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Got tagged by :iconconkeronine: this time.

Let's take a closer look at Cyborai Jack ---->  Cyborai Jack Strikes by gagaman92
Here we go!

1. Obviously, his name derives from the Cartoon Network show/character "Samurai Jack". Sammie came up with this clever name after I finished redesigning her sketch/doodle idea she gave me.

2. Jack holds his katana very dearly, he CANNOT pick up or use any other weapons, because he believes that it will betray whom he represents... a samurai!

3. Dr. Kiln built him from the ground up, after several failed attempts at stopping the ClayFighters from ruining his evil schemes. Basically, Dr. Kiln uses Cyborai Jack as his own pawn of destruction, because he can't do his job properly, so he REALLY needed a more agile and loyal servant.

4. Jack has a hard time taking down the human-like rosters of the ClayFighters (Houngan, Morgan, Sumo Santa, Kung Pow, Bonker, Boogerman and the Zappa Yow Yow Boyz respectively), because Dr. Kiln programmed him so he wouldn't senselessly kill him on the spot, engaging him to scan for living, breathing organs inside his victims and cancelling his attack. Although, he is still capable of defending himself against any type of being that he is confronted by, he is able to differentiate a harmful human and innocent lives. Besides that, he has no choice but to take orders from his master, either it's to kill or be killed.

5. He doesn't eat much (of course, because he's a robot), although his diet mostly consists of meditation and (sometimes) sushi. Sushi is like drug to him, whenever he eats a full package of sushi filled with wasabi, it screws up his digestive system and makes him feel like he was another person altogether, perhaps even changing gender roles or act like someone else by pure random.

6. The reason why he ALWAYS wears a scarf and cone hat is not only to stay true to samurais accustomed outfits, but because at one point after he was built, he looked himself in the mirror and thought it was a monster (therefor punching the mirror in return) and running around Kiln's lab uncontrollable only for Kiln to temporarily shut him down and fix a few more issues in his main core so it won't happen again.

7. Even though Jack finds Thornetta VERY annoying, he somewhat has a bit of an appreciation for her, finding her more useful in certain situations compared to as if he was alone. Almost like a "partner in crime" sort of relation.

8. He especially hates it when Thornetta keeps bickering and tries so hard to seduce him, it gets him furious (grinding his gears if you will). But since he knows he's stuck with her and that nobody else would want to hang out with her, he just accepts it day after day, to the point that it doesn't bother him anymore (well, he does get furious on rare occasions, but only when it's been a really bad day).

There ya go, folks! Hope you enjoyed reading my crazy facts. :la:

If you want to do this meme again, then please, feel free to do so (I'm not the type to forceful grab someone by the arm, just do it if you feel like it. Alright?).
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March 21, 2016


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