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Freeform Woven Swirls Ear Cuff Tutorial

This is a quickie tutorial I did last year for, but i forgot to post it here. So, here it is. :)

The only measurements on it are the ones for the cuff portion and the length of 20g wire to start with. I did that because it's supposed to be a freeform ear cuff. This is just a suggested swirl pattern. Really, the only important part is getting the cuff portion correct so it fits. The rest is all up to your imagination.

If you use this tutorial, I do have one request. If you post it online, come back to this page and post a link to your work in the comments so we can all see what you made! Pretty please!

You can find more of my free tutorials on my web-site,…

For those of you who aren't sure how to wear ear cuffs, here are instructions for how to put one on:
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Oooh this looks very useful...thank you for the tutorial!
Redhead-Mandy's avatar
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! I have been studying all the different designs trying to figure out how to start it.

The design is really pretty too.
apatheticGoat's avatar
O3O must get wire!
NikkitheNinja's avatar
I used your tutorial! I loved it, even though my wire wouldn't really cooperate. xD

Picture: [link]
xxmizzbry's avatar
thank you for this tut! i just finished making mine with a bit of tweaking (:
Gailavira's avatar
Lacrimara's avatar
I'm going to try it right away
rockhorsegeek's avatar
it looks beautiful :D I might try to make this ^_^
GoGo-T-W's avatar
Do you generally shape the wire after it's been wrapped, or just before?
BleachMyStrawberry's avatar
I was waiting to go to town and buy wire, so I started making simple ear cuffs out of coloured paper clips. Surprisingly, it actually worked out very well. Nice tutorial, I can't wait to try it out.
devilkitten1's avatar
I wonder if i can use this in combination with my wire jig? oh i'v got to try that now.
This is lovely, how long did you cut your 28 g wire though? ^^
liz-dizzi's avatar
this is perfect, and just what i needed to see in order to start making these. c:
Bunniiriot's avatar
I found my own way of making ear cuffs a while back- but im super happy about this 8D now i can actually make a different style. xDD
andy9's avatar
the left one XD I know, I know... bad pic
it doesnt really stay on my ear the way it supposed to unfortunately
but its still nice enough to just put somewhere haha
awesome tutorial, tried to make ear cuffs before but it didnt come out that well, it stayed on my ear though XD
kamea81's avatar
So very excited that you posted this! I have tried figuring out how to do these earcuffs and they never look quite right! I can't wait to try this out!
Misa-Nami's avatar
oooo I must try this (= <3
Mortymere's avatar
Very nice tutorial + well made = congratulations :)
st3rn1's avatar
thank you so much for this very helpful tutorial! *____*
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