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Vacation Holiday Sketches 01 by gagaman92 Vacation Holiday Sketches 01 by gagaman92
Hi there! I'm back with a bunch of sketches I made during my vacation/holiday in Punta Cana.
It felt refreshing to just sitting on the beach or pool area and sketch it up whilst the wind was breezing through my sketchbook and sun rays burning my pale skin.

The sketches are normally black & white, but I've decided to add some monochrome colors to add more life to it (hope you like it).

I'll give a brief description to each of the sketches I've made going by digits. Let's not waste any time and let's goooooooooo!

1 - Gillman: First thing I drew just by having a nice view at the ocean on the beach. "What if there were monsters out there? Like a gillman or something." as I said to myself. lol
2 - Egyptian Warrior: I felt like drawing an Egyptian guard/warrior after listening to some songs from 'Eye In The Sky' By Alan Parsons Project (and also imagining the eye on the album cover).
3 - Sans: Hope you're not tired of Undertale fanart anywhere else... because here's Sans!
4 - Callie: Finally drew Callie (my favorite of the Squid Sisters... you're cool too Marie, don't worry)! I feel like her tentacle bangs should be bigger, but oh well.
5 - Lapis Lazuli: Lapis sitting on the ground taking it in on what the f*** just happened in 2015.
7 - Samantoine: I thought I was going to draw Samantoine in a bikini, but decided not to. Although I really like to imagine the reactions she makes when Sammie and I are fusing together.
8 - Cheetahman: Part of a villainous group... he seriously looks like one of the Cheetah Men.
9 - Dolphin Joker: A funny idea I had of a dolphin that imitates the Joker from Batman... ooooh what a twist!
10 - Lizard Girl:  Also could be part of a villainous group, wearing a biker outfit and all that jazz.
11 - Pearl: Who else but Pearl, hmmmm?~ I kinda screwed up her hands, but I can live with that. She's just so cute when she's shy, isn't she?
12 - Bobiscuit: HE'S BACK! I haven't drew him in awhile, so I felt like bringing him back after many years of silence. The eggplant... farmer... thingy. (that seriously isn't a thing?? lol)

That is all for this set of sketches!
Have a nice Holiday everyone! :D
DragonDePlatino Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
These are great, man! There's so much variety and you have a real knack for pulling off different body types. The UNDERTALE characters are spot-on and the facial expressions of Callie and Pearl are well-done. My favorite here is probably the Anubis. I have a fetish for gray/beige colorschemes like that. :D
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