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I realized I didn't have any Wonder Woman pics.

So I had to fix that. Immediately.

We know Diana is the Boss in this trio.

All characters belong to DC.
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Superman and Batman: I love you! And I love you too (Bruce say "Clark" and Clark say "Bruce")
Diana: I know that. It's so easy than fight against Cheetah.
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ww: all right dc i will just have them both.:happybounce: 
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Batman: Diana, let us go 

WW: no

Superman: please?

WW: not yet. Now tell me 

Batman: ....

WW: you cannot lie 

Superman: what did you do Bruce?

Batman: ...I didn't share the cake with anyone
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Time for ww to take control.
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Never underestimate a woman!
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"It's really only 3 of you, the rest of us are tokens! Robots, Fish, and Aliens, a Female hocus-pocus!"
Diana rules. Plain and simple XD
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Wow, you can see Batmans 'I AM UNAMUSED' look even through his cowl. Impressive. LOL

The slightly confused look on Supes face is also priceless!
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xD Oh Batman, you know you like it. ;)
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I've been watching Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, and I LOVE the trio (but I particularly love how awkward Bruce gets when Diana talks about there "friendship" ha!)
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*cackles* Hilarious! Perhaps Wonder Woman should be smirking, though...
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love your picture used it in my super hero project good job!
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This is far too adorable! Love it!
LOL. Yeah, Diana rules.
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haha that made me smile. Thanks for the pic!
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Ahahahahaha oh my, she just rocks!
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