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Firebrat is going to be published hard cover!!!! We hit our hardcover stretchgoal thanks to y'all C: C: C: But there's still time to get foil stamping...…
Just one week to go to make 'Firebrat' into an actual physical reality! We’re 90% funded, so, by my exceedingly accurate calculations, we only need another 15 people pre-ordering the physical book to actually MAKE the physical book happen! I don’t know about you, but I continue to believe in Christmas miracles! I think there must be 15 people out there in Internet land who have the taste and refinement to want a physical copy of this fine Christmas tome on their shelves. You should definitely follow the lead of the 74 wisest, smartest, most beautiful people I know and back this project while you still can!

And, heck, if there’s MORE than 15 people out there who’re down for a zany Christmas treat full of krampuses and giant yuletide cats and other shenanigans, why, we might just get enough to make it HARDCOVER!! And if there’s even MORE than maybe even in full color!!! I’m counting down the days on my Advent calendar, enjoying the crappy oil-based Palmers chocolates vaguely shaped like bells and angels, to see if we can make something magical happen!

I just posted some more awesome previews from my (fingers crossed) upcoming graphic novel Firebrat: The True Meaning of Christmas. You should check them out, because they're looking really sweet, like a sugar plum dipped in shiny foil tinsel or some other appropriately holiday-esque metaphor.

As you may know, Vivid Publishing is holding a Kickstarter to print the greatest Christmas story ever told, Firebrat! Which is by ME. I wrote it, I drew it. But, if the Kickstarter is successful enough, they'll color it!  It's a delightful holiday tale of mystery, mayhem and murder as Christmas enthusiast Becky Pilliwinks takes a Christmas Eve journey to the North Pole to visit Santa's workshop... but things are not what they seem and soon she's fighting for her life against feral elves, giant yule cats, and even the dreaded krampus!  We're over 70% of the way toward funding but there's still time to get in on this on the ground floor.  Click on this HANDY link to see what fabulous prizes you can get just for pledging (I mean, obviously you get the book which is super cool by itself, but you can get MORE too!)…

And if you're already sick of the Christmas season before it starts, you'll especially appreciate this twisted take-down of the most stressful, over-peppermint mochaed 12 days of the year. It will have you cackling in Scrooge-like glee and that's a guarantee.*  So a special thanks to all you wonderful people who've made the wise decision and pledged to help turn this potential present into an actual book! And to the rest of you? What are you waiting for? Christmas only comes once a year, you know, and soon, like Frosty the snowman dying the agonizing death of degrees, your chance to be part of a Christmas miracle on par with Yukon Cornelius killing the Bumble, will be gone like so much melting snow in a spring thaw.  Don't miss out!…
I'm always a little reluctant to announce things too far in advance, but I think I'm safe in mentioning this.. Plus I really, really, REALLY want to mention it!  Firebrat is going to be published by Vivid Publishing! Some of you may remember my Christmas epic on about a few lucky kids who get to go to the North Pole on Christmas to meet Santa Claus... only to find out that there's something SINISTER afoot.  Firebrat is a nostalgic throwback parody to old-style Christmas specials of the 80s and 90s, but, here's the kicker, it's going to be IN COLOR! That's right, Vivid is producing a full color, hardcover version, just perfect for coffeetables! I'm really excited about this, so watch this space! I'm sure I'll be making a lot more posts about it as we draw closer to the Kickstarter premiere!

Firebrat Promo 2 by Dreamkeepers
:iconlogi87: did a reading of my fake Chick tract, "Pretty Ponies," on their YouTube channel! Check it out:
So if you only know me from here, you should really check out what I have to offer OFFSITE:………
I keep hearing about this Taptastic site, so I figured I'd take the plunge and post my comics there. If you're on Taptastic and you want to see my comics, you can find me at . I'm posting Murry Purry Fresh and Furry, so if you want ribald furry fatty hi-jokery delivered to you piping hot whenever the hell I remember that comic is a thing I do, you can subscribe to it there.  Also thought I'd start posting Skelevision, my retro 80s skeleton horror spoof, on there as well.

You here has comics on Taptastic? I need more comics to read in my feed, so tell me if you have anything on there I can check out. I want to grow my library!
My text game Night House won 8th place in the 2016 Interactive Fiction Competition, which isn't too bad. I mean, 8th out of 57 entries isn't too shabby! Thanks to everyone who played and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

If you haven't yet tried out Night House, you can play still try it out!

You're eight years old. You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. But you soon realize that not everything is as it seems in this house tonight. Where has everyone gone? Things look different in the dark. Night House is an atmospheric text game about things that go bump in the night, partially inspired by my old webcomic Guttersnipe. Please be aware that sessions will time out if you're not logged in.

You can also try out my other games:

The Curious Incident at Blackrock Township

Roberta Williams Eats a Sandwich:
For those of you not in the know, the Interactive Fiction Competition is an annual contest for parser games, twine stories and other sorts of experimental interactive/dynamic fiction type things.  So if you’re the sort of person who enjoys THE VIDEO GAMES, you might want to go check it out and play a few of the entries.  You can vote on which ones you like best and think deserve recognition, though you do have to play and rate at least five games for your vote to count. Luckily there are a lot of good fun games there, so lots of good choices for your five.

I entered my game Night House, which some of you might remember me mentioning here. So if it sounds like your bag, you might possibly choose to play it as one of the games you rate. Though, of course, you should rate any games you play (including mine, if you choose to play it!) with the ratings that you feel they honestly deserve. I’ve played a few and there are some really good ones worth checking out, although I don’t think I’m allowed to name any of them since I’m a participant.

But I DO think I’m allowed to tell you what my game is about! Just in case it sounds entertaining to you:

You’re eight years old. You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but you soon realize that not everything is as it seems in the house tonight. Where has everyone gone? Your family is missing and strange things are lurking in the shadows. Night House is an atmospheric text adventure about things that go bump in the night. 

There are a lot of reviews of the new Ghostbusters movie out there written by tedious Internet nerds determined not to like this movie because they have a vendetta against clickbait media think pieces.  You can’t trust those reviews, because those plebians hate everything that’s unfamiliar because they don’t like having to think about things too deeply.  There also are lots of positive reviews praising the comedy chops of the stars (true) as well as negative reviews criticizing the generally lackluster plot (also true). HOWEVER, there was ONE major glaring disappointment I had with the new Ghostbusters that I haven’t seen anyone mention.

As a kid, I was literally the biggest Ghostbusters nerd ever; there was a period in my life when I couldn’t even conceive of any other idea for a movie other than busting ghosts.  Cuz it just makes soooo much sense! It’s such a natural idea! What other movie could you possibly make?  So anyway, I was gaga for Ghostbusters throughout most of my childhood.  My wife didn’t see the original film until she was an adult, and, while she enjoyed it, she doesn’t have the same affection for it that I do.  So naturally we had very different perspectives on the new movie.

My wife really liked it. She liked that a lot of the things left unexplained in the 1984 movie (Why did they want to catch ghosts? Why was Gozar suddenly attacking now?) were explained in the remake.   I’m less concerned with those details, so I wasn’t too upset that they were left open in the original.  But in any case, I liked the new Ghostbusters too, generally.  I’m happy to say that the trailers, which all made the film look terrible, were pretty misleading.  It’s actually a pretty fun frothy summer comedy with a lot of good, solid character moments and genuine laughs.  I had a lot of nitpicky problems with the movie, most of which boil down to the fact that it’s different than the original and, since I saw the original when I was 5, nothing will ever come close to matching it in my imagination.  That said, if I had seen the remake when I was 5, maybe I would like it just as much as I currently like the 1984 Ghostbusters.

First, the good: The four leads are all great. It’s ironic that the all-female cast, the very thing that originally set off the idiot Internet shit storm that’s plagued this movie for months, is actually the best thing about it.  All four leads have a great chemistry together and easily recreate the breezy banter that made the original so much fun.  A lot of reviews finger Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzman as best of the lot, but I honestly think she’s kinda weak. I gather she’s supposed to be the wacky one, but, apart from having weird hair and wearing goggles, she’s really not all that noticably wacky compared to her cohorts.  I actually think that Leslie Jones’ Patty Tolan is the best.  Jones had the thankless role of playing the straight man to three weirdos, but she ends up really owning the part and shining as the bewildered everyman.  The trailer made it look like she was going to be the stereotypical sassy black woman who mostly shout OH HEELLLLL NO FEETS DON’T FAIL ME NOW and provide hilarious black people are different style humor, but luckily all the embarrassing tone deaf Michael Bay-style lol ethnic shenanigans is pretty minimal. I’d venture to say that these new ghostbusters are much more developed characters than the originals. They have motivations and desires and backstories and everything. As opposed to the 1984 Ghostbusters, who were essentially just three random guys who decided to catch ghosts for no reason and a fourth guy who needed a paycheck.

Now the big disappointment.  One of the things that I love about the original Ghostbusters is the lore.  From Vinz Clortho rambling about the depths of the giant sloar to the Ghostbusters’ prison discussion about Ivo Shandor’s history to Egon’s off-hand references to Tobin’s Spirit Guide and the Spates Catalog, it always felt like Ghostbusters had a really deep and rich mythology bubbling right below the surface that the audience might not have been privy to but which really informed the tone of the film. (The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series really expanded on a lot of this, being one of the major reasons that series was so good.) The 2016 Ghostbusters doesn’t really have much of that.  It’s pretty much going for pure comedy, so while the psuedo-science of the original film was internally consistent, the new movie rattles off jargon that’s clearly just supposed to be comical-sounding nonsense.  When Ray Stantz talks about “full torso class 5 apparitions” in the 1984 Ghostbusters, you feel like he’s using real terminology that actually means something -- even if it really is all just gobbedlygook.  When Yates and Gilbert describe ghosts or proton pack technology, it’s all just funny-sounding gibberish that you’re not supposed to remember.  It’s just fake words that sound funny.  The “realness” of the 1984 movies owed a lot to crazy ol’ Dan Ackroyd believing that they were making a documentary, and that’s really missing here. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It doesn’t ruin the movie or anything, but it’s something that I missed. 

It doesn’t help that the villain of the original was a Sumerian deity -- something that fit perfectly into the Ghostbusters‘ deep mythos -- while the new one just has a random guy who builds a machine to control ghosts.  I guess they figured that the main draw of the film would be the interactions between the heroes, so they didn’t really need a compelling villain.  But it still feels a little flat.

In general, though, it’s an enjoyable film. If you’re not a huge ‘84 Ghostbusters nerd, you’ll probably really enjoy this one.  If you are a huge ‘84 Ghostbusters nerd, you’ll probably enjoy this one well enough if you can take it on its own merits. 
Good news, everyone! Muffintop 4, the fourth installment in the popular BBW/weight gain comic series, is now available for purchase! It's over 80 pages of quality weight gain and BBW comics and art by :iconkastemel:, :iconpoundforpoundcake:, :iconvolkenfox:, :iconcrave-the-bullet:, :icongravidtron:, :iconssakurai:, :icongalago:, :iconkaaziel:, :iconkralex:, :iconroyaljellysandwich:, Shyguy9, Sigil, and XinJinMeng.  Check it out!…
:iconlimpuetikles: did it again, this time with Bogmoggy from Guttersnipe and Kitty Scratch from PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING I'VE EVER DRAWN XD

Bogmoggy meets Kitty Scratch by Limpurtikles
What a trult spectacular day to receive TWO wonderful gifts!  :iconlimpurtikles: drew his awesome take on Bogmoggy from Guttersnipe!  And :iconlord-foxhole: continued his food porn movie series featuring Melvin and Cloey from Murry Purry Fresh and Furry!  What a day! I'm so excited! C:  Check them out!

Bogmoggy by Limpurtikles

Mature Content

Food Porn Movie (2) by Lord-Foxhole
So Moody and I went to see the Warcraft movie today because she really liked the actor who plays the wizard Cadberry. Neither of us know much about Warcraft, except that I once tried to play it as an undead tailor but I got bored after I spent all day killing wild boars to level up enough to make shoes so I never played it again. If you're a fan of the game and you like the novelty of seeing your favorite characters on the big screen, then you might like it. Someone told me that Blizzard was hoping this film would draw in new fans, but if you're not already deeply versed in Warcraft minutia then you're not going to make heads or tails of this flick.

It was, unfortunately, not a very good movie. It wasn't bad enough to be good or even bad enough to be bad, it was just kind of boring, really. It's ostensibly a simple, straight forward plot about knights and green monsters wailing on each other. But instead it's a constant series of convoluted betrayals and double-crosses and shifting alliances, and it's really hard to tell which cartoon monster is on which side when they all look like animated trashheaps with all that goofy armor they're wearing. Because, really, maybe that armor looked cool when you're looking at little cartoon characters on your computer, but on the big screen you really see how stupid it is. The orcs all end up looking like the goblin baglady in Labyrinth.

Adding to the confusion is that the movie bombards you with all sorts of weird goobeldygook concepts and names that I guess you're supposed to be familiar with from the games, like the RANDOM BIG SECRET CUBE that the SKY WIZARDS keep hidden in their STAR CASTLE and whose big contribution to the plot is to manifest as an old lady in a robe and tell Cadberry to believe in himself. If you remove all the extraneous nonsense that I guess they had to throw in to make sure that hardcore fans didn't register their displeasure on alt.nerd.obsessive, then it's really just a standard but serviceable D and D-lite fantasy plot: Evil orcs are invading, Cadberry the goofy wizard apprentice has a bad feeling, goes to warn the good king and the good king's hero, then everyone needs to go and summon the really big powerful wizard who can save the day. Oh, and some of the orcs are worried because the evil orc king uses BAD JUJU so they want to team up with the humans. Bam. It's got all the elements of a good cheesy fantasy yarn, but the movie never commits to it.

Like Cadberry. It's very clear that he's supposed to be the bumbling comic relief goof-up wizard who, at the film's end, needs to pull himself together to save the day. But they completely forgot to write in ANY comedic material. So in the scene where the king and the main knight are discussing things in the situation room, Cadberry is loitering in the background, fiddling with some big ol' pikes that are just standing around. And you think OF COURSE, HE'S GOING TO KNOCK THEM DOWN AND WE'LL HAVE SOME INSPIRED PHYSICAL COMEDY AND THEN THE KING WILL TURN TO THE KNIGHT AND COCK AN EYEBROW AND SAY 'THIS IS OUR GREAT WIZARD? OHHHH BOOYYYYYY WE'RE IN TROUBLE!' OR SOMETHING. But instead nothing happens. You can feel the actor playing Cadberry really straining, like he wants to do something to establish Cadberry as the kinda funny character, but they just won't let him. There's literally one joke in the entire movie and that's when the knight fights a big rock monster and then says 'WELL THAT WAS FUN' which is so phoned in that they might as well have had someone fall off a cliff so someone else could say 'OOO THAT'S GOTTA HURT.'

In fact, now that I think of it, none of the characters really do anything to establish themselves, they're just kinda there. King is a king. Knight is a knight. Half orc lady is green and has boobs.

Ultimately, like all big budget tentpole movies these days, it doesn't exist to tell a story but rather to set up a franchise. Which means that absolutely nothing gets resolved in two hours of guys running at each other. Even by the standards of these STAY TUNED FOR AN INFINITE NUMBER OF SEQUELS movies, it's surprising how little gets resolved. It's also kind of weird because they have TWO separate scenes where the head evil orc does something dishonorable in front of his troops (which is a big deal to orcs cuz they're basically just green klingons) and the orcs are all GASP, THE SCALES HAVE FALLEN FROM OUR EYES WE SEE OUR LEADER IS NOT WORTHY OF OUR LOYALTY but then they just forget and keep following him because the plot demands it.

Oh and all those glowing eyes. They look almost as stupid as pierced teeth. And pierced teeth look REEAAALLY stupid.

So yeah, it's not really a movie so much as a series of boxes that need to be checked so that hardcore gamers can say I RECOGNIZE THAT. So if you're a big fan of the game, you might be entertained. But you might still want to wait for video.
more like MASTURBATE, am I right? That's what happens when Melvin continues that food porn movie starring :iconcrave-the-bullet:'s Alexandria in :iconlord-foxhole:'s latest opus! Check it out!

Mature Content

Project : Food Porn Movie (2) by Lord-Foxhole
:iconlord-foxhole: knows what I like and what I like is porno movies where fat cat ladies eat cake! Check out this great pic he did of my character Melvin T. Adelman filming :iconcrave-the-bullet:'s Alexandria for prurient interest!

Mature Content

Food Porn Movie. by Lord-Foxhole
:iconcaractacus-seagoon: did an awesome picture of Cadillac Mysapce from Murry Purry Fresh and Furry and look at how well he captured Cadillac's essential Cadillacness! So fat! So slobby! And those teeth! Just a perfect distillation of her character!
Cadillac Myspace by Caractacus-Seagoon

Check out his art while you're at it! It's just so energetic and wild!
Remember Fat Goth Revenge? It was that comic I did about a fat goth getting some revenge! On girls who made fun of her! For being fat! And a goth! Well, :iconmeatwad-mobile: remembered and he did some sweet fanart of THIS GIRL who was kind of a side character who appeared to yell at the personification of the diet industry or something, it was very droll when it happened believe you me! Check out this tribute!

Fat Goth Fighter by Meatwad-Mobile