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2015 Summary of Art by gagaman92 2015 Summary of Art by gagaman92
I noticed everyone was doing it, so I decided "Eh, why the heck not?". 2015 was definitely a better year in art for me compared to 2014 (I don't know... a majority of my art from this year just makes cringe and asks myself why I did those drawings). There were some ups and downs, but mostly positive and I'm actually proud by some of them for taking the advantage and never giving up even when times are hard.

Enough rambling, let's start shall we?

January: Redraw old characters

Starting off the year, I've decided to redraw my REALLY old characters from when I was a wee child. It's interesting to see how I drew them with my recent style, not to mention this is not the first that I've done it. This is basically my much more recent adaptation... but still!

February: Mecha Tank

Next up, that 3D Mecha Tank I made in Maya as one of the final projects in 3D Animation. I like how it turned out even though the rendering and final composition was a pain in the butt.

March: Duck Animated

This one was fun! Did this with a friend as a final teamwork project in 3D. Working on the animation for the duck was hella captivating, especially when my friend pointed out each tiny jittery errors I was making when animating it. Not only that, but after I finished the animation assets, my friend started programming the duck as if he was in a video game, because that was the whole point of this project, to make him playable... and what do you know? It was actually working! (not fully realized or completed though, but it was a fun little experiment)

April: Dino-Mech

Get used to this beast, because that's probably the last 3D model you'll see of me for a very long (if ever). The modelling and texturing was really fun to do, but the rig gave me a hard time because of how complex it was (well to me at least). I Could've done better in terms of modelling, but overall, I'm fondly proud of this one.

May: Kazumi Clash

Kazumi is back! This rendition of Kazumi was interesting, because I really wanted to push for a more dynamic pose and it worked really really well, which I never expected honestly. Either way, she looks as bad ass as ever, isn't she?

June: Lila the Fairy

ANOTHER character I've decided to bring back! With a backstory included! This is her definitive design after many retries... isn't she cute though?! OMG! :stronghug: 
I wanted to make her look like a ginger with the dots on her skin... so maybe that's why she looks so adorable.

July: Ronic Doing the Thing

During the whole month of July, I've decided to take requests from other people (mostly friends) and just drew away some quirky OCs that I wouldn't normally bother with. I'm showing 'Ronic the Crazy Monkey' here for the fact that I became a fan of Conkeronine's rant videos and we became friends shortly after. Even though we don't talk to each other much, at least I have soul respect for him... hey don't worry, this applies to everyone taking the time that reads this overly long wall of text from yours truly. :love: 

August: None

Ughhh... this was the month that made the most anxious and sad. :sigh: 
Because I couldn't find any job offer in the 3D domain, I started to break apart, my parents were concerned about me... I just didn't know what to do at this point.
Thankfully, my lovely mother gave me an opportunity to keep going and start something new, which turned out to be a kitchen course (which I really like btw).
Also thankfully, I'm still drawing casually without having to worry about a full time job in this domain that tired me up quickly.

September: HmM - Page 39

Page 39 took forever to come up with, but I finally did it and the style is much more detailed compared to the plain white boxes from before. Hope this comic series from Sammie and I never dies and can finally come to an end someday. :D

October: Xenomorph

Since I played a bit of "Alien: Isolation" prior to October, I thought "Why not draw a Xenomorph for Halloween?"... and so I did. haha
The outline took forever to trace because of the crazy amount of details, but this drawing still remains one of my favourites simply because of the amount of time I took to make it.

November: Ziltoid: Eat Poop!

I slowly started to become a fan of Devin Townsend's epic Metal music and his ever-so unique mascot... Ziltoid! The Phoenix Wright pose was an inspiration I took from one of the Z² posters in which Ziltoid just so happens to point his finger in a similar fashion.

December: Happy Birthday Sammie!: Together

I have a lot of favourite drawings from December, but I had to go with this short comic I made for Sammie's birthday. Since she created 'Samantoine' (the greatest idea I've ever encountered), I thought "What better way to show my love to Sammie than illustrate us fusing together?". BING! That is honestly something I want to see more since the creation of this fusion by Sammie. I want to witness the different outcomes of us fusing together by accident and seeing Samantoine's reaction to it all. Also, can't you tell we're both big fans of Steven Universe? Yeah-- thought you'd never expect that. green meow 

That is all for this big ass text entry of mine and hope 2016 will bring great things to all of us! :chairdance: 

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