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Public Defenders Battle Roster by GalacticAttorney Public Defenders Battle Roster :icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 9 13
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The Knight

Character Info:
Series of Origin: Hollow Knight (2017)
First Appearance: Hollow Knight (2017)
Most Recent Appearance: Hollow Knight (2017)
Voice Actor: N/A
Character Type/Style: The Knight is a light and fast character, about equal to Pikachu in weight and Toon Link in height. The majority of its attacks involve its Old Nail that it sports on its back, which doesn't have as much range as other swords in the game, but the attacks are quick and can easily link into each other. Additionally, several of The Knight's moves, such as his Special Moves and his throws, make of items and abilities he picks up across his adventures. Much of The Knight's playstyle revolves around chaining together quick attacks to build damage quickly, all while taking as few hits as possible.
Trophy Bio: This Vessel wanders the sprawling ruins of the kingdom once known as Hallownest, striking down challengers
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 11 1
Cross-Examination: Dark Calamity (Part 2)

Heads up! This is Part 2 of this Courtroom Conflict. If you haven't read Part 1, click the link below and get yourself up to speed!

And now, back to where we left off...
Setting: Bowletta's Belly
???: You're still standing? Ugh... What a loathsome pest you are!
Out of nowhere, a purple mist began forming a few feet in front of the insect, clouding together until two long arms sprouted from the fog. The clawed hands on the ends of the gaseous appendages twitched and moved around eerily as more fog pooled into the center.
???: I shall finish you off quickly... And then eat you for lunch!
Out of the fog appeared a huge, terrifying purple head, with nightmarish eyes that peered down at the black insect. Its body finished forming, and Cackletta's Soul spread its arms wide with a ferocious roar, preparing to easily squash its foe. It raised one long, purple arm and swiftly br
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 17 4
Public Defenders: Guts vs. Penance

Setting: Cursed Forest
Cold, foreboding winds cut through the maze of leafless trees, swaying the naked branches in offputting motions. The outstretched wooden limbs creaked and groaned as they waved about, the darkness of the forest making them seem like arms reaching to grab anything around them. Their haunting sways would scare no one, however - the forest was completely deserted and without life. In fact, there seemed to almost be an overpowering sense of evil essence strewn all about the dark wood, suffocating the very air itself.
Silva alium vindicat.
Opening his one eye as he awakened from a trance, Guts, the black swordsman, came to his senses amidst the barren trees. As soon as his vision focused and he got to his feet, the decrepit environment hastily put him on edge. He had no recollection of such a forest being along the way of his travels, and he certainly didn't remember venturing so far into such a forebo
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 19 5
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fawful

Character Info:
Series of Origin: Super Mario (1983-)
First Appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Most Recent Appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions (2017)
Voice Actor: Nami Funashima
Character Type/Style: Fawful is a lighter character with a lot of mobility and plenty of tricky attacks. He relies on swift strikes and tricking the enemy up to dominate the battle. Lots of his moves make use of his Vacuum Helmet, so it's important to understand its attacks to make sure Fawful can fight at his best capacity.
Trophy Bio: A denizen of the Beanish Kingdom, Fawful started out as the second-in-command to the evil Cackletta. When she was defeated, however, Fawful went into hiding to start hatching his own schemes of world domination. Now with evil forces backing him up, Fawful set out to wreak havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom, all while pursuing an ancient evil r
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 11 1
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Phoenix Wright

Character Info:
Series of Origin: Ace Attorney (2001-)
First Appearance: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001)
Most Recent Appearance: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice (2016)
Voice Actor: Sam Riegel
Character Type/Style: Phoenix is a middleweight class character with mostly melee attacks. Some of his attacks have decent range, and he is strongest at neutral. Many of his attacks can combo into each other, but they're more demanding of precision than other characters. Despite this, if a Phoenix player can string his attacks together cleanly and keep their cool in battle, he is a dangerous opponent.
Trophy Bio: After being wrongly accused of murder in college, Phoenix Wright was inspired to defend others in the courtroom like how defense attorney Mia Fey defended him. After passing the bar exam and after Mia's murder, Phoenix took over her law firm alongside her
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 19 2
Cross-Examination: The Devil vs. The Snatcher

Witness Testimony for this fight: 

: I believe that's everything to cover about them. That means we're ready to start!
: Perfect! Place your bets, everyone, and let's deal with some devils!

Setting: Inkwell Hell, The Devil's Casino
It was a fine day to run The Devil's Casino. Patrons were swarming the establishment from all across Inkwell Isle, betting and gambling across its many gaming tables. Skeleton busboys and waiters bustled to and fro, offering the guests drinks as they rolled die after die. The profits were steadily raking in as gamblers were fueled into reckless streaks, giving everything to toss the dice just one more time. On any other day, the manager of such a lively casino would have a carefree smile on their face as their riches piled up f
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 32 12
Fumikage Tokoyami descends upon Death Battle!

Real Name: Fumikage Tokoyami
Hero Name: Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi

Species: Human
Occupation: Hero-In-Training, UA Student
Birthday: October 30th

Height: 5'2"
Weight: Unknown
Age: 16
Origin: My Hero Academia (2014)


Easily took down Momo Yaoyorozu and Mina Ashido during the UA Sports Festival
Through a last-second headband steal, propelled Izuku Midoriya's cavalry battle team to the next round of the Sports Festival
Commonly regarded as one of Class 1-A's strongest students, both by peers and by pro heroes
During the USJ incident, fended for himself and Koji Koda against several League of Villains lackeys
Along with Tsuyu Asui, bested 
UA teacher Mr. Ectoplasm to pass their first year's final practical exam
Two-shot a deadly League of Villains member while berserk
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 35 18
Witness Testimony: The Devil vs. The Snatcher

: Many adventures have the heroes meeting and teaming up with an ensemble cast of characters. Some might help the hero out of the goodness of their heart, while others... Not so much.
: There are many in the world who care for little more than their own personal gain, will manipulate whoever they can to get their way. But in the case of these two terrible tricksters... Take caution before you put pen to paper on a contract with them.

: The Devil, Inkwell Isle's casino-running soul proprietor...

: ...And The Snatcher, the ghostly overseer of Subcon Forest! I'm Starlow, she's Squigly, and he's Leviathan, and one of these two is about to sign their life away in a Courtroom Conflict!
The Devil
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 22 13
Cross-Examination: Jago vs. Jin Kazama

Witness Testimony for this fight: 

Leviathan: The fighters have been thoroughly analyzed. The time for combat has drawn near.
Starlow: Then let's get it going! Tiger vs. Devil, let's go!

The Curse of Power
Setting: Tibetan Mountains
...Get up...
...Get up, Jin...
As a voice in the back of his head pushed him to stand, Jin Kazama groaned lowly as consciousness returned to him, the first thing greeting his senses was a stinging cold all around his face. Bringing one arm up to push himself to all fours, Jin saw he had been lying face-down in a blanket of snow for... Some time, he assumed. When he tried to remember what had happened up until now, his head ached profusely.
Jin: Urgh... What the hell...?
Jin's whole body groaned in protest as he brought himself to his feet, the tattered brown rope draped over his upper bo
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 24 18
Public Defenders: Rex and Pyra vs. Jotaro Kujo

Setting: Argentum Trade Guild

Rex: A-are you serious!? A hundred thousand gold for a single mission!?
Standing with a bewildered expression on his face, the scavenger boy Rex stared at the man he was speaking to in the far corner of the Argentum Trade Guild. The tall, well-built man's face was obscured by the shawl he was wearing, but Rex could still hear his mature voice as he responded to Rex's enthusiastic exclamation.
Shady Man: I'll advise you to keep your voice down... But yes. Should you complete the job to my standards, you'll be walking away with a staggering sum.
Although blown away by the man's immense proposition, Rex was somewhat skeptical, and justly so. Something about this man felt inherently untrustworthy to him, and it wasn't just the fact that his face was completely hidden from view. Pulling himself together, Rex decided to press the man on his huge offer.
Rex: The only other person I know
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 28 8
The Snatcher signs a contract with Death Battle!

Name: The Snatcher
Species: Shadow
Occupation: N/A
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Origin: A Hat In Time (2017)
Trapped Hat Kid and turned her into his new lackey
Came back from the dead after being left to die while human
Contributed to the ultimate defeat of Mustache Girl in the final battle
Steals mail from Mafia Town and Dead Bird Studio regularly

-Can create large shockwaves when moving via teleportation
-Physical strikes can harm Hat Kid, who fell from space without any damage
-Along with a Mafia member, The Conductor, and DJ Grooves, held onto Hat Kid's spaceship as it was about to fly away

-Snatched Hat Kid's hat off her head before she could react
-Dodged Hat Kid's attacks when he took on her form

-Capable of tanking several strikes fr
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 19 5
Jago vs. Jin Kazama: COMING SOON! by GalacticAttorney Jago vs. Jin Kazama: COMING SOON! :icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 7 3
The Devil shows Death Battle One Hell of a Time!

Name: The Devil
Species: Demon
Occupation: Casino Owner
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Origin: Cuphead (2017)

Put almost all of Inkwell Isle's population under his debt
-As nobody aside from Cuphead and Mugman dared to challenge him, he can be assumed to be superior to them in just about every way
Tricked Cuphead and Mugman in his casino, turning them into his lackeys
Turned Cuphead and Mugman into his demonic servants in the Bad Ending (pictured)
Saw the cup brothers' potential as servants even before they got their magic powers from the Elder Kettle

-Casually swings around his large trident like it weighs nothing
-A casual kick sent Cuphead and Mugman flying
-Can shake the Devil's Casino by slamming the floor with one hand
-Should be physically superior to the cup brothers, who could take down massive building-sized enemies
-Can keep
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 33 15
Injustice 2: Zenyatta (Guest Character)

Voice Actor: Feodor Chin
Character Type: Gadget
Symbol: Transcendence Icon
Defense Intro: Zenyatta is hovering in place with his hands down at his knees, meditating as his orbs slowly spin around him. He looks up after the opponent approaches and speaks, his orbs lighting up systematically.
Offense Intro: Zenyatta slowly floats into view, staring plainly at the opponent with his hands placed on his legs in a zen pose. After dialogue is exchanged, Zenyatta makes his orbs rapidly orbit his neck before halting them with an extended palm, taking up an attacking stance.
Ability: Tranquility - By activating his ability, Zenyatta meditates in place, leaving him open. While he meditates, the bar for his ability fills up at a quick pace. When full, Zenyatta gains a passive healing effect over the next ten seconds that restores his own health incrementally. The bar refills on i
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 14 4
Public Defenders: Noumu vs. Doomsday

Setting: Musutafu, Japan - Midday
Everyone around him was so damn happy.
Smiles painted across the faces of everyone in his surroundings, old and young alike. Quirk-bearers and Quirkless were all abuzz with enthusiasm as they watched the grand UA Outsider Battle Medley, everyone's spirits high as exciting battles raged on in the famed UA Sports Stadium.
How disgusting.
Shigaraki: ...Idiots.
With his gnarled hands stuffed tightly into his hoodie pockets, Tomura Shigaraki stalked past the energetic crowds lined outside TV stores, trying his damnedest to shut out the action-packed sounds of combat flooding from the speakers. His drawn hood shielded him from having to look too much at their happy expressions as he slunk by, on his way to the small back-alley bar that he knew Kurogiri was waiting for him. He was already late, so there was no rush; No stimulated speed in the villain's step. He would take as long as he wanted in gett
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 32 24
Everything from written fights to bios to other content of mine can be found here.


GalacticAttorney's Profile Picture
United States
Hi there! I'm GalacticAttorney. Call me GA.

I'm a college student and an aspiring self-taught author, keeping my skills practiced and sharp with researched/unresearched fights on the Internet. I'm also part of the Crossover X team as a producer, writer, editor, and researcher.

While I have the tools for basic voice work and video editing, storywriting and scriptwriting are my main cups of tea, and those are what I want to turn into a career, so I am always down for constructive criticism. In fact, I embrace it! I will always appreciate constructive feedback on my works. (Keyword: constructive.)

It might not be apparent but I happen to have some brain matter between my ears, so I know my fair share about a spread of things. Hit me up if there's anything you think I might know, or just feel free to send me a message in general! I don't bite, I promise.

If you'd like to use any of the Death Battle bios I make, feel free to as long as I'm credited for it somewhere.

Profile picture art of Trucy is made by the amazingly talented :iconchilliu:.

Switch Friend Code: SW-4066-0173-5339

AJ: Trucy Stamp by Chibikaede

Shantae - Pirate's Curse Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune Mario and Luigi RPG stamp by Lady-Zephyrine Filia by DennyVuQuach


Courtroom Conflict: Break the Bank

DBX: ??

Bio: BLADE's Top Gun


Public Defenders Battle Roster
To further push the courtroom aesthetic surrounding my DA works, I've decided to overhaul my unresearched fights as well. The currently existing ones will simply be revised with new visuals and whatnot to fit the new format of Public Defenders! There are some new matches on there, but majority are unchanged.

Mario & Luigi vs. Osmosis Jones and Drix:  Public Defenders: Mario + Luigi vs. Jones + Drix

Setting: Rhode Island
People screamed as the Koopa King himself, Bowser, stormed down the sidewalk. He had no idea how he'd ended up in this odd, concrete world, but everyone seemed rightly terrified of him, so he wasn't overly concerned about the inhabitants doing anything to impede him. In fact, their horrified expressions amused the evil king.
Bowser: Bwahahahahaha! That's right! Run in terror!
He roared and stomped the ground, the concrete splintering beneath his weight, and more people screamed and ran. He let out another loud, hearty laugh, planting his fists on his hips. He was still relishing in his enjoyment of tormenting the innocent when all of a sudden there was a voice that seemed to come from nowhere.
???: HEY!!
Bowser stopped. He knew that voice; it was that person in his gut. What was their name again? Flippy? Skippy? No, wait, it was Chippy! Turning his chin down toward his chest, Bowser responded

Atrocitus vs. Carnage:  Public Defenders: Atrocitus vs. Carnage


Setting: Arkham Asylum, 12:06 AM

A lamppost flickered outside the old, decrepit walls of Arkham Asylum, Gotham's infamous psycho-holding facility. Many of the city's most famous criminals and killers were either present at the prison or were alumni of its ranks, usually getting out via jailbreaks rather than parole. This was partially why the Dark Knight had to remain ever vigilant over the city; he and practically every officer of the law knew that any ordinary prison would never be enough to contain the kinds of criminals that plagued the streets.
Cletus Kasady was one such individual. It might have been midnight and pitch black in the cell block he was sitting in, but he was wide awake, seated upright and staring at the wall patiently. He knew that he was going to bust out of here. He only needed to wait for his getaway partner.
The sound of something slipping across the ground heralded its arrival. Sounding like a gelati

Noumu vs. Doomsday:  Public Defenders: Noumu vs. Doomsday
No rules. No research. No time limit.
Just a rampaging roughhousing between two regenerative reapings of science.
Setting: Musutafu, Japan - Midday
Everyone around him was so damn happy.
Smiles painted across the faces of everyone in his surroundings, old and young alike. Quirk-bearers and Quirkless were all abuzz with enthusiasm as they watched the grand UA Outsider Battle Medley, everyone's spirits high as exciting battles raged on in the famed UA Sports Stadium.
How disgusting.
Shigaraki: ...Idiots.
With his gnarled hands stuffed tightly into his hoodie pockets, Tomura Shigaraki stalked past the energetic crowds lined outside TV stores, trying his damnedest to shut out the action-packed sounds of combat flooding from the speakers. His drawn hood shielded him from having to look too much at their happy expressions as he slunk by, on his way to the small back-alley bar that he knew Kurogiri was waiti

Rex and Pyra vs. Jotaro Kujo:  Public Defenders: Rex and Pyra vs. Jotaro Kujo
Setting: Argentum Trade Guild

Rex: A-are you serious!? A hundred thousand gold for a single mission!?
Standing with a bewildered expression on his face, the scavenger boy Rex stared at the man he was speaking to in the far corner of the Argentum Trade Guild. The tall, well-built man's face was obscured by the shawl he was wearing, but Rex could still hear his mature voice as he responded to Rex's enthusiastic exclamation.
Shady Man: I'll advise you to keep your voice down... But yes. Should you complete the job to my standards, you'll be walking away with a staggering sum.
Although blown away by the man's immense proposition, Rex was somewhat skeptical, and justly so. Something about this man felt inherently untrustworthy to him, and it wasn't just the fact that his face was completely hidden from view. Pulling himself together, Rex decided to press the man on his huge offer.
Rex: The only other person I know

Guts vs. Penance:  Public Defenders: Guts vs. Penance
Setting: Cursed Forest
Cold, foreboding winds cut through the maze of leafless trees, swaying the naked branches in offputting motions. The outstretched wooden limbs creaked and groaned as they waved about, the darkness of the forest making them seem like arms reaching to grab anything around them. Their haunting sways would scare no one, however - the forest was completely deserted and without life. In fact, there seemed to almost be an overpowering sense of evil essence strewn all about the dark wood, suffocating the very air itself.
Silva alium vindicat.
Opening his one eye as he awakened from a trance, Guts, the black swordsman, came to his senses amidst the barren trees. As soon as his vision focused and he got to his feet, the decrepit environment hastily put him on edge. He had no recollection of such a forest being along the way of his travels, and he certainly didn't remember venturing so far into such a forebo
Smash Ultimate Knight by GalacticAttorney

Character Info:

Series of Origin: Hollow Knight (2017)
First Appearance: Hollow Knight (2017)
Most Recent Appearance: Hollow Knight (2017)
Voice Actor: N/A
Character Type/Style: The Knight is a light and fast character, about equal to Pikachu in weight and Toon Link in height. The majority of its attacks involve its Old Nail that it sports on its back, which doesn't have as much range as other swords in the game, but the attacks are quick and can easily link into each other. Additionally, several of The Knight's moves, such as his Special Moves and his throws, make of items and abilities he picks up across his adventures. Much of The Knight's playstyle revolves around chaining together quick attacks to build damage quickly, all while taking as few hits as possible.
Trophy Bio: This Vessel wanders the sprawling ruins of the kingdom once known as Hallownest, striking down challengers and creatures with his Old Nail. What its ultimate goals are, none can truly say, but as the Infection continues to spread through Hallownest, this small Vessel's true purpose will come to be revealed...
Player Emblem:
HK Smash Logo by GalacticAttorney

Alternate Colors:

P1: Traditional white shell and a black cloak and body.
P2: A silver shell with a red cloak and body. Inspired by Hornet's color scheme.
P3: A lime green shell with a dark green cloak and body. Inspired by the color scheme of the Grubs.
P4: A cracked shell with a brown cloak and body. Inspired by The Hollow Knight's color scheme.
P5: A blue shell with a dark turquoise cloak and body. Inspired by The White Lady's color scheme.
P6: An orange shell with a black cloak and body. Inspired by The Broken Vessel's color scheme.
P7: A grey shell with a dark grey cloak and body. Inspired by The False Knight's color scheme.
P8: A golden shell with a yellow cloak and body. Inspired by The Radiance's color scheme.


Entrance: The Knight is sitting on a grey bench, akin to the ones you find in Hollow Knight that act as your rest points. As other fighters appear, he gets off the bench and turns either right or left, depending on what side of the stage he's on, and assumes his base stance.

Base Stance: The Knight stands in place, hardly moving at all. Its arms are concealed beneath its cloak, and its Old Nail is secured to its back, where it returns to after every attack involving it.

Idle: The Knight looks around absentmindedly as if observing the battlefield around it.

Walk: The Knight briskly walks forward, its cloak trailing behind it as it moves.

Dash: The Knight runs along as a faster pace, its arms still beneath the confines of its cloak.

Crouch: The Knight kneels down, keeping its arms beneath its cloak.

Jump: The Knight's limbs extend as it jumps, keeping its attention forward.

Double Jump: The Knight looks up to the sky as it jumps again, thrusting its limbs downward as it does so.

Air Dodge: The Knight leans out of harm's way with a flash of its cloak.

Spot Dodge: The Knight sidesteps out of the way of an incoming attack.

Forward Roll: The Knight tucks and rolls forward before getting back up after one roll.

Back Roll: The Knight slides backward, its cloak drifting after it.

Shielding: The Knight holds the Old Nail in front of its face while slightly hunching over to block attacks.

Shield Broken: The Knight staggers back and forth, visible cracks showing in its shell.

Recovering from Shield Broken: The Knight snaps back into focus and stands straight once again, the cracks in its shell disappearing.

Grabbing Ledge: The Knight grabs onto the ledge with both stubby arms, its legs dangling beneath it.

Special Fall: The Knight falls with its cloak fluttering out around it and its limbs extended outward.

Side Taunt: The Knight draws the Old Nail and quickly slashes upward, followed by a downward slash before stabbing it out like a fencer, holding it out like that before putting the weapon on its back again.

Up Taunt: The Knight flourishes its cloak, and its Shade momentarily takes over, recoiling and howling before it flourishes its cloak again and The Knight takes over again, returning to normal.

Down Taunt: The Knight reaches into its cloak and pulls out a map, reading the map closely for a second or two before folding it back up and putting it away again.

Victory 1: The camera rushes to follow The Knight as it dashes forward in a zig-zag pattern before leaping up and stabbing the Old Nail into the ground as the victory splash appears.

Victory 2: The Knight gracefully descends from above with the Monarch Wings before landing while spinning, drawing the Old Nail and slashing at the camera as the victory splash appears. It then holds that pose, holding its Nail out at its side post-slash.

Victory 3: The camera follows The Knight as it runs to the right. A bench comes into frame as the camera briefly zooms out, and The Knight runs up to the bench and jumps up, sitting on it just as the victory splash appears and the camera zooms back in on it.

Loss: The Knight "claps" with the stubs of his arms at an average pace. There are visible cracks in its shell as a result of the battle.

Basic Attacks:

Jab: The Knight's jab is a two-hit combo that involves two quick slashes with the Old Nail. Only the second hit of the jab has knockback, but the first hit can jab-lock opponents.

Side Tilt: The Knight delivers a powerful forward swing of the Old Nail. It's slower than its jab but deals notably more damage.

Up Tilt: The Knight swings the Old Nail over its head in a wide arc.

Down Tilt: The Knight thrusts the Old Nail across the ground to poke at foes.

Dash Attack: The Knight swings the Old Nail for a wide slash in front of its body, akin to the Dash Slash.

Getup Attack: The Knight draws the Old Nail and swipes across the floor as it pulls itself up from the ledge.

Neutral Aerial: The Knight quickly swings the Old Nail around its body twice, striking akin to the Cyclone Slash.

Forward Aerial: The Knight swings the Old Nail downward in front of it, akin to the Great Slash.

Back Aerial: The Knight jabs the Old Nail behind it, stabbing through opponents.

Up Aerial: A swift swing of the Old Nail above The Knight's head.

Down Aerial: The Knight swings the Old Nail below its body in midair. Enemies hit by the very tip of the Nail are spiked, and if The Knight hits any fighter or object with this move, it will bounce off it for a bit of continued aerial movement.

Grab: The Knight reaches out with one arm to grab opponents in front of him.

Pummel: The Knight jabs at the opponent with the Old Nail.

Forward Throw: The Knight shoves the opponent forward with the tip of the Old Nail.

Back Throw: The Knight drags the opponent around it across the ground with the Mantis Claw before flinging its foe away.

Up Throw: The Knight unleashes a small burst of Howling Wraiths to launch the opponent upward. The Howling Wraiths used in this throw can hit other fighters in the nearby vicinity.

Down Throw: The Knight throws the opponent onto the ground before holding up the Crystal Heart, summoning several pointed crystals from the ground that stab the opponent into the air.

Smash Attacks:

Side Smash: The Knight steps back slightly before thrusting forward with the Old Nail. The strongest hitbox on this attack is on the very tip of the Old Nail, while the rest of the nail along with The Knight's arm are weaker hitboxes. The initial step backward can be useful for narrowly evading attacks before using this move.

Up Smash: The Knight crosses its arms and hunches over as this move charges up. When released, The Knight lets loose with a burst of Howling Wraiths, creating a cloud of howling souls above it that damages and launches fighters caught in it. The longer this move is charged, the larger and more damaging the cloud of Howling Wraiths will be.

Down Smash: The Knight holds up the Crystal Heart while charging up this Smash Attack. When released, The Knight slams the Crystal Heart to the ground, and two rows of pointed crystals spring from the ground on both sides of The Knight, damaging and launching fighters they touch. The crystals retreat into the ground after the attack is over.

Special Attacks:

Neutral Special: Vengeful Spirit
The Knight blasts a large white spirit that flies in a straight line in the direction The Knight is facing. The power of the blast and the size of the spirit fired are dependant on how long it's been since The Knight last used this ability, akin to ROB's neutral special. If the spirit is small, it will do less damage and pass through fighters, and if the spirit is large, it will do more damage and detonate upon impact with the first fighter it hits. The Knight will begin flashing white when Vengeful Spirit is at its strongest charge as an indication of its power.

Side Special: Shade Cloak
The Knight dashes either right or left, flashing with a black color as it does so. It only travels a fixed distance during this dash, but it is fully invulnerable to enemy attacks or damage of any kind while doing so. If The Knight passes over any foes during this dash, they take damage and suffer very little knockback. This move can only be used once in the air, and repeated use of the move will lead to The Knight's invulnerability during the dash becoming shorter, making the move easier to punish and harder to spam.

Up Special: Monarch Wings
The Knight's cloak flies open in the back as the Monarch Wings spread wide before flapping once with great force, propelling The Knight through the air in whatever direction the player indicates with a directional tilt. If no direction is inputted, The Knight will fly straight up. Using this move puts The Knight into special fall after it flies as far as the move allows.

Down Special: Desolate Dive
The Knight rises slightly before rushing straight down at high speeds, damaging any enemies caught under its descent and spiking those caught in the immediate first hitbox on its way down. Enemies directly under The Knight when it lands on the ground take heavy damage and are sent flying, while foes just to the side of his landing point are slightly damaged by the sour-spot hitboxes on either side of The Knight. This move cannot be canceled, and once The Knight begins falling, it falls until it either hits the ground, grabs the ledge, falls into a blast zone, or is hit with an attack.

Final Smash:

Shade Nightmare: The Knight draws the legendary Dream Nail and swings it in front of it in a forward-facing horizontal hitbox that's much longer than the hitbox of an average Nail swing. The attack can hit up to three enemies at once, and enemies hit by the Dream Nail take damage and are put into a deep sleep, one that lasts too long to be mashed out of. If at least one enemy is hit by the initial swing and put to sleep, The Knight's shell breaks open and reveals the Shade within, which howls hauntingly before unleashing a massive Shade Soul attack. This blast is similar in shape and function to Vengeful Spirit, but the spirit fired is black in color and much larger than even a fully charged Vengeful Spirit. The Shade Soul flies across the stage in a straight line all the way into the blast zone, similar to Ganondorf's Final Smash. Enemies it passes over, sleeping or no, take heavy damage and are sent flying. After the Shade Soul disappears off the side of the screen, The Knight's shell reforms around its Shade and it returns to normal. The Knight is immune to damage until its shell reforms at the end of the Final Smash.

Home Stage:

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City of Tears (Hollow Knight)

Standard Stage: The City of Tears stage is set on the main pathway in front of the fountain that houses statues of the Hollow Knight and the Dreamers. Dimly lit by streetlamps, this stage is constantly under gently pouring rain. There are walk-off blast zones on the left and right, and a blast zone on the top of the stage that lies above the top of the Hollow Knight statue. On the right and left sides of the stage, midway between the center and the blast zones, there are two wells that lead into the Royal Waterways, a sewer system beneath the city filled with creatures. Although the bottoms of the wells are simply low blast zones in the floor for players to fall into, creatures will occasionally crawl out of the wells and attack players on the stage, acting as stage hazards. Belflys will fly from the wells and land on the streetlamps in the background, and after five seconds of waiting, they will screech as they take flight toward the player with the highest damage percent, exploding upon impact and dealing mild damage with very heavy knockback. Flukemon will pull themselves up from the wells and walk toward the nearest player, and while they cannot jump to get to airborne players, they will not relent in their chase until their target is in striking range. A single attack of any sort will put the Flukemon down, but that will simply cause its top half to separate from its lower half. The top half of a Flukemon becomes active immediately after its full body is attacked, and it will fly toward and attack whatever player caused it to split in half. The lower half of a Flukemon, on the other hand, doesn't become active until three seconds after it is initially attacked, and it will scamper across the stage quickly after becoming active, damaging any player it runs through and scurrying back into the well on the opposite side of the stage once it reaches it. Either separated half of a Flukemon only requires a single attack to make it burst. Smart players can lure Flukemon back into the wells by staying out of reach and making them fall back in, negating the need to deal with the nasty creatures. Finally, Pilflips will slowly crawl out of the wells and walk across the stage at a leisurely pace, not going out of its way to attack any players. However, players in its path will still take damage as it walks by them. If a Pilflip is hit by an attack, it flips over and rushes along at a much faster pace, dealing even more damage to players that it runs past. A Pilflip will simply crawl into the well opposite the one it came out of if left alone, but an aggravated Pilflip will rush across the stage twice before finally running back down the well it originally came from. Attacking a Pilflip that has already been attacked will make it flip back over and hastily rush to the nearest well to escape the battle.

Omega Variant: The Omega Variant of City of Tears takes place on the base of the fountain that has the Hollow Knight and the Dreamers statues, with the floor being completely flat rather than curved as it appears in the game and in the background of the normal stage. It has a curved form to the walls below the flat stage, which makes them unable to be jumped off of.

Battlefield Variant: The Battlefield Variant of this stage is once again on the flat base of the fountain of statues, this time with platforms comprised of compressed Geo floating above it.

Assist Trophy:

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Hornet is a major character in Hollow Knight that wields a Nail that is akin to a sewing needle. She is a Vessel, like The Knight, but she is unique from all other Vessels in that she has a gender, that being female. When called into battle through an Assist Trophy, she will leap around the stage and dash toward opponents with her Nail to drive through them. She can also dash along the stage at high speeds to ram through any unsuspecting enemies. Hornet is a defeatable Assist Trophy, and as such, she can take damage from fighters and be KO'd if she takes enough hits.


Victory Theme:
Resting Grounds 
(Hollow Knight, 2017)

Series Music:
(Hollow Knight, 2017)
False Knight (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Greenpath (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Hornet (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Mantis Lords (Hollow Knight, 2017)
City of Tears (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Dung Defender (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Decisive Battle (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Soul Sanctum (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Broken Vessel (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Nosk (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Dream Battle (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Sealed Vessel (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Radiance (Hollow Knight, 2017)
Truth, Beauty, and Hatred (Hollow Knight: Hidden Dreams DLC, 2017)
Nightmare King (Hollow Knight: The Grimm Troupe DLC, 2017)
Hive Knight (Hollow Knight: Lifeblood DLC, 2018)
Gods & Glory 
(Hollow Knight: Godmaster DLC, 2018)

Codec Conversation:

Snake: Y'know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this thing looked lost.
Mei Ling: Is that a Vessel? Wow, you don't see those out in the open very often!
Snake: You know what that thing is?
Mei Ling: Vessels were made to keep The Radiance sealed away, so the kingdom of Hallownest could be safe. This little fella is probably just wandering around now.
Snake: He picked a heck of a place to stumble into.
Mei Ling: Vessels don't have genders, Snake. It's not a he or a she, it's an "it." They do possess combat skills, though, and you should watch out for when it draws that Old Nail. It wields it like a blade, and it can cut through you like that!
Snake: Then I know to keep my distance. Thanks for the tip, Mei Ling.

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: What's this little guy doing out here? And what's the deal with that thing on its back?
Palutena: Watch yourself, Pit. That's a Vessel. It probably wandered out here and got mixed up in the action.
Pit: A Vessel? What's that?
Palutena: Empty beings created by the Pale King of Hallownest, a kingdom of bug people. Vessels were made to contain the Infection, a disease spread by The Radiance that could infect and control others.
Pit: What!? Why!? It's not doing anything! And it's kinda cute!
Viridi: I can't STAND it when mortals try to play god! This thing is an insult to nature and needs to be destroyed!
Palutena: That's a task easier said than done. That Nail on its back has a serious sting to it, and it's carrying plenty of weapons it can use against you in battle, like the Mantis Claw and the Crystal Heart.
Pit: If a big arsenal is all it has, then this fight will be a breeze!
Palutena: Be careful, Pit. That helmet-like shell on its head contains its Shade, the essence of a Vessel's being.
Viridi: Shades are mindless, but they're also ferocious. If it breaks free, there's no telling what it will unleash.
Pit: Um... Alright then. Good to know! Sorry, little guy, but you're about to get squashed!
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Dark Calamity Part 2 by GalacticAttorney

Heads up! This is Part 2 of this Courtroom Conflict. If you haven't read Part 1, click the link below and get yourself up to speed!

Cross-Examination: Dark Calamity (Part 1)
Squigly: All three enemies have been analyzed... It's time for an apocalyptic throwdown of darkness.
Leviathan: The time has come. Let the battle begin!
Starlow: Eek... I can't watch!

Setting: Bowletta's Throne Room
A sense of dread filled the air as Mario and Luigi leaped up the tall stairway leading to the center of the throne room within the huge flying castle. They'd fought long and hard to make it to this point: trouncing Koopalings, Fawful, and the castle's many puzzles and perils. If they didn't win here, the Beanbean Kingdom below would surely fall to the enemy's power. Mario, displaying a brave face, hopped up each and every stair towards the top of the staircase without hesitation or worry. Luigi, following behind him, was less confident and had a slight frown of worry.
At last, they reached the top, and they beheld the disgusting-looking

And now, back to where we left off...

Setting: Bowletta's Belly

???: You're still standing? Ugh... What a loathsome pest you are!

Out of nowhere, a purple mist began forming a few feet in front of the insect, clouding together until two long arms sprouted from the fog. The clawed hands on the ends of the gaseous appendages twitched and moved around eerily as more fog pooled into the center.

???: I shall finish you off quickly... And then eat you for lunch!

Out of the fog appeared a huge, terrifying purple head, with nightmarish eyes that peered down at the black insect. Its body finished forming, and Cackletta's Soul spread its arms wide with a ferocious roar, preparing to easily squash its foe. It raised one long, purple arm and swiftly brought it down, aiming to swat the bug into a little stain on the floor.

However, its hand was suddenly caught by a large black hand that sprouted from the bug. Cackletta's Soul seemed flabbergasted and looked down at the grinning little insect.

Cackletta's Soul: W-WHAT!?

A black mist poured from the tiny insect, and it suddenly swelled up in size until it was at an equal height with Cackletta's Soul. Its huge, spiraling red eyes stared her down offputtingly, three spindly legs jutted out from its underbelly to hoist its new form up, a second arm sprouted from the other side of its body, and a black star jutted out from its head, attached to a long black fiber. With its ghastly smile and terrifying appearance, the Dark Star Core let loose a disjointed, haunting laugh that echoed through the entirety of Bowletta's belly.

Recovering from the shock of her opponent's new look, Cackletta's Soul scoffed and held her arms in front of her, preparing for battle. The Dark Star Core did similarly, and the fires around them raged as the air grew tense.

Their battle had only just begun.

With a beastly roar, Cackletta's Soul waved her arms out as they glowed with a cool, cutting blue aura. Several energy spheres appeared around the Dark Star Core's twiggy legs, beginning to move around its lower body in a circular motion. Taking notice, the Dark Star Core lifted and lowered its supporting appendages to keep the energy balls from hitting it. It couldn't keep its focus on the energy balls for long, however, as Cackletta's Soul lunged in with her ghostly hands outstretched.

Stepping backward in evasive measures, the Dark Star Core leaned out of the way as Cackletta's Soul slashed at it with her hazy purple claws, wisps of smoke whipping in the aftermath of her swings. When her arms came around for a second pass, however, the Dark Star Core opted for offense rather than defense, grabbing the middles of her arms before laughing dementedly as energy pulses shot from its arms, flowing from his hands and into Cackletta's Soul's outstretched arms.

As pain rushed through her appendages, Cackletta's Soul let loose a furious cry and flung her arms outward, shoving the Dark Star Core and freeing her from its grip. As the large black creature stumbled, it momentarily forgot about the energy balls swirling around its southern appendages, and in an instant, it felt electric shocks ripple through its body as the spheres collided with its "feet." Its entire bizarro frame shuddered and spasmed, and in that moment of vulnerability, Cackletta's Soul drew out a powerful magic from within her gaseous body.

As she unleashed the powerful attack, time around her slowed to a crawl, and then to a total standstill, the Dark Star Core's electrified body frozen in place. The corners of her mangled mouth curled up into a horrifying grin as sparks flew from her eyes, lighting up the black and white of the frozen arena with a glowing crimson as power welled up in her eyes. The vile spirit unleashed an evil laugh as twin beams of energy shot from her pupils, directly striking the Dark Star Core's two giant eyes. As time resumed its normal flow, the giant black entity let out a surprised yelp as it stumbled back, covering its face with its spindly hands as cracks formed in the glass-like material of its eyes.

With the huge face in the center of the core blinded, Cackletta's Soul prepared another attack by charging up energy and releasing it in the form of a huge cloud of energy spheres that appeared all around her. Then, extending her arms out toward the Dark Star Core, the glowing orbs all vanished at once before appearing intermittingly around her adversary, flying in every direction to swarm its senses before slamming into the core with a barrage of bright attacks. With its eyes still cracked and blind, the Fawful in the core instinctively backed away and staggered on its spindly legs to avoid the attacks. However, the Dark Star was having none of it, and as it guided the bulk of its body around to avoid the energy spheres, it launched a magical attack of its own with a sharp, grisly shriek. In contrast to the bright, colorful lights of Cackletta's magic orbs, the scenery of the battle turned grey and lifeless, and before Cackletta's Soul knew it, a blast of grim electricity from the Dark Star struck her shadow, making her cry out in surprise before floating away from following blasts.

Cackletta's Soul: EEYOW!! How DARE you!?

Flying up into the air, Cackletta's Soul extended her long, purple arms and began whirling them around her body like helicopter blades before charging toward the Dark Star Core, trails of flame and electricity trailing behind her elementally empowered appendages. Seeing the spirit's approach, the Dark Star employed a black hole-esque attraction that sucked all of Cackletta's Soul's energy spheres before converting them into dark magic orbs with its evil magic. Then, twisting the corrupted orbs with its power, the Dark Star formed a storm of black spears that it launched toward the approaching soul, forming a descending rain of evil lances that fell toward Cackletta's Soul.

Stopping her forward momentum hastily, Cackletta's Soul opened its mouth wide and formed a massive sphere of magic power, swelling it to a size dwarfing her own body before blasting it out at the spears. After being punctured by several of the corrupted javelins, the energy sphere burst and consumed every last lance in a bright flash. However, just as the flash faded away, Cackletta's Soul was taken by surprise as the Dark Star Core, eyes no longer blinded by cracks in their lenses, lunged out and grabbed Cackletta's Soul's head in one hand. With her face tightly in its spindly grip, the evil core flew down and slammed the spirit's head against the stone bridge in the center of Bowletta's belly, dragging her along the rough bricks while emitting pulses of energy along its arm that blasted Cackletta's Soul with bombardments of magic as the back of her head scraped across the bridge painfully.

Then, with Fawful's trademark cackling, the Dark Star Core bashed Cackletta's Soul's head against the bricks one last time. Having sustained sufficient damage, her head disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving just her arms and her torso remaining. With no other part of her body snared between its fingers, the Dark Star Core laughed harshly as Cackletta's headless soul spiraled away. To its surprise, however, its enemy's arms continued to move even without a head, blindly blasting streams of fire and electric bolts. Without eyes to direct its shots, though, the blasts did little more than fly past the Dark Star Core, which, seeing the life still remaining in the soul it was fighting, retracted its arms and legs into its body, hitting the floor with a heavy thud. It then began sliding across the floor at a breakneck pace, rapidly opening and closing its toothy jaws as it approached Cackletta's Soul.

Feeling the tremors of the incoming enemy, Cackletta's Soul braced herself with her arms planted out in front of her. When the Dark Star Core was just in front of her, its jaws were gripped by her gaseous hands, halting its forward charge as best they could. Its huge, toothy jaws slammed shut over and over as it desperately nipped toward the soul's torso, and, frustrated by her hands holding it back, the core lunged to the side and sank its teeth into the soul's left arm, making it puff into nonexistence. However, that brief pause was all that Cackletta's Soul needed for her heart to beat rapidly, reforming her terrifying head and allowing her to freeze time. With the Dark Star Core frozen in place, Cackletta's Soul flew back a safe distance before blasting it repeatedly with heavy laser fire. Once time resumed, the Dark Star Core cried out as it was sent flying back across the bridge, its body stinging from the bite of Cackletta's Soul's laser blasts.

As her dark foe was picking itself back up after being blasted away with such force, Cackletta's Soul channeled her magic power and out of her smog-like body rose a familiar form: a short, cloaked, and grinning Beanish with a robotic helmet propelling him into the air. This imposter Fawful laughed his signature chuckle as Cackletta's Soul drifted further away from the Dark Star Core, more and more wisps of her essence drifting off her body to form an army of Fawful look-alikes. Across the bridge, the Dark Star Core looked upon the sea of laughing fakes, and from deep in its psyche, what was left of the real Fawful grew agitated at the sight of his own image being turned against him. Planting its legs firmly upon the bricks of the bridge, the Dark Star Core spread its arms wide as the Dark Star stemming from its head began to glow with energy as it prepared to act in kind.

Dark Star Core: FINK... RAAAAAT...!

As the Dark Star Core ferally uttered Fawful's catchphrase, the Dark Star swelled to an enormous size before spitting out a cluster of dark circles in front of its body. Those small black orbs suddenly revealed bug-like legs and stood up to form a miniature military of Dark Satellmites that trained their attention on the giant pink cloud of non-Fawfuls across the bridge.

Cackletta's Soul: FIRE!

At Cackletta's Soul's command, the Fawful clone cloud began firing green blasts of energy from their Vacuum Helmets, raining down a storm of shots toward the Dark Satellmites. In response, the small circular underlings began to return fire with their own laser shots, creating a chaotic exchange of blasts between the forces of the soul and the core. As the battle continued to wage between the Fawful copies and the Satellmites, however, their leaders were staying behind their battalions of baddies, collecting huge amounts of energy as they prepared to throw everything they could muster at their opposition. Cackletta's Soul's eyes began to glow brightly with luminescent red energy, while the Dark Star began to glimmer in an ominous purple light as a bright spark grew in the center of its face.

Soul & Core: D I E !

Cackletta's Soul unleashed a massive scarlet beam of energy from her eyes at the same time that the Dark Star Core loosed a magical ray of darkness. Neither had any regard for their expendable minions standing in the crossfire, and the collision of the two giant blasts consumed both the cloud of duplicate Fawfuls and the dozens of Dark Satellmites. The two streams of energy met in the center of the bridge, both combatants straining to overpower their foe's blast as the fiery background was lit up by the sparks of red and purple flew in every direction from the middle of the clash.

Beneath the beam clash, however, the bodies of the fallen Dark Satellmites were pulsating with a red light as they lay motionless on the floor of the bridge. As their deaths lit their imaginary fuse, combined with the energy rippling through the air above them, they glowed even brighter before detonating all at once in a massive explosion of dark energy. The competition between the lasers couldn't handle the additional power of the exploding Satellmites, and the bridge's cracks that had been forming during the battle splintered out further as the two lasers exploded against each other. Cackletta's Soul and the Dark Star Core both ceased their fire as they saw cracks rush along the body of the bridge beneath them, and with a mighty crack, the entire bridge collapsed, the bricks that were once conjoined to form it falling deep into the fiery abyss below.

Cackletta's Soul hovered in place, unaffected by the collapse of the bridge. The Dark Star Core, however, began to descend with a screech as its spindly, twiggy legs flailed uselessly in the air without anything to support its bulk. As her foe plummeted below her, Cackletta's Soul folded her arms and began to appropriately cackle at its surprised look.

Cackletta's Soul: EEYEH HEH HEH HEH! Farewell, pest!

As the Dark Star Core dipped just below the surface of the flames and out of the sight of Cackletta's Soul, the Dark Star itself flashed brightly, acting independently of Fawful's mind. The bulk of the core grew a surprised face as the Dark Star retracted its massive form into its circular shape, removing the extra weight and allowing it to stop its fall before it was consumed by the fire raging around it. Channeling its dark power along with the element of surprise that it had, the Dark Star opened a portal in front of it and flew in, escaping a fiery fate in the pits of Bowletta's belly.

As Cackletta's Soul continued to smugly laugh at the apparent downfall of her pitch-black opponent, she was suddenly caught off-guard by what felt like little more than a breeze running past her. In the blink of an eye, however, that breeze grew into a howling gust that was pulling her backward. As small trails of her gaseous body were pulled along toward the mighty vacuum effect behind her, she cried out in protest as she attempted to outpace the pull that was being exerted on her body.

Cackletta's Soul: Eeh!? What... is this... power...!?

That powerful vortex was nothing less than the Dark Star itself, having reappeared through a portal from below the visible void of Bowletta's burning belly. It was now spinning at a ludicrous speed and using its magic power to simulate a black hole, draining even the color from the incendiary surroundings as its pull drew in the parts of the collapsed bridge, wisps of flame from the background, and, as intended, the cloud of smog that made up Cackletta's Soul's body. With a violent, detesting screech, Cackletta's Soul expressed her vile fury as her arms completely dissipated into trails of gas that flew into the Dark Star's all-consuming void. A look of terror mixed with agony crossed her face as her entire head was stretched and strained before finally losing its form with one last pained wail, the nightmarish appearance of the would-be Beanish conqueress becoming little more than an afterthought in the mess of gas that was pulled into the Dark Star by its pull. With nothing left to keep it from flying along as well, the soul's heart went flying toward the Dark Star, just as it had been planning.

Barely a second before the core of Cackletta's Soul would have been lost to the abyssal void of the Dark Star's inner being, it released its lower body from the safe-keeping of its circular form, a devious grin on Fawful's face as the core of his former master's essence raced toward him. Grabbing the large, pink heart between his spindling digits, the Dark Star Core unleashed a haunting cackle as its fingers dug into the captive heart and began to pull away from each other. Over the terrifying echoes of the Dark Star Core's evil tittering, the sounds of Cackletta's Soul's heart beginning to crack could be heard as it began to splinter down the middle as a result of the great force being exerted upon it, and with a penultimate shout, the Dark Star Core ripped its arms away from each other, splitting the very core of Cackletta's being into fragmented halves.

Just as the heart came apart in its hands, the Dark Star Core felt itself being blown back by a massive burst of power rippling from the broken soul's core. Before it knew what was happening, the star of ancient evil felt itself being swept up in the gusts, and the insides of Bowletta's belly suddenly raced from its sight, all while its grip on the shattered heart loosened, allowing the broken soul to fall lifelessly into the fiery abyss below.


Setting: Dark Bumpsy Plains

Bowletta: WHA!? Huh- HEY!! What's happening to me!?

Bowletta's grin of triumph quickly turned into a frown of discomfort as a growing pain emerged from within her belly. Small wisps of gas began to leak from between her fangs, and the Beanish-Koopa began to grip at her own throat as though she were choking. After several strained coughs and gagging sounds, she finally spat up the Dark Star Core, the small black bug flying through the air before landing on Dark Bowser's motionless body. Quickly, while Bowletta was still coughing harshly and staggering around, the core of the evil star scuttled across Dark Bowser's exposed belly and hopped into his open mouth, scurrying down to safety.

With the return of the core of his being, Dark Bowser felt refreshed and healed as the Dark Star Core quickly healed his wounds, allowing him to get back to his feet with a heavy grunt. The incessant grunting and coughing of Bowletta as her spirit within flickered out and waned drew the dark Koopa's attention, and a single gaze upon the suffering Beanish-Koopa reinstated the memories of just moments ago when Dark Bowletta had utterly humiliated him with her barrages of stars and her untouchable burning hide. These unpleasant recollections quickly sparked his rage anew, and Dark Bowser slowly stormed over to the suffering Bowletta, a murderous shine flaring up in his scarlet scowl. With her body racked with a violent coughing fit and purple smoke pouring from her jaws, Bowletta could offer no more than a raised hand in the way of resistance.

Bowletta: N-no... *cough, cough* P-please...!

Any amount of hesitation she could have hoped for in her dark opponent's gaze was quashed as Dark Bowser grabbed her wrist in an iron grasp, pulling her up and clamping down his other hand around her throat. Bowletta hissed and wheezed as Dark Bowser tightened his grip around her neck, slowly and painfully squeezing the life out of the Beanish-Koopa at the same time that her soul was fading away from inside the possessed shell she inhabited.

However, that shell she inhabited would not be felled by the relentless grip of the Dark Star. Instead, both Bowletta and Dark Bowser were gruesomely shocked to see a needle-pointed tentacle rip through Bowletta's forehead in a spray of blood, goring through the back of her head and out the front in the blink of an eye. Dark Bowser recoiled in surprise, releasing Bowletta's throat and backing away just in time for two more tentacles to jab themselves through the flesh of the Beanish-Koopa's arms. A fourth and final tentacle punctured her gut, and as Bowletta's final tortured wail erupted from her throat, the tentacles all pulled in the directions opposite each other, ripping Bowletta's body into four separated, mangled pieces that gushed blood across the dark plains. As the Beanish-Koopa's innards and body fluids spilled across the ground, the pointed tentacles flung the ripped-up corpse off themselves and retreated back to their source, which Dark Bowser could now plainly see.

Elder Princess Shroob stood before him in all her terrifying glory, her body having taken on a new gargantuan shape. The four tentacles that had just gruesomely ended Bowletta were sprouting from her sides, and her short, stubby legs were now replaced by a mass of tentacles that supported the Shroob princess's massive torso and head. A glowing aura surrounded her terrifying majesty, and with her Beast Form fully assumed, Elder Princess Shroob unleashed a furious howl at Dark Bowser. She had not forgotten the horrible scar across her face that the dark Koopa had administered to her before, and now she was set on exacting her revenge. Answering his transformed foe's challenge, Dark Bowser roared right back and assumed a battle stance. As the fight only escalated, the sky grew darker and darker, a raging storm of lightning going off over the scene of the fight. The world plunged further into an apocalyptic void, and as the two evil beings stared each other down, there was but one guarantee in the face of the final clash. And that was that their conflict, down from three contestants to two...

Blackout by GalacticAttorney

...was in the final.

Elder Princess Shroob's clawed tentacles rushed forward to impale Dark Bowser, the alien monarch herself patiently sitting in place as her extendable appendages crossed the gap between her and her adversary by themselves. Balling up his fists and summoning his renewed strength, Dark Bowser punched each tentacle out of their intended trajectory before bolting toward Elder Princess Shroob at top speed, baring his fangs in an evil sneer and roaring aggressively as he looked to get in close. However, the deflected tentacles quickly changed course and rushed at Dark Bowser from behind, rushing past him before wrapping around each other below his field of vision, forming a tripwire that the dark Koopa's legs struck with great speed. Dark Bowser let out a surprised growl as he began to fall forward, but before he could solidly slam against the grass, the tentacles wrapped around him with blinding quickness before lifting him up in their twisting embrace, harshly squeezing and roughly poking his skin as they searched for a weak point through which to puncture his tough hide. With her elongated arms temporarily restraining her opponent, Elder Princess Shroob let out another Shroobish rallying cry, and the sounds of the Shroob saucers mobilizing high in the sky began to ring out once more.

Just as one of his transformed transgressor's tentacles went to prod him again, Dark Bowser snarled and sank his fangs into the skinny alien appendage. Elder Princess Shroob let out a surprised, but not overly pained, cry, and her tangled grip on his body slackened just enough for the dark Koopa to retreat into his shell and whirl around repellingly, shaking off her serpent-like arms and allowing him to return to the ground once again. Remaining retracted in his shell for extra defense, Dark Bowser spun in place rapidly to build up speed before taking off across the barren plains, whirling toward Elder Princess Shroob and tearing up the ground in his wake. However, just before he could forcefully tackle his giant enemy, his whirling rampage was roughly halted against seemingly nothing. Elder Princess Shroob's crown was projecting a defensive force field around her body, and regardless of how fast Dark Bowser's spinning attack was, it was ineffective in knocking through this translucent barricade.

To get her opponent away from her, Elder Princess Shroob called to the heavens again, and a silver and purple blur raced down from the skies, slamming into Dark Bowser's shell from the right and sending the dark Koopa flying away with an explosion upon impact. Unfurling his limbs and head from the safe confines of his shell mid-flight, Dark Bowser dug his claws and paws into the ground to drag himself to a halt. Once he had stopped sliding, the ancient evil entity noticed several steel fragments scattered across the ground around him, along with what seemed to be a purple mushroom tip. What had dive-bombed him from the air was a Shroob Saucer, and as Dark Bowser's attention was turned to the sky at the familiar sound of mobilizing saucers, he saw even more of them in a scattered formation above his royal adversary. Recalling how vicious such large numbers of the Shroob air forces could be, Dark Bowser tensed up and prepared himself for the incoming onslaught. However, it wasn't coming, for Elder Princess Shroob's plan of action was a much more desperate maneuver. Her jaw was opened wide, and a spark lit up in her mouth as she summoned an oval of energy. Dark Bowser braced himself for this instead, but still, the blast wasn't coming. The elder shroob monarch had a different target.

Suddenly, Elder Princess Shroob's large head tilted back so she could face the Shroob saucers overhead before she blasted her energy pellet up at them, the seemingly mutinous maneuver taking Dark Bowser by surprise. It struck one of the Shroob saucers in the middle of the cloud and bounced around to several others before dissipating. The ones that were struck with the princess's traitorous shot were bursting with flame and electricity, and with a harrowing commander's cry, she gave her forces an order. The unharmed Shroob saucers began firing relentlessly toward Dark Bowser, but the damaged ones simply descended toward the dark Koopa in a suicide bomb attack. Dark Bowser swiftly began to employ evasive maneuvers, but it hardly mattered how fast he could dodge; nothing could have gotten away from such a barrage unscathed. Hammered and pelted with laser pellets and exploding Shroob saucers alike, Dark Bowser's pained cries echoed across the barren Bumpsy Plains, all while Elder Princess Shroob watched her opponent suffer under her army's onslaught.

However, Dark Bowser was by no means put down by the relentless flurry of incoming attacks. Toughing through the hits, Dark Bowser sucked in a deep breath, dark smog puffing from his lips as he did so, before forcefully exhaling with a roar, a massive whirlwind whipping up as a result of his forceful puff. The dark whirlwind was something of a miniature tornado, with dark clouds spiraling along with the cyclonic winds as the swirling mass of air reached the highest clouds of the sky, swirling them and further agitating the darkened skies into a full-on dry thunderstorm. As flashes of purple lightning went off in the skies above and in the further reaches of the Mushroom Kingdom, the many Shroob saucers in the air being caught in the violent violet vortex. All of Elder Princess Shroob's currently present forces were caught up together in a massive clump in the cyclone, and with a quick cutoff of his exhale and an extension of his arm, Dark Bowser channeled his evil magic and formed a dark, spindly cage that closed in on the huge clump of Shroob saucers, compressing them together within the bars. A tether from the top of the cage trailed all the way to Dark Bowser's hand, and he gripped the tether tightly as he heaved the caged and collected Shroob saucers like a makeshift mace, swinging the cage over his head and smashing it down painfully on top of Elder Princess Shroob's enlarged skull.

The alien monarch let out a stunned screech as she staggered back, the jewel within her crown having suffered a few cracks of damage to show for Dark Bowser's massive counterattack. After tossing the caged Shroob saucers far into the horizon to keep them from returning to the front lines, Dark Bowser curled up into a spiked ball and launched himself into the air at a diagonal angle, proceeding to launch himself downward after reaching a high point in the air to descend upon the staggered Elder Princess Shroob, descending from above with a mighty blow to her protective shielding aura. Springing forward once more after touching down on the ground, Dark Bowser continued to unrelentingly plow his fists into the translucent barrier between him and his monstrous opponent, and out of the corner of his angled red eyes, he noticed that Elder Princess Shroob's crown lit up every time his knuckles rapped against the protective field. With his attention momentarily averted, the shroob princess's tentacles shot out and ensnared his forearms in their wrappings, flinging him away and buying time for her to regain her bearings.

Sprouting several more arm-like tentacles in preparation for her next offensive tactic, Elder Princess Shroob stabbed her barb-tipped appendages into the ground around her, ripping up huge chunks of earth before fervently flinging them forcefully at her dark opponent. Scoffing with evil superiority, Dark Bowser plowed his powerful fists into each and every mass of earth that came toward him, shattering them into showers of soil and sediment that scattered across the plains. As his fists negated Elder Princess Shroob's earthen projectiles, Dark Bowser made a slow but steady advance, powering through the repeated hunks of dirt being hurled in his direction as he made headway toward his royal adversary. Seeing the dark Koopa making forward progress in approaching her current position, Elder Princess Shroob paused her barrage to stab even more barbed tentacles into the ground in her midst, ripping up even more numerous and sizeable earthen lumps before throwing them all at once with a desperate shriek. In response, Dark Bowser formulated a plan and withdrew a massive boulder from the confines of his shell, roaring in strain as he flung the huge rock forward with great strength. Dark Bowser's boulder, denser and heavier than any of the dirt heaps that stood in its path, split the flurry of projectiles straight down the middle, unrelentingly flying forward.

Seeing the incoming boulder race in her direction, Elder Princess Shroob channeled another energy blast from her mouth, spitting the powerful disc from her maw to counter the boulder's momentum. The pinkish-purple energy pellet sparked and flared as it clashed with the boulder in midair, but both of them were reduced to scraps when Dark Bowser's fist plowed through the center of both projectiles, splintering the rock into several fragmented pieces and dissipating Elder Princess Shroob's pellet entirely. The dark Koopa had used the boulder as a distraction, allowing him to quickly close the distance between him and his foe once again to take the fight directly to her. This time, however, he would learn from his mistakes and, instead of wildly throwing ineffective punches, exhale a huge plume of purple fire that not only caught the shards of his fractured boulder aflame but pushed them toward Elder Princess Shroob as a means of continuing his attack. The flaming rock shards slammed into Elder Princess Shroob's transparent shield, and with her ability to counteract his movements from behind the shower of stone completely cut off even with her far-reaching tentacle arms, Dark Bowser cocked his arm back over his shoulder as he built up an immense amount of striking strength, summoning every ounce of might he had in his tough, dark body and willing it into his fist before launching forward from behind the burning rocks. His powerful strike shattered a hole in Elder Princess Shroob's barrier, much to her horror, and she was much too slow to stop his fist, angled perfectly upward, from assaulting the gemstone on her silver tiara. Beneath the intense pressure of Dark Bowser's punch, the magic gem could do little more than fracture and shatter completely, shards of crimson jewel going flying away from the small crown.

Elder Princess Shroob wailed in vehement protest as her defensive shield fell away and she was pelted with what remained of the flaming rocks heading her way, allowing Dark Bowser to land and rush in again. An evil grin was plastered on his face, as now that Elder Princess Shroob's greatest defensive tool had been neutralized, he would surely have no trouble getting up close and personal with the alien monarch now. However, Elder Princess Shroob's quick thinking crafted a hasty defense, and she opened her mouth before screeching loudly, spewing huge volumes of purple clouds from the depths of her throat that quickly built up into a thick fog that cut off Dark Bowser's vision of his immediate surroundings, even allowing the elder shroob princess herself to safely slip away into the fog, the dark Koopa's fist striking nothing but an afterimage of his alien adversary in the purple shroud that dissipated into nothingness.

With a mildly surprised grunt, Dark Bowser unclenched and lowered his fist, but before he could turn around to scan his clouded peripherals, a barbed tentacle raced from behind the mist, slashing Dark Bowser across the cheek and retreating just as quickly as it had appeared, leaving Dark Bowser with nothing to strike back at. More and more of the hidden princess's tentacles darted out from Dark Bowser's surroundings, digging into his scaly hide with quick and sharp slashes as several tentacles raked through his body from a multitude of different angles and directions, narrowly weaving around attempted countermeasures from the dark Koopa and continuing to leave their mark on his frame. Growing furiously impatient with his opponent's non-confrontational method of attack, Dark Bowser spun around with a breath of fire to ward off Elder Princess Shroob's tentacles for just a brief moment. Once they were repelled by his flames, Dark Bowser took in an enormously deep breath, a vacuum effect emerging from the pull of his lungs that easily sucked in the entire violet smog, clearing his vision of the environment completely.

However, before he could take in his newly cleared surroundings, a stark realization struck him as the gas settled inside his body: it was heavily toxic, and Dark Bowser hacked and coughed harshly before reflexively turning his head skyward and bellowing out a deep, discontented roar that spewed his foe's toxic cloud back out of his body and high into the sky. His eyes closed and his body heaving from the toxic gas, Dark Bowser was completely vulnerable to attack, and Elder Princess Shroob, standing just meters away with a murderous twinkle in her eye, fully intended to exploit this opening.

The discomfort in Dark Bowser's chest was suddenly and painfully greatly exceeded by a burning sting in his belly, which had come from four of Elder Princess Shroob's spiked tentacles piercing through his gut. As a shadowy essence spilled from the edges of his puncture wounds like shadowy blood, Dark Bowser unleashed a tortured shout, hanging limply as the tentacles raised him over the elder shroob monarch's head, and with a Shroobish screech of strain, she began to pull her tentacle limbs in opposing directions, attempting to rip her ominous adversary apart in a manner very reminiscent of Bowletta's earlier gruesome end.


Gutturally speaking in a comprehensive tongue, the Shroob princess pulled harder and harder, Dark Bowser's pained grunts of discomfort fueling the fires of her inner bestial rage. However, toughing through the pain of his body being pulled in several directions at once, Dark Bowser shakily reached down and grabbed all four of Elder Princess Shroob's impaled tentacles in one hand before roughly slashing through them with his free hand's claws. Freed from her grasp, the dark Koopa fell to the ground painfully, forcing himself back to his feet as his alien adversary's aggrieved shrieks rang loud and clear in his head. Retracting her cut-up arms and grunting through the copious agony rocking her entire body, Elder Princess Shroob watched, winded and harrowed, as Dark Bowser ripped her severed tentacle tips out from their resting places in his stomach. A deathly angered glare shone in his purely red eyes, and as he dropped the motionless barbs to the ground beside him, the puncture wounds in his hide began to heal as a result of the Dark Star Core's influence.

Dark Bowser: Your entire race... I will see to it that every last one of your kind meets an agonizingly slow and painful end.

As Dark Bowser's intimidating threat struck a chord in the elder Shroob princess, she watched in disguised horror as Dark Bowser himself gave off a puff of shadowy power. Revitalized, Dark Bowser stood firmly against Elder Princess Shroob once again, now much larger than he had been before and with the look of demise itself in his eyes.

Dark Bowser: All of you will sleep eternally... IN THE DARK POWER'S EMBRACE!

Wasting no time, Dark Bowser charged forth with both fists clenched, drilling several devastating punches into Elder Princess Shroob's huge face before a quick, scrappy energy blast from her mouth forced him to back off slightly. With another commanding screech, the Shroob princess summoned what remained of her Shroob saucer forces, the aerial aliens raining down more laser shots on the gargantuan Dark Bowser. With a dismissive grunt, Dark Bowser reached into his shell and pulled out a huge, writhing mass of shadowy versions of Bowser's minions, throwing them out and allowing the rolling ball of baddies to collide with Elder Princess Shroob's midsection, shoving her away along the darkened grasslands. With his enemy occupied, Dark Bowser curled up into a spiked ball and launched himself skyward to deal with Elder Princess Shroob's pesky aerial invaders.

As Dark Bowser's minion ball continued to force her back, Elder Princess Shroob dug her lower tentacles into the ground to dig in and slow the rolling advance of the ball. Upon coming to a complete halt, the ball suddenly burst in a flash of dark magic, and the darkened minions began their full-on assault, Dark Goombas, Dark Koopa Troopas, Dark Bob-Ombs, and more charging toward Elder Princess Shroob with reckless abandon. With her furious rage taking even further hold over her mind and body, Elder Princess Shroob screeched violently before advancing toward the dark forces in equal measure, her seething ire more than readying her to rip them to shreds. Sprouting fresh new arm tentacles to replace the ones that had been debarbed by Dark Bowser, she lashed out with blinding speed, ripping apart the smaller, fleshier minions like the Dark Goombas and the Dark Koopa Troopas with barbaric ease. The tough metal hide of the Dark Bullet Bills, however, proved too tough for her spike-tipped tendrils to tear into, so she resorted to grabbing them out of their paths of flight, flinging them at the several Dark Thwomps hovering overhead to take them out with relative efficiency. However, with her focus trained upward, the elder Shroob monarch failed to notice the small cluster of Dark Bob-Ombs gathered by the mass of tentacles that made up her "legs," and by the time she heard the burning of their fuses, it was too late to stop them or throw them aside. With a collective explosion, the Dark Bob-Ombs dealt severe damage to that lower cluster of tendrils, and Elder Princess Shroob squawked in pain as her height diminished while those tentacles fell in length, her leg-like appendages turning grey and motionless.

Elder Princess Shroob's pained cry caught Dark Bowser's attention, and with a quick look down at the ground from his midair thrashings of the Shroob saucers, he saw an immobilized Elder Princess Shroob with destroyed fragments and shreds of the Dark Minions laying scattered around her. They had done their part, and now Dark Bowser grinned evilly as he continued to quickly fling himself from saucer to saucer, ripping each apart in a vicious frenzy. Upon finally reaching the last one high above the motionless Shroob princess, Dark Bowser flung himself over the saucer before plummeting straight down, tearing through the saucer and descending upon Elder Princess Shroob's head. As the spikes of his curled-up hide slammed onto the alien princess's head, she howled in even more pain, and Dark Bowser bounced off her head to land just in front of his crippled opponent. With a fanged grin and a low chortle, Dark Bowser slowly began to march toward his enemy, beating his clenched fist into his open palm threateningly as his shadowy form fumed dark particles, his power at an all-time high despite the drawn-out intensity of the battle.

As a last-ditch attempt to keep Dark Bowser at bay, Elder Princess Shroob uttered a Shroobish war cry before welling up a colossal sphere of energy in her mouth, far bigger than the mere pellets she had been blasting up until this point. Pink lightning flashed in the sky as the colossal orb of energy grew larger and larger, growing to a point where it greatly eclipsed Elder Princess Shroob's bulky body and even Dark Bowser's enlarged form. Its pink luminescence lit up the pitch-black kingdom like a massive lightbulb, making it difficult to even look at directly. Once its size had reached the maximum amount that Elder Princess Shroob could possibly muster, she screeched demonically and blasted it forward, the gigantic ball vaporizing the ground below it due to the sheer power that was emanating from it.

Planting himself in place and bracing himself with his arms extended outward, Dark Bowser met the giant blast head-on, holding it back with just his arms with every ounce of strength he could muster. Roaring with intensity as he fought to keep the giant blast from incinerating him on the spot, his feet dragged through the dirt as they fought to keep their hold on the ground while Elder Princess Shroob's all-out blast pushed against him unrelentingly. Straining himself more and more, Dark Bowser intensely roared, beginning to formulate his countermeasure to this seemingly unstoppable attack. Shifting his position so that Elder Princess Shroob's energy attack was braced against his forearms, he cupped his hands close together as he began to pour his dark magic into his own energy sphere, the currently comparatively minuscule orb glowing a pitch black that contrasted starkly against the bright pink of Elder Princess Shroob's.

As the orb grew and grew in size as Dark Bowser poured more of his energy into it, it quickly grew to a size where it could hold back the giant orb it was facing off with all on its own. From there, Dark Bowser growled loudly as it grew bigger and bigger, eventually stopping the pink blast's forward momentum entirely at only half its size. Elder Princess Shroob, struggling to regain mobility of her legs to get away, watched in abject terror as Dark Bowser's shadow sphere beat out her biggest, most powerful attack. With a roar to express his great burden, Dark Bowser flung his shadow sphere directly against the massive pink blast, and the shadow ball's superior power pushed its opposition higher and higher into the sky above both malicious fighters. Finally, after being pushed high into the sky and vaporizing a large hole in the clouds that choked out sunlight from the corrupted Mushroom Kingdom, the pink blast burst into a huge flash of light that could be seen for miles around, enveloping and assimilating Dark Bowser's shadowy energy ball and rippling out across the darkened skies in a fantastic display of power.

Elder Princess Shroob watched the explosion of power shoot out across the sky. However, her attention was sharply and rudely directed elsewhere as Dark Bowser's unrelenting heel slammed into her face, knocking her over as she had not yet recovered control of her "legs." She cried out in protest and tried to roll herself back upright, but Dark Bowser's other foot now came crashing down onto her midsection, pinning her against the darkened grass. Staring up into Dark Bowser's eyes with terror, Elder Princess Shroob writhed and squirmed in fear as her dark foe glared down upon her, no remorse or restraint to be found anywhere in his scarlet eyes. The elder Shroob princess shot a barbed tentacle up at him in desperation, but Dark Bowser quickly slashed it apart with his claws as swiftly as the attack had first appeared, drawing another pained cry from Elder Princess Shroob's throat. Dark Bowser was not yet finished, however, and he stooped over to grab her many arm-like tentacles in both fists. Then, with a dismissive grunt of effort and a tortured wail of agonizing pain from Elder Princess Shroob, he ripped every single one of her arm-like tentacles from her sides, dropping them to the ground as copious amounts of green blood spilled from her wounds. Then, balling up his fists, Dark Bowser began to relentlessly rain down power-packed punches onto Elder Princess Shroob's horrifying face, unleashing every iota of his wrath upon her in a savage beatdown that filled his evil core with delight every time his knuckles rapped against his foe's head.

After what felt to the Shroob monarch like an eternity of punishment, Dark Bowser finally relented and drew his fists back to survey his work. Elder Princess Shroob's face was bruised and bleeding with cuts and lumps all over, and her right eye had swollen shut from the intense beatdown. A mere gurgle of suffering was all that Elder Princess Shroob could muster to express the sheer pain she was in, and Dark Bowser drew in a deep breath as he prepared to end it.

Dark Bowser: Your time is over now. Darkness will reign supreme... FOREVER.

Exhaling with great force, Dark Bowser blasted Elder Princess Shroob's battered body with an intensely hot blast of purple fire. Agonized screams launched from Elder Princess Shroob's throat as the dark flames ate away at her body, and Dark Bowser only poured more energy into the stream of flames at the sound of her suffering, the flames peaking in their heat and burning a bright blue color as they scorched the alien princess's body. Eventually, her screams stopped, and by the time Dark Bowser ceased his flames to once again draw breath, the only remaining piece of the Shroob princess that was left in a physical form was her silver tiara, gemless and seated upon nothing more than a pile of ashes. The elderly princess of the Shroob race was no more, vanquished to the flames of the Dark Star.

Huffing and puffing as his rage subsided, Dark Bowser turned his back to the defeated remains of Elder Princess Shroob and marched off toward a high-reaching mountain far along the northern shoreline of the Mushroom Kingdom. As Elder Princess Shroob's ashes sat motionless upon the plains, with Bowletta's festering corpse not far away, the skies churned with dark clouds and flashes of evil-looking lightning as a resounding roar echoed from the highest peaks of the mountains.

The age of darkness could now begin.

Ko! by GalacticAttorney

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: Wow...! That was way cooler than I was thinking it would be!

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: I'll say... But Lev, I don't understand. Why did Dark Bowser end up the victor? Aren't all three of them on par with each other because they all fought the same heroes?

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: If you look at it strictly in that sense, then yes, madame. However, consider this: if we only looked at the three of these baddies on the merit of battling the Mario Brothers and Bowser, we wouldn't reach any kind of satisfactory conclusion. They would all simply be on par with each other in every aspect. Thus, if we want to reach a verdict that satisfies us, the audience, and the man in charge... Then we must examine the three strictly on their own merits and accomplishments.

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: Oooooh... That's true! I never thought about it that way.

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: So when we look at all three villains on their own abilities and feats... Dark Bowser is the most impressive? But why is that?

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: Well, simply look at their feats. In his time on-screen, Dark Bowser achieved much greater feats of power than did Bowletta or the Elder Princess. Conjuring a storm that covered the entire island of the Mushroom Kingdom is the most striking example.

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: Hmm... That's true. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, though, would it be smart to cover the fight from every possible angle of conflict?

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: It would be smart indeed, milady.

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: Okay, let's start with Bowletta. Going against Elder Princess Shroob wasn't an easy thing to do for the Beanish-Koopa. Her ranged attacks are significantly more predictable than the Shroob Monarch's and her method of flight is less favorable in a drawn-out fight. The clown car Bowletta drives never displayed any combat capabilities, see, and that's being put up against mobs of laser-blasting alien saucers. But the biggest reason she lost was the disadvantage she was at in close range. Recall back to when Luigi was able to escape from Bowletta by just dropping a stack of crates between him and her. Instead of smashing it to pieces with Bowser's body's immense strength, she just growled in defeat and did nothing, implying she either hadn't realized the raw strength Bowser's body held or that she simply wasn't comfortable with brute force, preferring combat from afar - likely the former, since all of the attacks she had in her boss fights were non-physical. Only her Soul had physical attacks, and EPS had no way of getting at her soul in the first place. On the other hand...

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: ...When Bowletta went up against Dark Bowser, the outcome was even less in her favor. Dark Bowser is not only potent from a distance, just like she is, but he absolutely decimates her in a fist-fight due to being the literal definition of blow-for-blow with the normal Bowser. It's really just an unfortunate case of superiority in everything she can do, really. Dark Bowser's flames would easily be able to match hers, as they forced Bowser to overexert his own flame breath to overcome them, illusionary magic would do nothing to help her in a fight, and Star Strike was far outclassed by Dark Bowser's ranged attacks, which are not only faster, but harder to counter. And, again, her method of healing - consuming fire - pales in comparison to Dark Bowser's ability to just completely heal up huge amounts of health with the Dark Star Core's power.

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: Ah, don't worry, I can hear you asking - what about Dark Bowletta, and her Soul? Well, for one thing, Dark Bowletta is not a permanent transformation, so its effects would only be temporary while she was taking on that form - nevermind the fact that the slight boost to power and defense would do little for her. And in addition, yes, it negates physical attacks, but physical attacks were not the only tools her enemies had that they could attack her with. Dark Bowser's boulders and energy blasts, as well as Elder Shroob's saucers' attacks, could still hurt her in that form. And as for her Soul... Well, you'll be enlightened more on that later.

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: Now we'll look at Elder Princess Shroob. As previously mentioned, EPS has the strength advantage over Bowletta up close, as well as from afar. Star Strike could manage to take out some Shroob Saucers, but it's highly unlikely due to its random targeting and the saucers' fast speeds. Plus, since EPS has shown to be quite fast on her feet, it's likely she could outspeed Bowletta on the ground as well as in the air. She doesn't have a way to get at her Soul, sure, but if left to her own devices she could probably just overpower Bowletta and kill her regardless. She probably wouldn't even need her Beast Form to do the job.

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: Unfortunately, those advantages don't carry over when facing off against Dark Bowser. First, let's look at their strength comparison, which is actually quite easy for us to do: We can just look at some of their attacks...

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: ...More specifically, Elder Shroob's meteor and Dark Bowser's boulder.

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: This is where stuff starts to get a little math-y. Can we roll out the Evidence Board, please?

Evidence Board by GalacticAttorney

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: Thank you! Okay, what we're looking for here is the diameter of the meteor and the boulder respectively. We can do this by measuring their width in pixels relative to the size of the original screen of the console both Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story were purposed for: the Nintendo DS, which has a pixel resolution of 256 x 192. After getting our screenshot samples, converting pixel resolution differences to find the appropriate multipliers, and running the diameters of both objects through our converter to get the exact sizes on the DS display, we found...

Board Diameters by GalacticAttorney

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: ...That Dark Bowser's boulder is much larger than Elder Shroob's meteor - in fact, its diameter overshadows the meteor's by a factor of just over 1.5! That's quite the gap in just lifting strength alone, so you can imagine that Dark Bowser would have little trouble physically overpowering EPS in her base form.

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: Wow, Squigly, when did you get so good at math?

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: Oh, um, I-I've been studying to be more of a help with verdicts.

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: She's determined if nothing else.

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: It shows! Anyway, next let's address how Dark Bowser and EPS matched up at long range, which would be base EPS's only chance at fighting when she was outclassed physically like that. It's true that a collected mass of Shroob Saucers could pose a potent threat to Dark Bowser, but their numbers take time to amass and can be disrupted if the foe is given the chance. Dark Bowser not only has the ranged attacks to hit them out of the sky, but by curling up into a spike ball and flinging himself through the air, he could easily and nimbly pick them off one by one! By doing this, he can also catch up to EPS if she used saucers to try to fly away from him, almost forcing her to fight him up close where she was out of her league!

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: Unfortunately for her, her Beast Form would have made little difference either. Her long and branching tentacles could bind up Dark Bowser to temporarily subdue him, but he's too strong for it to work for a very long time. And Dark Bowser is no fool in a fight, either - it may take him a while to realize his strikes aren't working due to Elder Shroob's crown's protective aura, but he would notice it eventually due to its particle-esque appearance around her and target the obvious source. Thus, the Shroob Monarch could put up enough of a fight to outlast Bowletta, but her power was simply not enough to eclipse Dark Bowser's.

Squigly icon by GalacticAttorney: Now, I think I can guess what you're asking. "But what about the Dark Star Core? Couldn't they attack it once they got it out?" While the answer to that is yes, it's much too small and fast of a target for either Bowletta or EPS to hit before Dark Bowser would seize an opportunity just inhale it back inside his body. And besides, there's only one way explicitly proven to catch the Dark Star Core, and that's via inhaling - something Bowletta can do while EPS cannot. And this is where we come back to what we put aside before - Cackletta's Soul versus the Dark Star Core. Are the results any different this time around?

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: Well... No. We can most simply explain this by comparing their appearances in their games. Not only was Cackletta herself defeated by the Mario Bros, but her soul was beaten too - even when the Bros were starting the fight one hit away from being knocked out! On the other hand, the Dark Star proved to be a formidable match for the Mario Bros at only half of its power while they were in top shape. There's a pretty clear gap there. But we can take this deeper. The only tool Cackletta's Soul has at its disposal that could really prove effective against the Dark Star Core was its ability to freeze time. However, not only does the Dark Star Core have the means of avoiding it once it learned to anticipate its telegraphed warning, shooting the legs of the Core is only part of the problem. So long as it has its eyes, it can move its legs out of harm's way by retracting them, and even then that's not directly damaging the Core itself - to do that, you need to attack the Dark Star. And, as we've already explained above, the Dark Star on its own has proven to be a much bigger threat than either Cackletta or her cotton candy spirit. Add in the fact that the Core and the Dark Star combined have a lot more unpredictable and dangerous attacks compared to Cackletta's Soul, like shadow attacking and enormous laser blasts, AS WELL AS Cackletta's Soul having a more obvious weak point than the Dark Star Core, and it's plain to see the victor between the two mini-mes of the Bowser wannabes.

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: Ultimately, as we've very clearly established, Dark Bowser had all the necessary tools to take this battle. Strength, range, speed, individual feats, and versatility - you name it, he could do it, and better than his enemies to boot. Truly, he was the darkest evil of the hour.

Board CalamityScale by GalacticAttorney

Starlow icon by GalacticAttorney: Looks like we really got to the Inside Story of that fight!

Leviathan icon by GalacticAttorney: The winner of this Courtroom Conflict is Dark Bowser.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Dark Bowser Winner by GalacticAttorney
Dark Bowser (Winner):
+Greatest raw strength
+Fastest and most mobile on the ground
+Best options to immobilize the foe(s)
+Difficult to kill without destroying the Dark Star Core
++Only Bowletta had a way of fighting the Core
+Best option for healing damage
+Ranged arsenal could counter Shroob Saucers
+Fire breath is a known equal to Bowser's, and thus Bowletta's
+Strongest feats outside of scaling to the Mario Bros. and Bowser

Shroobish by GalacticAttorney
Elder Princess Shroob (Loser):
+Physically speaking, second strongest
+Crown's aura in Beast Form mitigates damage
+Time Holes
+Great advantage if Shroob Saucers are present
-Downright featless for the most part
-Least optimal healing source
-Only at her strongest when she has Shroob Saucers at her aid
--Both her opponents could easily dispatch the Saucers
-Unlikely to be able to separate Dark Bowser and the Dark Star Core
--Even if she did, she has no way of trapping it
-Beast Form isn't strong enough to defeat Dark Bowser

Eeyargh by GalacticAttorney
Bowletta (Loser):
+Potent attacks at range
+Dark Bowletta could resist damage
+Star Strike could counter Shroob Saucers
+Capable of capturing the Dark Star Core...
-...But her Soul isn't strong enough to beat it
--Soul's weak points are much more obvious than DSC's
--Dark Bowser would immediately target her physical body, too
-Totally outmatched in close quarters
-A logical first target for Dark Bowser
-Least consequential arsenal
-Worst method of flight



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