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The Blood and The Snow - p1

This is page one from a short story I illustrated called "The Blood and The Snow". This story was written by my good friend Fabian Rangel Jr (Doc Unknown, Extinct, Fall), and will be featured in FUBAR: By The Sword</i> issue 2 from Alterna Comics. This will actually be my first published work, so head to your local comic shop and preorder a copy! The book should hit stores in September 2013.
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By The Sword  The Blood and The Snow Pg 01 by TheLiggi  
Hey Brandon, here's my colored interpretation of The Blood And The Snow page 01 - Thanks for allowing me to color your work - via K Michael Russel's Comic Coloring Course - Love your work - Man!
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how you do this? you use a program to draw and illustrate?
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I draw on a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. I do my linework in Manga Studio EX 4 and my grays in Photoshop.
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Thanks!!! great work man!!
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No problem, thank you!
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really nice looking page!  :)
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I am shocked this is your first published work.  Your page looks to be made by someone with extensive experience.
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Thank you very much! I've put a lot of effort into advancing my work and I've had a few shorts that were supposed to be published but things just didn't work out with the books they were to be featured in. This is the first one that will actually make its way to print!
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Nice page, indeed! I like the addition of the birds in the first frame. That, and the "chomp" out of his cloak on his left hand side, lol. :thumbsup:
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Glad you enjoy it! Thanks!
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It makes me feel something, kind of cold and solemn. It tells a story without words, great sequential art.
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Thanks a lot! Glad that vibe came across like I planned!
this page is superb
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