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Steph in Fantasyland

Fantasy versions of Batgirl, Supergirl, Bombshell, Stargirl and Miss Martian vs the Queen of Fables.

Based on this beautiful page from Batgirl #24.

All characters belong to DC. If they belonged to me, Bryan Q Miller would write everything.
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Starling5's avatar
I love your art style it so good and pretty 
27mkwaterfill's avatar
I want to read that story, that sounds awesome!
nhrynchuk's avatar
This is freaking amazing. I love how you included Amy on there. Bombshell is severely underrated.
nightcrawlerfan19's avatar
Who's the silver chick?
friendofpie's avatar
This is one of those things id kill for a mini of, wish DC would put out elseworlds and other crazy stuff regularly like they once did but that would be fun and Jim and Dan hate that.
bound-nicole-babe78's avatar
This and the "Lantern" part of her induced fantasy was my favs. I so wish Steph's Batgirl run could have went on longer to have done this adventure. The Queen of Fables would have made an excellent villain for her.
RachelOrdwayArt's avatar
Fantastic! The line quality is so smooth and clean, and the composition is great.
A Beautifull job ^^
Wolvenfire86's avatar
Awesome! It's like they are paying D&D, lol
PyroTwilight's avatar
Aww. That's just so cute. Awesome piece of art in tribute to another!
DamaNym's avatar
Uhm, yeah, my dream fic made art. Hooray!
Annie13's avatar
Oh, what I would have given to have seen this story.... Awesome picture, Gabzillaz. It's so wonderful to see this book get the love it deserves.
Strangerataru's avatar
Except sadly...well...
mawiiB3's avatar
Lovely! When I was reading issue #24, I took notice of that panel! I love what you've done with it. :clap:
Nassstya's avatar
Are you going to draw Steph in Lantern's costume? ;___; Just asking. :heart:
elenorasweet's avatar
They're all so cuuuuute! Gawd, is there some way I can fave your entire gallery? FOREVER?
lfbandgeek's avatar
Miss Martian looks kind of like Tinker Bell. They all look so cute!
Rassilon001's avatar
Hehehe, I love pixie M'gann
LunaBell's avatar
this made me smile awesome work
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