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Meet Galaxia Mystic The Princess Of The Mustic Realm

The most gentle and protective of her people born to Bianca Mystic the Current ruler of The Tri-Kingdom of Mystic isles

Her handmark is A Infinity symbol with eleven stars

She has glisening galaxy like eyes and shiny white hair

She is skillful inteligent kind protective beautiful and mysterious in a way that attracts someone later in her story

She never met her father before
She was born on a cosmic night which makes her the future Cosmic Queen who opens a new Age
She has handmarks of former Cosmic sovereigns along her arms
She talks to ghost of her family
She hates her mother
She was born having pale skin and never gets tan (a trait of her father's side)

What do you guys think you like to see her more? Or maybe other charaters in her story you want to see
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