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Radium Neue PNGs by gakuseisean Radium Neue PNGs by gakuseisean
I had finished this quite a while ago, but was holding back on when to release it :D Anyway, I've finally decided to release the PNG version now.

Formats avaliable for download
Radium Neue PNGs
Radium Neue Windows Icons
Radium Neue Mac Icons
Radium Neue IconPackager
Radium Neue Extras

Legal Information
These icons are copyright © and are intended only for personal desktop use. You may not redistribute or modify these icons and release them without my written permission.

Distributing these icons commercially or using them with intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

If you are interested in using these icons commercially or for personal projects, please contact me at

Copyright © 2007 gakuseiSean

Daily Deviation

Given 2007-01-29
Flawless is the word to describe Radium Neue PNGs by =gakuseisean. Everything from the prism shine of the CD and DVD icons to the sleek black elegance of the hardware icons testifies to =gakuseisean's painstaking attention to detail and inveterate stylishness. ( Featured by livius )
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January 28, 2007
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