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Shaded Ms Paragon



Similar to my shaded LL, I wanted to try a little foreshortening., and lots of shading. Of the sketches I'm uploading tonight I think this one turned out the best. I probably could have improved on the face quite a bit, and the shading looks a lot darker scanned in like this, but oh well...
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Of the four I see posted I agree that this is the best. Much like you noted the faces need to be worked on. As the face is one of the key aspects to making a figure look good I suggest you quickly sketch out some head shots using only frameworks. That is, only worry about the position of the objects in relation to the whole. Don't try to make a complete face as that would take too long. Just my two cents on what you can work on to get the most improvement. I think your body proportions have show alot of improvements. Keep up the drawing!