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Kid Icarus: Natural Training session-Final (Pt 2) :icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 7 9
Kid Icarus: Natural Training Session-Final (Pt 1)
Kid Icarus
Natural Training Session
      (Note: Both Pit and Viridi will at least be 18 for this story.)
Ever since Hades was, things have been peaceful in the realms. For her help at the final battle, Medusa was resurrected and allowed to rule the underworld again though she was given a very tight and short leash. Though her pride was stinging she relented, but there were a few in the underworld who didn't like the idea of being ruled by a "Skyworld Pet" and wanted the human world for themselves, so many escaped and tried to make armies in the human world. Of course, our favorite angelic hero was always on the scene; Pit was currently in a forest fighting off underworld goons. They weren’t that much of a threat Pit was practically dancing through the tree line as he dodged enemy fire.
"Man this is boring," Pit said as he fired off two shots at a monster.
“I can’t believe I’m actually wishing for the difficulty to be tur
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 8 1
Comm by tingocomics- Leela vs Amy Wong by Gadgetboy197 Comm by tingocomics- Leela vs Amy Wong :icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 79 18
PunchTale - Frisk vs Muffet
Frisk vs Muffet
Undertale Kick-boxing Story
Hot Lands, Muffet’s Domain
       Deep within the Hot Lands hidden amongst the massive machines and burning magma. Just before the MTT resort was a dark corner where the Determined Teen found herself battling against a money grubbing, baking, Mistress of spiders. The area was dark but lit well enough to see a few feet in front of your face so you can cross the bridge to the other side. If you looked hard enough into the darkness you could see the many large spider webs filling the void dozens upon dozens of tiny spiders skittering across them as they went about their business. However also in the darkness at the moment there was a very well-lit spot, it had to be for the event taking place. Tinted purple thanks to the lights was a boxing ring suspended in the air by spider webs.
   The canvas of the ring was purple with a spider web design on them. The corner posts were bla
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 14 11
Lucy Loud aka- Mysteria by Gadgetboy197 Lucy Loud aka- Mysteria :icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 10 3
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 28 (Finale)
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 28
1 Week Later
"Tonight we continue our coverage of last week's world-shaking events."
"The world still reeling from this monumental crisis."
"She called herself Brainiac."
"….with a slew of donations coming in the small seaside town is returning to normal."
"Did the government hold these people against their will?"
"The remnants of this robot army have been gathered and are being studied by both Lexcorp and STAR Labs."
"Dr. Emil Hamilton graciously accepts the offer to become one of the head scientists at STAR labs to start examining the alien tech."
"Suspicion surrounding Lexcorp over the role Project Crystal played in this invasion."
"Luckily Lexcorp scientists were able to shut them down before any serious damage could be done."
"The Daily Planet stock has skyrocketed with their coverage o
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 6 10
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 27 (part 2)
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 27
Small Town, Oklahoma
In this small suburban neighborhood, people went about their business without a care in the world. Jobs were being done, children played, and cars drove down the small streets. Then that peace was shattered when something fell from the sky onto the middle of the road. The car luckily hit the brakes before they could get in its path, the drivers looked at the massive cloud of destroyed crushed asphalt and dust. From the cloud Kal-Ven emerged coughing a swatting the dust away from his face placing a hand on the hood of a car before him. Kal-Ven and the driver locked eyes for a moment until
"LOOK OUT!" the driver yelled as a tentacle emerged from the cloud as well.
It grabbed Kal-Ven by the back of the head and slammed it down onto the hood of the car putting a dent in it. A second tentacle emerged and wrapped around Kal-Ven's waist pulling him into the cloud. Ka
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 4 0
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 27
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 27
Brainiac's Ship
The gems stared up at Kal-Ven as he put Lola down on her feet and handed her the Beach City bottle along with the city Kandor.
"Alright guys on your feet, we got work to do!" Kal-Ven said to them.
"We can't move, she did something to our gems." Pearl said.
"Oh yeah right… okay, I'm gonna try something." Kal-Ven said as his eyes began to glow pink.
Kal-Ven then shot pink beams from his eyes and bathed the gems in the beam. The Gem groaned and slowly began to move getting to their feet.
"YEAH! Healing Vision!" Kal-Ven cheered.
"Thanks Kal-Ven." Garnet said making him smile.
"Yeah smart move there Stev-O." Amethyst said smacking his leg.
"You thought very fast Steven, well done. Now defuse and go with Lola back to the ship, while we handle this." Pearl said getting a small smile from Kal-Ven.
"… Pearl, we can't do that." Kal-Ven says
"WHAT?!" Pearl shrieks
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 4 0
Kal Ven Vs Brainiac Full by Gadgetboy197 Kal Ven Vs Brainiac Full :icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 20 3
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 26 (part 2)
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 26
Brainiac's Ship
  “Well at least my parents didn’t skimp out on the materials for this thing.” Superman said examining the ship not a scratch on it from the crash
“Nice to know they cared.” Pearl said stretching herself out after exiting the ship
    The heroes stood in a massive metallic hall, skid marks on the ground behind the ship and a massive hole showing the endless void of space. Though it appeared that some kind of force field activated stopping any blowout.
“Well it certainly is an entrance.” Garnet said examining the hall
“This looks like an evil lair if I’ve ever seen one.” Amethyst said
“Whatever this thing is made of I can’t see through it.” Superman said
“Were stepping into uncharted territory here.” Garnet said
“Your future vision?” Pearl asked
“Fuzzy, ju
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 5 0
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 26
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 26
Fortress of Solitude
     Superman and the gems walked down a hallway following a Lola copy, entering what looked like a laboratory. Dozens of Lola copies were hard at work at various things, the main Lola stood in the center looking through various notes.
“Kal-El! We found them.” Lola said happily looking at the group
“Tell us where?” Superman says
“They haven’t gone too far. It appears whatever craft they are using is currently on the dark side of Earth’s Moon.” Lola said
“Yeah, that’s not too far.” Amethyst said sarcastically
“And how do we get there?” Garnet asked
“With this.” Lola said pointing to the ceiling. And from it Kal-El’s rocket ship descended
“My ship?” Superman said pleasantly surprised
“It’s still functional Kal-El. And with my modifications
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 5 0
Comm by Archangemon:Lynn Loud vs Summer by Gadgetboy197 Comm by Archangemon:Lynn Loud vs Summer :icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 93 14
KO Post: Lynn Loud vs Summer
KO Post
Lynn Loud vs Summer
“Yeah she’s inside her changing room doing some last minute exercises. She doesn’t like to be disturbed while she does this, thinks its bad luck. Don’t worry she’ll be out soon.” Clyde McBride spoke to an attendant who nodded and walked off
     The 29 year old African American male stood outside a changing room wearing his usual white dress shirt, tie, and dress pants. Clyde scratched his goatee looking at his suit jacket that sat on a flooding chair. He checked his watch and then looked at the door.
“Should be a few more minutes before she’s done.” Clyde said before trying to sit on the chair
    Though when he did he came at it at the wrong angle and a little too fast, he ended up making the chair fall over with him. He let out a yelp as he fell to his side his glasses coming off his face.
“Dang it.” Clyde said as he got to his knees a
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 14 5
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 25
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 25
Beach City Crater
"So everyone is alive?" Superman said happily
"Yes, but this creep has Steven. Moreover, we don't know where they are." Pearl says
"But their all alive, which means we have a chance to save them. There's still hope." Superman said optimistically
"For now." Garnet said grimly
"Wow looking on the dark side, huh?" Amethyst said
"It's hard not to." Garnet said rubbing her arm
"As long as there's hope there's a chance. We're gonna do this." Superman said reassuringly making her smile
"Now all we have to do is figure out where Steven is being held." Garnet said
"Lola!" Superman said in realization
"The fortress would have the tools needed to track them down." Pearl said
"Then wait are we waiting for! Let's get back and see if she can help us." Amethyst said enthusiastically
   The heroes looked over the crater of the once peaceful Beach town determined to return things to the way t
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 4 10
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 24 (part 2)
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 24
  Brainiac's Ship
"So we began my journey to reaching perfection traveling to planets, taking their knowledge, and adding it to my own. Constantly growing an improving myself as we learned, with each string of data pushed into our mind we saw our goal coming closer." Brainiac said
"I-if you just wanna learn stuff, then why are you attacking us?!" Steven asked
"Attacking you? Oh no, no, no Steven. My drones are simply gathering data, they only attack in self-defense of themselves. Your human soldiers attacked first, if they simply let my drones do what they need to do then this all would've been over cleanly." Brainiac reasoned
"How are we supposed to know that?! A bunch of scary looking robots came out of the sky and marching around after a creepy message played on TV!" Steven yelled
"We believe explained our purpose clearly in that message. We are here to ensure that your planet lives on after its
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 2 0
Superman/Steven Universe Chapter 24
Superman/Steven Universe:
The Shield of Hope
Chapter 24
     Steven starred up at the green alien with a mixture of fear and awe. This was the third gem outside the Crystal Gems that he had met the others being Lapis and Peridot. But this was unlike anything he had seen before, she was so alien. She stood confidently over him emanating power, control, and a whole massive load of the unknown. She grinned showing her teeth as she walked forward towards him and he slowly inched back away from her.
"Why do you back away from me? Doing so means you are attempting an escape, and you without a doubt realize where you are. An escape attempt would be useless, and running would also be useless. You are on our ship and we can easily find you anywhere on it. So please stop playing and face me." Brainiac said as she walked forward
     Steven noticed as she walked forward weird cables emerged from the ground behind and slowly
:icongadgetboy197:Gadgetboy197 2 0


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Kid Icarus

Natural Training Session

      (Note: Both Pit and Viridi will at least be 18 for this story) 


    Both Pit and Viridi got into grappling stances and began circling one another each looking for an opening in each other’s defenses. Pit made the first move, but not a move Viridi saw coming. Pit extended his arm open palm. 

"So he wants to do a test of strength, alright Pity-Pat let's see what you're made of.” Viridi thought giving Pit a confident smirk.

Viridi extended out her arm locking her fingers around Pit's and then almost at the same they locked fingers again with their free hands. They both came only a foot away from each other arms above their heads, and they both began to push both trying to overpower the other. Viridi pushed against Pit with everything she had 

"I'll admit this is impressive but nothing too special, we'll see how he handles a trip up," Viridi thought as her eyes wandered down to Pit's chest she felt the heat rise up from her face and immediately looked back up.

Pit’s mind was also at work as he pushed against Viridi

“Wow I did not expect her to be this strong, I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this before” Pit thought excitedly.

Pit's eyes wandered down, and upon Viridi's very bountiful bust, Pit's eye's widened, and his face turned red as he stared at her cleavage. Pit refocused looking into Viridi's eyes with determination 

“Alright Pit we took it easy on her long enough, let’s see how much she can really take” Pit thought confidently as he firmly placed his feet on the mat.

         Viridi was preparing to hook her leg behind Pit's leg and perform a leg trip takedown but was instead caught by surprise by Pit's next move. Viridi eyes widened in shock as Pit pushed down on her actually forcing her to one knee if she wasn't pushing back with all her strength her back definitely would’ve hit the mat. Viridi strained and grunted as she continued to push back on Pit’s mounting pressure, she was caught completely by surprise and was not ready for this sudden burst of strength. 

“Where the heck is all this strength coming from, how can he be this strong” Viridi thought as she continued to strain against the mounting pressure.

“Wow I thought Viridi would be on her back by now, but she’s able to take it” Pit thought as he continued to push down on Viridi

A smile crept across Pit’s face as he watched Viridi attempt to push him back

"Alright, Goddess of Nature let's see how you handle this" Pit thought preparing his next move.

Viridi continued struggle until she felt the pressure against suddenly be relieved, then her arms were pulled upward along with the rest of her body. Pit was lifting Viridi off the canvas by her hands she was at least half a foot of the ground. Viridi could only stare at Pit’s smiling face as she dangled off the canvas, she was in complete shock of what Pit was doing to her lifting her like a doll. She finally shook herself out of her stupor and kicked Pit in his side, Pit grunted but held his grip on Viridi keeping her suspended

“Well If you’re gonna be rough” Pit growled a Viridi.

        Viridi scoffed at what he said and prepared to kick her again but was once again caught by surprised, Pit swung her around and put her into a side headlock. Viridi grunted as Pit held her in place both their feet planted firmly on the ground, Pit slowly began to apply pressure to the headlock. Viridi to stop this put her hands around his arms and tried to pull them apart, it lessens the pressure, but she was still losing oxygen.

“Dang it all he’s been tossing me around like a ragdoll since this match began, I just need an opening to counter” Viridi thought as she continued to struggle against the headlock.

Pit continued to increase the pressure of the side headlock, Terra approached Pit and kneeled down to talk Viridi

“Mistress, Do you wish to concede?" Terra asked concerned for her goddess. 

Viridi glared at Terra still struggling managed to say "NO!!"

Terra nodded then faced Pit "I'm gonna start the count you're going to have to let go soon” Terra told Pit.

Pit nodded and prepared for another attack “Let’s see how she deals with this” Pit thought to himself as he began to jerk Viridi’s head up and down while increasing the pressure of his headlock.

Viridi yelped as her head was shook and the hold became tighter, she was starting to get dizzy from the assault

“Just hold on dang it, he has to let go soon” Viridi thought as she heard Terra begin the count.

      Viridi felt relief when the count reached 5, but Pit smiled deviously as he took a few steps back still holding onto Viridi.  He then ran with Viridi in tow, he suddenly leaped a few feet into the air raising his legs up and releasing the headlock and bring both hands to the back of Viridi's head. Viridi's eyes widened as she saw the mat in front of her then begin to come closer to her very fast. Pit Landed on his butt with a thud and Viridi's face planted on the mat with an even louder thud. Viridi's whole body rebounded off the mat, and she flipped onto her back. Viridi laid spread eagle on the mat her eyes were unfocused as she let out a low groan in pain.

“Dang it, I’m going to make Pit pay for that” Viridi thought to herself as she began to pick herself

But Pit then grabbed Viridi by the arm forcing her up quickly to wobbly legs.

“I’m not done with you yet” Pit yelled as he Irish whipped Viridi towards the parallel ropes, Viridi yelped in surprise as she saw herself approaching the ropes.

But then a smile grew across her face “Perfect” Viridi thought as she turned her back to the ropes and rebounded off them towards Pit, Pit was surprised by how ready Viridi was for that but still prepared to attack the oncoming Viridi. Once she was only a few feet away, Pit brought up his leg intending to kick Viridi in the face, but in a single instant, Viridi disappeared from Pit's view. Pit looked on in shock wondering what just happened, then he glanced down for a second caught Viridi sliding on her knees under Pit’s extended leg. Once Viridi was past Pit she jumped up onto her feet and ran towards the ropes behind him. She then jumped landing perfectly on the top rope, she allowed the rope to stretch carrying her weight, and once it reached its limit, Viridi leaped into the air towards pit the elasticity of the rope helping her soar higher. Pit turned to face Viridi but was surprised to see wasn't behind him, Pit then heard a voice from above 

"Head's up Pity Pat!!" Viridi said as she flipped in the air and rocketed towards pit with outstretched legs.

Pit looked up just in time to have both of Viridi’s feet land square on his face, Pit grunted in Pain as his back arched and his leg flew up leaving him balancing on one leg. Viridi stood on Pit’s face wiggling her toes and gave him a small laugh as she squatted down making Pit lose balance and start to fall. Viridi then launched herself off of Pit's face, sending the back of Pit's head crashing towards the mat. Pit grabbed the back of his head as it rebounded off the mat, he then caught a glimpse of Viridi flipping in the air above him. The overhead lights cast her in shadows and for a moment as she hung in the air Pit thought she actually looked quite graceful. Those thoughts disappeared as Viridi began to descend towards him with her elbow extended and a devilish smile on her face. She came down like a meteor slamming her elbow into Pit’s abdomen. Pit yelled in pain as Viridi’s elbow sunk deeper into his abs, Viridi then rolled off Pit onto her feet. Pit then rolled around on the mat clutching his stomach trying to ease the pain, he finally came to a rest on his backhands still on his stomach.

    Viridi smiled at the pain-stricken Pit as he walked towards him with a somewhat happy skip in step, stopping right at Pit’s legs.

“Now Pit prepare to feel the wrath…” Viridi said maliciously as she grabbed both of his legs

"OF THE GODDESS OF SUBMISSION!!" Viridi said maniacally

Viridi twisted Pit’s legs into a figure-four lock, she smiled as she dropped to her back and began applying pressure to Pit’s legs. Pit’s eyes widened as pain shot through his legs, he let out a scream as the pain slowly increased.

“I’m a master of submission holds Pit, once your body hits the mat you’re in my domain” Viridi said as she pulled harder on Pit’s leg

Pit grit his teeth trying to take the pain

“Dang it this hurts so much, I gotta reach the ropes” Pit thought as he lifted himself with his arms and slowly dragged himself and Viridi to the ropes

“Go ahead and crawl angel-face, let’s see how much pain I can give you before you reach the ropes” Viridi said gleefully as she began to jerk Pit’s leg causing surges of pain.

Pit froze from every surge and let out a yelp, but none the less continued to crawl to the ropes. Pit finally got close enough to the ropes and began to reach out his hand, Viridi with a smile used all of her strength for one final push on Pit’s leg. Once again Pit froze before his hand could reach the ropes letting out a yowl from the pain, but he grit his teeth and grabbed onto the ropes.

"Rope break, Mistress, let go" Terra said

Viridi simply smiled as she let go of Pit leg and got up. Pit took a relieved breath as he stretched out his leg still laying on the mat. Viridi simply smiled at the downed Pit, she then brought up her leg and brought it down on Pit’s legs. Pit let out a yelp as he grabbed the leg she kicked, Viridi then reached down and grabbed Pit by his hair pulled him to the center ring. Viridi slammed the back of Pit’s head onto the mat, she then delivered a swift kick to Pit’s back. Pit let out a grunt as the kick impacted on his spine, he rolled onto his stomach to relieve the pain from the back. Viridi stood over Pit with a confident smirk, she then leaped into the air and landed butt first onto Pit's back. Pit let out a howl as Viridi fell on his spine, Viridi simply smiled at Pit's grimaced face.

“Oh poor Pity I guess your leg is still sore from earlier huh, don’t worry I’ll just work your back” Viridi said maliciously as she grabbed Pit’s hair again lifting his head.

Viridi put her legs underneath Pit’s arms and applied the camel clutch. Pit gaged as Viridi clasped her hands around his neck and pulled his body upwards. Pit spine slowly began to bend past what it should, Terra approached Pit.

“Pit do you wish to give up” Terra asked

“NEVER” Pit yelled as he attempted to resist the hold

“Never huh, let’s see how long you last” Viridi said as she increased the pressure

The pain increased for Pit as his back bent farther and farther, Pit groaned, grunted, and squirmed as he attempted to escape the hold.

“Come on Pit, you gotta force your way out of this” Pit thought to himself

Pit's eye's narrowed, and he let out a primal roar as he summoned all the strength he could muster pulling his arms out of Viridi's legs. Viridi was surprised by this and tried to keep his arms in place, but after some struggling Pit's arms were finally freed. Pit then reached up and grabbed the back of Viridi's head and flipped her onto her back, Viridi grunted in surprise as she landed on her back.

“Dang it how is he so strong” Viridi thought as she laid on her back

Pit groaned as he tried to pick himself up

“I’m not done with you yet Pit” Viridi said as she walked over to Pit and grabbed one of Pit’s leg

“Oh yes you are” Pit said as he used his free leg to kick Viridi in the abs, Viridi yelped and stumbled back to the ropes holding her abs

Pit finally got himself to a knee and was breathing heavily, Viridi narrowed her eyes at him and ran towards him.

“I’ll knock you across the ring” Viridi yelled as she fired a kick aimed for Pit’s head

Pit saw the kick coming and reacted quickly. He ducked underneath the kick and caught it with his arm, he then used his free hand to grab Viridi’s other leg. With a mighty heft, Pit lifted Viridi off the ground and flipped her over his head. Viridi let out a panicked shrieked as she flew through the air and landed on her on her back. Viridi’s back arched as she held it in pain and let out a hiss. Pit tried to take advantage of his downed opponent and stomp on her mid-section, Viridi however still had her senses. Before the foot could come down, Viridi rolled out of the way and onto her knees. Pit actually let her get up to her feet, and they both proceeded to stare each other down.

“Dang I didn’t think Viridi would be this skilled, she definitely outclasses me it that regard” Pit thought as he looked at Viridi determined

"His strength is incredible how is he holding so much power in that little body. If he gets one good hit in, I'm done for" Viridi thought as she looked at Pit annoyed

“But, I’m not going to give up” both thought as they got into grappling stances and began to circle each other 

They both circled each other for a few seconds each waiting for the other to make the first move, which Viridi took. Viridi swiped at Pit’s head, he moved back letting the hand swipe inches from his face. Pit then moved in with a hook to the head, Viridi brought up her forearm blocking the blow. Viridi then rammed her elbow into Pit’s chest making him stumble back. Viridi then spun on her heel performing a spinning heel kick. The back of her foot met with the side of Pit's head sending it to the side and forcing him to a knee. Pit clutched his head trying to ease the pain and clear his blurry vision. With Pit down, Viridi sought to capitalize. Viridi skillfully brought her leg up allowing it to meet her shoulder and with a battle cry she brought it down performing an ax kick aimed for the back of Pit's head. Pit heard the scream and looked up to see Viridi's foot descending towards. Within a second Pit Brought his hand up and caught Viridi's ax kick, Viridi gasped in shock at how Pit recovered so quickly from her blow. Before she could think of a way to retaliate Pit attacked. He shot up from his kneeled position and launched an uppercut to Viridi's gut. Viridi gagged, and her eyes bulged in pain as Pit's fist sunk into her abs. Once Pit removed his fist, Viridi doubled over holding her abs and coughing. Viridi knew she had to move, but as soon as she brought her head up Pit's, open palm met with Viridi's chin. Viridi's eyes widened in pain as her head shot up and her body was straightened out, she stumbled back slightly dazed. Pit then performed a standing side kick which impacted Viridi's breast making her yell in pain. Pit blushed upon realizing he just kick Viridi in the boob, but also noted how soft they felt on his foot. Viridi clutched her chest and cursed in her mind vowing to make Pit pay for what he did, but aside from the pain, there was another weird sensation Viridi felt when she was kicked. Unbeknownst to both of them, the blow had slightly loosened Viridi's top.

     Viridi was sent back to the ropes bouncing off them and running towards Pit with no defense, Pit smiled. Once Viridi was close enough. Pit grabbed her head and put her into a front headlock. He then took Viridi's arm and draped it over his shoulder. Next, he grabbed Viridi by the seat of her leafy bikini bottom and tugged them a bit. Then with a grunt, he lifted Viridi up so that she was upside-down her head next to his and they’re bodies formed a straight line. Viridi panicked as looked down at the mat realizing how high she was from the canvas. She dared not to kick or flail knowing that she was practically balancing on a wire, so she remained still straightening her leg out grabbing onto Pit's side for dear life. But she knew none of it mattered, Pit smiled and then began to fall backward. Viridi let out a terrified yelp as she felt herself falling, and then her back slammed against the canvas bouncing off it a bit. Viridi let out a pained grunt as she arched her back before coming to a rest on the mat. She laid there for a few seconds taking deep breaths trying to regain her strength, but then Pit jumped atop her his belly meeting her breast. Pit was trying to pin her, Terra ran up to the two getting close to the ground to see that’s Viridi’s shoulders were touching the mat.

“1….” Terra said slapping the mat

Viridi reacted quickly bringing her arm up and elbowing Pit in the cheek getting him off her. Viridi then rolled away from Pit and got to the ropes pulling herself up. Viridi glared angrily at the rising Pit and ran towards. Once he got to his feet, Viridi approached and nailed him in the cheek with a straight sending his head to the side. Pit flailed his arm in a backhand trying to hit Viridi, she moved back dodging the blow allowing it the pass by her chest. But as Pit's hand sailed in front of Viridi's top, he accidentally snagged the flower that sat in the middle of her top. Not knowing this Pit pulled back his arm pulling off the purple flower and Viridi's whole top. 

At that moment time seemed to slow down for everyone. Pit realized he was pulling on something and looked to his side, his eyes widened in shock upon seeing the red leaf garment fly through the air. Viridi had a look of confusion as she felt the tug on her top. The look quickly turned into wide-eyed shock as she felt the garment be removed from her body feeling the cool air touch her bare breasts. Terra let out a gasp covering her mouth as she witnessed the whole scenario play out in front of her, her face reddening in embarrassment.

The leafy red top flew through the air and landed outside the ring. Everyone in the room was still and silent for a whole minute everyone looking at the top the laid outside the ring. Pit knew what just happened, he knew what behind him, and he knew that if he turns around, he will face a terror even greater than Hades. But slowly his head began to turn, and he didn't know why. Whether it was an outside force or his own urges Pit's head turned to face Viridi, and he saw Viridi's majestic peaks. Viridi's breasts were perfect what else would you expect from a goddess. They look smooth and soft Pit noticing a slight jiggle. Her fair white skin made them look like soft pillows, Pit saw that Viridi's nipples were a light pink and were erect probably from the cold. Also upon removing the garment,, her breast appeared to be slightly bigger, definitely knocking on the door of a D-Cup.

Pit stared at Viridi’s breasts for a minute taking them all in, but he knew what he just did. He slowly lifted his head up and saw Viridi’s face. She face was redder than it had ever been a look of pure bafflement laid on her face as she continued to stare of her removed garment outside the ring. She made no attempt to cover herself as she was still reeling from what transpired. Viridi finally looked away from the top and looked at Pit realizing that he was looking at her. The moment they’re eyes met they both realized what just happened.

"He's Looking at my boobs," Viridi thought to herself embarrassed

“I’m looking at her Boobs” Pit thought fearfully

Pit let out a nervous smile and laugh as Viridi stared at him. At the moment Viridi’s face changed from embarrassment to pure anger as she bared her teeth at Pit even growling. Pit took a step back if looks could kill she would've sent him to the underworld thousand times over with the fire in her eyes

“You….” Viridi seethed taking a step forward

“V-Viridi listen, I-I didn’t mean it. It was an accident” Pit stammered out nervously

“You….” Viridi said glaring at Pit like a mad animal taking another step

“W-why don’t I just pick up your top and put it back on. I-I-I mean I give it to you so you can put it back on without me watching” Pit said fearfully

“YOU PERVERT!!!!” Viridi screeched out like a banshee

Fueled by her rage Viridi reared her foot back and then launched it forward in an anger-filled kick. Her foot went between Pit's legs lifting him a few centimeters off the ground. Pit let out a silent scream as the base of Viridi's foot impacted onto Pit's groin. Pit immediately doubled over holding his aching groin, when Viridi wrapped her arms around his neck. Then with an angry battle cry, Viridi drove the top Pit's head into the mat, Viridi then released the hold allowing Pit to fall onto his back. Pit groaned as his hand still roamed back to his crotch holding it. Viridi then stood over Pit and mounted him sitting on his stomach her butt slightly on his waistline and using her legs to keep his arms where they were. With anger still present on her face Viridi reared back her right arm and then slapped Pit across the face sending his head to the side. Viridi then brought back her left arm and slapped him again sending his head to the opposite side. Viridi then proceeded to continuously slap the down Pit sending his head from side to side, slowly increasing the speed with each slap.

“HOW DARE YOU-” Viridi shouted between slaps








Slap, Slap!









“PIG!!!!” Viridi shouted as she lifted her hand for another slap but stopped when she felt something behind

      Viridi’s face turned red when she felt the front of Pit’s trunks rising behind her. Pit's face was red with embarrassment and from the slaps. He couldn't help it, every time Viridi Slapped Pit in the face her breasts swayed in the same direction. The world was moving in slow motion for Pit as he watched Viridi orbs move in perfect unison, there was even a small jiggle when one lightly touched the other while moving. Pit realized he was staring at her breast again and looked at Viridi worried. Her face was cast in shadow completely unreadable from Pit's position, she didn't say or do anything as she sat on Pit hands at her sides.

“Uhh, Viridi…..” Pit said concerned

Viridi then slowly stood up over Pit. She took a few steps back so that she was standing at Pit’s legs, Viridi then crouched down and grabbed both of Pit’s legs lifting them up so that his body was in the shape of an L. Ice ran through Pit’s blood as realized what was happening right now.

“So, you’re enjoying the view Pit?" Viridi said menacingly face still in shadow

“VIRIDI, WAIT, I’M SORRY, I DIDN’T DO THAT ON PURPOSE” Pit yelled waving his hands defensively

“Well let’s see if you and your little friend enjoy-THIS!!!!” Viridi said screaming the last part revealing an expression of crazed anger and enjoyment.

Viridi then lifted up her right leg and Pit's Pelvic area, and then with a laugh, Viridi brought her barefoot down on Pit's crotch. This time Pit's scream could be heard, it was so loud that it would've been heard across Viridi's kingdom if the room wasn't enchanted. Viridi then lifted her leg and brought it down again on Pit’s crotch, she then proceeded to do it multiple time with an insane grin on her face. Each time got a cream from Pit, after the 7th time he couldn’t scream anymore as his eyes were welling up with tears

“First I break this-THEN I BREAK YOU!!” Viridi yelled as she released Pit’s legs and stomped on his crotch.

Viridi kept her foot pressed down on Pit’s groin and began to grind her foot against it like she was stepping on a cigarette.

“You really are a pathetic little chicken aren’t you Pit. Some big tough Angel you are” Viridi said mockingly grinding a Pit harder, Pit gritting his teeth in pain.

Viridi finally removed her foot allowing Pit to curl up and cover his crotch rolling on to his side, he could only let out pained grunts as he tried to ease his pain.

"I'm not done with you yet Perv!" Viridi said grabbing Pit by the hair and forcing him to stand on shaky legs

     With a roar Viridi Irish whipped Pit towards the ropes, but due to his weak legs could only take a few steps before falling onto the bottom rope. Pit groaned and coughed as he tried to flip himself over arms resting on the bottom rope legs spread open.

“I’M GONNA CAVE IN YOU’RE STUPID FACE” Viridi yelled angrily running towards Pit

Pit let out a yelp as he saw Viridi running towards him, he couldn't dodge at all. So Pit turned his cheek and closed his eyes bracing for impact. After a minute nothing happened, Pit opened his eyes to see Viridi's foot a few inches away from his face. He then looked up towards Viridi who looked like she was trying to hold something in and was in some discomfort. Pit didn't understand what stopped her, he then looked down and saw the reason. By instinct alone Pit was able to raise his right leg, and using the force of Viridi running towards him Pit had buried his heel right into the center of Viridi bikini bottom. Viridi let out a pained squeak as she fell back holding her groin.

"You bastard, I'm going to…." Viridi said through gritted teeth but saw that Pit was now standing above her

Like her before Pit’s face was in shadow, Pit them crouched down and grabbed Viridi’s legs.

“Y-your joking right Pit?” Viridi said with a nervous disbelieving smile

Pit lifted her legs so that Viridi’s body was in the shape of an L

“Y-y-you can’t do this, j-just who do you think you are?” Viridi said trying to sound authoritative, but came out as desperate and afraid

Pit then lifted his leg up positioning over Viridi’s groin

“PIT, I’M SORRY, I’M REALLY, REALLY SORRY, I WAS JUST ANGRY AND……” Viridi desperately shouted waving her hand defensively

Pit then brought his foot down onto Viridi's crotch. First, there was a look of shock on Viridi's face as if she was registering what just happened. Then within seconds, Viridi let out a shriek of agony as she grabbed and pulled at her own hair. Pit then copied Viridi’s previous actions by stomping down repeatedly onto Viridi’s privates. The entire time Viridi screamed and flailed her arms unable to think of something to do with them due to the pain. Sometimes she pulled at her hair, sometimes she slammed the mat. After the 10th stomp Pit released Viridi's leg and gave one final stomp onto Viridi's groin. Viridi's eyes were glazed over as her mouth was wide open and her tongue was out. Pit then proceeded to grind Viridi's crotch with his vote, causing Viridi to twitch.

“Some goddess you are, don’t dish out what you can’t take” Pit said condescendingly removing his foot

Viridi quickly covers her crotch, curled up and rolled away from Pit letting out shrieks and yelps. Viridi's eyes were shut in pain as she let out a pained wail and grabbed onto the ropes for some kind of support. Pit was breathing heavily as he leaned onto the ropes and let out a pained groan the pain from Viridi’s previous attack was still there. Terra stood in the corner of the ring nervously not really sure of what to do in this situation as both combatants were at opposite ends of the ring trying to soothe their groins.

“Um, Mistress Viridi you didn’t really make it a rule. But, maybe we should have the privates be off limits for this match” Terra suggested nervously raising a finger

“I’m down for that” Pit said strained

Viridi had brought herself to her knees and was still holding onto the ropes grinding her teeth as she nodded in agreement.

“Good to see you both agreeing. So do you both need a minute or….” Terra asked concerned

“No Terra-I do not need a minute-” Viridi said forcing herself onto her legs

“In fact, I'm ending this-RIGHT-NOW!!” Viridi yelled taking in full sprint towards Pit

Pit's eyes widened at the oncoming Viridi, but then they narrowed as he took off in a dash to meet Viridi head on. The two met in the center ring and once again locked hands. Their chests pushed together as they fought for dominance. Pit blushed a bit upon realizing Viridi had forgotten about her top and her bare breasts were against his chest. They were soft but also had a firmness to them like a perfect pillow. It felt like something that would both support you and give you comfort, but quickly got that thought out of his head and focused on beating the nature goddess. But, Viridi capitalized on that moment of hesitation and brought her leg behind his tripping Pit up. Pit let out a grunt as his back hit the mat with Viridi straddling him and sending a quick hook to his cheek knocking his head to the side. While Pit was dazed Viridi repositioned herself and clamped her thighs around Pit's neck in leg scissors. Pit gaged once Viridi's shapely thighs wrapped around his neck and began cutting off his oxygen.

“Feeling light headed Pity-Pat?” Viridi said with a sneer as she watched Pit struggle trying to pry her legs from his neck

Pit kicked his legs against the mat, pulled and punched Viridi’s legs trying to get her off. But with each second he lost more oxygen and was losing more strength.

“If you want it to stop all you have to do is tap out. There’s no shame in submitting to someone superior to you.” Viridi said condescendingly flipping her hair

 Pit grunted as he heard Viridi’s words looking up at her from his position. He had an excellent bottom view of Viridi's luscious breast and her adorable smile. Pit felt himself blushing and then felt himself passing out making him panic. Pit summoned his strength and then began to pick himself up with Viridi's legs still around his neck. Viridi hissed as she felt Pit move.

"Give up dang it!" Viridi said tightening her hold making Pit cough, but only for a moment as he twisted his body and Viridi around, so they both were facing the mat

Viridi clicked her tongue in annoyance as she released the hold wanting to get away from Pit, only for him to grab both her legs before they could hit the mat.

“W-what let me go!” Viridi yelled trying to kick her way free

Pit refilled on oxygen keeping his grip her legs, once his lungs were filled he focused on Viridi and returned her devious smirk.

“Want to go for a Ride Viridi?” Pit said making sure he had a good grip on her legs

“What are you talking about you-Aaaaahhhhh!?” Viridi yelled as she felt herself being lifted off the mat

Pit still holding her legs began to spin Viridi around in a circling lifting Viridi of the mat. She let out a terrified scream as she was spun five times in a complete circle, her blood was starting to rush to her head, and she was starting to get woozy. With the 6th spin Pit finally released Viridi sending her flying to a corner of the ring. Viridi screamed in pain as she landed on the back of her head bouncing off the canvas and then falling on her breasts with a groan. Pit walked up to the downed Viridi grabbing her by the hair and forcing her up to her feet. Viridi moaned as she was pulled towards the ropes, Pit then Irish whipped her to the opposite ropes. Viridi regained some sense in mid run and managed to turn around, so her back hit the ropes bouncing off the back to a ready Pit, who delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to her abs. Viridi's eyes widened in pain as she spat out a stream of saliva some of it getting on Pit's leg. Viridi stepped back from Pit's leg covering her abs as she gaged and stepped back trying to breathe. She didn't get far as Pit quickly trapped her in a side headlock and then falling back slamming the top of Viridi’s head onto the mat.

     Viridi went limp and silent as Pit took a moment to breathe, Pit then flipped Viridi onto her back exposing her breasts to him once more. He blushed and tried not to look as he went for the pin Viridi's breast now pressed against his chest making his blush intensify. Terra the came in and began to count



“Thr-wait- Rope Break!” Terra said

Pit’s eyes widened as he saw Viridi’s leg was indeed on the bottom rope. Viridi then came to and began to weakly push against Pit’s chest trying to get him off.

“I’m-not-done” Viridi said defiantly

Pit huffed as he stood up and pulled Viridi up as well. He then Irish whipped her to a corner making her back hit the post as she slumped in the corner. Pit took a moment to size her up, and the ran forward to deliver an elbow, but at that moment Viridi’s smirk returned. Viridi shot out of the corner running at Pit surprising him though he didn't stop. Viridi then leaped up putting her hands on his shoulders and leapfrogging over him. Pit so amazed ran face first into a corner, Viridi giggling as he stumbled back holding his head. Viridi then charged forward sliding on her knees and put one arm up between Pit’s legs and pulled him over her. Pit yelped as his back and shoulders hit the mat, he began to panic knowing he was just trapped in a schoolboy pin. Terra immediately ran forward dropping to the mat


Pit began to struggle and kick, Viridi grunted trying to keep him down


Pit yelled as he summoned his strength struggling more


Pit finally kicked out making Viridi roll away and punch the mat in frustration

“WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT TERRA?!” Viridi yelled angrily at the ref

"I'm doing my job mistress and being fair. Like you made me to be for this." Terra said nervously

“Yes, but-I-You-GRRRRAAAAHHH!!” Viridi yelled frustrated as she pulled at her hair

Pit groaned as he managed to stand leaning on the ropes. Viridi focused on him and growled, Viridi then charged at him.

“Get ready to say goodnight Pit!” Viridi said as she readied a clothesline

But it that moment Pit as he leaned on the ropes shot out and ran at Viridi. Viridi yelped as Pit charged at her with his own clothesline, reaching her quicker than she could reach him. Pit's clothesline met Viridi's exposed breasts, Viridi screamed as they were squished. She cried as her back hit the canvas, her hands immediately went to cover her breasts. She let out a pained yell and a whimper as she wrapped her chest curling up a bit as she held her chest. Pit looked at Viridi feeling a little bad and embarrassed for the attack on her chest. But he quickly moved those thoughts from his mind.

"This is a fight Pit, and you're here to win, no time to feel guilty. Time to end this." Pit thought as he reached down taking Viridi's arm and forcing her to stand

   Viridi growled at Pit and was forced to run as Pit Irish Whipped her to the ropes. Viridi yelped as she ran towards the ropes turning and bouncing off them back at Pit. Pit ran at Viridi as well once he got close enough he trapped the nature goddess in an inverted front headlock. Viridi gagged as her neck was squeezed, but before she could even think about escaping her feet no longer were touching the mat. Pit had just fallen backward stilling holding Viridi's head, and at that moment the goddess realized she was in a DDT. The top of Viridi's head slammed against the mat her leg's kicking up. Pit Let go just as Viridi met the mat, the force of the slam making her flip forward onto her knees.

"Guh?" Viridi groaned as her head sway, and her eyes rolled in her skull as she balanced on her knees

        After a few seconds of swaying, she fell face first onto the canvas. Pit reacted quickly flipping her over and covering the goddess for a pin, Terra came in and began the count.


Pit knew he had it


“Wait… Rope break!” Terra said shocking Pit

    He looked back in surprise seeing Viridi’s ankle on the bottom rope, likely getting there after she was slammed to the mat. Pit mentally cursed as he broke the Pin grabbing Viridi’s arms and dragging her away from the ropes. The Goddess began to stir regain consciousness as she was pulled. Once she was felt Pit loosen his grip, Viridi shot her legs up and wrapped them around Pit's neck. The surprised angel gagged as the legs squeezed on his neck. Viridi let out a grunt as she used her legs and threw Pit to the mat away from her, the angel grunting as his back hit the canvas. Viridi then rolled away from the center ring and towards a corner.

    Viridi panted as she grabbed the ropes picking herself up just as Pit got off the canvas. Pit groaned shaking his head and quickly refocusing on Viridi who was on her feet leaning on the corner. Pit got to his feet and charged the Nature goddess ready to tackle her to the turnbuckle. But a small smirk grew on Viridi’s face as she grabbed the top rope and jumped up. Pit yelped as he tried to stop his charge only to get close enough for Viridi legs to once again squeeze at his neck. Pit immediately tried to pry the legs apart but noticed that he was incredibly close to Viridi’s crotch, a blush coming across his face. Viridi then released the ropes fully mounting on Pit’s head and fired two elbows to the top of his head each getting a pained scream. Viridi then in a show of acrobatics placing her hands on his shoulders and releasing her legs from him. Viridi then balanced herself on his shoulders and flipped behind him firing a kick to his back.

    Pit yelped as he collided with the turnbuckle grunting as he stumbled back. Only for Viridi to tackle him and slam him into the turnbuckle again getting a pained scream. She then kept him there and jumped onto the Middle rope trapping him in the corner. She then grabbed the back of his head and slammed it onto the turnbuckle getting another scream as the blow dazed the Angel. Viridi still on the middle rope then put her arms under Pit's and lifted him up onto the turnbuckle. Once he was on top of the turnbuckle, Viridi wrapped her arms around his waist.

“HERE’S A RESET BOMB FOR YOU PIT!!” Viridi yelled as she pulled him up and back off of the Turnbuckle

Pit let out a panicked scream as he and Viridi soared out of the corner. And then with a ‘BAM!’ that echoed through the gym as the back of Pit’s head met the canvas in a suplex. Viridi grunted releasing Pit to weak to go for the pin like this, but Pit himself went limp his body flopping onto the mat motionlessly spread eagle on the mat. Viridi quickly flipped him onto his back and went for the Pin Pressing her chest onto his, and again Terra came in.




“PINFALL!!” Terra yells as Viridi let’s out a laugh raising her hands

“HA, IN YOUR FACE PIT!! HOW’D YOU LIKE THAT YOU-!!” Viridi yelled pointing at Pit’s resting face only for her to let out a pained moan and lean on him

“Oh Mistress, would you like me to get you a Drink of the Gods?" Terra asked worriedly

"Yes, and get one for Pit too." Viridi groans her head resting on his chest, Terra bowed and exited the ring

“AND GET ME A NEW TOP!!” Viridi yelled to Terra as she exited into the back room

Viridi grumbled and looked at the still unconscious Pit, letting out an annoyed huff as she looked at him

"Idiot making me work this hard for a dumb sparring match. You are tough I'll admit, but you have a lot the learn. Though since it looks like we're stuck here together, we both can learn a thing or two.” Viridi said calmly

"What the heck is Palutena's game here? Why lock us in here? Why have me wear this ridiculous thing? What is she gaining from this?" Viridi said annoyed looking at her clothing

"I bet you enjoyed this, didn't you? Getting to see me dressed like this, getting to touch my…… well it doesn't matter cause it's not gonna happen again!!" Viridi said defiantly

Viridi’s eyes then wandered up Pit’s body starting from his toned abs and chest.

“I will admit you’ve got a good body.” Viridi says a small blush forming on her face her eyes still going up to Pit’s face

“You still have a dorky face though.” Viridi says with a smirk

“A dorky but…. Cute face. Have you always been this cute?” Viridi says blushing

      Viridi realizes she was blushing letting out a small gasp. Her eyes then focused on Pit's lips his mouth partially open, and Viridi's blush intensified. She then quickly scanned the room making sure Terra was still in the back room. Once she was sure, no one would see she slowly brought her face closer to Pit's.

"You are really doing this? You're a Goddess! It's just a passing fancy, just get it out of your system. He's not even awake, and no one will know." Viridi thought as her lips brushed against Pit's

   And then she kissed him, lightly. Her lips against his, and though that simple contact a shiver went up Viridi's spine. She let out a little coo as she kept the kiss up merely enjoying the feeling.

“Mistress I found the Drink!” Terra said coming out the back

“GOOD!!!” Viridi yelled panicked rolling off Pit onto her back, and Pit began to stir due to the yelling

“Ugh-what happen?” Pit groaned holding his head

“You lost, you idiot.” Viridi said simply lying beside him

“Aw Man…. sorry for talking down to you. You are really strong, and I guess I could learn a thing or two from you." Pit said apologetically

"Thanks for recognizing my skill…. Though you aren't as hopeless a case as I thought. Just like any seed with the right care, you'll grow into something amazing." Viridi said making Pit smile

"Well, I can't wait to start training." Pit says smiling

“Good were starting now.” Viridi says

“…… Wait seriously? After all that?” Pit said surprised

“Yep, drink up and hit the weights Pity, we got some work to do!” Viridi said with a laugh as Pit groaned

     Unknown to both of them they were being watched. Through a special well, both Phosphora and Palutena watched the entire match and Viridi's little stunt.

"That was certainly exciting, they both show great promise," Palutena said with a smile

“Yeah whatever, can you believe Viridi did that? That little vixen!” Phosphora said with a laugh

"Well, Pit is an attractive young angel, and being Viridi’s age-.” Palutena says

“Eh, I would’ve done the same thing if I were in her shoes and probably more. But dang Pit’s been hiding something under that toga, you’ve been working him haven’t ya?” Phosphora says

“He is the Captain of my army. I can say the same for Viridi a lot of power in that little body.” Palutena says

"Yeah, she works hard and wants to be battle ready. She's to wound up though, she needs to relax. Thanks for setting this up with me for the both of them." Phosphora said with a smile

“This would be good for both of them. Though I don’t remember taking away Pit’s shirt and giving Viridi that outfit being apart of the plan.” Palutena says as Phosphora giggles

“Yeah, that was me. You’ve seen how they look at each other Viridi is the Goddess of Tsundere.” Phosphora says

“Don’t you think it’s a little much?” Palutena says

"It worked, didn't it? How long do you think it'll be before those two are tearing at each other's clothes" Phosphora asks?

“Right now, I would just be happy with them enjoying each other’s company.” Palutena says looking at the well getting a shrug from Phosphora as they watch Viridi coach Pit as he starts lifting weights

Kid Icarus: Natural Training session-Final (Pt 2)
After all this time I have finally finished this story and am able to post everything. This is the final/completed version of this version of this story. Heaven knows it's been like that for way to long. Happy to Finally ahve it done. I have ideas for a sequel, if you all ask for it Maybe I will do it. But I'm just happy this is done.

Pit and Viridi partake in a week long Private Training Session, each prepared to discover which one of them is superior fighter. Though outside forces may push them closer together in ways beyond grappling

Shout out to jasada1000 who inspired me years ago to do this story, sorry it took so long for me to finish this

Previous Part:…

Kid Icarus and all it's characters beling to Nintendo

Kid Icarus

Natural Training Session

      (Note: Both Pit and Viridi will at least be 18 for this story.)

Ever since Hades was, things have been peaceful in the realms. For her help at the final battle, Medusa was resurrected and allowed to rule the underworld again though she was given a very tight and short leash. Though her pride was stinging she relented, but there were a few in the underworld who didn't like the idea of being ruled by a "Skyworld Pet" and wanted the human world for themselves, so many escaped and tried to make armies in the human world. Of course, our favorite angelic hero was always on the scene; Pit was currently in a forest fighting off underworld goons. They weren’t that much of a threat Pit was practically dancing through the tree line as he dodged enemy fire.

"Man this is boring," Pit said as he fired off two shots at a monster.

“I can’t believe I’m actually wishing for the difficulty to be turned up to 9.0” he said as he ran deeper into the forest.

His goddess and guide Palutena soon spoke to him “Be happy these easy victories are a sign that peace is returning to the world” he smiled at his goddesses comment

"Yep, and all this free time gives me so much time just to sit back and relax" Pit said happily.

“Although Pit I think all this free time is affecting your fighting, you seem a little off” Palutena said concerned

He was surprised by the statement “Are you kidding Lady Palutena I’m in the best shape of my life, my aim is 110%” Pit said confidently.

He soon reached a wide open area

“This is usually where the boss is supposed to be, but where…” he was interrupted when a beastly roar came from behind

A Cyclops had jumped from the trees above landing in front of Pit. With a swipe of his massive hand he knocked the bow right out Pit's hand, and with another knocked Pit to the far end of the arena. He gasped as his back hit a tree, his vision was blurry but could see the Cyclops grabbing his bow and breaking it.

“So you want to do this the hard way huh, bring it one eye” he growled as he started circling the beast

He yelled as he charged ready to throw a punch, but beast sidestepped his telegraphed punch and grabbed Pit by the head lifting him up and slamming him down to the earth. Pit struggled in the beast grip trying to get free, it raised its fist ready to finish the angel. Pit readied himself for the inevitable pain to come, but it never did Pit opened his eyes and saw the beast was still a look of shock on its face, Pit scanned the beast he saw a giant cauterized wound in its chest. It disappeared into a flurry of dark ash, Pit pulled himself up

"Are you really that weak Pit?" a female voice said in an annoyed tone

He looked up and saw Viridi goddess of nature hand outstretched, and a faint glow was emitting from it.

“Viridi what are you doing here” Pit said as he dusted himself off

"I'm the goddess of nature I tend to take an interest when one of my forests become a battlefield," she said in a dismissive tone.

“A little coincidental don’t you think, that you happened to be in the area, you sure you don’t have any over motives” Palutena rang out in a sing-song voice.

Viridi’s face flushed a bit “No, I didn’t want these underworld freaks ruining my forest just because this fool couldn’t handle himself” Viridi said angry and embarrassed.

Pit noticed and became upset at the statement

“Hey, I could’ve handled this goon” Pit said offended

“Right you running like an idiot straight into a beast twice your size, that some brilliant strategy," she said with fake astonish. 

Pit realizing his folly “Alright that was admittedly stupid but, I could’ve pulled that fight around” Pit said trying to save face

"You mean after he grounded your face to dust, face it Pit your good with weapons, but without them, your sunk in a fight," Viridi said in a teasing tone.

“Like you can fight any better all you did was shoot a laser at him there’s no skill in that, I bet you can’t even go hand to hand” Pit said angrily

Viridi’s face flared up in anger “I trained an entire army by myself, I know how to fight, and I can kick your butt to the lunar sanctum and back."

Pit stepped up to her (He’s taller by a few inches) “You sound pretty confident, why don’t you show me those skills” Pit said as they both were glaring daggers into each other.

"That's not a bad idea Pit, in fact, why don't you let Viridi train you for a while" Palutena's voice rang out in both their heads

“WHAT!!” both said in collective shock

"I feel all this free time I feel Pit may be losing his edge a bit since you are a great fighter maybe you can teach him a thing or two" Pit was trying to wrap his mind around his goddess words.

“Unless Pit you think it will be too difficult for you” Pit awkwardly flinched at the statement

“And Viridi I don’t blame you for being hesitant Pit can be more of a handful than your regular soldiers, he might be a bit too much for you” Viridi was taken aback by Palutena’s words.

It took Viridi a few seconds to find the right words but then blurted out “Yeah right, give me one week with this chicken, and I'll make him twice the warrior he is.”

Pit got out of his stupor from Palutena’s earlier words and glared at Viridi “I can take anything you throw at me Viridi bring it on!”

“Great it’s been decided, Viridi prepare for Pit’s arrival, Pit come back and pack your things you’ll leave tomorrow” Palutena said with extreme enthusiasm before Pit could reply the power of flight was activated and rocketed towards skyworld.


 “What did I just do” Pit said as he sat outside Palutena’s temples contemplating yesterday’s events. 

“You agreed to a weeklong training session with Viridi” Palutena said as she walked out with a suitcase and duffle bag towards Pit

“Everything you’ll need is in here toothbrush, change of clothes, your workout clothes, etc.” she said as she put the bags near Pit. Pit looked towards the sky still in deep thought

“This is not a good idea, I should just call this whole thing off” Pit said.

Palutena smiled at him and said “You know that if you do she’ll never let you live it down and this might be a good learning experience for you” she said as she enabled the power of flight lifting Pit off the ground

“Now take your bags and get going, who knows you might even have fun” Palutena said as she waved goodbye to Pit as he flew off to Viridi’s temple

"Have fun, Right?" Pit thought as he flew.


     At Viridi's Temple the Goddess of Nature was packing a duffle bag for her training with Pit, Phosphora the Goddess of Lightning sat on the balcony watching her.

"You are really getting into this aren't you?” Phosphora said in her usual confident tone

“What, I’m really into dragging Pit through the dirt and making him beg for mercy.” Viridi said with a devilish smirk on her face.

“Oooo Kinky.” Phosphora said wiggling her eyebrow

“SHUT UP!!” Viridi shouted making thorny vines appear around her.

“I’m just saying, you and Pit, alone in that private training you made especially for this, doing who knows what down there.” Phosphora said as she dodged a razor rose that embedded in the wall.

“I don’t have time to deal with you, Pit will be here soon I need to run some last minute checks on the training room, could you do something useful and bring my bag down." Viridi said in an annoyed tone

“Aye Aye captain.” Phosphora saluted as Viridi left the room.

An evil smirk came across Phosphora’s face as she walked to Viridi’s duffle bag, she opened it and looked through its contents until she finally pulled out a pair of shorts and a V neck shirt

“Oh come on Viridi you can do better than that, but don’t worry big sis Phosphora is here to make you spark for Pit.” she said as put something in her bag.


     Pit arrived at Viridi’s temple, it was a giant hollowed out tree. He could see all of Viridi's soldiers running around doing various things to maintain the place. When Pit landed, he was greeted by Arlon

"Greeting Master Pit, Viridi is waiting for you, please follow me" Arlon said as he began to walk, Pit did so and followed Arlon in the temple.

He brought Pit down a flight of stairs to a giant wooden door when he opened the door pit was amazed by what he saw. It was a wide-open training room it was filled with weights, heavy bags, speed bags, boxing gloves, and I the middle of the room was a boxing ring, the roots from the temple could be seen on the roof each holding lights to illuminate the room. Before Pit could ask Arlon anything he was gone and the door closed behind, Pit jumped when the slammed shut and stared up at it.

“If you’re that impressed with a door you’re going to love everything else.” Viridi said confidently

Pit jumped in surprise when he heard Viridi’s voice and turned around to find her sitting cross-legged on the apron of the ring

“So Pit, are you ready for Hell?" Viridi said with an evil smile.

Chapter 1

       Viridi walked Pit around the training room showing him all the equipment that they would use during this Training session

“Wow you had all of this under your temple, out of all the times I have been here I never knew, not even during the whole thing with the Chaos Kin.” Pit said with amazement as he looked around.

“Actually it’s a brand new facility.” Viridi said in a matter of fact tone

“So what was it built earlier this year?” Pit asked

Viridi froze up and responded nervously “Actually…. I built this yesterday.”

Pit was surprised by the response “So you built all this just for our training week?”

Viridi blushed at Pit’s statement “NO, this is just something that’s been in the woodworks for a while I just decided to push it earlier up the calendar, but none of that matters now it's time for your first test!” Viridi picked up her duffle bag and walked towards a room.

"Go to the changing room across the hall and get out of your tunic you and I are going to wrestle!” Viridi said sinisterly

Pit's mouth shot open, and he staggered back a bit

“W-W-Wrestle you and me?” Pit said surprised.

“Yeah I want to get a good gauge on your strength and hand to hand skill, so I get the appropriate training, this will be a good way to see. What's wrong Pit afraid you'll get beat by a girl?" Viridi said evilly and playfully as she walked into her room.

Pit was baffled by Viridi’s statement and then angry by her challenge, he went to the changing room, he out of his tunic and went into his bag he pulled out a pair of white trunks with a golden trim and brown ankle guards, he put them on and went rummaging through his bag again

“Funny I thought I put a tank top in here?" he thought, in the end, he decided he would go shirtless not as it would matter.

Pit walked out of the locker room and made his way to ring, he stood in a corner and began stretching out his muscles for a few minutes, and he nearly jumped out of his sandals when he heard a scream from Viridi’s locker room. He frantically ran towards the ropes

“Viridi are you okay!?” Pit asked worriedly.

After a minute of silence, he began to exit the ring

“I’m fine Pit, I’m not hurt or anything” Viridi shouted from the locker room Pit sighed in relief.

“So what was that scream about?” Pit asked as he jumped down from the apron and began walking towards the Locker room

“I-It was nothing just stay where you are, I need to figure out something!” Viridi still in her goddess robes walked out of the locker holding her duffel bag tightly to her chest and began to make her way to the exit

“Where are you going, you’re not bailing on me are you?” Pit asked confused.

“Keep your wings on Pit, I just need to run upstairs and grab something” Viridi said fast and with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

Viridi grabbed the doorknob turned and pulled but was surprised when the door didn’t open, she gave the door many more jerks even putting both her legs on the door and pulling

“Why isn’t this stupid door opening?!” she yelled angrily giving the door a kick.

Suddenly a screen appeared magically over the door and on the screen was Palutena

"Hello, Viridi what appears to be the problem?” Palutena said innocently

Viridi glared at the screen and yelled “Yeah I have a problem why I can’t open my own door?!”

Palutena smiled and replied innocently "Well I thought you wouldn't want anyone to interrupt your training session, so I used a little of my divine powers to ensure that you have no interruptions, guess it locked the door from the inside too.”

“Well unlock it I need to get something from the chambers!” Viridi said her face turning red

Palutena simply shrugged and said “Sorry Viridi the door won't open until your training time is up." 

Viridi face turned redder and yelled “Fine I’ll get out myself!!” she brought her hands up and focused her mind attempting to use her divine powers to teleport her outside the training room

But something was wrong she couldn’t feel her powers she couldn’t teleport

“What the heck happened to my powers I can’t feel them?!" Virisaid rather hysterically.

“Oh that’s me I didn’t want you to cheat so as long as you’re in that room, your powers will be sealed, also don't worry Pit can’t use his powers either so you’ll be on even ground.” Palutena said with a smile on her face

Viridi was practically fuming eye slightly twitching and having trouble trying to form a complete sentence

“I-You-What-Who do you think!” she said on the verge of an explosion.

Phosphora then entered the frame with a smile of her own

“Hey Viridi did you start training yet I see Pit wearing his training clothes, very impressed by the way, but what about you slap on those training clothes, get in there, and get to the rough and tumble." Phosphora said with enthusiasm and glee.

Viridi narrowed her eyes at Phosphora in confusion for a few seconds before they suddenly shot open in realization

“You…. You put those…. Things in my bag!” Viridi screamed pointing at Phosphora

Pit was completely confused by the entire conversation

“She put what in your bag, what are you upset about?” Pit asked wanting answers.

“Oh don’t worry Pit all you need to know is that it will make this little training session a lot more fun for the both of you.” Phosphora said giving Pit a wink

“Yes, I'm sure this will be an experience for both of you.” Palutena said also giving him a wink.

Pit stood there still confused from not getting any sort of answer

“You both planned this didn’t you, I don’t know what up but I swear…!!” Viridi said giving Palutena an accusatory gaze

"Well, I suppose we've kept you two held up long enough have fun.” Palutena said waving Phosphora also joining in.

Viridi tried to reply but the screen suddenly vanished leaving her staring at the door she then started screaming at the top of her lung and began to beat on the huge door with reckless abandon, Pit decided it was best to let her vent before he tried to approach her. After three minutes Viridi finally calmed down and sat on the floor leaning against the door, Pit approached Viridi

“Hey Viridi, you gonna be okay?” Pit asked concerned for his friend

“Yeah I’m fine, just frustrated with…all this!” Viridi said exhausted.

Pit with a caring look in his eye said “Listen I’m not sure what’s going on here, but your obviously upset something so if you don’t want to do this whole training thing…”

“No, No…we can still do this I just may not be as much of a participant of the training as originally planned, just forget the wrestling thing okay.” Viridi said calmly as she stood up and walked to the training equipment.

Pit sighed and said slightly relieved “Yeah I guess that’s for the best I really didn’t want to hurt you.”

Viridi upon hearing that stopped dead in mid-step and turned to glare at Pit

“And what is that supposed to mean?" Viridi said venom was dripping from her voice.

“Oh, I just didn't want to hurt you while we were wrestling accidentally.” Pit said not hearing the malice in Viridi’s voice

She gave off a small giggle “Oh you thought you would hurt me by accident.” Viridi said still giggling

Pit was slightly taken aback by the Laughter "Well…yeah, I didn't want to…."

Viridi cut him off immediately continuing what she was saying

"You think that if we wrestled, you would accidentally hurt me because you’re stronger than me that is what you are thinking right?” Viridi said still smiling.

Pit stared at her, her smile and was terrified of both

“I don’t want to answer that, I sense I made some kind of mistake.” Pit said taking a step back.

“Well Pit I will have to disagree with you there respectfully, but since I know you tend to be a bit rock headed why don't you jump in the ring and then we’ll see who right.” Viridi said still smiling and leaning in closer to Pit.

Pit knew Viridi was very upset and that this situation was a minefield so he replied nervously “You know actually I’m kinda tired now I think I’ll just head to bed and we can pick this up tomorrow” he said shrugging.

“Oh Pit it's only 12.” she said smile on her face but her right eye slightly twitching

Pit mumbled unable to gather his thoughts knowing of the imminent explosion.

“Uhhhh… You see the thing about that is….” Pit said nervously

He never finished his sentence because Viridi tired of his excuses finally snapped

“GET YOUR FEATHERED BUTT IN THAT RING RIGHT-NOW!!!” Viridi yelled enraged as she pointed to the ring.

Pit raised his hands defensively “Yes Ma’am.” Pit whispered as he got back into the ring

“Stay-right-there, I’ll be back." Viridi said as she pointed at Pit not breaking eye contact as she went into the locker room.

Pit sighed as she sat on one of the turnbuckles and waited for Viridi to come out

“Well that was a no-win situation, well it could've been worse, or it's gonna be worse.” Pit thought grimly.

Pit sat there for about 5 minutes only his thoughts occupying his time

“I wonder what got Viridi all flustered, she really wanted to get out.” Pit thought as his eyes wandered towards the Locker Room.

       The answer to Pit question came as Viridi exited the locker room, Pit's eyes widened, and he nearly fell off the turnbuckle and onto the floor. Viridi was wearing what could only be described as a bikini made out of nature itself. The Bikini top was dark red and appeared to be made out of leaves with brown tree vines as the straps in the area between the breasts a purple flower sat with a few leaves below it, the bikini bottom was made of the same red leaves with the same vine design. She wore wrist and ankle guards that were made of dark green leaves and tied with tree vines, she removed her laurel and had her hair in the same style as she always had. Pit stared in half shock, half amazement at how revealing Viridi's outfit was, he still did make fun of Viridi for appearing younger than him and her size but realized over the years her body has grown in what has recently become positive ways. Her pale white skin seemed to almost glisten from the lights overhead, her body while small did appear powerful with faint muscles outlines across her body, and those muscles did not detract from her beauty. Soft curves could be strewn across her body predominately on her legs, hips, and breasts. Speaking of which to Pit’s surprise they were much bigger than he expected since Viridi usually wore her godly ropes,

“Where in the heavens did all this come from, how was she able to hide this from me this whole, is she a C-cup? I always thought she was an A, B max!” Pit thought flustered and taken aback by Viridi’s appearance.

Viridi noticed Pit's expression and how he was staring at her, her face turned red, and her fists balled "QUIT STARING, YOU DOPE!!” Viridi yelled at Pit which knocked Pit out of his stupor as he stared at the mat trying to avoid eye contact with Viridi looking like a child who knows he did something bad.

Viridi gave an annoyed sigh as she walked to the ring attempting to look dignified and like she wasn’t provocatively dressed. Pit slipped another look at Viridi as she entered the ring through the ropes his eyes following her butt as she entered

“Soooo…. Is this the reason you were so angry?” Pit said nervously still not looking at Viridi.

Viridi scowled at Pit as she walked to the center ring

"You can thank Phosphora, and you’re “Goddess of Light” for my new workout attire." Viridi snarled tapping her foot against the mat

Pit finally looked Viridi in the eye with a confused look

“What, why would they do that?” Pit asked.

“How the heck am I supposed to know, all I did was pack conservative workout clothes, and then they decided to take out the stuff I put in there and replace it with this and a bunch of other stupid clothes!” Viridi said frustrated as she stomped down on the mat

Pit’s eyes widened at one part of Viridi rant “That’s not the only one you have?” Pit said blatantly.

Viridi’s face reddened in embarrassment at what Pit said

“THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT, NOW GET OVER HERE!!” Viridi yelled blush still on her face as she pointed to the central ring

Pit no questions asked walked over to where Viridi was.

"Alright, this spar will go by the rules of an actual wrestling match so you can win by pinfall or a submission.” Viridi said finally managing to calm down from everything that was happening

“Okay I know a submission is when one of us taps against the mat, but how are we supposed to do a pinfall do we count when we pin somebody?” Pit asked.

“Oh don’t worry I have something for that," Viridi said as she snapped her fingers

And with that, a figure emerged from the locker room it appeared female as tall as Viridi but with a smaller figure her skin and hair was green with tree vines wrapped around her legs, arms, and stomach, and also wore a referee shirt. She entered the ring and faced Pit and Viridi giving them both a small bow

“Hello Mistress Viridi, hello Master Pit, I’m glad I can be of service to you both of you.” she said

“This is Terra, she’s a personal servant I made for myself a few months ago she’ll be our referee, and before you ask she won’t be biased towards you during this match, she is to look at me as a competitor not her goddess during this match.” Viridi said gesturing to Terra.

“Yes Master Pit, I have been with Mistress Viridi for only a few months but I know how she gets about being coddled so this will be a fair match.” Terra said happily shaking Pit’s hand

Pit smiled at the Earth made girl instantly taking a liking to her.

“Alright enough meet and greet, Pit get to your corner, Terra you remember how this is supposed to work right?” Viridi asked Terra

Terra nodded and replied, "Yes Ma'am I have the rule book memorized, and if I may say Mistress Viridi I like your outfit it looks to be very breathable and show's off a lot of your body.” Terra said looking Viridi over.

Viridi's heavy blush returned, and Pit giggled at how Blatant Terra was with her words

“Stop Laughing and get to your corner!” Viridi said with contained anger as she walked over to her corner.

Pit leaned against the turnbuckle as Terra came over and searched him

“You appear to be very strong Master Pit, but do you have the training required to combat Mistress Viridi she trained some of the forces of Nature’s most skilled warriors and is very adept with hand to hand and submissions." Terra asked curiously for Pit's response

"Hey we train in the world to Skyworld to I may just surprise Viridi with what I know.” Pit said confidently Terra smiled as she finished up and moved to Viridi.

"You know Mistress, you may have him outclassed in skill, but regarding raw strength and endurance he may have you, he'll take a hit and dish it back twice as hard.” Terra said to Viridi as she searched her

“Oh please Terra, he's a muscle-bound idiot who forces his way through everything that comes in his path, he has never faced an opponent who specializes in taking people down piece by piece, I just need to get him in one good hold, and he'll be begging for mercy.” Viridi said just as confident as Pit.

“Okay your both clean, during the match my word is law, I say stop you stop, come out when the bell rings” Terra said as she went to the center ring

Pit and Viridi focused on each other both determined to show they’re superiority towards each other.

Kid Icarus: Natural Training Session-Final (Pt 1)
After all this time I have finally finished this story and am able to post everything. This is the final/completed version of this version of this story. Heaven knows it's been like that for way to long. Happy to Finally ahve it done. I have ideas for a sequel, if you all ask for it Maybe I will do it. But I'm just happy this is done.

Pit and Viridi partake in a week long Private Training Session, each prepared to discover which one of them is superior fighter. Though outside forces may push them closer together in ways beyond grappling

Shout out to jasada1000 who inspired me years ago to do this story, sorry it took so long for me to finish this

Kid Icarus and all it's characters beling to Nintendo
Comm by tingocomics- Leela vs Amy Wong
An Amazing Commission done by the awesome tingocomics
Here he depicts the ending of a Match Between Futurama characters Leela and Amy Wong ending as you would expect it to. I love his attire designs and background work,I totally endorse this fellow. Give him all the likes, watches, and work a person who put's this much effort into his work deserves it. His work is grade A+ stuff. :D

Futurama and all it's characters belong to Matt Groening
Artwork was made by :icontingocomics: (José García)

Frisk vs Muffet

Undertale Kick-boxing Story

Hot Lands, Muffet’s Domain

       Deep within the Hot Lands hidden amongst the massive machines and burning magma. Just before the MTT resort was a dark corner where the Determined Teen found herself battling against a money grubbing, baking, Mistress of spiders. The area was dark but lit well enough to see a few feet in front of your face so you can cross the bridge to the other side. If you looked hard enough into the darkness you could see the many large spider webs filling the void dozens upon dozens of tiny spiders skittering across them as they went about their business. However also in the darkness at the moment there was a very well-lit spot, it had to be for the event taking place. Tinted purple thanks to the lights was a boxing ring suspended in the air by spider webs.

   The canvas of the ring was purple with a spider web design on them. The corner posts were black with purple padding on them. And the ropes were purple as well, though they didn’t really look like ropes. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be made of multiple thin threads looking like a web.

“Ahuhuhuhu, you look weary dear.” A sultry voice said

   The voice came from a woman, though she was not human. She was a monster, a spider monster. Humanoid with lavender skin, five eyes on her face, six arms, and two legs. She had straight black hair done in a bob cut with two pigtails held by red ribbons. She wore a White sports bra with a red ribbon that sat atop her modest bust, and a pair of lavender yoga shorts that sat atop a pair of tight purple shorts. On her feet she wore white Ankle wraps, and on all six of her hands were six purple boxing gloves. This was Muffet.

   She smiled showing off her sharp fangs as she looked at her opponent. She had a small bruise on her right cheek, her upper left eye was swelling, and she had another small bruise on her toned abs. Despite the damage she still looked ready to go.

“This is what happens to Spider hating humans, you’ve should’ve seen this coming Ahuhuhu~” Muffet giggled as she looked at the Human before her.

    The human was a child shorter than Muffet by a foot. She had pale skin with a hint of yellow in there and neck length messy brown hair with some loose strands hanging on her forehead. She was wearing a sports bra that was white on the top, pink in the middle, and light blue near the end. A red pixelated heart laying in the center atop her developing breasts on the pink section of the top. She also had red boxing gloves with white straps, a pair of light blue shorts with a white waist, and pink stripes going down the sides. And wore white bandages around her feet and ankles, the heel exposed. Both of her eyes were closed and she had small muscular build and toned stomach. This was Frisk.

    And Frisk was in bad shape. Eye right eye was completely swollen shut, she had a bruise on her right cheek, and multiple smaller bruises on her abs. Frisk panted her gloves raised and sweat rolling down her face and she circled.

  Muffet giggled as she raised her six gloves into a guard and circled with Frisk locking her six eyes with Frisk.

“Shame you only lasted to round 2. I was hoping to play with you more. Oh well you're going to make a delicious cake~ Ahuhuhu~” Muffet giggled

    Frisk reacted throwing a low kick to the back of Muffet’s knee. Muffet quickly raised her leg letting the kick meet her calf. Frisk then fired out a jab to Muffet’s face, which she blocked with her upper gloves. Frisk fired two more which Muffet easily blocked with a giggle, Frisk then fired a kick to Muffet’s body. Muffet moved back letting Frisk’s toe lightly graze her abs. Frisk moved forward firing another jab at Muffet’s face


   Frisk’s good eye was wide in shock and pain as the front of Muffet’s foot met her face. Muffet smiled her long toned leg able to reach Frisk before her punch could. Frisk stumbled back with a groan her gloves lowering a bit. Muffet seeing this capitalized moving forward and firing a right uppercut with her upper arm that shot Frisk’s head up with a grunt sweat flying from her face. Then using her right middle arm she fired a cross to Frisk’s exposed body. Frisk gagged doubling over to cover her belly. Only for her face to meet the bottom of Muffet’s foot as she performed a standing kick, the foot pressing against her nose sending Frisk stumbling back.

   Frisk stumbled back until her back met the purple ropes. Frisk gasped at this as she began to pull against the ropes her back no stuck to the ropes.

“Ahuhuhu~ Trapped in my web again.” Muffet laughed as she moved forward firing a single jab to Frisk’s head.

   Frisk raised her guard blocking the jab, but Muffet raised her leg firing a left high kick to Frisk’s face. Frisk saw this coming and slide to the right dodging the kick, though her back was stuck she appeared to be able to slide across the web rope. Frisk then attempted to fire a cross at Muffet, but she slipped past the cross getting in close to Frisk. She placed her upper left glove atop Frisk’s head and the buried her upper right buried into Frisk’s bruised abs. Frisk grunted in pain her eye widening in pain, Muffet then threw a right hook to Frisk’s face sending it flying to the side more sweat flying from her face. Muffet then threw a right hook sending it flying to the other side sweat and some saliva from her mouth.

   Frisk groaned her gloves lowering, seeing this Muffet let out a giggle. She reared all six of her arms back, before firing them all at once. The punches met Frisk’s mouth, breasts, and abs all at once Frisk unable to say anything or grunt from this. Frisk attempted to throw a haymaker at Muffet only for her to catch the punch by the wrist with her upper arm. Muffet then used her other upper arm to fire a cross at Frisk’s abs. Frisk gagged spitting out more saliva, at the same time Muffet used her middle arm to dig around in Frisk’s pockets.

“Dang, not a single cent on ya.” Muffet said disappointed

“Oh well, I think you can pay me off another way. Until I turn you in.” Muffet said giddily

   With her middle and lower arms on her hips, Muffet placed both upper arms on Frisk’s shoulders holding her head. And then with a sinister smile flashing her fangs Muffet brought her knee up between Frisk’s legs. Frisk mouth shot open had her eye almost rolled into her head as she let out a voiceless scream her body trembling. Muffet giggling at her act as she jumped back, Frisk let out a whine as her gloves fell to her side. Muffet than ran forward and fires a standing side kick to Frisk’s abs. Frisk lets out a wheeze as all the air leaves her body and she spits out a gob of Saliva and her pink mouthpiece.

    Muffet stepped back with a grin as Frisk slumped forward her back slowly peeling off the web rope and she fell face first onto the canvas. Muffet stood over the human as small spiders descended holding up numbered signs.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

   Frisk gave no reaction as a bell was rung letting out a groan. Muffet let out a giggle as she pushed Frisk onto her back with her foot showing off her bruised face. With all her gloves on her hips Muffet moved forward swaying her hips. She then placed a foot on Frisk’s bruised cheek and pressed down getting a pained groan out of her.

“Ahuhuhu~ I win human. Now I get to turn you into the king and get a handsome reward for all my spider friends.” Muffet said happily

“You surprised me at the start and even got some good hits in, but it looks like you didn’t have enough to go all the way, ahuhuhu~” Muffet giggled as she moved her foot lightly tracing her toes along Frisk’s face down to her abs

    As she did this the pixel heart on Frisk’s chest began to shake. Frisk visibly showed discomfort as this happened. It shook and shook until


   The heart broke in half, and then soon after shattered into pieces. And once it did the world around Frisk turned black and Muffet disappeared. Frisk laid in the void alone spotlight shining on her defeated body.


As Frisk laid there a voice rang out in her head

You can’t give up now! Muffet can attack more than once from one side, but if properly stopped could leave her open for a powerful counter attack.”

Frisk took the words and held onto them in her mind. Just then words floated overhead in front of her face



   Frisk raised her glove and touched the word Continue. And with that the world began to form around Frisk, she floated to her feet as all the bruises and Damage she received began to vanish. Frisk soon looked like 100% as once again stood in Muffet’s ring. Frisk examined herself and the area around her, she looked at her red gloves and lightly tapped them together.

“Ahuhuhuhuhu~ Looks like you’re ready to go.” Muffet said

   Frisk looked up to see Muffet descending from the ceiling on a swing made of webs. She was lowered into the opposite corner and leapt off the swing. She stared Frisk down with a smug and confident smirk and her six gloves on her hips.

“Such a cute face and body you have~” Muffet said looking at Frisk

“It would be shame to mess it all up. I would be if you weren’t a Spider stomping human.” Muffet said two of her eyes twitching in agitation that made Frisk a little worried

“Once I beat you I’ll turn you over to king Asgore. He’ll surely reward me handsomely.” Muffet said as she began to fantasize

“With all that money we’ll be able to to go through Snowdin and get my spider friends trapped in the Ruins. We'll be able to rent a heated limo~” Muffet said with a pleased smirk as she hugged herself

“And with all of the leftovers...? We could have a nice vacation~ Or even build a spider baseball field~” Muffet rambled as Frisk looked at her confused by the idea of a Spider Baseball field

“But enough of that... It's time for us to begin, isn't it? Ahuhuhu~” Muffet said with a sinister grin

     Frisk looked nervous, but swallowed a lump in her throat. Frisk walked forward to the center ring and extended out her glove for a tap. Muffet looked surprised at the gesture, but then let out a laugh throwing her head back.

“Such good sportsmanship, for a human.” Muffet said as she walked forward

She had all her eyes on Frisk examining her for some kind of trick, and then smiled as she raised her middle arms.

“Try your best, Ahuhuhuhuh~” Muffet giggled tapping her glove against Frisk

  Frisk nodded as the two walked back to their corners. Frisk jumped on her toes and shook her arms loosening them up. Frisk then took a stance and began to shadowbox working up a light sweat, ending her exercise with a high kick. Muffet was stretching out her many limbs in her corner. Muffet balanced herself on her left foot and then threw a few kicks with her right grinning at Frisk. Frisk took a breath and inserted her light blue mouthpiece. Spiders lowered themselves from the ceiling carrying a bell and hammer


“Ahuhuhuhuhu~ I start off a little slow don’t want to intimidate you right from the start.” Muffet said smugly as she put her middle and lower arms behind her back while raising her upper arms into a stance

    Frisk raised her guard and moved towards the center ring, Muffet following suit and the two circled each other. Frisk decided to make the first move with a jab to Muffet’s head which she easily blocked. Frisk kept on the offensive firing two more jabs to Muffet’s again both she was able to block. Muffet grinned as she quickly fired her own jab to Frisk’s face which met Frisk’s nose getting a grunt from her. Muffet now on the offensive threw a standing kick to Frisk’s abs. Frisk lowered her gloves and blocked the kick, the bottom of Muffet’s foot meeting her red leather. Frisk was forced to step back from the kick, and in the moment Muffet charged forward with a hook to Frisk’s face.

     Frisk saw hook coming and reacted fast ducking under the hook. Muffet let out a confused grunt surprised that Frisk was able to dodge her attack. Capitalizing on the moment Frisk threw a hook to Muffet’s abs. Muffet let out a grunt as her body jerked to the side, Frisk then threw another hook to her abs sending her body to the other side. Muffet let out another grunt her mouth opening only to be shut when Frisk threw a jab to her chin shutting her jaw.

   Muffet let out a groan as her five eyes began to roll in her skull and her body swayed a bit. Muffet saw small spiders circling her head making a web in her dazed state. Frisk seeing this moved forward firing three jabs to Muffet’s exposed face and four to her abs, each got a pained grunt from Muffet as her face and body were rocked from side to side. Frisk after throwing the punches then threw a high kick to Muffet’s face.

  Muffet screamed out as her head jerked to the side as and she stumbled back. Muffet stayed on her feet and corrected herself rubbing her cheek. Muffet looked annoyed, but then smirked.

“Looks like you have some skill, let’s see how much.” Muffet said raising her gloves and approaching Frisk again

    Frisk jumped on her toes ready for whatever Muffet was going to throw. Muffet smirked firing two jabs at Frisk’s face, she raised her guard and blocked them. Muffet then threw a kick to Frisk’s head, Frisk blocked the kick with her forearm, but she was stumbled to the side due to the strength of it. Frisk regained her footing a fired a hook to Muffet’s body which was blocked, Frisk then followed up with a mid-kick to the body on the opposite side. Muffet quickly moved her arm blocking the kick with it causing Frisk to recoil and step back. Muffet then threw a cross to Frisk’s face, Frisk raised her guard but was it was disrupted after taking the cross. Muffet then moved forward wrapping her arms around Frisk head and then fired a knee into her abs. Frisk’s eyes shot open as the knee met her abs lifting her off her feet. Frisk stumbled back once her feet touched the ground her guard lowered.

   With this Muffet threw a kick that met Frisk’s face sending it flying to the side sweat flying from her face. Frisk stumbled to the side heading for the ropes, but something inside her told her to stay away from them. So she stomped her foot down and stopped herself panting a bit. Muffet ran forward looking to fire an overhead at Frisk. Knowing it was coming Frisk quickly ran out of the way of the attack and away from the ropes circling around Muffet.

“Ahuhuhuhu~ running are we?” Muffet said as she fired a back kick at Frisk

     Frisk side stepped the kick with her guard raised. Muffet clicked her tongue as she turned around a fired another cross at Frisk. Frisk this time ducked underneath the cross moving close to Muffet and shot up with an uppercut to her chin. Muffet grunts as her head shot up and she stumbled back Frisk kept up the pressure firing two more jabs to Muffet’s exposed face. Frisk then fired a kick to Muffet’s side making her grunt as her body jerked to the side, and quickly fired a hook to her other side.

   Muffet stumbled but then planted her feet, flashing a vicious grin at Frisk. With a ‘KYAH’ Muffet threw a kick to Frisk’s face, Frisk’s face flew to the side with a grunt stumbling a bit. Muffet moved forward with a jab to Frisk’s head, Frisk saw this and raised her guard blocking that and another oncoming jab to her face. Muffet then threw a hook which Frisk ducked, and another which again was ducked under. Frisk then quickly sidestepped an Uppercut, and Muffet with an annoyed grunt threw a side kick to Frisk’s face. Frisk once again ducked under this kick, but reacted quickly shooting up and firing a hook to Muffet’s body. Muffet let out a yell and her guard faltered. Frisk once again moved in for a combo assaulting the Spider Mistress with three jabs to the head and two to the body making her body Jerk in both directions. Frisk then ended her combo with a high kick to Muffet’s face.

   Muffet let out a pained scream as she stumbled to the side. She stumbled away from Frisk her steps uneven as she moved towards the ropes. Muffet then let out a groan as she fell onto her side. Frisk panted lightly as she stepped back from Muffet lowering her gloves and looking at the Spider woman. Then little spiders descended from the ceiling holding up little cards with numbers on them




   Muffet let out a groan as she shook her head and stood up. The spiders crawled back up to the ceiling and Frisk raised her gloves. Muffet looked a Frisk now sporting a small bruise on her abs and right cheek, and her upper left eye slightly swelling. Muffet smirked showing her fangs.

“Well human, it looks like you can hold your own well enough. I guess that means I won’t have to hold back anymore.” Muffet said with a sly grin

    Muffet stretched out all six of her arms and then slammed her six gloves together. He grin still confident as she stared Frisk down. Frisk kept her determined face as Muffet gestured for Frisk to come at her and jumped on her toes. The two met in the center ring and circled one another.

    Muffet grinned at Frisk deciding to make the first move with her upper arm she threw a hook at Frisk’s head. Frisk ducked under the hook easily, but before she could think of countering the middle arm was coming at her with a similar hook. Frisk went lower bending over completely it narrowly soaring over her head. Frisk clicked her tongue in annoyance as she prepared to jump and deliver an uppercut to Muffet’s chin, but she forgot the lower arm.


   Frisk’s head flew to the side some saliva flew from her mouth as she stumbled to the side still hunched over, trying to stay on her feet.

“Mufufufuu~ I have 3 remember.” Muffet said giggling as she stretched out her six arms and Frisk straightened herself out

   Muffet charged forward and fired a low kick to the back of Frisk’s lower leg. Frisk grunted from the kick her thoughts halting for a moment. Muffet capitalized with a cross to Frisk’s chest, Frisk gagged as the glove pressed against her chest. ‘POW’ Frisk’s head was flung to the side as Muffet fired another hook to her face. Muffet took a step back as Frisk tried to regain her senses, and then with a sinister smirk fired a side kick.


     Muffet’s heel met Frisk’s chin sending her head flying back as Frisk let out a pained loud grunt as she nearly was knocked off her feet. Frisk back pedaled until she hit the ropes. Frisk shook the blow off and focused on Muffet who smirked at Frisk jumping on her toes and gloves raised. Frisk gritted her teeth and charged Muffet, or tried to. Frisk realized her back was stuck to the purple ropes.

“Looks like you got tangled in my web human~” Muffet said with a smirk as Frisk let out gasp

“What a tasty morsel you are trapped there. Let’s see if I can take a BITE!” Muffet said as she charged forward with a jab to her head

Frisk reacted quickly moving her head to the side to dodge the jab. She then began to slide along the ropes to get some distance from Muffet. Muffet flashed her fangs with a smile as she chased Frisk firing a flurry of jabs to her face. Frisk dodged them with sways and constantly moving along the ropes. But when Frisk was getting close to the corner Muffet shot out all three of her left limbs, though they weren’t aimed at Frisk instead grabbing the ropes stopping Frisk from moving to that one side. Frisk clicked her tongue seeing her movements restricted and tried to move to the other side. But Muffet fired a knee that connected to Frisk’s side, making Frisk stop and grunt in pain. With this opening Muffet plowed a cross into Frisk’s face that met with a ‘POW’ Frisk’s head flew back sweat flying from her face and a bit of saliva from her lips. Frisk vision was blurred as she let out a grunt falling forward her back no longer attached to the ropes. As Frisk fell Muffet wrapped her arms around the back of her head and rammed a knee into Frisk’s abs.

    Frisk gagged as all the air left her lungs and went to her cheeks as she barely held it in trying not to spit out her mouth piece. Muffet giggled as she removed her arms and her knee from Frisk’s abs allowing her to continue to fall. Frisk’s arms went to cover her abs as she landed face first onto the mat her butt in the air. Frisk groaned and gagged as she held her abs her eye twitching in pain.

“Mufufufufu~” Muffet said as she put her foot on Frisk’s raised butt and looked down on her

“Is this too hard? I’d be willing to go easy on you for a price.” Muffet said tauntingly as she stepped off and walked to her corner as the spiders came with the numbered card





     Frisk lifted her gloves and pushed herself onto her fours before getting to her feet. She groaned on wobbly legs, she shook her head and raised her guard. Muffet smiled as she looked at the human tapping her toes on the mat and rolling her shoulders and neck before raising her guard. With the ringing of the bell Muffet charged forward with a roundhouse kick aimed at Frisk’s face. Frisk ducked under the kick and rushed behind Muffet, the spider-woman quickly turned heel with another kick that Frisk blocked with her glove. Muffet brought her foot back and fired a quick flurry to Frisk’s guard. Frisk could do nothing but block and back up, before she could hit the ropes


    Muffet let out a huff as she pounded her six gloves together and turned to go to her corner. Frisk let out a huff as well and walked to her corner sitting on a stool lowered from the ceiling by the spiders. Frisk sat on a stool and watched as the spiders in Muffet’s corner lowered a seat made of webs, she smiled as she sat on it and began to lightly swing on it. Frisk hissed as she looked at the small forming bruise on her abs and her cheek.

“Mufufufufu~You are giving me a challenge human, I wonder how long you’ll last?” Muffet said as she put one of her legs over the other as she swung

Frisk furrowed her brow but took steady breaths her chest rising and falling with each breath




     The words floated over Frisk only she could see them. She looked at the words focusing on ACT, and from that more words appeared CHECK, TAUNT, BRIBE. Frisk focused on BRIBE and from that a text box appeared ‘You appear to be low on gold’. Frisk frowned as she was brought back to the Three previous choices.

“Why so pale, your doing great so far. I thought this was going to be boring, but this is going to be a delicious match~” Muffet said sinisterly

     Frisk gulped as she focused on the words again this time choosing ITEMS. With that a box appeared with a list of items she owned. Frisk scrolled through the list with her eyes before stopping and choosing an item. With that choice a Spider Donut popped up from thin air and landed in Frisk’s open gloves. Frisk immediately scarfed down the purple confection as more words appeared overhead as she did 12HP.

“Oh my, you helped donate to their cause!” Muffet said surprised noticing the donut

Frisk was surprised by Muffet’s reaction and more so by the words that suddenly appeared over her head

Muffet’s attacked is lowered for the next round

Frisk let out a surprised ‘Hm’ from this development. Frisk then focused on MERCY and with that Muffet’s name appeared and Frisk focused on it. Words in the box appeared

You asked Muffet if she wants to surrender?’.

“So confident, but it’s gonna take more than a single knockdown to make me submit~” Muffet said with a giggle

DING DING, Round 2

     Muffet got off her swing letting it rise to the ceiling as she stretched out her neck. Frisk rose from her stool the spider rising it to the ceiling in their webs. Frisk took steady breaths and began to shadow box in her corner throwing a few high knees to stretch out her legs. Muffet grinned at the human as she stretched out her six limbs and took her stance. Frisk did the same and the two met in the center ring and circled. Muffet grinned as she fired a quick jab with her upper limb to Frisk’s guard. Frisk blocked it with her glove, and Muffet followed up with another jab with the middle limb from the adjacent side. Frisk lowered her guard and blocked the jab, but she then jumped back getting out of the Range of Muffet’s arms knowing the lower limb was going to come at her next. Muffet giggled as she watched the human retreat, she stepped forward and fired a heel kick to Frisk’s face. Frisk ducked under the kick and shot forward towards Muffet and fired a hook to her exposed abs. Muffet gagged as her middle limbs covered her abs and she jumped back her face exposed. Frisk seeing this opening fired a cross to Muffet’s face, only for Muffet to bring up her upper limbs. Muffet’s gloves blocked the punch she let out an amused ‘Mufufufufu~’ while Frisk clicked her tongue raising her guard but Muffet instead fired a low kick to Frisk’s leg. Frisk hissed out in pain as the kick landed, leaving herself open to a jab to the chest from Muffet.

     Frisk let out an ‘Ooof’ as she stepped back and Muffet advanced. Muffet fired a straight at Frisk’s face, Frisk saw this coming and ducked under the cross. But Frisk’s memory kicked in and she immediately went lower as the middle limb shot out towards her with another cross. Muffet smiled as she saw how low Frisk was and prepared to fire a final cross with her low limbs. Frisk knew it was coming and in that moment she felt her soul resonate, she was filling with determination. Frisk shot forward and buried her own cross into Muffet’s gut before she could attack. Muffet screamed out in shock at Frisk beating her to the punch. Muffet stumbled back and immediately covered her face using her upper gloves predicting Frisk would attack it. She was half right as Frisk brought her foot up in an axe kick. Her heel met Muffet’s chin making it shoot upward some saliva flying out of her mouth.

   Frisk brought her foot down from the axe kick and then quickly fired a kick to Muffet's side. Muffet's eye twitched and her mouth formed a 'O' as she stumbled to the side. Frisk then fired a straight right to the center of Muffet's face sending her head back with a 'POW'. Muffet groaned as her head came back her eyes spinning in her head cobwebs and spiders dancing around her dizzying head. Frisk attacked unloading 4 hooks to Muffet's face jerking her body from Left to right. Frisk then did a quick spin and fired a standing side Kick to Muffet's abs, Muffet screamed out doubling over. Frisk then fired an uppercut to Muffet's chin, with a 'WHAM' Muffet screamed out as her head flung up a spray of sweat. Muffet stumbled back but stayed up trying to shake off the blow, her eyes focusing on Frisk.

"You cheeky little-." Muffet growled as she regained her footing and raised her guard circling Frisk

     Frisk approached Muffet locking eyes with her and circled as well. Frisk fired two jabs to Muffet's head, Muffet easily parried both jabs letting out a taunting laugh with both. Frisk huffed but kept her cool, she knew she took something out of the Spider with that last attack she just needed one more good hit. Frisk then fired a kick to Muffet's head, only for Muffet to duck and sway out of the way of the kick

"Mufufufu~" Muffet laughed as she fired a Uppercut to Frisk's chin

  Frisk let out a grunt as her head was forced upward. Muffet let out another laugh as she fired a hook that connected with Frisk's cheek sending her head to the side with a grunt some saliva flying out of her mouth. Muffet then followed up with a cross aimed at Frisk's cheek, but Frisk managed to regain her senses in time and raised her guard blocking the straight.

"WHAT?!" Muffet yelped

  Just then Frisk hit her with a quick uppercut that sent her head up, Frisk then followed up with a knee to her abs that sent the spider girl stumbling back with a gasp. Frisk fired two quick jabs to her nose that sent her head back and sent her back on shaky legs. Frisk let out a 'HA' as she spun around and fired a kick that connected with Muffet's cheek. Muffet let out a grunt a her head was flung to the side her mouthpiece flying out of her mouth. Muffet spun a complete 360 degrees before stumbling back her eyes dazed.

"No~refunds~" Muffet said dizzy before falling onto her back with a groan

Frisk lowered her guard and stepped back as the spiders descended with their number cards.





Muffet groaned as she picked herself up into a sitting position glaring at Frisk, only for her eyes to roll into her head and flop back onto the canvas





Muffet groaned and picked herself up onto the ground

"Not done yet." Muffet groaned taking up her stance and approaching Frisk

     Frisk pounded her gloves and approached as well instantly attacking hoping to catch her off guard. Muffet was caught by a jab to her face, but blocked the other coming at her.


  Muffet huffed and turned around to her corner again as did Frisk the two were seated and the words appeared before Frisk once again. She choose ITEM and ate another spider-donut for 12HP.

"Oh my you're quite the supporter aren't you. It'll almost be a shame to send you to the king." Muffet says surprised

Muffet’s attacked is lowered for the next round

Frisk then went to ACT and chose CHECK

'If she invites you to her parlor, excuse yourself.'

Frisk huffed at this and the chose ACT and TAUNT

"You say that Muffet's web is running out"

"Mufufufu~ Dear I have so much more to spin." Muffet says with a grin

"Muffet attacks become more fierce"

Frisk 'Hmmm's' in worry

DING DING, Round 3

  Muffet stood up no sporting two black eyes and a bruise on her cheek. Muffet panted a bit wiping sweat from her brow and pounded her glove togethers. Frisk's right eye was swollen, her cheek has a bruise, and some more bruises on her abs. The two met each other in the center ring and circled each other. Muffet opened up with a jab to Frisk's face, Frisk quickly sidestepped the blow and fired two jabs to Muffet's cheek. The spider-girl grunted as she was forced to step back, Frisk followed up with a cross but was surprised when she hit nothing. She looked up her eyes actually opening in surprise as she saw that Muffet had leaped into the air grinning at the human. Frisk watched as the Spider girl landed on the top rope balancing and holding onto it truly looking like a spider.

"Keep up with this dear~" Muffet said as she began to leap from one side of the ring to the next.

   Frisk felt her heart rate skyrocket as she tried to keep up with the spider girl as she jumped around the ring. And Muffet wasn't just going in a complete circle she was moving from left to right as well to try and trip Frisk up. Frisk circled around trying to keep her eyes on Muffet. Muffet flashed her fangs and shot off the ropes towards Frisk as her head was turned. Frisk turned just in time to see Muffet coming at her with a grin on her. Muffet let out a laugh as she unleashed a kick that landed on Frisk's cheek sending her head flying violently to the side her mouthpiece flying out of her mouth. Frisk let out a groan as her eyes rolled into her and she fell onto her side. Muffet let out a hearty laugh as she jumped back and the spiders descended.









  Frisk slowly got to her feet holding  her other cheek which was now bruised as well as she got on shaky legs and shook off the blow focusing on Muffet with her good eye. Muffet smirked at the human as she raised her guard.

"Looks like your the one running out~" Muffet taunted jumping on her toes

  Frisk panted and moved forward going defensive. As Muffet opened up with two quick jabs to Frisk's head which she blocked, only for Muffet to get in close grabbing her head and ramming her knee into Frisk's abdomen. Frisk gagged and stumbled back only to get a hook to the head sending her head to the side, as the human stumbled Muffet landed a kick that landed on Frisk's nose. Frisk screamed out as she went further back eventually hitting the web ropes. Frisk was trapped again and Muffet with a manic grin charged forward, however Frisk was ready this time.

   Muffet was coming in for a cross to Frisk's face, Frisk once the spider was close enough moved her head to the side to dodge the blow and brought her foot up. Muffet ran right into the foot colliding with her nose, Muffet yelped as Frisk pushed off her face sending Muffet stumbling back and sending Frisk deeper into the ropes. As Muffet Stumbled Frisk pushed back on the ropes and then stopped letting the ropes spring herself forward. Her back was released from the web and shot towards a surprised Muffet, with no time to react Frisk buried a cross into Muffet's abdomen doubling her over a look of shock and pain on her face. Frisk regained her footing and fired a knee that collided with  Muffet's chin sending her head up. Frisk then fired four hooks to Muffets face knocking her head around, Frisk then fired a hook to Muffet' side making her gasp. Two of her arms went down to the hit area covering it and Muffet fired a hook to try and keep Frisk at bay. Frisk however blocked it with her forearm and snapped a quick jab to her chin.

  Muffet grunted as her head was sent back and she stepped. Frisk followed firing a kick to the same side as before making Muffet scream out as she went to cover it. Frisk kept up with a uppercut to Muffet's chin, Muffet groaned as she stumbled back and Frisk reared her right fist back. Frisk could feel her heart resonating as she prepared, she felt herself fill with determination, and she let her cross fly right into Muffet's mid section.


  Muffet's eyes widened in pain as the red glove met her gut knocking her off her feet. With the force of the blow Muffet was sent flying back into the ropes. Frisk watched as Muffet hit the ropes getting tangled in them and hanging upside down. Muffet glared at Frisk with growl looking like she was going to get out and attack, but the spider's face quickly soften, her eyes closed, and her body went limp on the ropes as she let out a groan.


    Frisk saw the words hangover Muffet as Spiders crawled along the web to check on their mistress on carrying a water bottle and another a towel that began to fan Muffet with as she hung there. Frisk hurt all over but smiled as she raised a glove in the air proclaiming her victory

A few Minutes later

    Frisk sat in the ring removing her gloves as Muffet sat in a corner holding an ice pack to her cheek as the spiders bandaged her bruises. Frisk after munching on some items was doing fine now.

"I didn't expect a human to be this strong. Then again to get this far you obviously must be." Muffet groaned in defeat

Just then another Spider came up holding a piece of paper

"Huh? A telegram from the spiders in the RUINS?" Muffet said in surprise taking it and reading the telegram

"What? They're saying that they saw you, and you were really passionate about spiders!" Muffet said surprised reading the telegram

"Then again you were eating our lovely pastries during the fight." Muffet smiled at Frisk which Frisk returned

   Suddenly webs descended from the ceiling and tangled up Frisk surprising her as she was lifted up. Muffet joining her on a web swing.

"Obviously you are not the human whose soul I was told to get. The one who hates spiders,  They must have meant a DIFFERENT human in a striped shirt~" Muffet giggled as they were lowered onto the walkway in her massive room

"Sorry for all the trouble~ Ahuhuhu~I'll make it up to you~" Muffet said as Frisk was let go and Muffet hung on the swing

"If you're ever around I'll  be happy to take you on in a rematch~ For a Price~" Muffet giggled as she disappeared into the shadowy ceiling once again

   Frisk looked up at the ceiling unsure but happy she was in the good graces of the spider-girl and could now continue her journey. She slung her gloves over her shoulder and picked up her bag containing her many things as she walked down the walkway. She smiled at the thought of fighting Muffet again with new strategies and tricks for the both of them,  she also wouldn't mind having another Spider donut.

PunchTale - Frisk vs Muffet
Hey ya'll have a new project to show you all today :D
Based on Netto-Painter PunchTale art, I decided to write a story based on one of those pieces.
A story that combines mechanics from Undertale and the Punch-Out series. This was really fun to work on and I may do more in the future, if you all want me to. :)

I'm going out of story order here but here we have Frisk as she continues to make her way through the underground to get back to the surface. She suddenly finds herself tangled in the web of the Spider Mistress Muffet, and the only way out is through her. But this battle is very different from what you are expecting. How so? Read and Find out. ;)

Based on art by Netto-Painter please support them their work is amazing
Undertale and all it's characters belong to Toby Fox
Lucy Loud aka- Mysteria
Something I made completely on a whim in less than 15 minutes after watching the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer
So Yeah I just watched the trailer which was awesome and we have Freaking Mysterio in it Fish bowl Helmet and all. Mysterio was always one of my fave villains in concept alone, the who illusion and magic thing really interested me. And he seemed like a fun villain. I also remembered the Loud House Spider Man au made by kickazzjohnni where he made Mysterio Lucy, which was perfect so with both those in Mind I drew this up.
For this I wanted to inject as much of Lucy's personality into the suit as well as keeping the original Mysterio motif. The body suit and cape are black, but I kept the green with the runes on the suit and the purple inside the cape which also doubles as a hood she uses to cover her face. As cool as the Fish Bowl helmet is I felt like it wasn't something Lucy would wear she does however keep a Crystal Ball with her at all times. A while ago I saw a design of Mysterio where his face was hidden among green flames that seems more Lucy's style.

Lucy would probably play up the angle of being a dark witch with her Mysteria keeping the melodramatic attitude but adding more dark and brooding speech in her dialogue. Like Mysterio she isn't magic but uses gadgets to create the illusion that she is, I see her's being more dark themed with dark spirits, demons, and monsters being her choice of illusion. The Crystal Ball she carries or more so has floating next to her helps to create her illusions, she can also control it having it fly into people at High speeds. She wears a metal collar that creates the flaming face illusion, but also had a gas mask that makes sure she doesn't breathe in any of her hallucinogenics. The runes on her suit glow green which she says happens when she summoning up her magic but it's actually the suit powering up. The suit has a personal force field able to take bullets and small explosions without a scratch on her. And it helps take blows from a certain wall-crawler. Her gauntlets control her crystal ball and most of whatever tech she's using gas, fire, hard light constructs, the works. Her boots work like High fall boots letting her leap from high places without hurting herself, they also allow her to fly but when she does that she'll probably engulf her lower half with smoke to hide it. Another fun detail I added was her hands she doesn't wear gloves but instead paints her fingers with a special substance that hides her prints, she paints her hands black to make it look like she can use black magic and it's effecting her. Another Little detail I wanted to add was her carrying around a eye medallion that she uses as a last ditch weapon swinging it around.

So yeah this was something I made in the spur of the moment. Love the Loud House and Love Spider-Man.

Lucy Loud belongs to Nickelodeon
Mysterio belonngs to Marvel
And inspired by the works of kickazzjohnni 


Langston Martin
United States
Hey everybody watching it's me. :)

I'm writing this to let you all know that for the next week I will have no Wifi what so ever and will not be able to communicate or post anything. Just want to give you all a heads up in case you come looking for me. Will be back soon. Thank you all for your support it means so much to me. 


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