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I won't be able to see this until January. But damn, I'm loving everything about it. I just had to do something for it.

Tangled belongs to Disney.

And I want her room.

Brushes by :iconmar-ka: > [link]
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This is so beautiful, she's got cute little feet
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This is wonderful!
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this is lovely <3
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Ohh that is cute :3 I just watched Tangled again with my sister yesterday-- just saying XD
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I LOVE it :D I want her room too :D
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I didn't see it until a few days ago since it wasn't showed in English on the cinema in my town :shakefist:. But it was worth the wait :love:
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Interesting design and style you did here. :)
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woo.. so beautifull *.* I won't too =/ Have to wait but love all about this *.* can't wait to see
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Just saw this today. I must own it, s'all I'll say. :XD:

Adorable piece, here.
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Really nice one :D
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Awww, she looks so sweet. The color looks fantastic :)
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you drew her sooo lovely <3
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Beautiful as always~ Her eyes are supposed to be green, I think...

Anyways, Rapunzel's character in the movie reminds me of Hungary from Axis Powers Hetalia...or maybe it's just that she has this nifty frying pan = u =
from what I heard the movie is hillarious Rap (Mandy Moore ) is awesome and so is the horse.
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I love the brushes you used~
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U^_^ you made her look like Ariel a little bit
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