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OC Meme - Ahizuka_Sky



Killing time :I These are events that I thought might happen to them, might not be like this in the real story though.

Ahizuka is from Brother Assassin. [link]
Age 5: A happy kid in his own happy world.
Age 13: Too many things happened between the age of 5 and 13. He's skinnier as he is in his early years as an assassin and is pressured to practice and succeed by his boss. He starts to lose his conscience at this age as he witnessed his older brother's assassinating skills.
Age 17: He becomes less organized, confused and lost direction of his life after something that happened to him at the age of 15.
Age 25: Regained his professional self, more clean-cut and stoic in his presence. He still is his cold and sarcastic self but he learned to embrace more emotions.

Sky, the character that is always confused as a guy el oh el.
Age 5: She's a carefree kid, quite a bully and loves to challenge the boys.
Age 13: Went through some traumatic times in her lives, becomes more aggressive towards anyone, and more rebellious. Afraid to be in anyone's company at this age.
Age 17: Pretty much learned to be a bit normal in her acts and she's an assistant at the morgue. Lost a beloved a year before her life is thrown into a frenzy.
Age 25: Has matured in her mannerisms. Happier than her younger counterparts and is a bit more at peace.

Now that I looked at this, I realized it's like as if Ahizuka and Sky are interacting with each other in each age panels. Like both of them in the '5 Years Old' panels are saying bye to each other and in the '13 Years Old' panels they look like they wanna jump into a fight.

Blank meme here~ [link]
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Sky looks like heather at age 13 XD Great drawing btw~ i should do this at some point lol