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2016 Is nearing the end. 
It has been a wild journey as new parent. Things got a bit unwieldy for a few months and I felt like I wasn't sure what I was doing and got a bit burned out on art and cons. 

I put to much pressure on myself, to be honest, and it all came crushing down. 

But! I am doing much better and looking optimistically to the months ahead. 
Well, 2015 was a year of changes. 
My best friend, co-table runner at cons, and all around awesome person died at the begining of the year. 

I started a webcomic which my friend had been pushing me to do FOR YEARS and is dedicated to her memory (2014 she helped with much of the prelim work before she passed away). 

And I had my first child, adorable baby boy Thomas. 

And bought a house 0.o

2016 so far has started off with a bang, my original work has gottne into two gallery showds and today I I am interviewing for a third. Wish me luck!!

My convention scheduled is a little spares for Galactic Dust Bunnies This year.
I have:
Staples Media Con in Austin
mini-Akon in Denton
All-Con in Dallas

Possibly Space City Con in Houston and Louisiana Con in Lafayette. 
and after that . . still looking!
Aka, how I learned about Hetalia ^^

Back in 2010, I came up with a fun idea that combined my love of history with my love of art. I wanted to create a webcomic that personified the state's as individual characters and through them I would do stand alone (for the most part) strips that humorously (or sometimes not so humorously) cover American history and politics.  Welp, I got some very nasty nasty responses from fans of a show I had -at that point- not head of call Axis Powers Hetalia annnddddd I decided in 2010 I didn't want to deal with the wank and scrapped the project.
Jump forward to the Summer of 2014
I was cleaning out some old art stashes and found all the preliminary work I had done for the webcomic and just, really thought it was good. I rethought thinks, and realized that not doing this because of APH would be like never creating Batman because The Shadow existed. So I girded my lions and went forward with it, which actually unliked in 2010, I have now gotten rather postive repsones from the Hetalia fandom sooo IDK maybe the angry fans have left in the last four years. 

The Comic launched Feb 2nd of 2015…

State of Disunion has been doing well ever sense, and even gotten some good reviews!

"[State of Disunion] is a really fresh take on political and historical cartooning (with a little pop culture thrown in for fun). History lovers will get a kick out of the storylines introduced from day one . . . If you are looking for a great webcomic to jump on to from the beginning check out State of DisUnion and follow on Tumbler." -
Ok, so I seriously need to work on updating this thing. It's always so out of date.
Ummmm granted I haven't much to say. I just updated my prints. I do have prints, they are awesome and worth buying in my biased -please help me eat- kind of way.

I also have upcoming shows I will be at! YAY! Conventions!
N. Texas Comic Book Show Apr 19th 
Dallas Comic Con May 16-18 

There we go, and most likely I will be adding to this list, this is just what I have confirmed at the moment! 

So this was a little out of date . . 

This weekend!!!! March 1-2 Galacticdustbunnies will be at the Dallas Comic and Pop Expo . .. or rather my art will be. My father will be running the table in my absence, so everyone, by nice to him :)
It's his first time as an art booth dealer (usually he runs a comic book table)

I can't be there because I was invited to the Escapade Con in LA.  I will have a table there as well. And YUP VERY VERY EXCITED
But also busy. 

Crazy busy. 

Annddddd also I have more conventions that I will go into later when my body isn't running on caffeine and adrenalin. 

I think I mentioned once or twice (or ten or twenty) times that I will be in Greensboro North Carolina selling art at the Comic Book City Con (

IMPORTANT NOTE: DUE TO THE ILLNESS OF MY ASSISTANT/BEST FRIEND COMMISSIONS WILL BE LIMITED! Right now, I'm thinking I'll have about 15 spots, but it may be less or more depending on how busy the con is.

Because of that:
If you want, you can pre-order a commission spot. I may not have it done right as I get to the con, but you will be on the list.

E-mail about the commission, I will quote the price, and once you paypal me, you are on the list :D  

Why is this happening? Simply put, without her to take money, handle transactions, generally keep me sane, I won't be able to have my head down drawing as much; therefore I have to limit the commissions I take on the floor. I'm truly sorry about this. :(

Commission Info:

If anyone ever wanted an easy listing of my commissions, here you go!
I would honor all these prices for online orders too, but you will have to pay shipping. So, if you can't make it to the conventions but want something just e-mail me at

You can find my up t date prints here:

You ca find my up to date stickers here…

And you can see the coloring book (almost all sold out) and sketchbook here:…

At this time, I can't sell bookmarks as they are one of a kind and I do not know which will be left after the conventions. (also please note: the caricature prices are for a SKETCH only done in crayola watercolor on sketchbook paper) 

And hey if you are interested in originals, if you go to my gallery and click on any art there, it should have the prices listed on it's page :D

Cami is doing much much better. She got the vet trip she needed and has medicine and thankfully is still with us!

Thank you everyone :D

Meet Cami! Here she is in her favorite spot. An empty tub. 


She's my best friend's kitty,

And she's dying.

Despite Ellyr_in_ink's best efforts, Cami won't eat. At all. She's wasted away to skin and bones and Elly needs to take her to the vet, but one problem bones. 

If you remember, Elly has several medical problems of her own, such that she can't hardly pay her own medical bills thanks to Conservatives in Texas making hateful hateful laws against the disabled. I know she would forgo her own medication to pay for Cami's, but that's not solution. 

I want to help!
I lived with this little bundles of cute for several years myself, and I can't stand to just see her pass away without a fighting chance. 

So I will be doing art to try and raise money for a vet visit for Cami!!

- Character head sketches -watercolor are $5.00 ea
- Chibi is $5.00 ea
- More detailed figures are $10.00

Other commissions based on complexity, e-mail and ask. 
And of course anything on my website is for sale:

My e-mail is
Please put HELP FOR CAMI in the subject line so I know the money goes to Elly!

And if you just want to dontate, you can donate via paypal to
Again, please put HELP FOR CAMI, so I know the money goes to her.


So yes, please please please commission me, donate, whatever :( 
I want this little kitty to at least see a vet so we know we did the best we could. But even so, Elly can't even afford euthanasia right now if it came to the worse :(

And in closing More cute…

Welp, tomorrow, or today rather, is the Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas.
I'll be at table 207 in the small press are selling art.

Come by, say hi, but stuffs (of course I want you to buy stuffs).
As me about Winter Soldier number 14 if you want to hear a rant.

Or the beards in The Hobbit movie XD
Yeah, you're reading that right.
All the money I keep separate to fund my art supplies, tables at conventions, and my art website is now gone ;_;

I don't know what happened. I don't know if it was stolen off my table or if I left it and then it was stolen, all I know is that a few days after the convention, I went to pay back Elly for her awesome assistance, and the money container wasn't anywhere to be found.  Elly and I have torn up my car, my room, and everything I can think of to try and find it and there's been no luck.  It's gone. -_-

To make matters worse, this is when I need the money the most. I have to pay for my website by the 15th ($100.00) and I have to pay an entry fee for a Dallas art show I've been accepted to (about 15 an entry min-3 max 10- but hey if I DO sell anything it's 100% commission) and then the Sci-Fi Expo convention hits Feb 9th and I need usually at least $50.00 to $150.00 to prep for those -_-

The real kicker is that because of everything going on, I can't offer to take commissions to make the money back because I won't have time to do them  and prep for the con/art show.

Which brings me to my plea:
If you've ever wanted buy a print/sticker/bookmark from me it would be a great time to have some sales in the pre-made art area ^^;;;;.
You can see the prints/stickers/ and bookmarks I have for sale, and I can print 90% of my art, even if I don't have it listed as a print, so If you see something not listed and want it, ask. There's a good chance it can be a print (boomarks btw are one of a kind).

Also donations would be GREATLY welcome at this time. I hate to ask but at this point, with the loss of all my seed money, I really am desperate -_-
If you do want to donate, my paypal account is ""

My goal is to try and make at least $160.00 so I can cover my website and payback the loan I'm going to have borrow against my husband's and my Bill-Paying account to enter the show this Friday.  I'll pull the donation button down if/when I hit that goal, but I'll still take orders (I mean obviously I'm not gonna selling art at any point of the year ^^)

So again, if you've ever wanted prints, stickers, or any other kind of pre-made art from me,  please buy now. It would really REALLY help me out.

All orders can be sent to (using the subject "Art Order" would help me be organized but you don't have to)
I can take paypal ( is the address for that). Money Order also and cash also works.

I plan to take orders through the week and then mail out anything ordered each Monday. Shipping and handling info is on the website, though for just stickers it I may cover it depending on how many you order (I have stamps left over from Christmas and stickers cost about as much as a post card to mail).

Thank you so much for the help!
I've taken a week here to work on some personal artwork and such before I move on into the holiday commission season.

I do still have some slots open if you are interested.
A simple 4X7 sketch (similar to what's been posted here) starts at 10.oo for up to two characters and a simple background). Then it's 5.00 for each add one (characters, etc).

If interested e-mail me at :)
And don't forget I can also draw you or a loved on as a favorite character/zombie/jedi/ etc!

I just have less examples of that because you know, not wanting to put likenesses online. I'll try to upload the few I have permission for in a bit.
I will have a table at Dallas Fan Days this weekend! Stop by and visit my table (it's table 195)

I've got lots of new products for sale: Here's a quick preview of some of them:

New Stickers: (my "horror" set. I've got a few more new ones too!)

New Bookmarks  (these are just a few of 32 one of a kind bookmarks)

And of course I will be drawing original artwork starting as cheap as 5 dollars. There may even be some swag at my table. You never know :)
The Sale is now over.

Commissions are still open but they resume their regular prices (starting at 10.00, though bookmarks are still 5.00)

If interested, please e-mail me at
Payment can be made via Paypal  to in fact that's easiest

Yes, that's right, I will be taking commissions for simple watercolor sketches for just $5.00. The art will then be be sent as a large printable image via e-mail

Examples of the type of art I'll do for $5.00
(I can also draw YOU[or a child/friend/parent] as a Jedi, Zombie, Superhero of your choice, etc, just let me know)

The base price for a one head shot or chibi, watercolor image with a simple color background is $5.00
Add ons are as follows:
$2.00 for each additional character
$2.00 for non chibi
$2.00 for more background detail background
(My typical prices at conventions are $10.00 per picture with $5.00 for each add on, so this is a 50% off sale).

Contact and How to Pay
If interested, please e-mail me at
Payment can be made via Paypal  to in fact that's eaiset.

Again, this is sent digitally only. To be honest, mail costs raise the prices and slow down turn around time (I still have things to be mailed out from over 6 months ago and I don't want to add a whole bunch to that back log >.>), and it's just easier on me. HOWEVER, if you really want this mailed, we can discuss the cost and such.

Why I need money suddenly:
Originally, it was that my mother is getting the highest honor possible for a nurse in the United States in Washington DC and I was trying to raise the money my husband I couldn't afford so I could be there for my mom during this wonderful event.

However This weekend A GEAR DROPPED OUT OF MY CAR. My car is screwed, we need a new one, and suddenly I need money even more than I thought. -_-

So to try and put my art to use here, I thought I would do a $5.00 art sale.

Anyway, if interested, note me or e-mail me.

Thanks for you consideration!
Well, after about a year or more of being away, I've finally returned.
Friends and fellow artists have re-vouched for the site, so I'm hoping no more icky viruses will scuttle my computer -at least none from here!

As you can see, I also now have a happy new name. Not gonna lie, being able to change this account from my fandom name to the name of my art business did help entice me back.

I missed seeing all the new art on this site (I was on tumblr but ti's not the same) and I look forward to browsing the galleries of all of you again!

Due to repeated virus Attacks suffered from visiting DA I will no longer be updating this site, visiting this site, or referring people to this site. I will also close my print shop ASAP

If you are interested in seeing my art I have many art sites across the web: – My personal website, you can order artwork from here
galacticdustbunnies.blogspot.c… - My art blog, Art, Art Thoughts, How To's, and Show Announcements – Art on Tumblr (and some random things) – my oldest blog, mostly fannish activities – similar to LJ, but  with less chatter!/Ani_Bester - And Twitter, though I lack a phone with net acess and so don't post much as of yet.

Unfortunately, DA's unwillingness or inability to keep their users safe has forced me to give it up. I should have done this when their sexist, bigoted, infantile attitudes reared their heads and I'm embarrassed that it took a personal threat to drive me to this, but that camel's back has finally been broken.

As much as it pains me to do this, I will not only no longer be updating this site, but I will no longer be coming to it at all in any capacity. This is a very hard decision to make because many of my favorite artists post her, some exclusively, but I no longer feel the risk to my computer, my art, and my identity is worth being able to browse artists on this site.

This and I can no longer in good conscience refer people to this site at conventions in order to see my art because of the risk to their computers.

I am still debating leaving the gallery up or closing shop entirely, but  frankly I feel it is too risky to even take down (though I will log back in to close my print shop and tidy up a few other things).

If you have an alternative site, I would love a link to it because you are all fantastic artists and I would love to be able to continue to see your contributions to the artistic world.

I just no longer feel safe viewing them on DA.

- Ani Bester
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Wow, so I clearly forgot about the journal aspect of DA given my last entry says I am GOING to SDCC 2009 0.o

Well ok, so now I am going to Dallas Comic Con 2010!
This will be my second convention as an artist not just a fan and I am giddy with anticipation because I had so much fun last time.

But right now I'm working on finishing up my prep
I've got bookmarks to make (working on cthulu now), black and white prints to prepare, and two watercolors to finish.

Oh yes, I am baaaad with the procrastination.

Anyone headed to the Dallas Con the 8/28 at the Richardson Civic Center be sure to stop by and give me a hi and grab a free bookmark!
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I'm going to Comic Con this year!
It'll be my first time ever ^___^

I'm so excited it is not even funny.
I'll be trying to see Steve Epting and Ray Bradbury for sure.

Also Stan Sakai.

And I'll be at the Cap_Ironman fan meetup (with art to give I hopes)and the Slasher Dinner.

So umm yeah, I hope to see people there ^__^
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Yeah . . .  I never update this thing.
I just don't,

Ummmm . . .

I went to a comic convention today. Met many many amazing and cool artists. I should probably get more involved in that scene again.

I also saw them using many WAY cool ink pens. So now, I must save many of awesome ink pens of awesome.

Also,  . . . according to my LJ, I'd been drawing nothing but Chibis.
Well no really.

I just moved and my scanner isn't set up, so no new art can be posted right now.
I'm loosing my mind because of this.

Of course this site is usually 5 years behind my livejournal anyway.

My bsg-comic site :iconbsg-comics:
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As far back as I can recall, and up until I was about 13, Saturdays were spent at my grandparents and then father's book/comic store "Big D Books and Comics."  

I can recall being curled up in a back courner surrounded by pretty much any comic or book I wanted, eating Bologne and cheese sandwhiches on white bread.
Dad bought the sandwhich stuff from a convinece store across the street and this was wonderful to us because mom was on a huge health food kick, so that was our once a week treat of unhealthyness.
We also got moon pies and chips sometimes.

Sometimes me and my sister would sell lemonade there.

Anyway, reminded of this well because of the TMNT which leads to Usagi which leads to reading every Usagi comic I could find in my secret spot behind some bookshelves in my dad's shop.

Also out in our garage Dad always kept comics out there so sometimes I'd just go out into the garage and read comics hours.
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I'm selling some prints of my art, but the sale will only last until tomorrow.

You can see all the details in this livejournal post here

The pieces for sale are:

Any of the character cards from my Witches and Wizards Set  
Black and White, 5 X 7
$4.00 each
$30.00 for the set
The sale of this set ends IN 24 HOURS! I will not be reselling ANY of these.

Hermione and Jack McCoy
Color, 8 X 11.5
12.00 each
The sale of this set ends IN 24 HOURS! I will not be reselling this print ever.

Mandrake: Luna and Neville
Color, 8X11.5
12.00 each
The sale of this set ends IN 24 HOURS! I will not be reselling this print ever.

Also I have original watercolors works of both Sirius and Ginny for sale for 45.00.
These two watercolor pieces will be for sale until they are bought.

And finally, the Moon Child Print is for sale, cheaper than through DA, at least for the next 24 hours.  

Again more details are in in this livejournal post here.

You can note me if interested or e-mail me at kcrenshaw.designs(at)gmail(dot)com

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