Go Far Away
We’re already into the third month of the year. Wow! The weather is finally starting to warm up some, and spring is just around the corner. All the new little critters will emerge soon…
But before we think about that, let’s look at this month’s events!
D2A Forrest Aesthetic Galaxy Person (OPEN)

Shamrock Draw to Adopt~

Check out our first Draw to Adopt event!

Base Making Contest!

Want to make a base for the community? Check out our contest below!

Pisces Facet

Meet the Pisces Facet! They are the sea loving farers of the Galaxy Person world.
To find out more about them, please read here -
A free Pisces trait pack can be claimed here -

Pisces Adopts!

Our Pisces Facet Adopts will be released in the upcoming weeks!

March Prompts

Draw this month's prompts to earn some Galaxy Coins.
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