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So I needed to draw Starfire.

I changed her outfit a little because the DCnU one makes me wanna break something.

Starfire belongs to DC, not to me. If she belonged to me she'd be dating Donna Troy.

used a reference for her arm, I saw a photo of odalisque and I just had to draw it
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Still less reveling then the official design 
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I'm gonna admit, this was very nicely done!

Can I have your permission to use this image to portray how she appears in my fanfiction? You'd get full credit for the image.
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Absolutely STUNNING. My jaw is stuck to the floor. 😍
Very Nice! I love seeing the redesigns artists come up with for Starfire Costumes! 
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Reminds me somehow of TT cartoon Starfire in a grown-up mode
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Love the style
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I think this is a great combo of Teen Titans Go version and DC comic version, revealing sexy orange skin while keeping it modest for a kids show.
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when someone says starfire to a person who has read the teen titans comics before seeing the cartoon ten years ago this comes to mind but if u see the cartoon before reading the comic the other more "kid friendly" version comes to mind
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I like the "kid friendly" one better :/
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i personally prefer the cartoon one over the comic one cuz it's prettier and her clothes look nicer though they still show enough skin
Cartoon version's clothing, Comic version's looks and figure. Best of all worlds right there!

Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't REALLY like the slingshot swimsuit and boots. ^_^
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The reason I like the cartoon version is because she's of use.
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have u heard about the new teen titans go cartoon even if the designs in the old teen titans cartoon were different than the comics the personalities and back stories were pretty close to the comics
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I've seen it yes :D I didn't realize that their origins were based on the comics, tell me more pls?
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here is all the info u would need and in case u haven't figured it out due to the time travel episode where starfire meets robin who has since become nightwing he is the first robin dick grayson [link]
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I like this costume a lot!
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I like this outfit, it's cute and it feels really 80s/90s animation and girl-friendly.
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I really liked how you did this. This is so much better than the new one.
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I love how this costume has more support to it as a superhero costume and is still sexy. Unlike...that other costume...while it's sexy, it's not...practical. Redesigning her outfit is fun, isn't it?
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don't you just LOVE starfire??
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