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November 17, 3999

As this is to be the official documentation for this expedition, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Septor Velaris, and I hold a doctorate from the University of New Earth in the field of Ancient Technology. While my field is officially within the history division proper, I do prefer to think of myself as a scientist. I am currently the professor of Mid-Twentieth and Twenty-First Century History at the Hegemony Military Academy on Io, so I have had to unfortunately focus my teaching on the military aspects of those two centuries; however my real love lies in the technology produced during that period. The Golden Age, I call it.

I was recently hired by the Hegemony Minister of Science to conduct a survey of a particularly active region of Old North America. My unofficial assignment is without question far more interesting, and the reason that I accepted the offer. I have been given use of a single assistant, a young intern within the Ministry of Science who I’ve been told is the son of a ranking official within the Hegemony. The mission is not dangerous, and supposedly he needs the field experience before he can be promoted to Under-Minister. A stepping stone to greatness, I do not expect him to be of very much use during the survey.

I am preparing for the trip, packing as lightly as I can, knowing that the active seismic activity on the planets surface may well prevent any shuttle from landing near the objective.

November 21, 3999

The ship that was allotted to us by the Ministry made better time to Old Earth than I expected. We are currently in low orbit above our objective, making a low-orbital reconnaissance run of the local area to determine the best drop point. Judging from the massive seismic activity and active volcanic rifts in the earths surface, it appears that we may be forced to drop some twenty miles away from the objective in a seventy meter square opening, which will allow us to penetrate the otherwise heavy jungle cover surrounding the area.

November 22, 3999

Landed today. The clearing that we observed during reconnaissance turned out to be the only suitable location. We will have to make our way on foot. The thick vegetation and animal life may make travel difficult. My assistant does not appear thrilled with the prospect of a cross country trek, but since the shuttle has departed back to the ship in orbit, he does not have much choice. The region above my eye, surrounding the connection to the cortex has been throbbing since we landed. I do not know if it has to do with our proximity to the laboratory, if it exists, but I can tell my assistant has felt the same effects.

November 24, 3999

There are animals present, predators, if my observations are correct. Clawed tracks, always in front of us. I believe they are circling. We have not sighted the beasts, but I can hear them in the night.

November 25, 3999

Whatever the monsters are, they are quick and deadly. After breaking camp this morning we stumbled across the carcass of a very large mammal. The predators travel in packs, they brought it down in the night, not fifty yards from where we slept, and I never heard a sound. We make for the river today, will camp on this side, and cross under cover of darkness. I hope that we may lose our followers.

November 27th, 3999

We crossed the river yesterday. Our crossing was made more treacherous on account of the gathering rain clouds, and growing wind. It was… difficult. The small tremors that have been ever present since our landing have been increasing in magnitude. My assistant assures me that he has seen the pertinent data, and that we are in no real danger, but there is a haunted look in his eyes, and I have noticed him checking his chronometer more frequently than would be considered natural. He fears that our journey runs longer than expected.

November 29th, 3999

We are within site of the city. It is more ruinous than I had expected, but the large dome that housed the main hall of the museum is easily visible over the wreckage. We should arrive within the next few days or so, depending on how easily the trek is. The quakes are growing in frequency and intensity. Mere tremors have become sustained shaking. I have begun to fear the worst. Our trip may be called short if word of the changes reaches the ministry. Hunting parties in this section of the continent are very common, and they will report such irregularities. If they are recalled by the Hegemony Ministry of Recreation, we will be left alone here, with no hope of rescue should anything go awry. Several of my excavation tools went missing last night. While I have no proof, I am growing suspicious of my assistant. He has been quiet, and avoids interacting with me whenever possible.

November 30th, 3999

The journey through the city has been awful. Earthquakes are almost constant now, and several buildings have crumbled and fallen before our eyes. We will walk through the night, in the hope of making the museum by nightfall tomorrow. The laboratory will be somewhere beneath, and I wish to give myself as much time to search as possible. I continue to grow more suspicious of my traveling companion. There is something very… malevolent about him. Or I am paranoid.

December 1st, 3999

I believe that if the climate had not experienced as dramatic a shift as happened in the late 2200’s, it would be snowing. All my research has indicated that this is the appropriate season for cold weather, snow, and storms. This infernal heat that surrounds us is wearing at me, making me feel tired no matter what the time of day. We cannot move forward. Last night a massive earthquake caused a large rift to open in front of us. It is at least twenty meters across, and I cannot see the bottom, although I can quite easily feel the heat. I fear that the laboratory may not be accessible, or if it is, it will be too dangerous to enter. That deep, it will be very close to the lava. It is impossible to say whether the laboratory was originally underground. Such extensive urban development occurred since then that it could have been at ground level. In addition, the dust storms of the 2300’s laid down massive amounts of earth and dust, and subsequent cities had to be build well on top of others. The lab would have been lost forever but for a protective shield that surrounded it. The museum did the rest, preserving it permanently. Since we cannot make our way forward, I will give a brief explanation of what I am searching for. At some point in the early 21st Century (although my dates may be slightly off) an individual remembered only as Kinesis made massive, almost inexplicable advances in technology. In fact, it’s impossible to say for certain just how many of his inventions influenced technology today, but one is most definitely clear, and inspired my desire to learn all I could about him. He was the original inventor of a device which when applied to the forehead of the individual allowed them to move things telekinetically. This device was used later by another scientist to create a direct mind-to-technology link. It was a significant upgrade to the far inferior internet, allowing the individual to immediately access any information they desired simply by thinking about it. That invention has been well documented, and indeed, a statue of the inventor (a Martian by the name of Xasus Merrick) stands before the Hegemony Congress atop Olympus Mons. However, there is only casual mention of the original invention, which I hope to correct through this mission. Today, of course, the Merrick Device connects all citizens of the Hegemony from birth to the Cortex, a massive information terminal which I am told is so large that it requires the entire planet of Mercury to house its databanks. It is unthinkable that people could live without access to the cortex, but I fear if the radiation storms in the atmosphere worsen, we may in actuality lose that connection. I will give further updates on our situation tomorrow. If we are still here.

December 4th, 3999

Two days ago a massive earthquake ripped through the city. Most of what was standing has been completely leveled. We have an unobstructed view of the Museum dome, still miraculously intact. I wouldn’t have believed that anything could have survived the tremors. The rift in front of us has widened, it is now entirely uncrossable. Small volcanic eruptions have been occurring sporadically; they are entirely unpredictable, and very dangerous. We have moved back to the edge of the jungle. I do not now see any possible way for us to continue this voyage. I will write for today, and if nothing changed over the night, we will have no choice but to make our way back to the dropsite and attempt to contact the ship. I have made several token attempts to communicate with the Minister, but there is simply too much interference in the atmosphere. Even at noon the radiations flares and auroras are visible. I dread finding out what permanent damage the radiation has done to us. Since there is simply nothing else to report, and since I fear we may not escape, I will give a brief history of mankind. It will… distract me from our current predicament.

2000 (approximately) Kinesis (so called) invents a telekinetic amplifier chip, which is embedded above the left eye. I mark this as the start of my chronology, as it is the start of the modern age.

2058- The third world war devastates the region known as Asia. Starting as a simple conflict over the existence of so called super-technologies, several super-villains gain access to nuclear stockpiles and launch attacks on all major cities on the Pacific Rim.

2150- The first effects of the nuclear war make themselves known. Massive amounts of climate changes cause the temperature to rise through the central parts of the world.

2275- The climate change causes a heavy jungle climate to descend over the entire world. Several nuclear disasters occur in abandoned facilities, and a super-villain known simply as X unleashes a devastating weapon which almost entirely vaporizes the Ozone layer, causing tremendous amounts of radiation to wash over the planet. The citizens of earth speed up evacuation efforts which had begun in

2294- Evacuation of earth is completed. All citizens have been moved to the newly terraformed Mars, or to one of the many domed colonies located on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

3073- The first of the Martian Wars. The newly formed governing body which rules over all former citizens of earth, known as the Hegemony passes a controversial racial-preservation act. The act, which was intended to preserve the distinctness of the different races, in the hopes of preventing the creation of one single, uniform race, prohibits procreation beyond a certain stage between individuals of different races. Proponents of the act state that without it, the differences between Asians, Europeans, Americans, and Africans will vanish completely within the next three hundred years, and as the physical differences disappear, so too will the cultural differences. It is seen by its opponents as a return to segregation, an early to mid 20th Century practice that was declared illegal by the United Nations in 2080. The war lasts only two years, and at the end a newly revised law is passed which falls somewhere in the middle of the two sides of the argument.

3190- The Promethean War. The greatest conflict mankind has ever endured, it was a war of one against humanity. The descendent of one of the fifteen superheroes who survived the evacuation of old earth, Jack Morrihy took a superhero name for himself, and after witnessing the effect of his power on his parents, called himself Prometheus. His power was dreadful. He had the ability to control the very atoms that made up existence, to force them to do whatever he willed. He first used this power in a fit of rage, blasting his parents down to their very base blocks of matter. Their destruction was complete, not even ashes remained. Over a period of twenty days in the autumn of 3190, he killed more than 2.4 billion humans, not only on New Earth, but in every one of the outlying colonies as well, ripping them each apart atom from atom with a mere thought. In the end, it was another hero, whose name was never declassified by the Hegemony Secret Police who killed Prometheus. Following this war it was declared illegal, and punishable by death for any individual to display any sort of unnatural power or ability.

3525- The creation of the cortex. To date, this has been the single most important event in the history of humankind. No matter where a human goes, or what he is doing, he is permanently connected telepathically to a massive terminal which is in turn connected to both tremendous databanks which house the entirety of human knowledge, and remotely to every other human in existence. While the connection can be blocked to prevent other humans from communicating, and information flow can be accessed or restricted, the cortex forms the very living core of the human experience. The connection is implanted above the left eye of the host at birth, and cannot be removed without killing the individual involved. The creator of the cortex, Xasus Merrick stated in his journals only that he was profoundly in the dept of an earth scientist named Kinesis, without whom the Merrick device would not have been conceived.
I must end my chronology here. My assistant has returned from scouting the area around the rim of the crevasse, and I must see if he has found a way to cross.

December 5th, 3999

Fortune favored us last night. A massive quake caused a tree on the edge of the crevasse to fall over. It was large enough that the top of the tree came to rest on the other side of the pit, and we were able to make our way cautiously across, using the branches to maintain our balance. Some of the heavier equipment had to be left behind, including my portable core drill, which I had made my assistant carry. It was a wrench leaving it, and the other equipment behind, but we have been able to resume our voyage. We are making a slow go of it, for the buildings lining the street that have not yet been destroyed are completely structurally unsound, and I fear that the slightest noise or tremor will bring them down on our heads. I believe that at our current pace, we will reach the dome in five more days. It is farther than I had anticipated; the sheer size of the dome caused me to believe it was closer than in actuality.  I have spent several of the last hours attempting to connect to the datasphere, but there is no connectivity here. There is a distinct sense of loss, and I am an individual who has prided myself on remaining as independent of the core as possible. I can only speculate the effect that such a complete isolation from the core would produce on web-riders, or the countless masses that spend more of their time on web-worlds than the real world on which they live. It would be catastrophic; perhaps such a profound sense of loss would be enough to cause insanity.

December 12th, 3999

We are camped beneath the steps leading up to the massive dome which covers the main hall of the museum. Most of my instruments which I have been using in an attempt to monitor and document volcanic activity are next to useless now; they remain fixed at their highest readings. I believe that seismic activity has surpassed the levels that I am capable of measuring, and all data supports the hypothesis that this trend will only increase over time.
There is a statue of Kinesis standing on a platform about halfway to the top of the two thousand steps leading to the front entrance. I have had some time to examine the statue. It is certainly larger than life, I do not believe that Kinesis stood three meters tall; if he did, he would have truly been a formidable man to meet. There is a self-confidence and determination in the face that I truly did not imagine when I had pictured him in my minds eyes. It is as though he holds such a wealth of knowledge within himself that he does not see the world as others do, it is all numbers and data in his eyes; there is even a hint of suffering. It is a fine statue to be sure, but as I have never seen any images of the man, I cannot verify its authenticity. It seems strange that in this city of destruction and ruin, a statue like this would remain almost untouched by wear, appearing much as I imagine it did when it was first erected. The date on the statue reads 2248. I believe that this may be the date of the foundation of the museum.
The building itself towers above our campsite, making a mockery of any belief that either myself or my assistant may have held in our dominion of nature, even of the past. It stand at least two hundred meters in height from the ground to the small statue on top of the dome, so high above us that I am not able to see it clearly. Its base must cover at least ten city blocks, with the additional, smaller wings spreading out over another twenty, but I have no way to confirm this, as gigantic rifts have opened all around us, all but entirely encircling the structure. The protective forcefields that must surround the laboratory must also be protecting what remains of the museum.
I have found one other item of note. At the base of the museum, carved into one of the massive stones that form a foundation to the side of the tremendous front steps is the letter X. The date beneath it suggests a cornerstone, the same date that I read on the statue of Kinesis. Tomorrow we will search the museum. I assume that none of the signs or displays will remain to instruct us of where to go to find the lab.

December 13th, 3999

The interior of the museum is extremely dark, and the air hangs thickly around us, suffocating us under its weight and heat. The only light that allows us to see our surrounding is coming in through holes so high above us that I cannot see them. Because of the lack of adequate lighting, a situation that I admit I had not anticipated, our search has encountered numerous setbacks. I have already ruled out all fifteen floors of the museum above ground level, but a plate metal floor guide erected on one of the many pillars in the main hall indicates that there are at least another ten floors below ground. I have found myself again stunned at how I had underestimated the sheer size of this structure, it appears more than ever that, at least in the mid 2000’s Kinesis was revered to almost deity-esque proportions. I have had to retreat back outside onto the steps to write this entry, to make use of the waning evening light. The ground below us shakes and rumbles constantly now.
We have uncovered several exhibits which have shed some more light onto the character of Kinesis. For the most part, they merely describe his achievements as a scientist, which seem to be almost innumerable. There is no description of his personal life that I have been able to find, but I have hope that in the lab I will uncover personal journals or computer entries which will give me the insight I so desperately crave.
There was a single incident today involving my associate, but it has left me convinced that he has an ulterior motive in participating in this expedition. There was a plaque, riddled with pockmarks and cracks that I spotted while wandering through one of the many antechambers off the main hall. I believe that the markings on it would still have been legible, despite the ruin that time had brought to it. The letter X, displayed on the bottom in some long forgotten font. As I approached, my assistant, coming into the room, stumbled on a cracked flagstone and, as he fell thrust out an arm to regain his balance, and caused the plaque to fall from its mooring and smash upon the floor. So worn had it been that there is nothing left but dust. An accident, he claimed. A regrettable loss, due to clumsiness and carelessness.
I find it strange that in the weeks since we landed on this unstable, ever-shaking and trembling, rumbling ground, he has not stumbled, nor tripped even once. I have never witnessed such balance, such physical control. It seems strange that it would have chosen that precise moment to finally desert him. I will not allow my guard down in his presence again. I still fear that there is something more… malevolent than simply mischievous.

December 14th, 3999

I have continued to search the museum in the hopes of locating a stairwell which will allow me to gain access to the lower floors. I am sure that there is a tremendous wealth of knowledge to be found in the upper floors as well, but I will not risk it with the current seismic activity. Through the main hall, down a long hallway is the most interesting room that I have yet entered. A statuary hall, by the looks of it. It is a long room, but too wide to be considered a true hallway, with a vaulted roof two stories overhead, plated in some kind of colorful, translucent metal. I naturally have no proof that it isn’t glass, but I do not think that glass would have survived the current quakes. Hundreds of statues, lining the sides of the room, peering out with knowing eyes from the alcoves, looking down from the balcony that runs the length of the hall peering in respectful but barely disguised looks of superiority. Most of the names I know, Einstein, Warner van Braun, various scientists and philosophers from throughout history. The ones that I didn’t know, I imagine I could find information on if I still had access to the cortex.
Except for one. A statue of a youth, a mere child really, but then I am old, and near everyone seems like a child to me. He is placed in an alcove so far to the back of the hallway that it was by mere chance that I stumbled across it, hidden behind a statue of Socrates and Plato. Well dressed, in a smart looking suit, one hand raised to rest lightly on the rim of his glasses. In the other hand he holds a small book, finger wedged into a page in the middle. Unlike the rest of the statues in the hall, whose expressions are almost universally ones of arrogant superiority, his is of a remarkable gentleness. The lifelike quality of this statue, well, of all the statues in the hall is remarkable. The plaque on the pedestal reads only Fantasy. I do not know if it is merely an allegory of the fantastic nature of the human mind, or a real individual, but it seems decidedly out of place in this room of famous faces.
The remainder of the rooms are filled with the ruins of exhibits that, without proper custodial care have fallen into a state of disrepair so great that they are entirely unrecognizable. I have not seen my assistant for several hours. I assume that he too is exploring, perhaps in one of the less accessible wings. I write this entry from within the statuary hall, as it has the best light of any rooms that I have yet found. I think that I will sleep here tonight before venturing further into the labyrinth of corridors ahead.

December 15th, 3999

There was a lightning storm late last night. The roof of the statuary hall was hit by a strike of lightning, causing it to cave in. If I had not been sleeping underneath the balcony, I would certainly have been crushed in my sleep. My assistant was not as lucky. A large chunk of the balcony collapsed on him while he slept, smashing his hand. I have bound it in one of my extra shirts, stopping the bleeding, but I fear that infection will set in. I don’t think that he is in any condition to move, so I fear I will have to delay any further exploration of the museum at least for another day or so.
To my great dismay, most of the statues in the hall were destroyed by the collapse. It seems like a tragic loss of rather magnificent artistic works. I searched for an hour in vain for the statue of the young man, but it seems lost beneath the rubble forever. The rest of the hall seems unstable, so it may be in our best interests to retreat to the domed entrance.

December 18th, 3999

Three days without any work accomplished, because my assistant claims that his hand is preventing him from sleeping, holding down food…etc. Half of the time I am sympathetic. There is no way to reattach his hand, and prosthetics, I am told, are simply not the same thing. But there is only so much that I can handle, and this constant waiting without accomplishing anything is almost more than I can handle. I can’t even leave his side for more than twenty minutes. I’ve tried, but he shrieks after me that if I come back and he is dead, it will be worth my life. If I wasn’t so absolutely certain that he was the son of some high ranking official, I wouldn’t care. I will give him another day to recover, since that is how long I believe our medical supplies will laugh. If he isn’t capable of leaving, I will proceed on my own.

December 20th, 3999

We have discovered the lab. I… do not feel that any description of my feelings towards this discovery which I could chronicle here in my journal would be even remotely adequate. It is… everything I could have hoped for. The complex begins one floor beneath the main area of the lab. The museum architect designed a series of halls and circular rooms to contain a series of informative visual displays to instruct visitors about both the era in which Kinesis lived, and some of his more well known inventions. Most of the information was remarkably well preserved by an air seal which encloses the entire complex. There is more information here than I have been able to process in the few hours since my assistant and I first forced open the sealed door. There is extensive information about a small scale war which appears to have been waged between superheroes and supervillians. This is directly contradictory to my previous beliefs that supervillians were a relative rarity in this world. Most of the data which remains from this time period only expounds upon the virtues of the heroes, but this entire section of the museum seems almost, strangely, like a shrine to supervillians. I am not sure that I understand the meaning of this yet. There is some information about black market arms and technologies dealers, mostly about two females who appear to have had some measure of contact with Kinesis. This does not surprise me, many genius’ have had limited communication with less than reputable characters. Indeed, some supplies needed for the more impressive inventions, like plutonium, was not as accessible in that era as it is in this one. There is a display in an alcove describing some lost invention of Kinesis’ which was described as requiring such a plutonium supply to generate 1.21 gigawatts of power to function. Such an amount of power would have been almost unheard of in the early 21st Century.
The lab we have not actually entered just yet. There has simply been too much outside, which I have been intently studying. We will begin exploration of those rooms tomorrow.

December 21st, 3999

The lab is… interesting. I am not sure if I had expected something with dry ice, and massive vats of bubbling, glowing liquid. It is a lab, pure and simple. The first room that we entered had a series of long tables in it covered with scientific equipment: microscopes, test tubes, beakers, and other archaic instruments of measurement.
There are several rooms which come off from this one, which I have dubbed the chemistry room. One has a row of lockers which contain rather uniform lab coats and equipment, as well as facial masks which, after further examination, served very little purpose other than to have provided a steady filter system in the event of a sudden, unexpected deployment of nerve gas. An even closer study has revealed that this filter can be deactivated remotely, though for what reason, I cannot guess. It seems, when looked at through a more devious light, that someone who wanted an individual dead could simply have ordered them into an unsafe area, deactivated their filter, and then claimed a malfunction. A witty but rather roundabout way of killing someone. Perhaps it was merely a design included by the manufacturer, but I am beginning to have my doubts as to whether Kinesis was indeed as noble an individual as I had originally thought. The masks themselves are tremendously uncomfortable when worn. There is another room which includes an emergency shower, clearly to be used in the case of chemical spills and burns, which has a very clear warning sign on the door which states; for Kinesis’ use only. All others will be terminated. There is also a small second sign underneath the much bigger one which appears to have been handwritten, ON PAPER (which I will come to later) which states; oh, and Miss Evanson as well. I am not familiar with a Miss Evanson who may have worked for Kinesis, but if this note is handwritten, as I hypothesize it is, in Kinesis’ hand, it is a tremendously important discovery.
Paper. I have not seen actual carbon based paper since I visited the Hegemony Ministry of Records more than thirty years ago. To date it is the only repository of early 23rd century documents, the last documents to be recorded in physical (as opposed to digital) form. No original documents from before this period remain, as all known books were scanned into a digital repository to prevent the loss of knowledge. With the expansion of the primitive internet in the 22nd century, books were gradually phased out until none remained.
But here in the lab, there are books. Real books, not the plastic ones that the rich and famous have in faux libraries because they believe them to be chique. True books, with a hardened cover, bound spine, and individual wood (and therefore carbon) based pages. To think of the number of trees that are represented in the library that we discovered just before noon, it simply staggers the mind. Most of the books are on science, various encyclopedias and publications from various other scientists (I have discovered that there are handwritten notes in the margins of these books which express an extreme derision towards the various breakthroughs described in the text) I will spend the next few days collecting information from these books into another notebook which will be attached to this one as a set. Tomorrow, however, I intend to devote exclusively to discovering the computer which will hold the entirety of the information about Kinesis.

December 22nd, 3999

The room housing the computer is the last room in the complex, three floors beneath the main chemistry room. The construction of the room would appear to the untrained eye to be the same as the rest of the lab, but a closer inspection has revealed that the computer room was constructed at the same time as the rest of the museum. I hypothesize that this was done so that the computer could be given its own exhibit separate from the rest of the lab.
The room itself is approximately the same size as the chemistry room, and evidence that I discovered yesterday in that room leads me to believe that it was the original location of the computer. A smaller drone which is now exhibited in a small glass case next to the main console panel would most likely have been used when Kinesis could not access the primary control panel. A clever device, it appears that he mastered a form of primitive hover technology almost 100 years before it became commonplace.
I was concerned immediately when I first laid eyes on the computer. The damage caused by the pillar falling was extensive. I am not certain that the manual input of commands will function; my only hope was that there was still audio recognition. I spent two hours familiarizing myself with the setup, then attempted to activate the computer. While the voice simulator in the computer no longer functions, the answers were displayed on the screen in text form. Some text was lost in the gaping hole in the side of the computer, and in the spiderwebbing cracks around the screen. What follows is my first conversation with the computer, as best as I can remember.

[extensive data onscreen, what I believe to be commonly displayed during a reboot]

Computer: St[a]n?
Ego: My name is Septor Valeris. Do you know what date it is?
Computer: [ten second pause] That information is not available
Ego: It is December 22, in the year 3999. What is the last date that you can remember functioning?
Computer: [processes] April 6, 2531
Ego: What is your operational status?
Computer: I am operating at 11% capability. My databanks are at 24%.
Ego: I am looking for information pertaining to the scientist known as Kinesis. Do you know this individual?
Computer: That information is classified.
Ego: Why is it classified?
Computer: Only Kinesis and Alice Evanson have access to that information.
Ego: Who is Alice Evanson?
Computer: That information is classified.

The conversation continued in this vein for another twenty minutes or so before I was forced to abandon my fact finding efforts. I will make an effort to reroute the connections to computer in the hopes of gaining access to this classified information. If the damage is as extensive as I predict it to be, I think that it will be relatively simple to accomplish. My assistant seems to be highly interested in a metallic device located in the center of the computer room, alongside a small circular metal platform on the floor. Neither of these devices come with a descriptive plaque, so I can only hypothesize on their importance to this exhibit. The device that has caught my assistant’s attention is an extraordinarily complex piece of machinery built roughly in the shape of a three dimensional X, with a cone shaped protrustion projecting out of the bottom towards the floor of the lab. It is not incased in any protective glass, and indeed seems to be a peculiarily recent addition to the lab’s exhibits. The other device seems much more ancient, perhaps dating back to the period during which Kinesis himself was practicing science. In the room, circling the top of the wall just beneath the ceiling are many small holes which look machined in nature. Perhaps a defense or security system of some sort.

December 24th, 3999

On new earth, today would mark the start of the celebration of Christmas, for the United Hegemony Church. Christmas; a day for artificial snow to cover all of New Earth, for vacationers on Ganymede to forgo the icy slopes for a more relaxed atmosphere in their cabins. There is no snow here, just an oppressive heat which has increased even in the shielded confines of the lab. I fear that the magma level underneath the city is continuing to  rise, and may indeed already be at the level of the lowermost section of the lab. I spent the night sleeping in a very strange room indeed. It was a simple enough area, mostly bare of any trappings or decoration. There was a large vat in the center of the room, filled with what my instruments informed me is a horrifically toxic mixture of gelatin-like liquid. Some rocks fell from the ceiling during a quake in the night and were almost immediately dissolved in a churning, bubbling, frothing flurry of activity.
My attempts to communicate with the computer have met with slightly more success. My effort to reroute the programming synapses have allowed me to access some of the lowest level files that the computer has retained, including some information about the mysterious assistant of Dr. Kinesis, Alice Evanson. While there is almost no information left about her life before joining the company run by Kinesis, Global Endeavors, it seems that an unfortunate incident at her former job resulted in her being hired as Kinesis’ personal assistant. Kinesis did not keep extensive records of his personal feelings on the computer, or if he did, they are locked too deep for me to access, or lost, so I do not know his personal feelings towards her, but the small amount of footage that I was able to recover indicate a certain amount of affection.
There were several other files which I was able to gain access to as well. One file labeled only as “Stupid People” contained an extensive dossier on almost all the known supervillians operating on the American continent during the era in which Kinesis worked. This has led to another startling conclusion. Kinesis was not a beloved scientist and researcher, as I had presupposed. He appears to have been in fact a supervillian himself, albeit certainly not the most powerful. There is another file on the computer marked “Evil Playlist” which contains an extensive list of evil sounding songs to be played at opportune moments during his research, or while watching footage of his greatest victories.
The computer has exhibit signs of an emerging personality the longer that I leave it on. It occasionally mistakes me for Kinesis, and will display a picture of the scientist in a rather… compromising position while making various amusing demands. These conversations usually end with a threat to post the pictures on the internet, before the computer once again goes silent. I am saving all the relevant information that I can find onto a portable cortex for upload when I return to the University.

December 25th, 3999

My assistant disappeared sometime last night. I have searched for him throughout the lab, but I do not dare to return to the museum, as the earthquakes have made any area outside the protective shield nearly inaccessible. He left his backpack behind, but has taken his weapon, and destroyed mine. I should have taken his weapon before he could abandon me; he has had that glint of malicious intent in his eyes from the beginning of our mission. There was an encoded document left in his possessions which I have not yet been able to translate. When I discovered it, my first thought was to get the computer to decode it for me, but it appears that he has thought of this possibility. He has ripped out the connections that I so painstakingly restored; I do not believe that I can repair them anymore, and without them, the computer is no better than a massive paperweight. I will spend all of today and all of tomorrow attempting to restore power to the computer.
The intricate device in the center of the room has lit up, and a panel on the side has begun a countdown. Working forwards from the time left, the countdown will end on the 31st, at 11pm.

December 27th, 3999

My assistant returned last night while I was sleeping and destroyed my other notepad. All the information that collected from the entry hall to the lab has been completely lost, as well as my drawings of the two devices in the computer room. It is a tremendous loss, as I do not have any other way to rerecord those observations.

December 27th, 3999

After several hours of searching I have discovered that at the beginning of each of the books on the shelves in the main room of the lab, there are two or three blank pages. I touched one of the smaller, less important tomes to determine whether it would simply crumble the moment anything disturbed it, but it is in impeccable condition. I tore the pages out of each of the book, leaving the text unharmed, and bound them together as best I could with some string I discovered in one of the drawers. I now have something that resembles a very rudimentary notebook, which I will use to replace my lost notebook. The parts that I can no longer examine; the statuary hall and main hall of the museum I will have to sketch and describe from memory as best I can.
My food supplies are running low. It is a good thing that my assistant disappeared. I have incorporated what was left of his food into my own, and believe that I may have just enough to remain here for at least another day, and then for the journey back to the drop point.

December 28th, 3999

I have been able to restore power to the computer. I had initially not had much hope, but my assistant appears to only have a rudimentary grasp of technology, and thus was not able to cripple the machine as effectively as I’m sure he had hoped. Once rebooted, the computer was able to decode the message that I found in my assistants’ possessions. It appears to be relatively simple commands to work with me to locate the lab, then makes references to completing a pre-described mission, of which I know nothing. The letter is signed by the Minister of Science, on a line with a small X by it, similar to any document which asks for a signature. Still, just looking at the document, and the line with the X on it in particular, I have the strangest feeling that it means something more. Something that I am simply not grasping.
The preservation of most of the footage of Kinesis, as well as many of the still photographs in albums throughout the library appears entirely thanks to his assistant Alice. I get the feeling that while he may indeed have styled himself a supervillian, and indeed appears to have had highly publicized clashes with a superhero known only as Amazing Man (I confess that I laughed with a small amount of derision when I heard the name for the first time), Alice herself was certainly not evil, and indeed appears to have been a highly stabilizing and normalizing influence in his life. I do not believe that Kinesis was as insane as he would have preferred the world to believe, and I have my suspicions as to the role that Alice played in preventing that.

December 29th, 3999

I grow more concerned with each day that passes, as the device in the center of the computer room continues its silent countdown to… I don’t know. I have my fears that it may be a doomsday device of some kind, and the small X at the bottom of the device only encourages this belief. There is a malicious force at work here, and I am terrified of it. I still have not seen my assistant, but I have discovered a weapon in one of the display cases that experimentation has told me still functions properly. There is a large, polished hole in one of the walls which can attest to this fact. If he returns, I will be ready. I sleep only a few hours at night, and even that is more than I would like. I will download all the information off the computer that can fit in my portable cortex, and leave this place tomorrow. I pray that I will still be able to leave that city and make contact with… someone. Anyone.

December 30th, 3999

I cannot leave the lab. The level of the lava has risen, all but completely surrounding the lab and destroying the museum. I attempted to make my way to a stairwell earlier this afternoon only to discover that extensive  cave-ins and collapses have made it impassable. It appears that the safest location in the museum now is the lab. My assistant will either be forced to flee the area or return to the lab. I have retreated to the room with the computer, and will hole up here, as I believe that the shielding will be strongest around this room.
I have completed my notebook. I opted to work much more heavily on the sketches, particularly of the more interesting displays, and have sketched as many of the statues from the statuary hall that I did not recognize as I could remember. I do not know whether any of my documentation will ever make it back to the Hegemony. I fear that there will be no escape from the coming cataclysmic natural disaster that I fear will completely shatter this entire region of the continent. I have never in my life heard of such unbelievable seismic activity, all my instruments are useless; incapable of reading the levels that are currently being registered. I sleep, mostly, when I can. I have been very tired, trying to stay awake as long as possible each night so that my assistant will not be able to sneak up on me, but at this point, it doesn’t really seem to matter if he returns or doesn’t.

December 31st, 3999

It is around noon. I do not usually write this early, but the countdown on the device is steadily moving forward, and I do not know whether some sort of death ray may be activated which will prevent me from writing again, so I will make this entry under the assumption that  it will be my last. I have placed my other notebook inside a massive ray-shielded safe which I discovered in one of the many side rooms, and after finishing this entry, I will place this document as well. My hope is that with the amount of activity in this region, someone will come to observe and will discover the safe, as well as my chronicle. It is a shame that I did not have longer to explore the museum. I am sure that there were thousands of other, equally interesting exhibits that I would have loved to see.

December 31st 11:20pm

My assistant is dead. I was a fool, a naïve, foolish fool. The Minister of Science… no, NOT the Minister of science. He may have been elected to that position, but only under false pretenses. X. X sent my so called assistant for this very purpose. Perhaps not to die, but in dying, he served his purpose. The device in the center of the room is fully activated. He returned in the middle of the night while I slept in the chemistry room, oblivious to his actions. It killed him doing it, a fact in which I take little consolation. The small round holes in the upper section of the room hid a horrific laser grid which completely dismantled his body the moment that the code was entered into the device. There is no way off this planet now. All my instruments are reading a massive spike in temperature in the earth’s core. In a short while, the crust will crumble away and all that will be left of the planet will be a massive, roiling sea of lava. No cities, no forests, no land at all. In time, that too will cool, harden, and shatter. There will be no earth.
It makes complete sense, in retrospect. X has been using his position within the Hegemony to advocate moving all remaining humans to three planets in the Alpha Centauri system. They are earth-like, completely capable of sustaining life, and contain what appears to be more than ten times the natural resources of earth. It’s a gold rush. I’m sure he’ll find some way to seize power; start his own little empire.
The grid left my assistant in hundreds of remarkably neat little cubes of flesh, charred and burned by the flash fire which was released from the floor after the lasers had completed their task. I can’t move the pieces; when I touched even the smallest cube, it crumbled into ash beneath my fingers. It’s just as well, for where would I take the remains? This whole lab, the museum, everything around it… it’s all doomed.
Why? Why would X consider it so necessary to destroy earth? I believe I have an answer, one that was in front of me the whole time, since the New Years Day speech last year. He wants to move all of humanity to the Alpha Centauri planets, but as long as Earth remains intact, humanity will not leave, even if it becomes completely hostile and foreign. It’s more than just a planet, it’s a symbol, one that the Hegemony is quite comfortable spending its existence in its shadow. This is a subject that has been debated for almost a century, and the man most fervently advocating for its immediate implementation has been the Minister of Science, who claims that it is not only feasible, but essential. Now, with Earth gone and the colonies sickeningly stagnant, I doubt that anyone will mount a significant challenge. I would also predict that in light of the destruction, a state of emergency will be declared, and the one most capable of understanding the consequences of such a scientifically-oriented disaster will be made interim president, a position not eagerly to be relinquished.
The device in the center of the room, the one with no placard, switched itself on at some point in the last five hours. Out of the metal base a tall pillar of white light, translucent and crackling with blue lines of energy rises to the ceiling. It reminds me vaguely of the fictional transporters from the science fiction television shows of the 20th Century. I have thrown several rocks into the beam of light, but none have come out on the other side. I don’t know if they have been destroyed, or simply sent somewhere else, but I have derived a certain amount of satisfaction imagining someone walking down a street only to have a rock appear out of thin air and smash into the side of their head.

December 31st 3999 11:51pm

There is nothing left to do. The earth is shaking constantly at what must be at least a 9.0 on the Richter Scale. Dust and debris has been raining from the ceiling, the once small cracks in the concrete and stone have widened, sections have come down completely. A large section of the ceiling fell on the computer about seven minutes ago, smashing it into an unrecognizable, twisted ruin. It hurt to watch, as though I were losing a friend; a confidant. Somewhere deep down I know that it was just a machine, but I can’t help feeling the loss of its sentience. I have made up my mind to step onto the device in the center of the room. If it kills me, it will simply have done what will occur anyways in the next few minutes. If it doesn’t, and I remain here, unharmed, I will die. And if it transports me far away, I will be safe. There is no reason to stay here. After internal debate, I have decided to take this journal with me. It I survive, it will as well, and I may need it to explain my presence. Or it will turn to ash as I do. As this may be my last entry, I will close it simply by saying that I regret not having had more time to learn, to study these amazing ruins. I am certain that there remains a tremendous wealth of information here, now beyond my reach. I will record the date and time once more, then will immediately make my way into the device. I predict that from the moment that I finish writing to the moment I am engulfed by the light, not more than forty five seconds will elapse. Therefore the reader may mark the time I entered the portal from the last noted time entered here.

December 31st, 3999 11:58:07pm
Ah, yes. Well, finally finished. It took me a little longer than I would have liked, and frankly, I'm not 100% happy with it. But then, what author ever IS perfectly happy with something that they've written. I imagine that if I read through it carefully I'll find a few grammatical errors, or spelling errors. I hope you enjoyed it.

As always, Evil Plan is not my property. It's just borrowed and mutated into something nearly unrecognizable by me. You can read the REAL thing here: [link]

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And don't forget that there WILL be an epilogue. ALL WILL BE REVEALED!


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