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Macbeth : The Blasted Heath

By Gaius31duke
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Environment study. 5 hours and change.
It's a bit stiff but any CCs' always welcome.

Inspired by a stormy sunday afternoon for a competion on web.

The Blasted Heath In Macbeth

Scene III.—
A Heath.

Thunder. Enter the three Witches.
First Witch.

"Where hast thou been, sister?"

Sec. Witch.

"Killing swine."

Third Witch.

"Sister, where thou?"

* Now all it needs are the Witches' *
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And munched, and munched, and munched :D
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This is the most beautiful landscape I've seen in months. (And not in the slightest stiff). The colour contrasts create a very dramatic atmosphere.
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Okay wow. Instafav.
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I know this from a few years ago, but I couldn't resist when I read your comment "all it needs are the witches". I just did a picture of the witches [link] and was wishing I had a decent background. This is beautiful and dramatic...gorgeous composition and execution.
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This is truly amazing. Reeks of atmosphere and menace! Bring on Hecate!
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Wonderful work! This piece would take me a year to complete! How do you do this in 5 HOURS!! Is that even possible?
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WOW! i love orange and red contrasting with dark colors. It is very very good for a study. congrats
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This is outstanding, I love it so much...
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i love this... its strangely calming
MrNorseMan's avatar
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Amazing. You did and incredible work with the ilumination and the fire.
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hey there,
featured you in my journal :)
Nice stuff Gerard :)

g x
Gaius31duke's avatar

I hope you are keeping well.

Oh it's awesome ;)

G x
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Awesome job..
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the fire and the reflections are pretty well done, hard to do a nice fire, works very well with the blue grey at the background
Edarneor's avatar
Excellent atmosphere!
and witches would be great, too...
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saw this on I really dig it man :) great feeling for backstory and nice composition!
Smaragdia's avatar
very nice! i like its scary atmosphere!
NickNP's avatar
Awesome work :)
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