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Micro Fury Plush Pattern

This is a prototype pattern I came up with for a sitting, more minimalist Night Fury plush, after my Kiriban winner asked for a Toothless and I did not have the time/energy to make one of Katy-A's. I also hadn't designed a plushie in a while and wanted the excuse/pain. I did borrow a couple of Katy-A's design ideas, namely in the head, as her way of doing it was exquisite, and if she wishes me to take down the pattern, I will.

I called it a Micro Toothless as the original size made a 5" tall plush that could fit in the palm of your hand.

NOTE: This plushie has only been made once by me and as a prototype it may have a few bugs. I did not encounter issues until sewing the base, where I had a little extra fabric to deal with. All in all I was pleased with the result, as was the recipient.
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this year I'll try makin this If I do a great job I'll upload it !

Hey! Hey! Really love this one...especially the wings as I'm making a crazy gift for a new baby! One of 2018/01/14, the download leads to an "oops" page.
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OMG this is so cool! I think I might use this!
probably was already asked but what are the ' dotted ' lines on some parts of the pattern for. 
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They are probably for folding
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is there a bigger version of this pattern? because this one is awesome but to small
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My sister and a friend ask for one, so I'm using this pattern. When I finish I will post a picture of both.
Thanks for uploading this!!!
(I am waaaay to lazy to do a Toothless pattern myself right now xD)
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do you have anything of the finished product?
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Hiya! Im going to make this soon but i do have a request, maybe a tutorial?
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I might use this...
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Hi, I wish you the best of luck (and hope it turned out great, if you made it already!) I'm sorry for the uber-delay, I don't check my DA much these days. Best wishes!
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Gonna try to make this for my brother later.
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I wish you the best of luck (and hope it turned out great, if you made it already!) I'm sorry for the massive delay, I don't check my DA much these days. Best wishes! I would hope your brother would/will like it :-).
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Yeah, I probably won't make it for a while now...
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hola soy nueva en esta pagina, me gustaría poder entender mejor ese molde, para poder realizar mi muñeco, mi hijito lo desea. 
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Hola, siento que me ha llevado tanto tiempo para responder. No tengo instrucciones de éstos, aunque es similar a la del peluche por Katy-A. Espero que ayude!

Hello, I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I do not have directions for these, though it is similar to the plushie by Katy-A. I hope that helps!

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ja ok muchas gracias
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I love this pattern, but the only question I have is how to go about attaching the legs, because I haven't the slightest clue. If you find the time, would you be able to put together a tutorial for the whole pattern?
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Eep, sorry about the delay in responding!! The legs go on sort of like for an old-style teddy bear, which is pretty much to say you hide a couple of stitches between the inside of the leg and the outside of the body and tie it off in a knot.  I hope that helps! As for a tutorial, it would probably be a good idea, but the trouble is finding the time to do it. I certainly appreciate the suggestion though :-) and best of luck with the pattern!
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Thank you so much! I'll be sure to send you a picture of the finished product once I get around to actually getting it done. 
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Hi there! I'm using your toothless pattern to make my nephew a Christmas gift and i would like to thank you for making it. All the patterns I'm using do not have directions other then the little letters lol and it's my first time sewing stuffed animals... I was hoping you would be able to tell me where the side piece goes. I know it is the side but is the little cheek piece that is connected to it... is it suppose to line up with the dotted line? I'll be sure to post a picture of him after I finish him.
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Hi, and sorry it took me so long to get back to you...I don't check DA that much these days. I will try to answer your question, hopefully in time to help you for your Christmas deadline.

The two side pieces connect the back and the front. The "d" parts of the side piece and the belly line up (I realized now I just put one "d" on the belly, but it should be done to both sides), so the body is made of four parts, like a box. The dotted lines are fold lines, like the belly piece is long because it includes everything from the base of the neck to the tip of the tail, and the fabric bends into conformation as it is stitched to the side pieces. The fold lines do not get stitched. Does that help?

As an FYI, some people have run into having a little extra fabric around the base, but others do not.  I think it may be because the pattern is so small, meaning you have to pay particular attention to your stitches being even.

Best wishes, and Merry Christmas!
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hi there!! ^^ i used your pattern!!! it looks awesome!! <3 ty :3

:heart:  chuuuu chuuu :heart:   
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Eeep! Sorry I haven't been on in a few days. That is so great!  Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you and little chibi Toothless get to have lots of adventures together.
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