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Wales before Wales

So long story short, This is Wales when he was The Kingdom of Gwynedd . 

I headcanon the Hetalia!British Isles were original one of the many Kingdoms (and each Kingdom did have a personification that was absorbed or killed by another until there was only a few left) Wales I have as originally being the Kingdom of Gwynedd as that was the last hold out to England, and one of the ones that repeatedly tried to take over the other Welsh Kingdoms. 

(England I haves originally Wessex, Ireland Ulaid and Scotland I know 0 about so IDK) 
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Absolutely gorgeous work with watercolor, I really love his facial expression!
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Cool! For Scotland there would probably be the Kingdom of Alba, which was formed around 843-900 when the Picts and Scots united. It formed the core of what is now called Scotland, but is basically the same country ^.^