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Transmetropolitan Disco

By gaktikol
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Fan art for Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan.

I'm a big fan of the series, and me and my girlfriend are also slowly collecting the graphic novels. We've just bought volume 5 & 6, and so far 'Gouge Away' is my favorite story arc. Whip out the bowel disruptor!
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This is just the greatest thing ever.
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This is now my screensaver. No joke. Amazing.
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trust the fuckhead
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nice composition!
You seem to be familiar with photoshop coloring and fx.
try to ink and a colorization by pc - would like even tighter, from my point of view.
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thanks. this actually started as a pencil sketch, scanned then colored in ps... for some reason i like my workflow that way, but thanks for the crit :)
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i never got into this

only read the Spider stories in the Vertigo Xmas specials :)
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Transmet was the first graphic novel I read and remains my favourite.

Simply amazing.

Anything else you can recommend to read;

I read a few afterwards and enjoyed them;

Y: The last Man

are my other favourites right now :)
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I'm not yet done reading through Transmet, but as soon as I do I'm going over Y: The Last Man for sure, it's been suggested to me already. Or maybe more Ellis' stuff!

In his past works, I've also read and liked Desolation Jones and Global Frequency. His run on Authority is also good.
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Yeah Planetary is Ellis', it's got a good story :)

I have some Global Frequency here actually. I read the first few but I wasn't enjoying it that much at the time, I may have to give it another shot. I just did a search for it on wikipedia and saw an unaired pilot of TV series was made and leaked on the internet. Might be interesting to see!

Never seen anything on Desolation Jones and Authority either... but cheers for the tip. I do however like Freak Angels which is a free weekly online comic [link], again written by Ellis.

Currently reading the boys which is written by Garth Ennis (Preacher) and illustrated by Darick Robinson (Transmet).

But with transmet and then Y: The last man, sounds like you've got plenty to get through :)
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This is epic...

Surprisingly...I wouldn't thing Spider to be surrounded by color...but it works c:

I like it <3
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Funny, I thought the piece was still lacking in color :) I could've put in the whole spectrum in there and think the piece still lacks in acidity :)
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...ease up on the saturation of some colors perhaps?
But I still think it's nice c:
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That is some great stuff there.
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what does whip mean?
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Whip out as in 'take out', or 'bring out' :)
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