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Noody by gagaman92 Noody by gagaman92
Name: Noody
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Mood: Hyper
Type: Skater Monkey
Attacks: Banana slam and Summersault
Affiliation: Good
Rival: None
Quote: "Banana-rama!!"
Continue Screen quote: "You loose! That means I can eat my bananas."
Likes : Bananas, skateboarding and cool people
Dislikes : Projectiles, boring people and being scared

Noody was a regular monkey living in the Bungle Jungle, until one day he decided to move to a place that had a larger crowd. So he moved to The Crib and a few days living there, his main occupation was to practice skateboarding.

When Blob became grand master of mudville and decided to cancel his plan to reshape the world, he took a moment to gather as many Clay Fighters as possible, because he was going to move out of Mudville. A few Clay Fighters came along with Blob and somehow they weren't too many. So Blob & co. searched more in Mudville to find other Clay Fighters who could join them. In the Crib, they found an unfamiliar face in the skatboard park. Noody accepted the invitation of Blob & co. to come with the. Afterward, they all went with Blob who was transformed into a plane. Somehow, Blob felt tired and they all crashed into an island that they would later know as Claymodo Island. Everybody was fine, except for Blob who had his head deformed. It only took a few hours for reshaping Blob's head... and that's how he became dopey. Noody was found in the forest where Happy Harry's Hut dwells.

Along the way, Noody met some new cool friends and noticed there were some baddies too. He enjoys practicing skateboarding even more than before. He really likes bananas, considering he was chasing Nanaman back when he was in Bungle Jungle. He is very hyper and like to move around the island most of the time, because he wants to skateboard in different areas. He also gets scared really easily, so that is why he doesn't ever want to approach Mudvile Mansion or even Ickybod Clay.
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DragonDePlatino Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
The character design itself is decent, but what really blows me away is the amazing amount of detail you put into this picture! The surface of everything as a glowing airbrushed feel to it, the colors are incredibly well chosen, the background doesn't distract from the picture and it all comes together to suit the whole clay-feel. I also like his little backstory and how he chased Nanaman around. It would be interesting to see what a fight between the two would be like.
gagaman92 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Thanks a lot, man! :D

Tho I'm not an expert at painting, so dats why i prefer drawing a perfect outline and adding a bunch of shades, lights, colors and textures. ^^

I dunno how i do it sometimes, but i just put wuts right for me in my pictures. :)

and yes, dat would be funny as heck to see Nanaman being eaten by Noody. :XD:
DragonDePlatino Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
Samthelily Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist
Noody is adorable. :3 I wonder if Noody hates when people said he's cute?
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January 22, 2012
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