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Bizaam 2019 [MLP x Megaman] by PatchNpaw
Canni and Sani - Overwatch by PatchNpaw
Canni by LupiArts
Life Size 100 cm 39 inch Galacon Mascot Canni Soda by RainbowSnowHeart
GalaCon General
Canni and Sani by Binidi
Gala Tron 2019 by Minux86
Friendship lasts forever by JPHyperX
Doodles at Galacon by Yulyeen
PubCon Color Sceem Painting  by ColorSceemPainting
See you in 2021: Galacon Chalk Drawing by Themisto97
big Canni made with wood by akififi
Canni: Chalk Drawing by Themisto97
Sani and Wachmann
Galacon Sanni by MimicProductions
Galacon Wachmann by MimicProductions
Chalk Wachmann - GalaCon2018 by Malte279
Achievement: Always Ready! by Tamani-Wolf
Aurora and friends
Unity and Aurora at Saint Basil's Cathedral Moscow by Cabraloca
There is Music in the Treetops by Baraka1980
Shoulder Plushie: Aurora Harmony by BastlerRJ
Shoulder Plushie: Aurora Harmony 2 by BastlerRJ
Guests of Honour
Portrait Vincent Tong by DeyrasD
Portrait Andrea Libman by DeyrasD
Portrait G.M. Berrow by DeyrasD
Portrait Tabitha St. Germain by DeyrasD
Friends and fellow mascots
Honey Leaf by moemneop
Right by Your Side by KinderDerNacht987
For Michael by Nachtana
[Art Trade] C.C. and Canni by BlazingFlareonX
Jokes and Memes
Canni Soda drinking Fanta by Minux86
Student Six #276 by Sintakhra
Wire Canni Soda Fanta by Malte279
Operation Galacon 2013 by TheArtrix
GalaConline 2020
Chibi Hibiscus by CutePencilCase
Paper Ponies - Commission pack #1 by Julunis14
Tempest Shadow Plushie by BastlerRJ
Shoulder Plushie: Fluttershy by BastlerRJ
GalaConline 2021
2012 Edition
AUSFAHRT! by Rannva
2013 Edition
Cider Rival by Rautakoura
2014 Edition
Buttons - Galacon by pepooni
2015 Edition
Nightmare Moon Chibi Plush by FatalPlush
2016 Edition
GALACON PANEL : Painting in ten seconds flat ! by Imalou
2017 Edition
Discord drinking horn by rtry
2018 Edition
Crysalis Eggs Wallpaper by TokoKami
2019 Edition
Visiting Galacon 2019 by DaMagics
2022 Edition
Spike Cosplay for 2021 by victorymon
Photos 2012
Apple Pie, I mean swedish Spitfire by Fuffelpups
Photos 2013
Silver in Galauniform (JJ) by TheSilverMane
Photos 2014
Princess M.A. Larson by bird-in-a-tux
Photos 2015
Applejack with a hat!! by FittingUsername
Photos 2016
A short explanation about the brony fandom by ricardofr-200
Photos 2017
GalaCon head of staff by Twi1ightSpark1e
Photos 2018
Kjell and Sloppy Hooves at Galacon2018 by Dragonisser
Photos 2019
Vendor Memories 2019 [1/3] - Kucykon by Julunis14
Towers Irish pub Ludwigsburg by Twi1ightSpark1e
Kallisti - GalaCon BFG Livestream 2012
Kallisti Art Live Event Request 1: Seapony Sombra by johnjoseco
Kallisti II - GalaCon BFG Livestream 2013
Kallisti III - GalaCon BFG Livestream 2013
Kallisti III Art Request - You had one job by jamescorck
Kallisti IV - GalaCon BFG Livestream 2014
Kallisti IV: Royal Canterlot Yawn by DeathPwny
Art Challenge
Button Mash (edited for GLACEON or gallery) by ponypics98
Artist Contest
Santas little helper by SmilodonKahn
AJ GLACEON Card 2015 by Chris-Artz
Everfree Encore 2018
MC Arch is comming to the Everfree Encore! by MimicProductions
Everfree Encore 2019
Glaze at Everfree Encore 2019 by CheetagonZita
Everfree Encore Online
Everfree Encore 2021


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Conline 2021nogif
Boot up your cyberdeck and get your enhancements ready, we go GalaPunk!
Join us with cyberspace on 24th July, 2021 for a day of fun streamed directly to your reality!
More info coming soon as we create the environment of Pony City.
GalaCon 2022 releasing Jily 30th - 31st, 2022
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Submission Rules

This is a fun and relaxed group where you can share all your GalaCon & Everfree Encore-related creativity - However, we still have some rules you should read and abide. Submissions that don't follow these rules will be rejected.

NO saucy/sexual content
Canni and her friends aren't those kinda ponies, so please do not submit any work with sexual content, neither implied nor explicit.

NO grimdark/gore content
GalaCon & Everfree Encore is about fun, so please do not submit any overly dark, sadistic or otherwise violent works that stray away too far from Friendship is Magic's tone.

NO bashing/trolling/spamming/related offcolor behaviour
Criticism is very important! It's what makes people improve and do their best! However, manners are also important, so it's expected that you don't use slurs, insults and the likes. Act reasonable towards GalaCon, Everfree Encore, its affiliates, associates and everyone present in the group!

"This is just a fan event, I should really just relax"
We all love ponies - You do, we do, a lot of people do! In the end, however, it's still just a fandom and GalaCon & everfree Encore just one of its many events. Don't get into fights over GalaCon & Everfree Encore, its staff or what the best pairing to ship is; also, don't suck up to staff, spread rumors or otherwise cry for attention.

We accept work of ANY quality standard! Just make sure you submit into the right folder!

If you have any further questions, We are more than happy to help - Just PM the founder or co-founder or shoot an email to perrydotto(at)galacon(dot)eu :)


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victorymon Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for adding my Conbadge.
SHARK-snail Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018   Digital Artist
I didn't know GalaCon had a group, that is awesome! :heart:
Tamani-Wolf Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018
Awesome to see ya like it ^^
Shaslan Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Does anyone know if there will be an art contest at galacon? I cant find anything about one on the website.
PatchNpaw Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, there is currently no art contest being planned for GalaCon
Tamani-Wolf Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018
As I was told, so far no art contest is planned. If this changes, it will be announced in time.

Shaslan Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks very much for the info :)
StargazeAndSundance Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for requesting some of my jewelry that will be available for sale at GalaCon! I do have more stuff that was uploaded earlier and will also be available, like my Chrysalis Standee and Key Chains
Applejack2011 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017
I seen the Galacon livestreams in 2012.
WarriorDan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017
I'm happy being able to share all my photos of Galacon 2017 with ya all.
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