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[L] Nectus The Spirit Of Earth
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Published: March 3, 2019
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Depicted: Nectus, sleeping on the mountain side as the people observe them.

Nectus, the spirit of earth (Nect means soil/land) ruling over mid spring (April 20th - May 20th). Those under the Nectus Zodiac are believed to be hearty, determined and balanced.

Created by Nectin to rule over the land and the quaking of the land.

A large larva-like beast with many legs and a hard body. Their body is able to twist in any way they like. They have large front mandibles that are able to drill into the ground when rotated. These mandibles are able to gnaw and claw through any rock. 

Nectus was created by Nectin, however they were born as solid rock and unmoving. For years they laid on the mountain side, dormant and cold. The people soon found them, curiously placing offerings around them to appease whatever they were. One day, some delinquents came across the sacred ground and decided it would be fun to toss rocks at Nectus. Foolish, they awoke the spirit who writhed and roared. With a mighty howl Nectus split the earth and squirmed into the ground, dragging the children with it. Ever since, the earth has shaken and parted from Nectus's rage.

Nectus concept belongs to me.
Art by me. Do not steal.
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SkiesLimitsHobbyist Digital Artist
Moral is don’t throw rocks kids
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GaIaxy-GazerHobbyist Digital Artist
Basically give respecccc
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SkiesLimitsHobbyist Digital Artist
You know
Don’t be like Micah
Micah is again the cause of all entropy
His theme may as well be a sum 41 song
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