm also a MAJOR gamer, and have a MAJOR love of Nintendo, although lately, companies such as Capcom have shown characters that I love from their ranks as well. I read a large number of comics, manga, and am an avid anime watcher!

I also identify as Bisexual, and am currently in a relationship with another man. If you don't like that you can leave, because I ain't catering to homophobes! Otherwise, I'm pleased to meet you, and hope to have a great working relationship! ~ Afro

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In the Sudrian Chronicles, the TUGS characters will all be making appearances both in their own adventures in New York City in the Roaring 20's, and their adventures on the Island of Sodor's waterways after their second chance at life in the modern books.

When I revealed the Star Fleet would be a part of the series, all 8 original members of the fleet appeared and were accounted for. What surprised most people (in a good way! ;)) was the addition of four female tugs to the famous fleet. In addition, I teased that there would be female Z-Stacks appearing as well!

To top all of it off, Captain Star's Sudrian Chronicles Biography mentions that his daughter takes over the fleet for him during World War II. Why not his son, you ask? The reason for this is a very interesting one.

For those of you who don't know, TUGS eventually made it to the USA... as a low-budget late 90's dub called Salty's Lighthouse, basically a TUGS version of Shining Time Station, but not as faithful to the original series.

In the series, more females were added to it to appeal to younger kids, and this was extended to the TUGS cast, namely by making the previous male characters of Sunshine, Captain Star, and Little Ditcher females!

Personally I didn't like the changes, but after thinking it over, I figured I could sneak in a reference or two to the series! Salty has been requested as a character, and I can confirm that I've been working to adapt him into the Sudrian Chronicles! Sunshine will remain male in the series, and there is a possibility of a female version of him appearing as his sister in tribute to the character's alternate take. Captain Star will be male in the series, but as stated before, his daughter will take over.

Captain Star's son will be appearing in the series, and will come to play in Season 2. I will not disclose anymore info on his fate and whether or not he will make it out of the war. His daughter was chosen to take over to give a fitting successor to the business!

As for the TUGS, Women had gained a LOT of rights, and with the end of World War I, began taking up "un-ladylike" things such as cutting their hair short, voting, smoking and drinking. They would also talk like men, and swear like them too! In short, the woman of the 1920's was a far cry from the stuffy Victorian lady of yesteryear, and the original TUGS never seemed to cover this element of 1920's society, the exceptions being Sally Seaplane being a female aircraft, and Lillie Lightship sporting the make-up, lipstick, and hair of the era!

The female TUGS were added to give a fresh spin on the culture and society of the 1920's. There will be MORE female tugs, engines, and humans in these roles across the Sudrian Chronicles universe, and I can't wait for all of you to meet them!

Keep in mind that this was from the START of things and that I don't add diversity to the series to score "points" or mark off a "checklist". I do it because it gives new material to work with to craft a unique take on the Awdry's Famous Engines! ;)
Sudrian Chronicles Explanations #3
I had some time tonight, so I decided to cover the next highest-requested Sudrian Explanations! This time I will discuss how the female TUGS and the female Captain Star came to be for Sudrian Chronicles! ;) ~ Afro

Dedicated to the female fans of the Sudrian Chronicles, namely TobyandMavisforever, BlueEngineLiz6, BosslyMarkiplite, and MaddGirlz3761, all of whom I'm sure are curious on the subject! ;)

Special shout-out to GuardianSoulMLP who was also interested in the subject!
Fiona Menefe
A new character for my own series I created over the weekend. A Scottish DJ who drops sick beats and kickass dance moves. Mix those up with a fighting style all her own and she'd be a fun character to play as! ~ Afro

(P.S. She's a nudist, but I decided to go with a clothed version as not to be accused of sexualization, again! :P)
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What did you think of the preview for Duncan Gets Spooked folks?
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The Skarloey Railway of the Great Depression wasn't the only railway serving the local valleys, lakes, and villages. Another much smaller railway that was restricted to the local slate quarry near the village of Skarloey. Due to the workload of both Skarloey and Rheneas, the other railway kept its own personal engine.

The line had suffered in recent times, primarily due to the value of slate having fallen after the end of World War I. Men often were out of work, and as time went on, this small railway had started to fall apart, mainly on the tracks themselves. Due to the even lower finances of the global Great Depression, there was barely any money to even repair their own engine.

The engine in question had no name, and was said to be a poorly looking engine. She only appeared when delivering slate trucks to either Skarloey or Rheneas' trains, and after shunting, would travel over towards what was known as the Old Iron Bridge.

The bridge had originally been made of wood, but after the boom of slate, it had been changed into a stronger iron bridge. The bridge was a splendid one, with the views of the valley providing a lovely view. Below it was a different story, for below this picturesque view was Cattle Creek.

The creek was known for having a bit of a swampy marsh below the bridge, and flooding was very common in this part. So much was the flooding, that no towns were built near this part of the creek in order to prevent loss of life.

By the Great Depression, this bridge had been in poor condition. Many of the railings became rusted and had fallen off into the abyss of the creek below. Several scrap merchants looking to make a quick buck, had figured that the railway was shut down, and that anything on the line was theirs for the taking.

They snuck in and pinched the pieces of metal and wood. They were about to finish the deed when a whistle was heard in the distance.

"What was that?" cried one.

"Don't worry about it, this railway has been gone for a LONG time now! No one uses it!"

The whistle echoed louder.

"Maybe not... Hide!"

The two men ran to the other side of the bridge and hid in some bushes.

Sure enough, the engine appeared, pushing her cargo for her last delivery of the evening. The engine, pushing her train, wasn't able to see that the bridge and the tracks were damaged. A snag was hit, and the railings that were to prevent such accidents were missing. Combined with the amount of slate in the trucks, it was impossible to get out of their situation.

A whistle crying for help by the crew was blasted, but the two men responsible were frozen in fear of being caught for their deeds, and didn't move a muscle.

The slate trucks pulled the engine off quickly, with no chance of escape for her or her crew. The trucks dragged on until they pulled the entire train off the bridge. The engine and her crew screamed in agony before falling helplessly into Cattle Creak below.

"Help! Can anyone hear us! Help! Please, anyone! Help us! Anybody!" cried the crew. The engine had already sunk in due to her weight, and was no more.

The crew had survived the fall miraculously, but they were too far from any signs of others to be saved, and eventually their lives were claimed by the marsh, which flooded a few days later, leaving the men's bodies, and the remains of the train lost to the marsh.

When it was realized that the company's only engine and her crew were missing, it was decided that the marsh had been too flooded to perform a proper rescue, and with no reason to continue on, the quarry was eventually abandoned.

The two men in question were feeling mighty guilty of their own actions, one being so horrified that he turned his life over to the Church and had became a Vicar in Crovan's Gate. He claimed that he had turned his life over to Jesus Christ, but still had nightmares about how his greed caused the loss of two innocent lives.

The other man was so horrified at his actions, that he ended up with an addiction to alcohol, and eventually the cost of his actions and addiction mixed with guilt caused him to go mad, and eventually he killed himself by jumping off of the same bridge that had caused the accident, dying in the same way that the men had died.

The Vicar eventually died himself, also in the same location. He had come to visit the remains of the bridge, and during the evening while reflecting, caught the sight of the same engine that he had caused the death of. The engine and her crew stared coldly at him with a piercing glare and a whistle fit to burst. The Vicar was so horrified, that he ended up having a heart attack, and died on the bridge that same night. Right after the Vicar's heart attack, the engine vanished, as if they were never there.

30 years later, the line in question had become of interest to the Ministry of Defence, and many plans were made to revitalize the line for their own personal use. The Ministry met with the Skarloey Railway, and Skarloey was entrusted to pull the executives of the Skarloey Railway and the Ministry of Defence to inspect the line running towards the now abandoned slate quarry.

Although an older engine, Skarloey didn't trust the idea of traveling over Cattle Creek across the Old Iron Bridge...
Duncan Gets Spooked (Preview)
The preview of this special Halloween adaptation was highly requested, and considering the popularity of the previews for both Thomas & The Fall and the upcoming Nia film, it made sense to go through with this.

Although it was inspired by the original version by Britt Allcroft, David Mitton, and David Maidment, it also has a few elements from ShunterProductions' version of the story, and a few from the Sodor Island Fourms audio adaptation as well.

This is as far as I have written today, so I hope you enjoy. Despite its mature content, I'd like feedback on the work so far, so I have intentionally left the mature filter off. ~ Afro


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