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Artist of the fan comic Bleach: Happy To Serve You, anime fan, freelance digital artist


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:iconrequestsclosed: GUMROAD: GAIRON FAQ link: HARDCOREHUNTER FAQ link: ----- I waited for months and was very excited to find out Burn The Witch would premiere at the beginning of October, fittingly in theme for the Halloween month. However, a Bleach fan such as I was a bit weirded out that it wasn't really a one-cour series, but only 3 episodes. Some news outlets even called it a "movie" when the runtime is just over an hour. No plans were made for another episode (at the time- we now know they're planning on doing a set of more episodes). ONA, I suppose is the more appt term. This is puzzling to me that I didn't find this out earlier, but at the time it wasn't a big deal and I watched it anyway in one sitting. And it turns out my suspicions were correct. Now I should state that
Happy 16th Birthday, Bleach anime!

October 2020

October 2020

:iconrequestsclosed: GUMROAD: GAIRON FAQ link: HARDCOREHUNTER FAQ link: ----- Guaranteed: - BHTSY Chapter 11 bonus content Maybe: - Wild Days - Miko - figure photography - art packs Since going back home in August, I had less time to make figure photography, and still fail to draw personal art for myself. I focus on either this comic, or freelance jobs/commissions for others. The bonus content is saved for the PDF, which makes it seem like I am neglecting this DA page more than usual, but I am still working hard on them. The other projects are still on hiatus unintentionally, and I just can't get the motivation to continue them. In the meantime, I have started a Gumroad account where I already put some of my existing work over there.

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DJHermoHobbyist Artist

I don't think you will respond to this comment but I lost a bet in which I need to find a capable artist, I want to hire you but if you are not able to do so then can you please recommend one. I have a budget due to the chaos the coronavirus is causing, but I can go up to a certain amount I will not share in public.

Hey man I replied to you on the chat did you get the reply I sent back to you?

GaironHobbyist Digital Artist

I did get your reply. I managed to recover it in my after consolidating some other files into folders. I really hope that doesn't mess up the URLs

Dude I'm glad you got your Frozen comic back oh nice Star Wars Bleach comic.

GaironHobbyist Digital Artist

lol thanks!

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kaeverisHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for the watch :star:

hanakosaikaHobbyist Digital Artist