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There's something magnetic about this image. It instantly reminded me of a print a relative used to have on the wall of her guest bedro...

I've always loved the work of Alma-Tadema - definitely my favourite Victorian Romantic. The lighting is excellent, the setting just rig...



Faces of Africa test

Been hankering for this set on and off for a while to broaden my Mil-3 flexibility - but whenever it was reduced it just wasn't convenient to buy just then.

Bit of fiddling to get it working - the morphs get loaded at zero - took me some time trying to working out why they weren't applying - mostly with faces they load maxxed. Lots of African type faces to play with now for V3 and M3 - could do with a few more african hairdos, more than 1 or two skins and more body types

The busty look is with the help of NGM for V3 - another expensive old product I dithered over but has been worth it - pity NGM for V4 clashes with PerfectV4....

A work in the cycle race I may have to revisit it when I get more of a muse for the scene.

Been meaning to pick up the V4 Doctor bundle for some time - every time there was something else that got higher priority or the price had been much better a few days ago.

One of those items I was sure I could create an interesting scene with as soon as I got it (like the free weights gym and poses) but in this case I'm finding my angle a little more awkward. Perhaps it's because both are a little to contemporary....
I've gotten bogged down trying to learn shader mixer...which came about as I was having problems with a shadow catcher.
V3 Shahara exotic dancer
Scripted 3Delight with Awe Shaders

Another test.

Awe Shader settings application blows the image maps (doesn't appear to need them). However this is supposed to be an elder woman and unlikely her skin is going to be smooth (an old Dna product, only came with an old woman face bump map, but even that I had to whack up the bump to look even the slightest hint of vaguely craggy-faced (and the eye bags and wrinkles are a V3 morphs added detail).

Hmm, need some way of doing the render from rib files on 'Linux, 3Delight on wine is far too undependable, it's slow and memory inefficient at rendering large images and the scripted render keeps getting bogged down failing to finish.
Sickleyield and RiversoftArts released their Iray to 3DL materials converter (last week was it?...two weeks?). I snapped it up, I like to give Daz plenty of reason to be aware people still appreciate 3DL related content (3DL has a lovely tone, might not be anywhere near photorealistic without a lot of effort and skill, but it always reminds me of the covers of a fantasy novel).

Anyway, I've not used it too much, except in a try out on a few items that had no 3DL materials and it worked rather well.

The promised companion product was out this weekend - 3DL to Iray, and given I still had the The Ballroom scene still loaded (overloaded more like, there's not way it'll be loaded again, last time I tried to load such a large scene, Studio sat there for hours 'thinking about it'), I thought I'd run the new script and see how it does.

Rather well, on the whole - I'd not got much in the way of lights in the scene, just IBL Master (with it's boost lights) so I couldn't gage the photometric light conversion. Most material converted fine, great even.

I just ran the script, told it to scan for materials, let it use whatever it thought was best and ran the script. Took a fair bit of time to convert. Despite most my figures being duplicates (material wise) it went through all the scene elements which took 20 - 30 minutes - so might not be a time-saver, but certainly an effort saver....

  • Millenium 3s just look wonderful (once I set cutout opacity for the eyebrows to zero).
  • The Generation 4s look wonderful, the Genesis figures look wonderful (most are in Gen-4 skins, but the men are in David 5 Skin).
  • It picked up the candleabra flame bulbs and converted them to emissive lights (rather bright @ 1000 lumens), but lost the flame map (too bright, I'm guessing - take the lumens down to a glow (5-6 lumens (+ same as for glass for image map) might sort it - rather liked the glowing yellow bulb look, so I left it).
  • The glass come up fine (although, the stained glass materials surfaces needed adjusting - added the image map to Gloss Color sorts it)
  • Some of the MFD Fabricator based textures didn't come up right - the overskirt had it's tiling reset, the torso fabric of the MFD was too glossy, the boot soles render white on KindredM4 (other than that, the whole Kindred outfit converted fine).
  • The metal conversion is quite dull though - I had to replace all the metal conversion with something with a little more zing....
I look forward to testing it on fire and water scenes.

Addendum : Odd transparency checkerboards appear on skin converted from 3DL to IRay having had a gloss added (like applications by any of the wet look products for 3DL - not geoshells).

Overall, so far, looks like a useful set of tools, and nicely grouped in the scripts folder too.

I wonder though, if Daz script is limited to these instanced windows, and not a persistent tab. Gen-X would be much less useful if it required a new session like the batch pose converters do. Iray Light Manager (a bit of a disappointment) would be actually useful with a persistent tab - and also see 3DL lights - and I'd love to be able to search for items in the scene and edit them without having to climb down the folding ladders of child entries seemingly miles deep.

A replacement scene tab that groups Lights / Cameras / Figures away from other items would be nice too.


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Hunter Pray
United Kingdom
Just a individual with a drawing obsession most my life that got hooked on Daz Studio at the end of 2016.


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