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I am the plague



I need you pure I need you clean
Don't try to enlighten me
Power to misconstrue
What have they done to you

Infants in infantry
Rewrite their history
Uproot their colony
You're ripe for harvesting

Virgin cells to penetrate
Too premature to permeate
They can't elucidate
Never thought i was the enemy

I am the plague

I added lyrics in the description, am I cool yet? The song in question always makes me think of King Sombra, so I drew him. Bam. Song in question in question is "Plague" by Crystal Castles. [link]

Tried speedpainting. Took me an hour and a half? I didn't actually time it, which defeats the purpose, but whatevs. Also my first submission that isnt A4 sized in.... have I ever submitted anything other than A4s? xD
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I don't know why, but I just love King Sombra. And Braeburn. This, is just amazing.