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Ahem. Go ahead and get your mom cuz I'm soooooooo scared. BISH I'M TELLIN THE TRUTH AND I TOLD YOU TO STOP POSTING ABOUT ME AND LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID. :iconcouragewolf19aj: I'm trying to defend myself and keep my reputation safe and then Dreamin haaaaad to meet you and look at where we're at now. Posting immature shit like this. Telling our friends to fuck off. Telling our friends that their art is awful. And look at me. I go away for 5 days and come back to some juicy drama. Isn't that just GREAT. The next you post about me, this will just be a fraction of what I'm gonna say. I got my eye on you Brady.

Devious Comments

amandasanders19 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
I am the mom. This needs to stop this moment. If one more word is said- I will immediately notify all proper authorities. To include deviant art head quarters. I am not saying that my child is completely innocent of any wrong doing. My child will stop this immediately as well. I am tired of having to get involved. But this needs to stop effective immediately. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask me not my child. And if your parent needs to talk to me then please let me know I will be more then willing to share my contact info at that time and discuss these matters further with your parent. No more contact between you two. And no more mentioning of either names publicly. I will be following and monitoring all conversations from here on. Again- if you have a question or a concern let me know and if I need to speak to your parent let me know. Thank you.
GalaxaDragonSpace Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I get your concern but I wouldn't get someone banned for trying to defend themselves. So if your son has not deleted that post of my comment then I will have a problem. And the next time he does mention me if it's an apology or a rant please do tell him to delete it immediately. If this comment will calm things down just a smidge I will be glad because I'm tired of coming back to people threatening to kill eachother. I just want this to be over and not have to deal with anything. I thank you for your concern. You are a great parent to your son but please make sure that I'm mentioned in nothing that he posts.
Averyozzy Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Student Writer
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