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The Lady Without a Secret

Throwback Thursday? Haha a friend and I were talking about our "cellar-dweller" phase. A time a few years back where I was able to dedicate almost all my time to my art and therefor able to improve rather quickly. Since then while some things have improved, many have stagnated. Though this sketch is old I'm still pretty happy with it and hope you guys enjoy it too. I was debating doing an oil painting of her, since she was highly inspired of my master studies of Davinci at the time so it seems fitting. What do you guys think? :D
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the color and texture are so davinci! of course I'd love to see a painting of her. her hands and feet are so nicely done, and she has a beautiful face. i'm all about extra limbs! the pose she's in seems natural even tho her torso is long to give the extra set of arms.
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Aww thanks! I am currently working on her but I left her at a friends house (because she was teaching me how to oil paint) sooo it may be forever before I get her finished :P

Aww thank you so much, I like the hands in this too, I did this forever ago and I feel like I was better at hands back then TT__TT

Thank you so much for the detailed comment! :heart: I appreciate it, buddy!
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Try re-drawing? See how your skills and style are different from back in the day. And paint the one you like better.
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Oh I know this one would turn out better, I have a better understanding of line weight now that's the only thing I would do better, my understanding of anatomy and proportion was better then though. I just transferred the sketch to a canvas and started painting it at Viltrakes' house so it'll be finished in like 5 years or so nbd :D
Dusky-Dawn's avatar
You need to work on pipelining your work I think. I will say that's one thing college taught me well was being fast and efficient at how I work on something  (when I do work on something). Start big and broad with laying down color and shades/tones then work your way down to medium details then you would work on the polish work with all the little details. Do some speed paints of some little sketches in Phototshop. Know that it's just a colored sketch and that you need to be done with it in 1-2 hours at the most. 
GalacticGraceArtwork's avatar
I simply meant that I go to Viltrakes' like once a month or less so it's gonna take forever x.X

I do need to practice that though. :D
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Does she have a second figure lounging on her lap, or is it a second pair of arms? Similarly, is that like a blanket draped over her waist? Otherwise I like it; it reminds me of those sketches modeled on DaVinci's drawings from the 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons player's handbook.

I like the charm bracelet on her ankle; I have to get me an ankle bracelet at some point. I have slip-on shoes and they look so plain by themselves!
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She has two sets of arms :D. Clear silhouettes were not a forte' of mine during cellar-dweller period. Still a struggle.
Yeah it's supposed to be a blanket, I may nix it in the painting.
I am not familiar with those sketches, I will have to check it out, sounds cool! :D

I love the look of ankle bracelets but they're so pointy and hurty sometimes... of course I like to contort my legs on top of themselves in pretty unnatural positions when I sit so that probably is the reason why LazyIcon I wanna use - 10 not impressed 
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