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Iconization #8: Bobiscuit by gagaman92 Iconization #8: Bobiscuit by gagaman92
Bobiscuit the farmer is a strange individual from the looks of him. Is he an alien? Is he an eggplant? No one really knows for sure. Since farmers are not as common as they used to be, Bobiscuit still remains faithful to his job, because of how long he's been in that profession and grew up in the barn with his elderly parents.

For a slim-looking guy, he's actually pretty strong and tireless; he can harvest, soil and crop for hours without breaking a sweat. Perhaps it's part of his DNA. He's always well aware of his farm land, if anyone was to prank, steal or break anything from his crops for example, he'll know right away and try to catch the fools who dared trespassing. Even if the robbers would think that he wouldn't know where to look for a stolen haystack or veggie crop, he'll know, because it's HIS farm. He always finds ways to remember how exactly he placed his crops, kind of like a signature. Unfortunately, he wishes he could set traps and alarms to catch the robbers, but him and his family are dirt poor, so he has to rely on his instincts to save his farm the best he can.

I'll add more details to his backstory in my Discord group. So if anyone is interested in knowing more about him or my other characters' backstories, just ask me anytime. ^^
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