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I got tagged by :iconmrcrazyinstinct: and sorry in advance, but I won't even bother tagging 8 people for this... I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to my friends' latest characters. ^^;

Here's a picture or two to remind you who she is:

Anyway, here it is:

1. Thanks to her bigger forearms/hands, Bellus can hold more things than an average person would. She can also climb trees and swing from branches to branches with ease.
2. Whenever she jumps, she can somehow float in the air as if she was on the moon. She's incredibly light too, so she can reach unimaginable heights like mountains, tall trees and so much more.
3. She wears her cloak all the time, never washing it, never removing it, it's like it was part of her. But it's also because it is very handy to her; due to the dark and foggy climate of Mysti Woods, she can never be traceable or seen by anyone. Only the creatures with the highest scents are able to track her.
4. She believes that her curly blonde hair was graced by the angels. She thinks it's what gives her these incredible abilities.
5. As mentioned above, she NEVER removes her cloak; she's too afraid to show the slightest bit of her skin. Even though she doesn't have any nipples or *ahem* reproductive system, she still feels incredibly shy whenever she has to remove her one and only piece of clothing.
6. A long time ago, Bellus had friends that looked nearly identical to her in term of body structure, except they all had different types of hair, skin color, eyes and so-on...
7. But one unfortunate day, the cursed spirits of Mysti Woods decided that all of her friends were not fit to live properly in these sacred woods, and so they were all transformed into deformed, shadowy and corrupted beings that became unrecognizable overtime. They had no means of speaking, some became feral creatures of the night, while others became wooden, lifeless statues. Bellus was the ONLY one that stayed the same.
8. She had a long period of depression, trying to talk back to her lifeless friends, but only failing at doing so and sometimes would get chased by them for her blood. She's been cowering in fear for years, crying alone, trying to survive for that long. Thankfully, she's now able to cope with the loss of her childhood friends and lives in peace, trying to figure out her own purpose outside of these cursed woods that she resides in.

Hope these two last facts weren't too depressing... ;w;
I guess I have an affinity to make my characters' backstory as sad as possible so that they can be more relatable in some ways.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day and stay away from dark and damp forests, kiddos!
Hey, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Life has been pretty busy as usual, but I do still think I'm ready to take on some more commissions.
I just helped a friend out by giving her a commission to help fund her cat's operation so she can stay healthy and happy (It's Poka-SorM, if you're wondering who I'm talking about).

The prices will still be the same. Here's the commission page if you want a reminder: Commission Sheet by gagaman92

Although, I have a few rules to address to you folks before you can even tell me what kind of commission you want to offer me.
Here we go:

1. Cartoon style ONLY

I'll be straight with you, I suck at reproducing other art styles, especially when it's realistic or anime or whatever. They're just not my cup of tea, especially "realistic", because it can mean something different to everybody and I just can't seem to do that style justice.

2. Can't commission me twice in a row

It's to give a chance to everyone who hasn't commissioned me yet. You could commission me multiple times, but at least give me a chance as well with someone else before I can get a commission from you once again.

3. References/Model Sheets, please

I can't stress this enough! If I only see the front of your character and you want me to draw their backside for example... then I'm sorry, I'll immediately have to refuse your request. That also applies to things you want me to draw, but doesn't give me the references so I can get a good idea of what I'm dealing with. I just can't be bothered to do extra research on my own. Making a good piece of art is long enough on its own. So please, give me all the references and model sheets you can give me, otherwise, I'll loose interest very quickly.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Have a wonderful day, everybody! Cheers 
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A new year has passed... what a year that was!

I'd say, in terms of personal events that happened in my life this year, it's been quite a ride to say the least. I've made some new friends, found some old ones, got myself into a new type of job that I love and all that itsy bitsy stuff. I'll go by category through each major events of this year for me, I will not go through political, social media or controversial topics, because you can find those yourself. Let's keep this simple and personal, shall we?

New Job

You probably heard of this story that I kept repeating over the years, so I'll try my best to summarize it all in a few sentences. After I graduated in the 3D Animation course back in 2015, I felt discouraged by the end knowing that I couldn't find any sort of job in this domain, so I had to look elsewhere. My first alternative was a kitchen class that I didn't fully complete, because as it turned out, the teachers told me that I wasn't very good at it. Thankfully, after a meeting with the school directress, a few counselors, one of my teacher and my parents, I chose to veer towards a butchery class instead. I've started the butchery class in late 2016, graduated in late March of 2017, switched from two jobs and now I'm finally at a place I love to work at and the people are nice and welcoming; I actually feel at home now. It's the type of job that I don't need to stress over, I can just wake up, go to work and looking forward to learn new tips and tricks and overall just having a good time with the co-workers and helping out the clients (and making jokes on occasions).

One thing that kind of hurted me a bit was that I had to sacrifice my annual trip to go see :iconsamthelily: over work. But the thing is that I'll have more money of my own this year in 2018 than before, so I won't have to worry about shortages of money in the upcoming years. Here's hoping it'll all be worth it in the future.


Definitely one of the other big event or 'change' that happened in 2017. Awhile ago, I didn't care much about Discord when I first heard of it from Sammie. But for some reason, when I heard the name again last year back in May and what kind of layout and features it had over Skype, :icondragondeplatino: and I both jumped ship and we immediately fell in love with the chat app. Soon after, Sam and I created our very own server called Hell's Theater and other friends joined in, such as :iconpastel-piggy-queen:, :iconspiketheklown:, :iconevilsaintgood:, :iconnatalietheantihero: and one of the biggest surprise for me was definitely :iconalbert-gurl:. I had lost hope that AG wasn't going to come back online for a lot of personal reasons that affected her livelihood, but thankfully she did come back and joined us in November. It was like the ultimate friend reunion; all my close friends in one place that I can come to every day. How amazing!

Back on DA

After a lot of skepticism over DA itself, I thought it would've been smart to mainly use Tumblr as a platform to post my artwork, but that wasn't the case when I realized a few months later that Tumblr isn't really the right place to mostly post artwork. I realized that I had much more followers on DA than Tumblr, I'm much more fond of the site, since it's where I've started meeting new friends and such, plus people on Tumblr only care about "what's hot" and not the art itself. The only good thing about Tumblr is the NSFW rules that are much less restrictive than DA and that's it. Now that all of my recent drawings that I migrated from Tumblr to DA are all here, I can finally start fresh for this year and hopefully, I can still post awesome artwork for anyone to see and share.

Very first commissions

I tried opening commissions back in 2013 (I think), but it went without success. Tried it again near the end of last year, I got two so far (and a third one coming up soon) from my friends/followers. It might not be much for a casual artist like myself, but to me, it means the world! :) I've been drawing for free as long as I can imagine. I did get some paid requests over the years, but they were far and few between. It's just amazing to know how far your fans, friends or followers will go to help you out for a simple drawing as a favor.


A lot of surprises in terms of music and albums, to the point that I made a written list of my Top 10 personal favorite albums of 2017 on Rateyourmusic. -->… . Unfortunately, I wish I had put more choices on there, but since I'm mostly listening to the same old music and trying new stuff once in awhile, it all came down to 10 choices in the end... but man, I still love those albums and the impact they had on me, especially when making those discoveries.

"They released a new album this year?! AWESOME!! Gonna listen to it!" *puts on headphones and bops head*

Claytastic surprises

Since Discord quickly became a thing for me, I've soon discovered that the dear fans of ClayFighter over here on DA made a Discord group called Claytonic. Since then, I've met a lot of cool people on there and a lot of ClayFighter related fan posts have been shared, which I never knew some of those were still super dedicated fans like Sam and I used to be back then. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to dedicate my time in the server due to being pretty darn busy at work, but what I think is really fascinating as of late is the sudden appreciation of my artwork and the fan characters Sam and I have created; Cyborai Jack and Thornetta to be exact. Big shout-out to :icon860288840: for all the surprise drawings he did of our fan characters as well as the other CF fan characters. You're a cool dude! :D

I wish I remembered or knew all of you guys' usernames on DA, but anyways, keep rocking this server and keep the Clay alive!

Anyway, that's all I could think to say of the things that happened in 2017. I'm sure I've missed a lot, but those were the biggest things that I wanted to express in this start-of-year journal.
Hope you all have a great start of year and until we meet again! :la:
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Wow... thinking about it now, I had NO idea what I was getting into when I said I wanted to migrate all of my artwork to Tumblr. Supringsly, I have more accumulated followers on my main Tumblr account now than I have been on DA for well over 10 years (Has it been that long already? Geez). Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is:

I'm coming back from where I've started!

That's right! I'm going to upload on DA like the good ol' times. Why the sudden decision you might ask? Well, it's mostly because of YOU, BOYS AND GIRLS. Yes, my dearest of friends and followers that have been looking up to me, supporting my artwork even in my darkest times or when I wasn't keeping up with my personal projects due to lack of motivation or self-doubt. It's the little comments that counts to stuff like: "It's unfortunate that Tony doesn't upload on DA anymore" to the surprising amount of support I've gotten from the people at Claytonic (aka the ClayFighter Discord server) telling me when is the new page of Houngan meets Morgan coming up (which Sam and I have decided that we will reboot the comic). I just... felt like an asshole when I left you all behind for another platform that frankly, I'm also pretty active on as well. Just A Tad Bit Sad or Worried

So as you probably have guessed, I'm going to upload all of my artwork that I have so far on my Tumblr, because I care that you care back.~
To be honest, I never really left DA... I simply wanted to take a hiatus from it so that I could clear my mind off of things. I finally have a job again, a lot of my close friends that I met on DA have joined Sam and I's Discord server called Hell's Theater and I'm trying to be more diverse than ever before. Things are looking up for me again. :happycry:

Thank you again for all the support and keep support me as I will do the same back (as always).~ :hug:
Let us finish 2017 in a beautiful Christmas knot, shall we? :D
Why am I doing this now and why haven't I done this before?

I'll be honest with you guys, I'm seriously underpaid at my job as a butcher at the moment. My boss hasn't raised my salary one bit, I'm working as hard I can, I didn't do anything wrong while I was there... it's like the guy doesn't have confidence in me or something. What really tormented me yesterday was the fact that my boss hired someone else that already worked in the supermarket for awhile as a pastry. So I'm pretty much out of luck here-- I'm going to need to find a new job pretty soon, because I can't work like this, especially when it'll only be 2 days a week next week (it's horrible).

About the commissions, I'm going to need to make a new sheet to show you the different prices of the different types of drawings I can make. If anyone can help me out with a few commissions on the side, it'll be very appreciative. Although, I have NO idea how to use paying sites like PayPal. So if anyone is willing to show me how it all works, step by step, I will be grateful to you as well. I'm not going homeless, don't worry-- even if it takes me awhile to find a new job, I won't be screwed is what I'm saying. I just think it'd be a change of pace and interesting to see how it feels like to get drawing ideas from supporters like you. I honestly have been feeling quite down recently, not feeling like drawing or being productive and stuff (other than being at work)... but it would definitely make me more happy to know that I can give something in return for people to enjoy looking at.

Anyway, hope I wasn't too rambly, I just wish things will turn out better for me y'know. Alright have a good one everybody, and wish me luck!
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Welp, 2016 came and went... am I glad? Yes. Am I satisfied? No. I'm saying that, because of many things that I will sift through right here and now.

To start off, I feel like I haven't been very active with my friends. I'm always active on apps like DA, Skype, Tumblr, Steam and all that, but I feel like on the friend side of things, I haven't reached out for you enough. I know that I shouldn't exaggerate on how many times I should talk to you; that's why I'm always silent in that matter. Trust me, I always try to keep the good memories of you, my closest friends, so whenever I do have something to say, I come out of my hermit hole and just say stuff. I'm never going to force you into talking to me if you don't want to, I understand, we all have lives to care about. At the same time, it makes me appreciate you even more if you do reach out to me and we try to figure a problem out or something... or simply having a chit chat certainly makes my day once in awhile. :aww:

On the subject of school now, it always has been a nightmare for me. Ever since I graduated High School, I tried my best to study in domains I like, mostly art related. As years went by, I've started to notice that "working" as an artist is complete bullcrap! Teachers expect you to surpass the norm simply to get a job in advertising, video game designer, computer manager or any of the sorts. I don't want to spend 20 hours of my day modelling a 3D character or master a skill that we NEVER got taught properly. This is insane really! Alas, I finally found something I truly enjoy doing and coming back to on a daily basis: butcher is my game!

Look, I'm not going to bore you out with other stuff that happened in 2016, but I guess I can try my best to summarize it for you all just for the hell of it:

-The year of so many celebrities dying
-Election of a president NOBODY wanted
-The rise of SJWs
-YouTube changes for the worst
-Keemstar is still an arsehole
-LeafyisQueer gets irrelevant VERY quickly
-No Man's Sky
-Might No 9
-Nintendo's bad deicisions
-Overall mediocre / bad films

-Overwatch released
-Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (still playing it btw)
-Discovering new music
-Butchery course
-Meeting Sammie irl yet again
-Steven Universe
-Sausage Party
Do not worry fellas! This only means 2017 will have better things to look forward to (hopefully). That's all I have to say for now and hope you had a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas! Too-doo-loo! Christmas Emote 
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Stole this from who else than :iconsamthelily:. Let's begin, shall we? ;)

You have a:

[] Boyfriend
[x] Girlfriend (:iconsamthelily:)

Mushy stuff:

[x] Hugged (Check!)
[x] Held hands (The first time we did was a very special moment)
[x] Kissed (Still haven't perfected ze kiss or smooching... but we're still trying different techniques lol)
[x] Been on at least one date (Oh-so many times)
[x] Told your BF/GF you love him/her (Countless times)
[x] Did something special on their birthday/your anniversary/Valentine's Day/Christmas/misc. (Indeed! Mostly through Skype chat though)
[x] Shared drinks/food (You betchya~ all sorts of delicious food and meals ;3)
[x] Text/called almost every day (We do text each other sometimes, though we're mostly busy these days)
[x] You have a special song (*Brings out a stereo and plays Digital Love from Daft Punk*)
[x] You like cuddling (Fuck yes! <3)
[x] You like making physical contact (I do, even if I am ticklish x33)
[x] You've been lifted or carried (I have lifted Sammie a few times actually... gosh she's heavy or perhaps I'm not strong enough lol)
[x] Been given a nickname by your BF/GF (Tony-Bear, Honey and Cheesy-tits)
[x] Your BF/GF likes to play with your hair (Whenever she feels like it hehe~)
[x] You would do anything to make your BF/GF happy (Every time <333)


[x] Have many things in common
[] Been together for at least a year (For many many years)
[] Been together for at least six months (Same thing)
[] Broke up then got back together once-several times (...That's stupid)
[x] Your friends get along with your BF/GF (Online friends definitely)
[x] You were friends before getting together (Yes we were, until she confessed her love to me and I couldn't say no)
[x] Gone to a party with your BF/GF (SKYPE GROUP PARTYYYYYY)
[] Gone to a party and got drunk with your BF/GF
[] Gone to a party, got drunk, and had sex with BF/GF (One of them is true... I'll let you figure it out *wink wink*)
[] Your attitude and/or behavior has changed since you two met
[x] You feel happy/sad if your BF/GF is


[] Got together with your BF/GF out of pity
[] Cheated (That's just wrong, bruh... Sammie is too good for me! Why would I change for someone else that isn't as awesome or wonderful as her?)
[] Liked someone else while dating your BF/GF (I tried to date other girls before I met Sammie, but failed on multiple accounts. That was until Samantha came into my life and I only see her as my future wife and no one else)
[] Changed yourself to impress your BF/GF
[x] Kept secrets (Mostly thoughts about some things we notice online)
[x] Lied (Perhaps whenever I wanted to make her feel better, but sometimes it would not be the best strategy to do so, for backfire reasons)
[] Didn't tell your BF/GF something that would affect them mentally/emotionally (I guess we did sometimes, but we would do our best to fix our problems quickly before they got out of hand)
[x] You don't think you're good enough for your BF/GF (Whenever I did or said something I regretted)
[x] You can say almost anything to your BF/GF (Yes indeed)


[x] Cried with your BF/GF around (Yes...)
[x] Seen your BF/GF naked/somewhat naked (The answer is... yes >///<; )
[] Thrown up on your BF/GF
[x] Farted with your BF/GF around (OMG it's so funny when I did it last time when I was with her XD)
[] You've mistaken someone else as your BF/GF, AFTER you did something affectionate with that person
[x] Your BF/GF makes you blush
[x] Your BF/GF calls you cute
[x] Your BF/GF does things that no one else has done to you
[x] Your BF/GF has seen a side of you no one else has

Some Questions:

1. Are you straight, bisexual, homosexual, etc.?
Straight; I will always love babes for sure. I'd honestly feel very uncomfortable if I got into an imitate relationship with a guy. Not that I'm against gays or anything, even when I don't know someone that well, I don't want to get too physical with them. I certainly don't mind bro hugs, handshakes or whatever from my guy friends, in fact, I love it... as long as it's not too intimate, that's the thing.

2. WHERE IS 2??
There it is! ---> :iconnumbertwoplz:

3. How did you two meet?
On DeviantART of course. She noticed one of my ClayFighter drawing a few years back and we began from there.

4. How long do you plan on staying together? Thought about marriage? Kids?
Until marriage, until we have kids, until the very end.~

5. What do you like most about your BF/GF?
The fact that she's not like any other girls I've ever met, similar interests in video games, movies, cartoons and of course, her charismatic personality.

6. When did you realize you liked your BF/GF?
I didn't know much about her, even though we talked on occasions, until she told me she had feelings for me. It's like a big weight that got on my shoulder; I couldn't believe it was happening and it felt real too.

7. What kind of hairstyle would you give your BF/GF? Random Question.
Maybe something like Tracer's hair, just to see how long the hair spikes will stay up in the air. XD

8. Is there something you find weird about your BF/GF?
When Sammie is acting weird, it's normal for me that she's acting that way, because I do the same all the time.

9. If you could change anything about your BF/GF, what would you change?
Why would I? Sam-Sam is already great... no need to change one bit about her-- nah ah.

10. Do you really love your boyfriend or girlfriend?
'COURSE YOU DINGUS! ... But seriously, I love her from the bottom of my heart and that will always remain the same way. If I can't make this more obvious that I love her very much, then I don't know what will. LOL
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Hello folks! Here's a topic I want to share with you all, hoping some of you can relate to what I'm about to say (hope this won't be too long of a read, but I do want to get my point across).

As of late, I've been hearing news of (especially) famous users on YouTube getting stalked by their own fans, even to the point of breaking/inviting themselves to their own house. Well... that's just great isn't it? First of all, those people are not REAL fans. I feel like those stereotypical fans that go above and beyond just to get noticed by their "senpai" or simply to expose them of their past mistakes are becoming more common than ever.

Those people are invading their privacy, making noises to wake them up, leaking their address online for others to see, robbing them, start a hate speech just to provoke them and stares through their windows. You know what? This all suddenly starts to sound just like a crime! Seriously! Those "fans" are acting like criminals; terrorizing them just for an idiotic prank or to actually rob their house or start a fight. People will go as far as spam calling a YouTuber's phone number just to torment them and overall being a dick. This is just wrong on so many levels. :worry:

This is one of the many reasons why I DON'T want to be famous. I do personally like to get some recognition, but not to the point of throwing my life away just to get noticed by my favorite artist or content maker. Just knowing someone could spy through my house windows at any moment is a feeling I NEVER want to experience. :fear: I don't know if it's the fact that some celebrities online are lucky to have that many followers or that they only do it for attention and money. I honestly don't like getting attention whatsoever, especially in public, either with friends, family or ceremony places with complete strangers. It just makes me VERY uncomfortable knowing someone noticed me or are prone to talk in my back, because it's obviously human nature-- everybody does it all the time, either for good or bad reasons.

So basically, people on this planet are insane and will always be. We can't stop them from being themselves, but we can definitely slow them down before they'll do something worse.

If you agree towards my feelings on stalkers, just let me know and please... be careful out there. :salute: rvmp 
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Welp, it's nearly two days before I go to California visiting my dear :iconsamthelily: once again.~

I feel like I'm already there, I always feel that way whenever I know the day is about to come. It was a rough mid year for me in terms of career path. Went from 3D Animation to kitchen and now butchery... it was not easy to handle, but I am not giving up anytime soon. That's why I'm always excited to go see Sammie; to get some comfort, overall just having fun and to forget why the world we live in is a dirt hole.

If any of you (by that I mean my close friends) want to video chat or just regular text chat on Skype, let us know in advance because we will definitely be busy doing stuff together. Perhaps during days when there's nothing special going on. I know for a fact that :iconspiketheklown: and :iconpastel-piggy-queen: might be able, but again, let us know in advance if you two are still able (seriously that'd be SUPER awesometastic! :grin: ).

I'll be gone July 9 and will be back home the 23. Wish me luck and see you soon! Bye! :wave: 
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Well... isn't it obvious? Well if you think so, then might as well be. Why am I saying that? Because over the years and quite recently, I kept noticing some of friends of mine and other people expressing that "DeviantART became a shit hole and no one cares to even notice my art" or "my art has been stolen and is going on sale on Hot Topic". No kidding! I saw a post on Tumblr of people claiming that if you post something on DA, it is available to the public, your art becomes theirs. Which in fact is not true, because the official DA blog on Tumblr actually claimed that your art is your ownership and not them. If someone steals your art, then... it gets more complicated from there, but just keep in mind that YOU yourself have to blame and report those idiotic jerks who stole your artwork for no good reason.

But I'm not here to talk about that in particular; I mostly want to address people that think the site is "dead" or their artwork don't mean anything if they get few views. Let me ask you a question: are you uploading your art because you want to express yourself and want others to enjoy or are you here just to gain a lot views, favs, llamas and money? Really, think about it; DeviantART is a free site in which you can upload anything on there... except for a few rules you ABSOLUTELY must NOT break, otherwise bad things will happen to your account and get blocked or deactivated. Of course, those points I just made comes across as obvious, like I said, this is a free site made for a wide audience. Unlike FurAffinity or Tumblr for example, which DA seems much more braud in term of accessibility and type of communities. A lot of my/our favorite big artists are going off DA, because they don't see their potential growing. They still love to draw and stuff, but the site doesn't give them what they want. So that's why you see a lot of those artists switching to Tumblr or are using Patreon as a mean to spread their art in a more modern and sophisticated way.

Basically, what I'm getting at is, have you joined the site for the purpose of others or for yourself? I can understand some people can't handle the amount of fanbrats they have to deal with every so-often or the little attention they're getting because it doesn't fully feed their ego. Sometimes we can't control over others' reaction or even your own reaction in certain harmful situations. I say, if you truly believe a site like DA will harm you in the long run, then by all means, leave and never come back! I know it sounds mean what I'm saying, but it's the truth... like that expression says "If you can't handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen". That's literally what I did a week ago and decided to go in butchery instead, because it is less stressful for me. See? It's the same thing for DA.

All in all, if you don't care about what's going on the site and just upload and look up cool artwork at your leisure pace, I say... go for it! If you can't handle the pressure or the lack feedback there are, then move on to somewhere else (if possible). No one is forcing you and so shouldn't you.

This is Tony signing out!
You know what?... I feel like I can actually tolerate trolls or cyberbullies on the Internet, because most of the time, it doesn't affect me personally. Althoooooooough... real life bullies... I still have issues with them.

Basically what I'm getting at, since I've started my kitchen course since last November, I've had this one individual in which, for some odd reason, decided they'll be my target for the remaining of the year, just because I'm an easy target. Even when I'm having difficulties understanding instructions from a teacher or student, the fucker just makes fun of me. People should understand that, if you don't catch something the first time (either you misheard or weren't paying attention), doesn't mean you're stupid. People who don't understand that fact frustrates me like there's no tomorrow. :steaming:
Plus, they touched me or sneaked behind me without notice a few times already... which I REALLY DESPISE!

So all in all, I just don't get their motivation behind their schemes. All I can do is file a complaint to the school department... otherwise, what else will make them stop? I'm just here to learn, work and pay my efforts to eventually have a new set of skills and find a job and live on with my life. I'm not going to be stopped by some meddling fool whom only seeks attention. I swear... I feel like I'm in elementary or middle school all over again. :hmm:

Can you relate to what I'm going through, right now? PLEASE let me know! Because I don't want to feel like I'm the only who struggled or is currently struggling with issues like those.
Hope y'all have a nice day and let us stop the bullies!
Hi guys and gals! Today I just want to share my thoughts on recent events... don't worry, it won't be too bad, but it's just something that has been on the back of my mind.

So, as we all know, "drama" can happen anywhere, anytime at any point. You just never know when it's going to hit you, perhaps you'll have a bad day at work/school or when you open up your inbox... or maybe you forgot to turn off the stove and your house burned down. Okay, that last one was a bit extreme, but it can definitely happen! Either literally or figuratively. Think of "drama" as fire: the longer it goes, the more it spreads and the more damage it can cause (just like Internet drama).

My advice to you all: if you don't want any flames, block the fire so it doesn't spread anymore. I understand we are all emotional beings on the inside and that's totally normal. We can't always control our emotions, we always want a conclusion of our own, but it doesn't happen all the time, because not everyone agrees with each other.

Next time you see someone playing with your emotions, just tell them straight off to "STOP!" or "Shut up!". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but what matters is that whenever you're getting harassed to death or whenever someone is stalking you without notice, just remember that you have the power to call a friend, family member, staff, police or whatever.

On a side note, just knowing people are "desperate" to ask for endless requests or sending barrages of messages SICKENS me! (you know who you are)

Whatever... I just wanted to let it out. Feel free to take my advice (or not). Have a nice day!
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Gonna try this meme from :iconalbert-gurl:
Let's do this! :D



[] You are considered strong(physically).
[] You are over 6 feet tall.
[X] You are the eldest of your siblings(if any!)
[X] You have made decisions you regret.
[X] You are somewhat weak-minded and can be controlled by another person easily.
[X] You have some secrets you have never told anyone else.
[X] You often wear a coat and/or long-sleeved shirt.
[] People look up to you to protect them.
[] You are an avid reader.
[X] You have a very strong immune system.
[] You often work out.
[X] You wear at least one black garment.
[] You are muscular.
[X] You are sometimes seen as the tank of the group.
[X] You are often quite stubborn.

Total: 9

Albert Alcatrazzle

[] You are weak(physically).
[] You have long hair.
[] You need to wear glasses.
[X] You and your workspace need to be squeaky clean.
[X] You are strong-minded and cannot be controlled easily.
[X] You are something of a neat freak.
[X] You know a lot of things, but cannot remember them all at once.
[X] You are extremely committed to your career, family, and would not imagine a life without them.
[] You are often the person to ask when someone needs to know something.
[] You are often stylish, no matter what time of day it is.
[X] You can tolerate extreme cold better than extreme heat.
[] You prefer winter over summer.
[] You are quite skinny.
[] When something goes wrong, you want to fix it immediately.
[] You are considered attractive to people.

Total: 6


[X] You have the best eyesight.
[X] You tend to get distracted very easily.
[X] You are emotional and your feelings are hurt very easily.
[X] You are flexible.
[X] You love nature.
[X] You have at least one pet and/or love animals.
[X] You are considered an oddball.
[X] You are often skittish and get nervous easily.
[X] You are the best at hiding.
[X] You are often seen with someone by your side.
[] You are knowledgeable when it comes to animals.
[X] You are considered cute.
[X] You can fit in small areas easily.
[X] You rarely get sick and when you do, it's a severe case.
[] You can see what a person is thinking by looking into their eyes.

Total: 13


[] You are the youngest of your siblings(if any!)
[X] You are under 5 feet tall.
[] You are interested in astrology.
[X] You are somewhat slow sometimes.
[X] You are the best at keeping your cool in a bad situation.
[X] You are somewhat chubby.
[X] You are mostly independent, but need some help sometimes.
[X] You are up-to-date when it comes to video games.
[-] You love to watch T.V. (well I kinda used to more back then)
[] You are considered the bravest in your family and/or group of friends.
[X] You wonder about the universe often.
[X] You have been alienated from your friends at least once.
[X] You would rather save up to buy something on your own.
[X] You sort your friendships by various groups.
[] You like to look closer, when it comes to getting to know someone.

Total: 10

Uhhh... Interesting! I'm more of a mix between Doc and Chubchub (I knew he was going to be my main, because I can definitely relate to him... plus he's a chameleon!). Perhaps Doc is more of a geek than I expected, which honestly guys... I'm SUPER geeky myself! :XD:

Anywho, try this meme if you want and have fun with it! ;)
HEY Y'ALL!! I found this leak online of a bunch of Nintendo NX games to be released in the next 2 or 3 years! I don't know if those are real, but HEY, I can't be help but get excited to show you which games are coming out. (so exciting!) :la:

Let's see now:

-Super Mario Maker 2
Includes the Super Mario Bros. 2 theme, Super Mario Land and the GBA remakes games of SMB1, 3 and World.

-Wreck-It-Ralph 2
I guess because the first one on Wii sucked so they're gonna make a better one this time.

-New Zelda
Everyone saw THAT coming a mile away!


-Donkey Kong 128
They HAD to have made a sequel! I really loved Donkey Kong 64, so I can't wait to see what they'll bring to the table with this one.

-Radical Flyers
The heck?? This sounds like a prequel to Freaky Flyers... or maybe it's something completely different.

-Killer Instinct 3
Yup! Even this game gets ported not only for PC, but NX as well.

Of course, when it comes to new movies, they have to make a video game with the new female cast of Ghostbusters. Hope this is as good as the NES game back in the day. ;)

-Metroid Prime Other M Federation Force
I don't know how the heck that's going to work (especially with that stupid title), but I'm hoping Nintendo doesn't screw up on this new Metroid entry.

-Donkey Kong Barrel Blast 2
Yeah... no comment.

-Pokemon Cube & Sphere
A POKEMON GAME ON A CONSOLE?!? WOOOOOW-- oh wait... it's another Pokemon puzzle game... GREAT! :roll:

-Steven Universe: Battle for Homeworld
Duuuuude... YES!! Dancing :la: 

-Megaman: Mega Legacy Collection

-Pikmin 4
Better be good... also needs co-op play!

-Wario World 2
I've been waiting FOREVER for this game! OMG!!

That title alone sounds like it's going to be EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME! :iconmachomanplz:

-Super Smash Bros. [working title]
OF COURSE! :iconmbisonplz:

Well, that's pretty much all this source could show... so if you want to prove me wrong, here's the source itself over here. ----> [link]
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Got tagged by :iconconkeronine: this time.

Let's take a closer look at Cyborai Jack ---->  Cyborai Jack Strikes by gagaman92
Here we go!

1. Obviously, his name derives from the Cartoon Network show/character "Samurai Jack". Sammie came up with this clever name after I finished redesigning her sketch/doodle idea she gave me.

2. Jack holds his katana very dearly, he CANNOT pick up or use any other weapons, because he believes that it will betray whom he represents... a samurai!

3. Dr. Kiln built him from the ground up, after several failed attempts at stopping the ClayFighters from ruining his evil schemes. Basically, Dr. Kiln uses Cyborai Jack as his own pawn of destruction, because he can't do his job properly, so he REALLY needed a more agile and loyal servant.

4. Jack has a hard time taking down the human-like rosters of the ClayFighters (Houngan, Morgan, Sumo Santa, Kung Pow, Bonker, Boogerman and the Zappa Yow Yow Boyz respectively), because Dr. Kiln programmed him so he wouldn't senselessly kill him on the spot, engaging him to scan for living, breathing organs inside his victims and cancelling his attack. Although, he is still capable of defending himself against any type of being that he is confronted by, he is able to differentiate a harmful human and innocent lives. Besides that, he has no choice but to take orders from his master, either it's to kill or be killed.

5. He doesn't eat much (of course, because he's a robot), although his diet mostly consists of meditation and (sometimes) sushi. Sushi is like drug to him, whenever he eats a full package of sushi filled with wasabi, it screws up his digestive system and makes him feel like he was another person altogether, perhaps even changing gender roles or act like someone else by pure random.

6. The reason why he ALWAYS wears a scarf and cone hat is not only to stay true to samurais accustomed outfits, but because at one point after he was built, he looked himself in the mirror and thought it was a monster (therefor punching the mirror in return) and running around Kiln's lab uncontrollable only for Kiln to temporarily shut him down and fix a few more issues in his main core so it won't happen again.

7. Even though Jack finds Thornetta VERY annoying, he somewhat has a bit of an appreciation for her, finding her more useful in certain situations compared to as if he was alone. Almost like a "partner in crime" sort of relation.

8. He especially hates it when Thornetta keeps bickering and tries so hard to seduce him, it gets him furious (grinding his gears if you will). But since he knows he's stuck with her and that nobody else would want to hang out with her, he just accepts it day after day, to the point that it doesn't bother him anymore (well, he does get furious on rare occasions, but only when it's been a really bad day).

There ya go, folks! Hope you enjoyed reading my crazy facts. :la:

If you want to do this meme again, then please, feel free to do so (I'm not the type to forceful grab someone by the arm, just do it if you feel like it. Alright?).
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Been Tagged by my GF! :iconsamthelily:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters (or less)
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

Sally Seduce by gagaman92

8 Facts about Sally

Did you knoooooooow...

1. Some of Sally's traits are inspired by the mythical creatures "vampires" and "succubus", even though I barely knew anything about succubus back then.

2. Sally prefers tiny, scrawny and geeky looking demons to hang out or to even make out with them (not having sex with them, because she does plenty of that already with strangers).

3. Her father Trimon, underestimates her daughter's capabilities, hence why she does her best to avoid him so she can continue what she likes doing without having her father interrupting her all the time.

4. Sally Keeps having visions in her dreams in which she meets a blue and a green individual in an unknown area. These visions will keep happening until she finally meet those individuals once and for all. She believes it means something very important is about to happen in the future and she needs to be ready for it or face the consequences.

5. Sally has her own Hell's deluxe apartment dedicated to her, including a heart bed, personal bathtub, huge wardrobe, etc. Only the "special" ones may enter.

6. She gets upset easily whenever people are goofing around too much (that's why you'll never see her hang around goofballs like Bobiscuit, Cyborai Jack and Thornetta).

7. Whenever she's walking around other demons, most of them want to get "a piece of that" (if you know what i mean), but obviously, she does not par take in conversation with any douchy demons, unless she's interested in them, including succubus, incubus, imps, etc.

8. There might a strong connection between Angel and Sally, but they both don't know yet.

Feel free to use this meme for your own liking! ^^
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Got tagged by :iconconkeronine:... so here we go!

1.what made You want to join DeviantART?
Actually, I never knew about DA, until one of my High School friend (which is older than me), Toob-Rat (really nice guy btw) signed me up on there and I guess the rest is history. :)

2.what is the Worse song You've ever heard in your life?
No doubt... "Baby" from Justin Bieber! I just HATE that song so much that whenever it gets stuck in my head, I want to immediately forget it and listen to something infinitely better than this loathsome, soulless, trashy, disgracious thing that he so calls "music". :steaming:

3.had You ever looked forward for a Game (or anything) but You don't get it until years later & by that point You don't care anymore?
Well, honestly I did get hyped for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U when the release date was announced, but when I finally got it, I tried all the modes, unlocked all characters and stages (maybe) and... I just got bored of playing it shortly after. Maybe because I played a lot of the 3DS version, but there was a lot to be excited and disappointed by both versions anyways. :hmm:

4.How would You want to Die if You had a Choice?
Not a painful, torturous death for sure.

5.what Song or game music would You pick as Your own theme?
Pfffffft can't decide... when it comes to music, it's like trying to choose which is my favorite baby. It's just a really hard question, because I have a big passion for any unique type of music. ^^;

6.if You could have a bath or pool of soda, what Soda would ya choose?
Fanta por favor!

7.if You could be a Animal, what Animal would you be?
I wanna know how it's like to be a chameleon!

8.what is the Nerdest thing You have in your collection?
That Doctor Who lamp that my aunt gave me two years ago during Christmas. It's basically a Tardis on a base attached with the shade in which the Doctor and Amy Pond are plastered to it. You can actually activate the teleport sound effect when opening the little doors. Not only does it come in handy at night when getting ready to sleep, but it's a really fancy and cool design too. Thanks again aunt! :D

9.Who influence you on the web?
Well, before I even joined DA, I was devoted to Newgrounds! Mostly watching a lot of short Flash Animations (which was waaaaaay before YouTube came along) and playing addicting games on the site. I couldn't tell you who exactly influenced me the most, because I had a lot of favorite animators/humorists on the site that just made me the way that I am.

10.what was Your favorite halloween costume as a kid?
Either masked Joker, Darth Vader or that Jawa-like costume with blinking glowy eyes. I remember I had the biggest reactions on those particular costumes, plus I was doing my best to stay in character for each one of them.

11.Pirates, Ninjas or Robots?
Oof!-- you almost made me choose the robots, but I'll definitely go for the pirates... because they're the HOTTEST! YAAAAAAR!! Swiggity Swooty, Foxy's Comin 4 Booty (Chat Icon) 

12.what Old video game series would ya want to come back?
I will admit that I won't be the first to say this, but wouldn't it amazing if Banjo-Threeie ACTUALLY happened?! We know what happened to our poor bear and bird last time they were in a game, but I don't care if it takes 10, 20 or 50 years more to make a true sequel to one of the greatest 3D Platformer series on the N64.

13.VHS or DVD?
DVD... because fuuuuuuuuuuture!
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Yes, you read the title correctly! From what I've seen on my ever-so small YouTube channel so far, there hasn't been anything going on as of late until recently. When I've uploaded my Scooby-Doo YTP (uploaded in January) and my new collab video with Sammie Durby & Derpphire (uploaded last night), YouTube decided it'd be a great idea to claim those videos with copyrighted material... even though I clearly stated that they were for PARODY uses and not for profit-making.

I filed a dispute towards my Scooby-Doo YTP because Warner Bros. has been monetizing it for well over a month and I'm still waiting for a reply. (AH-HA! I actually can't believe my dispute actually worked! They removed it just a few minutes ago 8D)

Of course, the most shocking of all... my new Steven Universe video that I've uploaded last night got a claim by Turner EMEA Kids (a Cartoon Network branch I think?) and was blocked in over 133 COUNTRIES!! ISN'T THAT INSANE?!? :faint:

SU DD blocked by gagaman92

What the heck am I suppose to do?? It should obviously fall into the "Fair Use" agreement, especially when it's for parody or review purposes. I just... I don't get why YouTube has to be stubborn that way. It's not like I'm stealing your material and uploading the full thing on there... those I can understand why they should be taken down (because it's illegal).

The more I see stupid shit happening on Youtube, like the whole I Hate Everything fiasco where his channel was taken down for no reason and then brought back, I don't feel the need to support this website's decisions. I WANT YouTube to improve and get better, I WANT to be able to upload content that is pleasing and entertaining for others, I especially WANT it to be an easily accessible platform. They're making it harder to upload let alone being creative, because you can never be too certain when someone will claim, block or remove your videos that you put time and energy making them. :worry:

Why can't we get direct feedback instead? Like for instance, instead of using a full episode of a show, why not recommend me to animate it instead? Instead of showing clips from a movie, why not show still images? I know I can just say that to myself, but what I want those companies to do is tell that to us! The creators, the reviewers, the editors; the ones that are praising, criticizing or parodying your work.

*sigh* Basically, what I'm trying to say is... fix your shit, YouTube! I'm tired of getting paranoid, thinking I won't be able to accomplish new goals, because the world is full of crap and nobody is giving ANYBODY any fair chance. Instead we have to be treated like criminals from the start until proven innocent, which I don't want this shit to happen in a world where there IS freedom. This REALLY frustrates me, because it doesn't motivate me to create new videos talking about things I love or hate... it's just really-- really-- REALLY bullshit! :angrytard: 

Tony out!
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Hey y'all! Welcome to another rendition of Free Requests! As usual, this is where I'll be taking your requests in consideration and draw them whenever I feel like it during the period of February and March. 

Art trades don't count by the way. Yes, I am still working on yours, :iconalbert-gurl:, so please don't ask me too much, okay? ^^;

BEFORE we start, I'll have to mention the rules yet again, because some people just don't seem to quite get it from my point of view. If that can help, I can type it in huge letters if you have difficulty reading. Welp, let's give a whirl then!:


 (diaper, inflation, crush, fart, etc)


(unless I like the pairing)


(mostly fandom specific)


(opinion based or bias towards a subject or an individual)

and absolutely...


(that ESPECIALLY includes adoptables)

Now that that's out of the way...

go crazy, you loonies!

1. :iconpoka-sorm: :iconsaysplz: Buttmunch
2. :iconsamthelily: :iconsaysplz: Pick ooooooooooooone!
3. :icondangermd: :iconsaysplz: One of my ClayFighter re-design
4. :icondokemon: :iconsaysplz: Patty Kitty
5. :iconpastel-piggy-queen: :iconsaysplz: Chalice and Ariel
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Man... what is going on this year?!? We've barely started 2016 and we've already lost great people like David Bowie, Alan Rickman and René Angélil to cancer. Now I bring your attention to a person that I can't believe I used to look up to... out of ALL people... Andrew Dickman! I know it's not as bad compared to someone who died of cancer, but in this case, it just breaks my heart to see an inspirational individual like him going down the shitter.

Let me start from the beginning. I noticed his artwork way back when I joined DeviantART. His cartoon style was unique and really well detailed, something you'd see in a zany cartoon television show. He had SO MANY deviations, I could spend hours looking through them, including some short animations he'd make on occasions. I guess you could say he became somewhat of a famous artist on DA, with over 19,000 watchers and over 2000 deviations. I always thought "Man, I wish I could be like him!"... productive and artwise, that is.

Awhile back, I think he was pissed off due to someone trying to sell/showcase one of his NSFW drawing. So he took a bit of break from DA, but not for long anyway, but that didn't stop him from working on things, mainly Electronic Heroes, his YouTube channel (which didn't garner as much followers as you'd expect, because of his awkward humor).

I guess it's at this point that I noticed something was not right; I had a weird feeling and a bit of a concern towards Andrew himself. I didn't know him personally, but I knew something strange was up behind the scene. For one, it was surprising that he had a girlfriend by the name of lovelydagger (Diane). They apparently lived together for a bit until some recent backfire happened between the two in which lovelydagger explains in detail about Andrew's misbehavior in text form... don't believe me? Here take a look! -------->…
This is an even longer read, but basically, turns out Andrew did some shit that pretty much hurted her feelings and just downright betrayed her respect of well-being; an abusive relationship you could say. So she went out there (on Tumblr) and replied to EVERY single paragraph Andrew wrote about her... and OUCH! That leaves a deep mark, especially towards long-time fans like me. It was also rumored that if nothing went his way, he would get really upset and break stuff in his house or something (or write angry letters online).

So yeah... what the heck is going, man? Have I been blind all this time? Nothing seems to be happy-go-lucky in this world... every great ones must fall eventually. Frankly, I don't the point of following his stuff, let alone praising his artwork anymore. I don't like people who are constantly starving for popularity, in exchange for what? Being an asshole?!

Andrew, if you are reading this... well... what can I say? You've done goofed and NO ONE should like you after what you've done to Diane. This is the kind of person I DON'T want to end up like. SO SCREW YOU! BYE!! drops mic