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About Us

Galactic Planets is a place (or places) where a warm and open heart environment exist.

Note: This name may be used for other kinds of things. So this place may share a name not used like this.

The founder is open, and avoids and go against any form of nit-picking, hatred, judgement, and other negative energy moments in these realms.

This group accepts many kinds of arts, including "Anthropomorphic" (Considered furry), "Sparkle Wolves", "Arts expressing spiritual beliefs (Including Otherkin)", and more!

Often the main purpose is for, reaching more possibilities, attacking negativity that violates "Free-Thinking", accepts people for who they are, and more!
It would high-light this group greatly to upload articles attacking hatred, world thinking of a better place for the main purpose, etc.
Also includes to revile the truth about some people with the people that may be considered "wolfaboo".

This group is against any kind of hate. Including the offensive group called "Anti-Wolf".
Hatred, Inequality, and Blocks
We do not accept the kinds of following:
Stamps or other works telling people how to belief in there own Spirit such as: "You Are Not a Wolf!", "You can't choose you'ur Spirit Animal", etc.

The Term "Wolfaboo-Movie" including the negative opinions like: "Designs suck", "Movie Sucked", "Movie Dumb", etc. Got to remember, those opinions are never facts, and never will be. Anyone forcing those kinds of opinions down people's throwt should be considard "closed-minded" and "wrong". Also, the movie it's self is allowed, only the negativity against any form of it (Including the "Wolfaboo-Movie" term) isn't.

Any promoting of Hunting: Hunting is offensive it's self because it violates the rights of the other animal (Regardless of endangered arguments). If it's bad to "hunt humans" in protections of there rights, it's also bad to hunt other animals in protections of there rights too.

Inequality: Stuff like saying "Wolves should be hunted or partly so humans can live", "My sexuality is better", "Discounting other opinions of interest but your own", etc... Is highly banned here. Even saying "My animal is better than yours" is banned too.

Anti-Sexuality of any kind: That includes anti-zoosexuality. Due to actual arguments I been hearing, I get in rage to see hatred against those kinds of people. Remember, I said no hatred of any kind, and that includes that. Period. Otherwise, I would abuse my spiritual view. The anti-sexuality of any kind even includes "pedo", it's self by the way.

Please don't upload "porn": However tame, and non-extreme (Including what's considered "Fetishes") stuff may be allowed, but I think it may depend. -Note: I often have no problem with sexuality-
M-rated stuff (Slightly more extreme) uploads should have the "minus" symbol in the way first. I hear rules on this website saying no porn though I think.

No illegal stuff or links to illegal stuff: However, talking about ROM-hacking and showing links to ROM-hacking websites are allowed, linking to the ROMs (Due to issues) however, may not be allowed. I also don't care if you talk about your self getting music for free, or whatever. I just suggest not to link to those kinds of content and other illegal stuff. Note: I don't know if "Creatures with human art is illegal", especially "Anthropomorphic creatures with humans" (Talking about relationship). I am open with that because I see nothing wrong with those kinds of art-works. I have to remain highly open-minded you know.

The general is a rule list but also a main view list too, to let people be aware how bad and negative the people are.
To also note: Please do not considered this group to be the "only" place for "Truth", "Love" "Open-minded", etc. There should be other places like this. This group is inspired by them, to help spread what this world should get.
This group also learned stuff from the forbidden posts, such as those rotten stamps, or other art-works from people who lives in the forbidden groups, including "Anti-Wolf".
You may notice this group seems to have a more average focus on the idea against the "wolfaboo term" and people using negativity against people who loves them. To be clear, it's often because that term is often around a lot on here, and how much negativity there is maybe. However, it's not just about that too. There is many kinds of negativity that isn't allowed. "Anti-Brony" would count as "negativity", and "hatred" too.

I'm not the best writer in the world I think, but at least I'm somewhat trying to help spread the word. Also for the term "Galactic Planets", feel free to use it for what you personality wish, I don't want to claim "property" over info. Period.


Side Note: This group may need to be edited better later. :D


About Us

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