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West Virginia by GalacticDustBunnies West Virginia by GalacticDustBunnies
West Virginia from my web comic State of Disunion
(please note this webcomic is independent of Hetalia (and is in fact how I learned of Hetalia). I love and appreciate that the fandom supports me, and I have zero issues with them being reblogged on Hetalia pages, but if it matters for catagorizing purposes to you, they are not Hetalia related)

West Virginia is the smarter than many give her credit for being. Her “Hillbilly” reputation hides a very intelligent little state who reads (and understands) books as much as her older sister Virginia, and is often more capable of adapting what she has read to her advantage. She appreciates the tutoring she got from Virginia, but resents what she interpreted as her older sister being too greedy to let her go.  

West Virginia’s biggest fault is she is fiercely independent. She spent so much time trying to prove she could be her own state, that now she often rejects any outsider help, even when she clearly needs it, and in fact, will vote against allowing Uncle to help her or anyone else as she sees reliance on others as a form of weakness. The only “charity” she accepts is when Kentucky buys her fancy clothes for the Kentucky Derby or her birthday, and that is because Kentucky successfully argued that it was her right as an older sister to spoil West Virginia upon occasion.

West Virginia’s self reliance also makes her extremely tough to go up against. This is great when applied to things the states want to happen. In fact, despite her looks as a small child, she can be one of the hardest states to fight during a war (although to their credit it is partially because she looks so young and older European provinces are reluctant to fight her). However, this trait is bad when applied against the states. For example she became notorious for her ability to get her moonshine around the country despite collective efforts that even overcame CEO on his Mob. However, West Virginia was always able to outsmart them. Everyone knew she was breaking the law, but no one could catch her.

West Virginia is not as racist as Kentucky or Virginia, and most of her racial issues stem from ignorance as both Kentucky and Virginia attempted to keep her from interacting with non-white states. She has realized her shortcomings and has begun to visit Delaware to try and shake of the terrible behavior she learned from her older sisters.

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November 14, 2017
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