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The Guide by GalacticDustBunnies The Guide by GalacticDustBunnies
The Guide by GalacticDustBunnies (print image)


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I had a lot of fun doing this one. The characters actually have a story behind them, one which will likely never be told since I don't wright. However, they do belong to me, don't use them for youself (doubt anyone would, but lets cover all bases here)

The background, clothing etc are loosely based on Mayan motifs. My Pre-Columbian art studies have to be put to use somehow =P

I'm working on a black and white version of this for my father to use to advertise his comic shop.

Micron Pens
Copic Marker
Gold Ink
On smooth bristle board
Time: three days
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lacuna-purify Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow this is really neat looking, I espically like the blue guy's tail. Stunning work
GalacticDustBunnies Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Also thank you fo not saying he looks like Nightcrawler even if you were thinking it =P

Hopefull people who devwatch me don't mind the suddena rt influx. I'm uploading a lot of stuff to my print store. ^^;
lacuna-purify Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol no problem, I've been watching alot of Labyrinth/reading alot of Labyrinth fan fiction so almost everything I see unless its VoH brings me back to that damned movie. LOL I love it so much, don't get me wrong, but everywhere I turn I see jareth.
Anyway great art as usual and I love that you're uploading so much!
zarla Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I really love that background, it has this watery kind of feel that's really unique and fits really well.
levithian Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2004
This is very good. I love the vibrant colors
Ryuyujin Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004  Professional General Artist
Thats really nicely done. And it's even cooler your useing it to help out your dad (who is doubly cool case he has a comic shop!). The blue elf like fellow is adorable and the kid looks great. Kids are so bloddy hard to draw and get the right age.

I wish you would share your stories. Your images inspire so much. I'd love to know the stories behind them.
GalacticDustBunnies Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh you are so right. I have so much trouble drawing kids sometimes, especially between the ages of 13-19. I can get realy young and I can get real old, but adolescents is hard.

I would love to share these stories, but I don't have the time or the desire tow rite them. I might ry and work out a simplified version maybe as a children's story, but ahhh this particular one doe snot lend itself to a children's audience ^^;;

I've considered webcomics, but I'd be to inconsistent to make it work, and agian, the writing would be not too great.
Actually it's not so much the writing, it's the editing -_- I did ok in my creative writing classes up until the editing part.
Ryuyujin Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2004  Professional General Artist
*chuckles* Considering my inability to spell or type to save my life, or the fact that though I am 24 years old I write at a 17 year old level... you can't be any worse then I am. ^_^

And alot of the famous writers have other peoplw edit thier work. So just try writting down your ideas or if writting doesn't work, get a small tape recorder and talk your ideas into it, then actualy try to write your story. You can always get some one you know and/or trust to edit it for you later. ^_^

Just a sugestion. Pay the old odd duck no mind. ^_^
Bee-Shi Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004
oh so cute. such beautiful colors and great composition. i love how thy're standing outside the frame :D. you really put so much detail in your work.
GalacticDustBunnies Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah *blush* thank you. Actually I don't usually but a lot of detail in my pictures, That's something I've been working on recently, and I'm glad it shows ^__^
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August 15, 2004
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