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Draculas castle

Journal :

October 13th 1885. Borga Pass, Carpathian Mountains.

" I am too late! The sun has almost set, it is as if the elements themselves protect this monster and hinder my every step."

Something for fun :O)
Not too sure how succesful this is, I tried to keep an interesting pallet going and not get too tight over the castle, I like the feeling its abit twisted.

CC always welcome.

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Great work. It's nice seeing something that isn't a copy of Neuschwanstein (a fine castle, but artists are lazy and keep using it for their needs).
Less ruined than what we usually see but that doesn't detract from it at all.
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Latest news: he lives in a hut. ;)
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Simply beautiful.
I am speechless.
I have to share this with my peers and I hope you shall not mind.
Thank you for creating this for us to endeavour.
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Wonderful work, unbelievable mood
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Having that much greatness in a single being is beyond my understanding
Awesome job, very inspiring :ahoy:
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Grand :D inspiring work!
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Can I use this for a Castlevania fangame I am making? It will be downscaled, edited, and redone with 3 color 8-bit, but credit will be given.
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I did start reading the book... again... because of this pic!
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the dark Dracula.
Awesome!! Nice pic.
i need something like this for an album cover, how much can it cost to me if you can do it?
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Nice place :clap:
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amazing light effect, I love it
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THIS I COOL. Man I have to learn how to draw scenery like this!!! any tips for me?
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