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Gali by galacticpink Gali by galacticpink
:icontokotas: Pack Leader Stamp by MorganLeslee

:bulletblack:Name: Gali (Pronounced Geh-Lee)
:bulletblue:Age: 105 Years (Equivalent to a ~15 year old human)
:bulletblack:Sex: Female
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblack:Species: Arctic Elf
:bulletblue:Height: 142 cm/4'6" (Average for species)
:bulletblack:Weight: Healthy
:bulletblue:Build: Slightly Pudgy with Strong Muscles
:bulletblack:Hair Color: Black
:bulletblue:Eye Color: Dark Blue
:bulletblack:Roleplays?: Yes!

Very proud and a little haughty.  She can be aloof towards others, particularly humans, but she's not a bad sort if you can deal with her ego, and she does seem to interact with members of her tribe better than outsiders regardless of their species.  She's got a stubborn streak even among her own people/tribe and she often takes issue with the wisdom of her elders.  She's the type that won't learn anything unless she earns it the hard way.  She can be pretty brash and will actually get confused when her strong nature intimidates or upsets others.  To her credit, she'll try and fix the problem, but she has a high self-esteem and is not the sort you can use or walk over.  Has a soft spot for vulgar humor.

Gali was born on Tokotna into one of the Arctic Elf tribes of the area. Due to her age, she witnessed the founding of the Tokota Cultural Association and grew up during some periods of unrest and diplomacy regarding the founding of said association and their interactions with the land and the existing peoples. Tokotas were well acknowledged and often historically used by her people, so the give and take ended up leading to Gali's generation (and Gali herself) taking an increased interest in the TCA.

Upon reaching adulthood (100 years) by her people's customs, she sought out a Tokota pup with the goal of getting involved in handling and participating in TCA related events. After acquiring a small pack, her frustration with her tribe's elders lead her to seek out another tribe.  She found a strong moral connection to the Tsula tribe.  She feels a disconnect with the more passive "wait and see" nature of her birth tribe and considers herself mildly estranged from them for the time being.

:bulletblue::bulletblack:Species/Cultural Notes:bulletblack::bulletblue:
Arctic Elves are a somewhat reclusive race of elves with biological adaptations to help them live in the northern wilds. They have a strong connection to nature. Historically, a little apprehensive when it comes to interacting with humanity.  Despite this, they did develop a friendly rapport if not total alliance with nearby human tribes and settlements thanks primarily to proximity. While they do dress warmly in a similar fashion to humans living in the same climate, they are better equipped to deal with extreme cold. However, this comes with the downside of having a lower tolerance to heat. 

Most arctic elves are still cautious around humans, particularly those not from their area, and tend to be quick to judge/see fault with them. Individuals will, of course, have greater or lesser tolerance based on their personality, but xenophobia does exist among some members.

Their language is rather gutteral, consisting of many hard stops and a heavy usage of the hard g, often leading to a somewhat "growly" sounding communication. Animal sounds are integrated into their language to the point that it's difficult to remove and often create difficulties in translation thanks to the heavy necessity of context in use. There is a special subset of their language used most commonly in hunting parties that is more reliant on animal sounds than normal conversation.

Dawnstreak (Dracostryx)

Art, Character (c) galacticpink 
Tsula Tribe (c) TsulaTribe 
Tokotas (c) Tokotas
darkcentaur Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She sounds like a super fun person! Loving that cute yet a bit mischievous looking face :D
galacticpink Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, she totally can be! Thanks so much!
darkcentaur Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're very welcome!
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