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Notebook Sketch

Such an uninspiring name. :u

Yeah, I love drawing heads covered with hoodie or clothes, :D
lol, proportions, what proportion? :u That's what happens when you draw with the notebook slanted to one side.

My friend's reaction when she saw this.
Friend: *looks at the pic on the left* Oh, what a cute girl! But her shorts is really short don't you think?
Me:.... yeah, she didn't have enough fabric.
Friend: *looks at the pic on the right* And that guy is so handsome too.
Me: Oh yeah, he gets that a lot. What makes you think it's a guy?
Friend: His arms are really muscular. And he has small eyes.
Me: Hahahahaha *nervous laughter* You know, their genders are erm erh opposite of what you said...
Friend: Oh oh OOOOHH *stares at drawings in shock*
Me: Yeaaaahhhhh.

Sketching in my notebook during a one hour lecture. I'm such a good student. *u*
Alice and Sky as usual. :)
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The paper.
Also, they look like a little boy and a woman to me, but perhaps I read too many comics.

Sky is so pretty!
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Thanks! Well, I guess our eyes are used to characters that look different from the norm. :D
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Hahaha. Yes. Too much weird animu.
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....Really..0.0, when i was reading the conversation, i think " opps, the little boy is actually a little girl and the women is a man 0.0, i'm such a dummy >< ", when i read the last part, i'm now ooh so i did get it right 0.0U
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XD you are a good student!
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Amazing sketches are amazing. *studies how everyone makes such pretty sketches as such*
HOW DO YOU EVEN- QuQ teachme
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That conversation is awesome. I totally knew it was the other way around because I'm AWESOME!

I looooooooveeeeeeeee this picture of Sky! The folds are so well done!!! Why isn't Sky wearing her collar? Tsk. Boss would be mad (maybe? Psht. Listen to me thinkin' I know your chars)
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I can totally relate to that, IRL friends can't seem to tell the gender of my characters.

Sometimes even I can't either seeing how I draw on impulse without considering the character's gender, so I don't blame them...

My teachers always catch me drawing in class. D:
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Oh geez one hour lecture huh?
But my bby is smart enoughto draw and listen at the same time because you are good at multitasking :iconheplz:
And your pencil sketches are amazing ;o;
It gives such nice effect ;A;/
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ive always been thinking that if u could doodle during a lecture, and then look back on that doodle and instantly remember the lecture, school would be much easier.
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hahhaaha! who didnt has done that? excellent your drawings!sorry,my english is so bad!
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Your sketches always have this cool texture about them. Like, I like the atmospheric texture behind Alice; and really nice job on the fabric on Sky's head.
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You're really good at sketches. :P how do you make that affect where the background is like really light and yeah... like how you draw the black sheep comics, how do you make the pictures look like that? If you do anything to them at all... Hmmm... I should really get a sketch book for the lectures in my class, XD
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xD If it makes you feel better, I can tell their proper sexes lol. Lovely notebook sketches <3
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waa, love this.. luvly colour XD
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How do you keep them in such good shape without them being smudged or damaged?

I love the map under Sky, and her draping on her head is soft, and feminine! Yes,I said it. So she's going to have to change it into something more masculine.
Alice looks innocent here, and the buildings are a great detail.
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you draw on both sides of the sketchbook paper? dont they smudge? D:
they do look fantastic though! i especially like the girl. and the background on the left one is so awesome!
drawing in class is the best~
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They are on separate papers, I combined them in PS to save space. XD
Thanks so much~ haha yeah it's fun but it really distracts from the lecture. ~u~
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