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Maia Acheron by gagaman92 Maia Acheron by gagaman92
EDIT 2013-09-01:
-Added more contrast to the shading
-Reduced the luminosity

Hello folks! Okay I've gotta admit right from the bat, I'm not a big fan of the "Jak & Daxter" series... yet. I've only played a little bit of the first game (The Precursor Legacy). I just happened to have gotten interested at this character right from the intro cinematic of the game. :P

I've read a little bit about her story, saying that she and her sibling brother have been exposed to 'dark eco' to make them more powerful and evil, therefor this is why she has gray-blue skin color. Apparently, Maia and her brother are the final bosses of the game, but I haven't been there yet. ^^;

So yeah, hope you enjoy. Also, a question from my friends and fans... is anyone a fan of the Jak & Daxter series? If not, then are you willing to give the series a shot?
You never know what to expect from video games. ;)
Hergman Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
well, just know that of the serie, the first one is a bit of the odd one.
every subsequent one went the darker and edgier route.
gagaman92 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student Interface Designer
I know I know, I've heard about the series, that is why I want to get into it; to know more about the characters, stories and gameplay. There seems to be a lot going for this series, but Naughty Dog never had the chance to make a true sequel... Jak 4. I wonder if it's still worth it or not, but it's always good to reflect back at where a series like Jak & Daxter all started.
Hergman Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
true true

ive heard about Jak X. i heard it has a better story than the previous game but that since it use the same character models as previous games instead of new ones, they look a bit dated.

but if thats the only gripe in there, its minor
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