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Abandoned Place (Collaboration)

Collab with M0eVickyAN . thanks for collab with me. hope you like it
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Awesome! Love  Love the lighting!
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I'm in love with this pic. Fantastic job!
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Somewhere to laze.
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ini lebih rame dari punya gw awkawkawkawkw seriusan
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sasuga para mastah saya, apalah daya saya🙏
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Oooo, how beautiful! :heart:
Beautiful piece.
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I love the background 
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This is beautiful! The coloring, the pose, the lighting, they are just great! Marvelous work!
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 Shuddering Letter: FShuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: B Shuddering Letter: U Shuddering Letter: K Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: U Shuddering Letter: S:Exclamation point: 
Pink Heart Icon Heart Shine PinkHeart Butterfly love by Nina1love1 
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Dope stuff man!!
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Oh wow, this looks fantastic.  I say this all the time but I always mean it: I love everything about this.
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This is very beautiful!
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