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I’m sharing these Ace Decks with everyone to use however you want. I don’t pretend to be an expert or an official anything; I’m just an artist who went on a crazy Photoshop spree. If you are wondering what all the aces and purple, white, grey, and black are about or are just curious do an internet search for Asexuality.

Here, have some cake!

RULES: This Ace Cake is FREE to use and there are NO RESTRICTIONS. Literally do anything you want with them. You do not need to alert me if you use them. You do not need to credit me or provide a link back, but are welcome to do so if you want.

The only caveat is please do not redistribute or share my work as stock, this includes uploading them to another site for free or for profit or claiming them as your own. You know the drill. Have fun, be yourself, you’re perfect the way you are.

A quick heads up, this is not a place to cry or fight. Do it somewhere else.

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It's awesome!! however, the colors are in the wrong order. The grey and the white should be switched.