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Wat? by gaialoverlawl Wat? :icongaialoverlawl:gaialoverlawl 2 2
Gaian Randomness
Lady Phia Wrote:
Twilight Justice Wrote:
Jesus is already a zombie by definition, so the Z is redundant. The real question is WWRJDFTW?  
Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:54 pm
Krono Zero Wrote:
No. Jesus is not a zombie. I shall now take a few moments to explain.
"For The Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the archangel's call, and
with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first; then we who are alive,
who are left, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet The Lord in the air."
(1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 RSV)
1. Jesus will come back to life
2. Jesus will fly around
"And with bright yellow aura will he fall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven, and
then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of
heaven with power and great strength." (Matthew 24:29-31 RSV)
1. Jesus will have a bright yellow aura around him
2. Jesus will be rippe
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Mass Effect Meme by gaialoverlawl Mass Effect Meme :icongaialoverlawl:gaialoverlawl 3 0 My first MEME by gaialoverlawl My first MEME :icongaialoverlawl:gaialoverlawl 0 0
A Clear Night Pt. 28
A little before dawn, the next day.
There are no Pilbara to crow where the group slept, but Zenith still gets up dark and early, and she hates it. As much as she tries to get back to sleep, she just can't manage it. With a resigned sigh, the stiff-limbed woman clambers to her feet and stretches towards the sky.
"Man, oh man do I need some coffee. It doesn't look like this place has any though. Nuts." Zenith scoops a bit of water out of the fountain and drinks it eagerly, but quietly. The water is crisp and refreshing. Satisfied, she ties her dreadlocks up in a mop, though she is still not used to feeling them wave and float about.
"Here we go!" she groans and takes wing. After a few minutes of soreness from sleeping on the ground, she gets limber and feels ready to face the day. When she returns to the group a few Thieves are up as well, so she decides to collect everybody and head out. The great blue dawn is already presenting itself. She recruits the standing members of her troupe to
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TRSITSC by gaialoverlawl TRSITSC :icongaialoverlawl:gaialoverlawl 0 0
A Clear Night Pt. 27
"Oh! There it is! I can see it!" bubbles Jewel. The crowd perks up and they quicken their pace. Members of the sleepy village step out of their homes, curious as to why a very large group is invading their homes. The Thieves and Assassins spread out in the town's central plaza, gathering in groups of three and four. Several crowd around the central fountain, which ran with clear and pure water. Many nurse their wounds, for only a few escaped unscathed in the fight with the Zoma.
A well rounded Hume cautiously approaches the edge of the crowd and calls out, "Hello? May I speak to the man in charge?" He twiddles his fingers nervously and wonders why a few Thieves are snickering at him. "Hello? Hello!" He is interrupted by a gruff looking Thief.
"Talk ta Zenith," growls the man, "and stop making a pest of yourself." Ya-amatol slaps him lightly on the shoulder and scolds him for being rude. She stands up and smiles kindly at the man. "I'm sorry for Jack's behavior. Please, let me get
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A Clear Night Pt.26
Growled whispers in the dark. Bright lights. A scream.
With a strangled cry, Zenith springs out of the pile of furs she was sleeping in and ignites her hands. The flames are dark purple and lacking the characteristic crackle of fire. She becomes unnerved by the fire and puts it out, while scanning the room for danger. Lily struggles to sit upright and yawns heavily.
"Wha's goin on, babe?" she manages to get out. Zenith looks high strung and tense, but attempts to calm down.
"We need to go. Now. Wake the others. They're coming." The Korrigan begins a prowl around the perimeter, making sure the palace is still safe. Lily walks around, gently shaking shoulders and issuing warnings. She doesn't doubt her friend's warnings, and knows that the sooner they leave, the sooner they can rest again. When Zenith returns, the group quietly escapes out a tunnel that is hidden behind rubble. The passage leads out on the cliff that overlooks the city. The front gates are alight with fire and screams of
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A Clear Night Pt. 25
Just before nightfall. The Assassins guild.
The gates close behind the tired bunch as the drag their feet into the grounds in front of the lavish Assassins palace. A guard approaches them.
"It is good that you came when you did, as we were getting ready to start final preparations without you." The man is a lean, oriental looking fellow, dressed as the sand people do in the deserts, although his clothes are black. "Come, we have dinner prepared for you."
They perk up considerably at the thought of a hot meal and a soft bed for the night. When they finally arrive they are not disappointed. Between bites, the Thieves make conversation with the Assassins. There were only three more Assassins than there were Thieves, which surprised both parties. Each expected the other to be an army.
Having blocked off most of the palace with homemade bombs and explosives, both groups formed into one, communally sleeping in a room to conserve heat. It helped that there were furs aplenty. Lotus and Lily wa
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A Clear Night Pt. 24
The next day. Noontime.
There is a small and confused mob on the front steps of the Council Chamber. Zenith is standing on the base of a pillar and trying to get everyone to calm down so she can explain. "Everyone, please! Let me speak!" Her efforts only serve to enrage the crowd more.
"Go away demon!" "We don't want you here!" "Go plague someone else!"
Her temper is starting to boil. Be calm, Zenith. They are afraid and suspicious. I believe it is best to leave them to their fate. Zenith nods to herself and throws her hands high in the air.
"Fine you blood sucking parasites! Perish and burn, but I will not return to save you!" She takes off and lands on the second floor front balcony of the Thieves Guild. She hears a commotion inside and investigates. There appears to be members from some of the other guilds present below. She gently steps off the inner rail and lands on the floor below, as if she weighed no more than a feather. Misty notices her and rushes to her side.
"Come on, Zeni
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A Clear Night Pt. 23
Lily searches the section of the bed next to her for Zenith, then cracks an eye when she can't seem to locate her. "Baby? Zee? Where are you, honey?" Lily slowly gets upright and manages to get into a decent state. She stumbles downstairs, looking bedraggled. Misty comes out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee. She hands one to Ka-Ilea, who is reclining on a sofa, and is about to take a sip of hers when she notices Lily.
"Hey Birthday Girl!" The Chitton girl hugs Lily and presses the mug into Lily's shaking hands. "Come on. Sit with us." She guides the girl into a chair and takes a seat herself. "What's wrong? You're shaking really hard."
Lily takes a sip of coffee and exhales heavily, but with relish. "Nothin', just cold. Thanks for the coffee." Misty waves the gratitude away and goes to get another mug.
The Magister's Tower.
"AAAHHHHHH!!!" Zenith sits bolt upright and flings flame across the room, scorching the wall. "Oh…" She looks around. "Where am I?" Struggling
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A Clear Night Pt. 22
A little after midnight.
Zenith untangles herself from Lily and shrugs some clothes on. She kisses the birthday girl on the head and jumps out the window, making a beeline for the Mages Tower. She alights on a windowsill and cautiously steps into the room. The first thing she notices is the general disarray of the room. The second, the charnel stench of rotting flesh. It seemed strongest behind a certain bookcase.
"Hmm. I bet there is a switch here somewhere, but I really don't feel like looking for it." Zenith takes a few steps back, then unleashes a flamethrower of blue fire on the bookcase. Within a few seconds, she has burned a good sized hole in the wall.
"PHHRROAH! That is a mighty stink! What the hell has this guy been doing back here?!" The room beyond makes her hairs stand on end as she steps through the hole.
"Whoa… that?" she inquires under her breath. The giant purple orb is pulsing with a dark violet glow.
As she reaches out to touch it, the orb extends a murk
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A Clear Night Pt. 21
A peasant man is strolling down the road, next to the Mage's guild moat. He notices some things floating in the water.
"Hrm. Ol' Piggrin's throwing 'is trash out da winda agin, I suppose. Best hava look see." The farmer prods one of the things with his pitchfork and is surprised when the fork stabs the thing with ease. He drags it ashore and blanches. It is the corpse of one of Kyle's apprentices, whom he knew. "Tha' bastid Piggrin 'as gone too fah this toime!" he spits and shakes his fist at the tall tower.
More banging on the tower door. "Oh bother it all! I can't seem to get any peace around here!" He opens the door and is shocked to find Guardsmen. Without speaking, the lead man jabs the wizened old Siikh in the chest with his shockstaff, dropping him into unconsciousness.
A group of people can be heard laughing. It is the Thieves guild. They are in a circle on the back terrace, all holding a tankard of mead aloft.
"To old and new love! The love of money, that is!" A round of
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A Clear Night Pt. 20
One week later.
There is a knock at the door in the High Magister's chamber. Piggrin looks up with disdain. "Bah! Who's there! I told you I don't want any!" He mutters under his breath and opens the door. Kyle is standing there, a huge grin plastered on his face. He gestures sharply to the meek assistants behind him and they bring in a large bag, bulging with something. They set it down softly and he opens the drawstring.
"Take a look, Piggrin. You'll like what you see…Promise!" The old mage pulls out one of the finished weapons and cackles madly.
"Finally! Power uncomprehensible within my grasp. Thank you, Kyle. That is all." Piggrin shoos him away impatiently.
Kyle is frozen in shock. "Bu-but what about my money?! You pro-BLAAR!" He is stopped by a bolt of lightning which propels his smoking body out the window. The two apprentices soon follow suit. Piggrin picks the three weapons up and carries them into his observatory. He gently touches one of them to a giant floating ball of
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A Clear Night Pt. 19
Three months later. There is unrest in Riqueza. Talk of war is made in the eaves.
The head magister, Piggrin, is talking to the head Smith, Kyle.
"Just tell me whether or not you can build it, Kyle! I don't have the time to listen to your talk of schematics and nonsense!"
The Smith clenches his jaw in impatience. "In theory, yes. However, Piggrin, I…" The old Siikh cuts him off.
"Tut tut tut! No more discussions. I am paying you good money, and I expect results. Now leave me to my work, as harnessing the raw powers of chaos to make the engine for these weapons is extremely difficult on my concentration." Kyle makes a strangled noise of rage under his breath and storms out.
Zenith taps her foot impatiently in front of Kyle's forge. She is much more muscular than she was three months ago. She is wearing a sleeveless shirt in a dark green color, brown pants, and no shoes. She has her dreadlocks tied up and has a blue headband around her forehead, with a silhouette of an open hand on
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A Clear Night Pt. 18
Sunset. Zenith is standing on the Thieves guild terrace, staring into the distance.
Lily reclines in one of the arched doorways, watching her silently. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Zenith starts and whirls about. "Jeez, Lily! You scared the s**t out of me!" "I hope not, 'cause that would be messy. I don't think I would want to stay out here then." Zenith gives her a look and punches her in the arm. "Smartass…" They both lean on the railing, looking over the city. "It's so quiet…" whispers Zenith. "Yeah…It's kinda nice though. Not having to listen to people squabble and fight like sewer klestary." Zenith laughs softly and rests her chin on her palm. They stand together like this for a while, enjoying the view. Slowly, Lily leans into Zenith and rests her head on her shoulder. The Korrigan is surprised, but does nothing to discourage her friend.
The next day. Zeus is just rising in the west.
Zenith's eyes come into focus. The whole world is on its side, and she is in an unfamili
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