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Presents X-mas 2012 by gagaman92 Presents X-mas 2012 by gagaman92
'Ey folks! Here to tell ya 'bout my presents that I've received for Christmas this year and why I like them. :meow:

1. Double/Queen Down Alternative Duvet blanket
My mom thought twas time to change my blanket, so she bought me this one that she hid in my closet (which I didn't know o3o ). It's soooo much more comfy than the old blanket sitting in the back of my bed. lol :3 Thanks mom! <3

2. Pajama
Another comfy pajama, I tried it this night of X-mas Eve and the green checkered pants is admittedly comfy. :3

3. The Walking Dead - Book One
Long story short: me and my family LOVES the TV series! so my sis bought me the original book which the TV series was based off. Can't wait to read it! ^^

4. Titeuf - Volume 13
Long story short: I LOVE the Titeuf french comic series, so my family bought me the last volume that was released recently. Can't wait to read it! :>

5. Briefs
Yup...... a smelly man like me needs new pairs of briefs once in awhile. X3

6. Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection
Me and my dad LOVES some Tarantino films! So he pretty much bought it for us. This special box includes 8 of his classic films that he has made over the past 20 years, such as:
-Reservoir Dogs
-Inglorious Basterds
-Pulp Fiction
- Death Proof
Looking forward to see them all with my dad and laugh our ass off of the sheer insane imagination of Tarantino. :XD:

7. Frédéric Back - Classics
My mom said she wasn't sure on this one, but I immediately took her present for granted, because I remember that I've kept watching Back's films on VHS when I was a kid. One film in particular named "The Man Who Planted Trees" is a beautifully written story about Frédéric's past life through pastel animation and the imagery depicts a unique sense of environmental caring. Go check it out if you want, I can't really explain the whole story, because I haven't watched this film for so many years. I'm sure it will bring me a tear a joy just to see the film again. :happycry:

8, 9 & 10. Candies 'n stuff
Swedish Berries, Frank's Red Hot sauce and Kit Kat Bites... what more to say? o3o

11. Clark - Totems Flare
Ahhhh I am very happy to have received this album. :love: It's an English IDM musician that I've discovered recently and I keep listening to this album, because it's soooooo damn good. :D Probably one of my favorite! ^^ The songs are spacey, echoey, intense... basically an album to awkwardly dance to. :icondancingplz: I also love the album cover... I don't know why exactly. XD But I digrace, I can safely say that I own it! :3

12. Movie Theater cards
Ten dollars cards to buy me some bills at the nearest movie theater in town. :3

13. Tim Hortons's card buy me some donuts at the Tim Hortons at my school....... .3.

Well that's all folks! Happy Holidays again and gimme some comments if you will. :iconmeowfaceplz:
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DragonDePlatino Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Well! From someone who doesn't like to watch a lot of movies, I'll admit it's pretty hard to understand the joy of getting one for Christmas, but I'm still happy for you nonetheless! It's also cool that you got some records to add to your collection. How many of those did you ask for, anyways?
gagaman92 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Interface Designer
They were mostly surprises, the only present I really wanted was "Clark - Totems Flare". I think it's all about talking to your family and saying what you like and probably even noting what your family members likes too. Enjoy what you have pretty much.
DragonDePlatino Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
I've never really thought of it like that! But I can see what you mean, with drooling over your siblings presents and stuff. OTO
DooMGuy117 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
dude...The Walking Dead AND Tarantino XX?

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