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Ok, ppl, I would really like if you're honest, I draw on the DA Muro not in something fancy. Thank you.


Yoonmin Puma Fansign by fukumachi Yoonmin Puma Fansign :iconfukumachi:fukumachi 3 0 YoonMin Nd by Ndx3 YoonMin Nd :iconndx3:Ndx3 1 0 YoonMin(just a quick art) by sallythehedgehog221 YoonMin(just a quick art) :iconsallythehedgehog221:sallythehedgehog221 4 0 YOONMIN by m0n0cer0s-MN YOONMIN :iconm0n0cer0s-mn:m0n0cer0s-MN 4 0 Thats swagg boy by SpookyLoopShouta Thats swagg boy :iconspookyloopshouta:SpookyLoopShouta 5 0 Yoonmin by ScribblyFox31 Yoonmin :iconscribblyfox31:ScribblyFox31 5 0 Yoonmin by NakamiRushia Yoonmin :iconnakamirushia:NakamiRushia 3 0 YOONMIN Little sketches 1 by Colinebonnem YOONMIN Little sketches 1 :iconcolinebonnem:Colinebonnem 2 0 NEVER MIND by Seol-Chan NEVER MIND :iconseol-chan:Seol-Chan 8 0 Hello, it's been forever by Cymz Hello, it's been forever :iconcymz:Cymz 2 0 HOE COVER PGETTING A JOB IS HARDpsd by fjustf HOE COVER PGETTING A JOB IS HARDpsd :iconfjustf:fjustf 2 0 How on earth title card by fjustf How on earth title card :iconfjustf:fjustf 2 0 Yoonmin 4 by RinJager Yoonmin 4 :iconrinjager:RinJager 9 0 Yoongi Chimmy 2 | Ryo and Zero by ZeroSwim Yoongi Chimmy 2 | Ryo and Zero :iconzeroswim:ZeroSwim 6 3 Baby Dope by mellonorange Baby Dope :iconmellonorange:mellonorange 3 0


We were just walking in human clothes, which is weird becuz we hedgehogs normally don't wear any really. It was a new experience for so...

this is so awesome! I really like the way you draw them together. this is like my second favorite couple! keep it up friend!!!! Though ...


  Blue Moon

MONSTA X Hyungwon PNG by xolovekpop

  I was at a familiar Park, in South Korea where my aunt lived. I barely knew any Korean myself despite being Asian. I had short (H/C) hair, it was only me in a swing, sitting on it watching some kids playing with each other, except one. He had short hair, shorter than me, I could see his scalp. But he was not bald or anything, just short hair. He had traditional Korean clothes with different shades of red and orange. He was looking down, frowning. Being a loner myself, I shyly got off the swing and stood in front of him. He looked up at me, his dark brown eyes looked at me straight at me, I looked down to the ground and blushed.

  "Um, d-do you want to pl-play with me?" I asked the boy.

  He looked at me curiously, obviously, he didn't know any English. I tried my best to remember the Korean words my parents taught me, but failed to remember them. So I just pointed at the swing and asked him the same question again. He seemed to light up as if he understood what I meant and nodded his head. I could feel my parents eyes from afar. Probably smiling at me. We played until his mother called him. He waved and said what I think was "Good-bye" in Korean. I waved back and said "Good-bye" too, heading to my parents who were looking at me with a smile from ear to ear.

  "Who was that honey?" mom asked.

  "I- I don't know. I didn't ask him for his name..." I told my mother.

  "Hahaha, you have a friend now, you won't be so lonely when you come here next time," Father said. I flushed in embarrassment and looked down at the floor.

  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! You woke up from your dream and punched the alarm clock to make it shut up. You were far too tired to even open your eyes, it was Saturday, but you left your alarm on for something... What was it...? Was there anything you had to get ready for...? It was Summer Break, and as long as you remembered you took a couple of months for vacation... Vacation... Vacation...? You furrowed your eyebrows. Vacation?!

  "HOLY CRACK!!!!!" You jumped out of bed. You went to the bathroom, took you pj's off and got inside the bathtub to shower quickly, your parents would kill you if they knew you were going to be late for your flight. Visiting your aunt once more and your Grandma for the Summer Break in South Korea. You showered quickly, dried your body and wrapped your wet hair with the towel and changed to clean clothes. You took off the towel off of your hair and put on some Leave-In Conditioner on your hair. You were gonna be late, but lucky you got your luggage packed last night and they were in the front door. You heard a car's honk outside. Crack, your taxi was already here. You left out of home without brushing your hair and drying it.

  You grabbed your luggage and rushed out of home, closing the door with the lock on before you went to the taxi. You quickly put your luggage at the trunk of the taxi and got inside. The man was your Mother's best friend Freddy. He always came on Sundays to hang out with your parents and talk about how life was and how his family were doing. You were his friend. "Did you sleep well Sleeping Beauty?" he teased you smirking jokingly.

  "Very funny Freddy, but you do know that I have a hard time waking up in the mornings, especially if there's nothing to do..." you told him.

  "When you get to South Korea's Airport, look for your cousin Jinwoo, she'll be waiting for you there. Your mother called me earlier, and told me to tell you to behave yourself and to be a good girl since they're too busy doing things at the Company and stuff. Oh, and also that she wishes you to have a good time and to salute your friend Hyungwon for her if you get to see him," Freddy told me.

  "Wait, what do you mean by 'If you get to see him'?" I eyed him weirdly in the rear mirror.

  He looked back at me with a shocked expression written all over his face. "Don't you know?"

  "Tell me what am I missing?!" I yelled at him, I'm impatient to know what the hell happened to Chae Hyung Won, he did tell me that he entered to this "Starship Entertainment No Mercy" thing, he wanted to become famous. But I thought he was just kidding.

  Freddy sighed. "He's probably not gonna be there when you get back at that same old Park the both of you used to play in. He's probably not gonna answer your calls or messages because he's too busy doing other stuff. He might even forget you by time, only time will tell if he'll forget you by how many fans he'll have with his new band Monsta X," Freddy told me. So he did become famous. I should be happy, but I only felt tears build up in my eyes, making my vision blurry. I felt my throat tighten. I'm not gonna see my best friend since childhood. But I know this much, he would never dare forget me, he promised he wouldn't like I did. My tears ran down my cheeks. He did it, he made his dreams come true, he's a successful person.

  "Hey, you okay (Y/N)?" Freddy asked.

  I forced a smile and wiped away my tears, "Yeah, I'm just happy for Chae Oppa to finally make his dreams come true."

  "Oh, okay." Freddy said and kept driving.

  You took out your phone and found Chae Oppa (aka Hyungwon), and texted: "Hey, congrats~!"

*Hyungwon's POV*

I was writing a song with my teammates, when suddenly my phone vibrated in my butt pocket of my ripped jeans. Shownu looked at me as if to tell me:"Well? Answer it man, it might be a fan..." I excused myself and took my phone out to find a message from my best friend since childhood (Y/N). I smiled lightly and texted back: "Thank you very much! Sorry, too busy, text you later, bye!"

  I hit send and put my phone away and went back with the boys. Wonho looked up at me and smirked. "You're girl calling you?"

  I glared at him. "My best friend, stop saying things you don't know about man, it been awhile since we haven't seen each other."

  As we're listening to how good "Hero" came out I thought about (Y/N). The last time I've seen her was when she had that little incident with the bullies and I wasn't able to protect her since there were so many of them against her and me. I was 12 and she was only 8 by then. I'm 22 and she's 18 now. I.M's 20 and she's 18. Shownu is 24 and she's 18. Minhyuk is 23 and she's 18. Wonho's 23 as well and she's 18. Kihyun is 23 as well and she's 18. Jooheon is 22 like me. But that's not bothering me, what's bothering me is... if they ever met her, would she choose the eldest one or the maknae...? I shook my head and cleared my thoughts.

  "Is something wrong Hyungwon?" Shownu asked me when I shook my head.

  "Ah? Oh, no oppa, just a weird thought..." I told Shownu.

  "Is it about her?" Wonho smirked.

  "N- NO! WHO YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!" I glared at him and blushed lightly.

  "Now then Hyungwon, respect your hyung man," Wonho laughed.

  Sometimes I wonder what he would do if he was in my shoes, keeping everything to myself most of the time, and always pretending like there's nothing wrong with me. It's been awhile since we've been together, we're almost like a real family, Shownu the Appa and the Umma is still missing, since Shownu seems to be taking a lifetime finding the "Perfect Girl".

  "Guys, tomorrow I need you guys to pack your stuff, we're going to a trip to Seoul soon enough and I won't accept it if one of you runs in late, so be prepared by tonight when you guys get back to your dorms, am I being cleared?" Our Manager told us.

  We nodded, bowed and went back to our dorms to prepare as told. I shared my dorm with Wonho, he could be annoying sometimes, but still, he's like a brother to me. We packed our things, and I packed something I always bought with me, the necklace she made for me that had a coin in it. It meant a lot to me, even if it seemed worthless to some of my mates here. I just hope that someday, I'll be able to see her once more, before I die, before the end of the world collapses.

*Your POV*

Chae Oppa is really busy, just like Freddy had told me. I wish I could call him, but maybe that would be too much to ask for someone who's famous and wants to please everyone, especially their managers. I feel bad somehow, seen how hard it would be to keep in touch with him. I was glad though, if he made his dreams come true, then I too can make mine to one day see him again and chat like before. I understand that he's busy, so I'll give him as much time as he needs until he responds to my next text: "Take care, see you someday Chae Oppa~!"

  I hit send and we arrived to the airport. Freddy helped me with my luggage and waved good bye to me. I went to the place where they inspect you and stuff, went through security and gave the ticket to the woman. I was in my assigned seat, which was next to the window, and stared out the window. I saw a group of girls making a big commotion after some group of boys, Asian boys to be specific, I ignored them and looked at the gray sky. So pale and sunless, so lonely and melancholy. My eyes teared up and people sat in their assigned seats in the plain. Two of the Asian boys sat next to me, one in the middle and one at the isle.

  "Hey, how are you?" He asked. I cleaned my tears and turned to look at him, he was good looking. He had blond hair and dark brown eyes. Those eyes, I couldn't stop staring at them.

  "Do I know you from somewhere?" I blurted out. "It's just that you look familiar..." I stared at him closely. Those eyes, I'll never forget. No, I thought. This hottie can't possibly be Chae Oppa... No, he wasn't.

  "I believe we haven't miss," he smiled sweetly.


  "Pardon me?" He asked.

  "(Y/N), that's my name," I told him. "I don't like it when people call me miss unless they know me well. What's your name?"

  "They call me Hyungwon."

  Hyungwon, Hyungwon, Hyungwon, Hyungwon, Hyungwon, Hyungwon... My eyes opened wide and his name lingered in my head. "D-did you say Hyungwon as in together or Hyung Won separate?"

  "Well, that's my stage name, but my name is Chae Hyung Won, from South Korea, came here to the US for a concert," he explained.

  This is Chae, this is my best friend, this can't be happening...
MONSTA X Hyungwon PNG by xolovekpop


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